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Do you want to improve your email deliverability? Practice better hygiene.

As an email marketer, you’re always on the hunt for ways to improve your email deliverability. You want to boost your engagement rates, minimize spam complaints, and improve your sender reputation.

But most email marketers are taking an unnecessary risk — a risk that could result in hitting spam traps, increased bounce rates, and even email blocklists. A risk that could lead to poor email deliverability. What is the risk?

Poor list hygiene.

What is list hygiene and why is it important? How often should you send emails? How often should you clean your email list, and how do you do it?

To answer these questions you’ll sit down with Kara Childs — Compliance Analyst at ActiveCampaign, and Patrick Cappy, Deliverability Specialist at ActiveCampaign.

You can download the presentation slides here!

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You'll learn:

  • 4 areas that benefit from good list hygiene
  • When and where email list hygiene starts
  • The consequences of poor email list hygiene
  • Best practices for cleaning your email contact lists

I wanted a high-deliverability rate. We compared platforms, and ActiveCampaign had the best deliverability... I like the whole ActiveCampaign approach.

Mike Morrow, Morrow Audio