Contact & Lead Scoring

If you’ve ever come across the acronyms MQL & SQL and scratched your head, or wondered how to prioritize your leads, then this one’s for you! Contact & Lead Scoring is an amazing way to focus the incredible power of ActiveCampaign’s ability to constantly garner and analyze contact behavior and engagement to give your marketing and sales teams actionable insight. In this webinar, you’ll be brought through the journey of conceptualizing to implementing a scoring methodology that will fit your business.

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Office Hours

Office Hours encourages open conversation between all levels of users. Discuss strategy, best practices, and connecting with your contacts using the power of Customer Experience Automation

Getting Started Pt. 1

Our first Getting Started session covers the basics of setting up ActiveCampaign, including account settings, basic contact management, and importing data. Perfect for beginners just getting started.

Getting Started Pt. 2

Our second Getting Started session covers segmentation, campaigns, automations, and forms. This is a great followup to our first session and for those coming from other tools.

Success Hours

Lean ActiveCampaign best practices, shared by our Customer Success team