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When it comes to landing pages, what actually matters?

Originally aired: Thursday 14 January 2021

You’ve got your campaign set. The offer is strong, the ads are targeted, the web traffic to the landing page is consistent, and you know that what you’ve got is worth having. So... why aren’t more people signing up?

Writing a landing page is hard. Writing a landing page that *actually converts* is even harder.

Where do you start? What should you say? How do you say it? Do orange CTA buttons really convert at higher rates? Do you need visuals? Where do you put the form?

The truth is… it depends. But the good news is that there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when writing and designing a landing page that will help you convert more visitors into leads, prospects, attendees, etc.

So how do you write a high-converting landing page?

To answer that question, you’ll sit down with Ernie Santeralli, Multimedia Content Manager at ActiveCampaign for a free webinar about how to write a high-converting landing page.

You can download the presentation slides here!

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You'll learn:

  • How to use the “Rule of One” to write a landing page
  • The 6 elements of a high-converting landing page
  • How to craft the perfect landing page message by using the 5 stages of awareness
  • The secret weapon to increasing conversion rates

I LOVE ActiveCampaign’s new landing page tool! The variety of templates and flexible drag-and-drop builder make it easy to create landing pages that look beautiful on any size device! Being able to create landing pages and automation sequences in ActiveCampaign is a huge time saver

Dr. Ada Barlatt, OperationsAlly