True Machine Learning that creates results

Our Machine Learning features enable you to analyze the behavior and sentiment of your contact list without the need to hire an expensive data scientist.

You’re always in control

Machine Learning is only valuable when it's tailored to your business. That's why our platform is customizable. You can tweak it to your needs and you maintain control over how it behaves without sacrificing usability. You'll be able to pick and choose the factors involved in our suggestions and you're in control of how machine learning insights interact with your contacts.

User interface for Sending Range options User interface for toggling Machine Learning options
User interface for Sending Range options User interface for toggling Machine Learning options

Get recommendations based on an enormous pool of data

With Machine Learning, the more data you have to base predictions on the more insightful and accurate those predictions become. We're able to provide analysis and recommendations that wouldn't be feasible for a typical small business.

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Win Probability

Know where to focus your time

When you know which deals are likely to win, you know exactly where to invest your time. You can automatically customize how you handle each deal with automation workflows. A deal that's not likely to close now can be nurtured and then brought back into your sales pipeline when it becomes more likely to become new revenue.

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User interface for Upcoming Pitches displaying three deals worth $30,000

Optimized Send Time

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Send Campaigns when your contacts are ready to respond

Get your message to your contact at the perfect moment — when they're in the right mindset to take action on your offer. The send time of your campaign will be personalized for each individual contact so that each person receives the campaign when they're most likely to convert.

User interface for optimized email send time

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