Office Hours – October 20, 2017

Recording of Office Hours hosted by Chris Davis on October 20, 2017.


Chris Davis: Alright so now we’re ready and Bret had a question that he emailed to me. If you all have a question, like I said, do not hesitate to put it in the chat or raise your hand. I will stop and go right to your question and answer it. Let me grab Bret’s. Bret, I’m going to freestyle this one and I have no promises. This could go somewhere really, really great, no matter of fact I guarantee somewhere great. I’m not [00:00:30] even going to give myself the option to go anywhere else. Alright?

Let me see, two. He’s got two questions there. They’re one and the same, I believe. When I read them out loud I’ll know for sure. Can you do some details on automations and best use cases for them? I’m trying to get up my skills, I’m trying to up my skill sets here. I get the CRM, the contacts, the lists but it seems you could go for days on automations and that’s where I see [00:01:00] the most value but also the most confusion. We’re going to answer that one. Then we have … I have a software company that I am at but I work with Full Cell University and I have been bragging about ActiveCampaign mostly why we should be teaching how to use that instead of Mail Chimp. I told them about the power of it and it’s not even comparable to Mail Chimp as you get so much more. Oh thank you Bret. I realize that wasn’t a question.

I’ll stick this one. Let’s dive in. These are the top three off every single [00:01:30] ActiveCampaign I’ve ever set up, including my own, I find myself having these three automations. One is engagement. You need an engagement tracking automation. Normally this is 30, 60, 90 days that you add or remove a tag to let you know that that person is either active or inactive. [00:02:00] Now there are some people that like to go as granular as seven, they go seven, 14, 30, 60, 90 and then they go out all the way. They go like 120, 150, you know they just keep going. It’s really up to you this engagement tracking automation will do all of that. In fact, you don’t even have to build it. That’s what’s beautiful about it is that if you go here and you create a new automation, if you go here under recipes and just type engagement look at that, [00:02:30] engagement tagging part one, engagement tagging part two. These two automations you can easily import right into your account right now and have this one checked off. Okay. That’s engagement tracking now that I’m tracking them now I want to focus on getting them in, right? How do I get people in my database?

I forgot who I did this for. [00:03:00] Maybe it was Michelle or Tisha. You need an opt in automation. You need an automation that takes … I feel like it was like Linda. Ah nope it was Tisha. Okay. Then you need an opt in or a lead generation automation. The point of the lead generation is to get people in your database. Let me walk [00:03:30] through this really quick. We went through it on another office hours but look, what I’m saying and the reason why you want this because this automation can emulate a double opt in. Those of you who aren’t familiar with the platform are double opt in, in ActiveCampaign is relative to the form in which they filled out. If you go to a form, go to options and select this gear you see right here you can turn opt in confirmation [00:04:00] on or off. If we have this on and I hit save but what if somebody has added to my list?

This list, general communications list, without filling out this form. Well they’re going to bypass this double opt in. If that’s something that you want to make sure that you have in place for every lead then you have an external platform adds a tag. When a tag is added that person is added to a list in your automation now it comes here right? Tag as new subscriber or maybe some other [00:04:30] third party tool added this some way. They come into here and I have a custom field called activation status. The first thing I’m going to do is when someone comes in here I’m going to set that status to awaiting. My options are awaiting, activated and deactivated. Excuse me, I’m manually taking control of what? Their activation status.

Both of these are for setting you up for great deliverability. I [00:05:00] have that is it’s awaiting to be confirmed and then I send the welcome email. Look at this. I’m waiting to see if they’ve clicked the link in the welcome email because by clicking that link that’s how you activate your account. Okay? I’m going to do this for up to one week. Alright. The moment they click they’re going to come down to this next step and after a week they’re going to come down to this next step. Whichever one happens first, it doesn’t matter to me. Whichever one happens first. If they’ve clicked the [00:05:30] link they’re going to come down here and say hey did they click it? It says yes, look at what we just did. We changed their status to activate it. We activated them. Okay. Because what? They clicked a link, we can prove that not only did our email reach their inbox but they clicked the link that shows the intent that they want our content. Okay?

Then if a week goes by and they come down and it says hey have they clicked the link? No. Nothing happens. That means their status is still set to awaiting. We can do whatever we want to down this [00:06:00] branch, but this is another one that I would start out with. In fact, I’m going to put this in the chat for you all just in case. The other one is already in ActiveCampaign. Welcome … Opt in … Share … Areas. Going to grab this link. If you’re watching the replay I’ll leave this link. Pause now and type this link in. There we go. Oops, didn’t want to put it here. [00:06:30] Don’t know why I’m putting it here. I’m putting it in the chat [inaudible 00:06:33] everybody. You have … Where’s my mouse? You have two automations. Okay.

It’s in the chat and then lastly I’m thinking you know like what automations are really important to have and I would say I’m torn, I’m really torn between these two. I would say for the third one [00:07:00] I would say some web trafficking, website tracking. I think that trifecta, that trio, that three piece combo of automation I think that will put you in a good position just getting started because I’m assuming that with this lead generation automation you’re going to build out in automation that actually sends out the follow up email. That’s kind of like given, right? See. They’re going to enter a basic follow up. You know you’re using this [00:07:30] automation to essentially activate them. You know make sure that email is good, make sure all is well before you send them to a follow up. I will say this, lead generation plus follow up.

I will say that. The website tracking is important because ActiveCampaign is one of the first and only platforms that can actually monitor and listen to any website that your visitors listen to. By any [00:08:00] I don’t want to diminish this. This is a huge feature. When you go under my settings and go to tracking, do you see this? I have one, two, three, four. I have four domains in here. Do you see that none of the domains have anything in common? What does that mean? That means ActiveCampaign can track your contacts across multiple domains. Right? If that’s the case that’s very powerful and not only is it going to track across multiple domains, it’s also [00:08:30] going to allow you to start an automation. Watch this, where is it? Right here. Web pages visit. When one of those web pages are visited. You can select one of those domains and let’s say they visited the pricing page. Anytime or maybe it’s the first time they visit the pricing page.

When someone visits the pricing page maybe I want to do this, right? They [00:09:00] visited my pricing page, maybe I want to wait for 30 minutes. I’m giving them a chance to make a move. Alright? Let me see here, tracking. I’ll call it Brett because Brett asked this question. I’m waiting for 30 minutes and if they visited my pricing page and it’s been 30 minutes and they haven’t taken [00:09:30] action or whatever I’m going to send them an email. Okay. Just going to send them a quick email, hey just wanted to reach out and see if you had any questions about so and so. Whatever product was on that page that they visited. I’d love to answer your question. This is an email that if you reply to I will respond to personally, no need to worry about a canned response. I will say that.

I would [00:10:00] end this of course with a goal that let’s say purchased so that they purchased right? What I’m looking for is they have the tag customer. Right? They have the customer tag. At any point when they have this tag until conditions are met. They’re going to jump down. If they come in and check out in 10 minutes they get the tag [00:10:30] since this goal is met they jump over this email and just have achieved that goal purchased. This is I don’t want to call this shopping cart abandonment more than this is like webpage abandonment or check out process abandonment or interest … How about this? Interest abandonment. They showed interest by visiting your pricing page and if they haven’t taken action within 30 minutes then you’re going to follow up with them and see if [00:11:00] you can get them to make that move forward. These are the three automations that I would recommend starting out with. Brett, when you watch this, I don’t see you online now but as you’re watching this if you want to come to office hours with specific use cases that would be even better because I can build it out now to a specific outcome. Those would be the ones that I would recommend when we talk about automations and are writing [00:11:30] more details on them.

Oh Paul has one. Let me copy this Paul. Alright. Paul … Why does that look weird? P-A-U. There it goes. Paul, alright. Do contacts in ActiveCampaign rely on being in a list? I deleted my initial contact upload and lost [00:12:00] everyone. Once they’re on a list the only way to get them off of that list is to either delete the list or unsubscribe them. It’s a good rule of thumb to have every contact on a list. The question is yes. You should have every contact on a list. Now there are cases where contacts on a list can exist outside of a list. In those events I truly am terrified to know what will happen because [00:12:30] the app was never intended for you to exist without a list. Okay, like everything is built around a contact on being a list to be managed. The list determines what page they see, when they unsubscribe. The list does a lot. If they were on a list and you deleted that list and you lost everyone what I would do Paul is reach out to our support we can restore your account.

We had an issue [00:13:00] in the Facebook group with somebody who had something similar. They lost their list, their account or had deleted something. Reach out to support and see if they can retrieve from an earlier date the status of your account we should have those contacts in there. Alright let me see. I deleted the list but can’t find my contacts, they are meant to move to other … Okay yeah, yeah so one thing about lists, let me just clarify [00:13:30] this. Watch this. If I go here to delete a list, let me delete a list that has somebody on it. What it’s going to ask … You have to truly consent to delete a list. I’m essentially going to say I understand that all contacts from this list will be deleted. I understand that all campaigns and reports will be deleted, reports from this list will be deleted and all segments tied to this list will be deleted. I understand this cannot [00:14:00] be undone. All list data will be gone forever. Yes, so these are some very … Please read these. These are very big warnings.

In the event that you delete … Let’s say I did delete this list. Guess what? If the five contacts on this list existed somewhere else on another list you would not lose them. If it’s only if that’s the only list that they exist on. If they didn’t [00:14:30] exist on any other list and you delete this list they’re gone. Yep. Yes they’re gone. What I would recommend Paul is I know you mentioned they are meant to be moved to others, I would make sure I move them first. By moving the easy way to do it everybody if I want to move somebody from one list to the next I will go to contacts and select the list. Like maybe, I wanted to do another list. Then I would select edit all and then I will say add [00:15:00] to list and general communications like add to list.

Now when I hit apply changes it’s going to copy these contacts over to this new list. It’s not going to move them, they’ll still exist on both lists and guess what?Even though they exist on both lists they’re only going to be counted as one contact. They’re not going to be counted as 10, you’re not going to see your account go up to 10 contacts just because five contacts exist on two different lists. In ActiveCampaign’s world [00:15:30] it’s just a contact. We could care less how many lists the contact is on. We are charging you for the unique email address. Excuse me. That’s it. When you do this, make sure you do this first before you delete any lists and then you can go back and delete the lists and check those boxes.

Okay. Alright. Mark, welcome back Mark. Good to see you. Mark has a question. [00:16:00] Chris, do you know if you can bulk import to a custom text field and keep formatting, specifically paragraphs spacing? I know you can’t use bold, et cetera. No, no, no. Nope you cannot. The reason being is that a custom field is it has no format in it, it’s strictly in computer language it’s a string. [00:16:30] Right? Anybody that’s coded with computers know a string is just an alphabetical value. There is no formatting, there is no html it’s just letters, it’s just interpreted as letters. If you did have spacing and all of that yes you would lose it in terms of when you import that field. Now when I say lose it I’m saying it may be intermittent. There may be a time when it maintains the spacing but normally [00:17:00] because custom fields don’t have any formatting. You realize if I go to a custom field right now … Let’s do Shannon [inaudible 00:17:10]. If I go to this custom field right now … Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s do website. There’s no way for me … It’s literally a format less field. No. No formats there.

Then let me see here. [00:17:30] Okay. Are there any new features in the last few weeks I may have missed? How about some spoilers of what’s coming? Mark says. I have the biggest spoiler and Mark you are poking and prodding but I promised to keep my lips shut because I will not get in trouble. Let me tell you this, what’s today? October. I don’t even want to give a time frame. Oh geeze [00:18:00] Mark. Way to put me on the spot man. We’ve got some updates. We’ve got some … Mark, stick with us. Mark, let me know if you’re on the beta list man. Let me know if your account on the beta list because you will see something sooner than later. Let me make sure that I’m not already late. Maybe something … [00:18:30] Okay. That’s all I can share with now. Mark, email me your ActiveCampaign URL and I’ll check for you.

Yeah, nothing out of the ordinary as far as app features beyond the new podcast that I mentioned earlier and of course the new guide on maintaining good deliverability when you migrate platforms. Outside of that yeah. Okay cool. Then [00:19:00] to add text with a paragraph [inaudible 00:19:05] yes. Alright let me go here. Then Mark’s follow up question is this, these are great questions everybody because sometimes there’s a level of thoughtfulness that you may or may not go through with doing simple actions. Mark says so to add text with a paragraph the only way to do it manually is to add it in each … The only way to do [00:19:30] it is to do it manually. Essentially what he’s saying.

Yes and no Mark and here’s why I say yes and no because look at this. Sometimes … Well I don’t want to say look at this but sometimes depending on the integration sometimes it does like reserve spacing. I don’t know how it does it, you know so [00:20:00] like I said it’s hit or miss but if I wanted to be for sure you know like certain it was very critical then yeah I would do it manually. Yep. Alright.

Brett, thank you so much. Virtual Brett thank you so much for asking your questions. Bill has a question, Bill are you on? Bill hey welcome. Bill has a question. Let me [00:20:30] put your question up. I’m going to put your email up Bill. Let me make sure it’s nothing. Here, I’ll put your question up first. Let me put your questions up here. Bill, you’re right on time man. I’m answering it right now. Alright so Bill sent me an email and I’m going to show you all the image that he’s talking about. [00:21:00] Bill sent me an email said, was this made for a Gravity Form? The form that Bill was talking about is this one. The form you all engaged with and used to register for this office hours, the answer to this is no. This is not a Gravity Forms, this is actually Zoom default form. We use Zoom for of course you all know that. Yeah, this is Zoom’s default foam. [00:21:30] Default foam. What is a foam? What is foam? Well we know what foam is but this is Zoom’s default form. Okay? That’s what this.

To answer the second question, what is the best form plugin to use with ActiveCampaign? Great question Bill. Now, I will one up your question and say what are you using this form for? Some people use forms to collect like extensive intake data and [00:22:00] maybe the form has multiple pages. Some people just use forms for like surveying so give me an example of kind of how you anticipate using a form and that will help me guide you in the direction. I will say Bill, if you have Gravity Forms already there’s not too many form builders out there that are greater than that if you’re using WordPress. The only thing with Gravity Form [00:22:30] that you have to look out for is this. You may already be aware of it. It’s this right here. For $59 per year you get all the basic add ons and then for the pro license, which is $159 you get the pro add ons. Let’s look at what those pro add ons are and [00:23:00] what you’ll see is where is ActiveCampaign? Did I miss it? Okay here we go.

Oh they changed. Great job. You know what? ActiveCampaign I don’t remember it being on all levels. Wow. Bill, thanks for asking this question. I didn’t realize they have updated wow they’ve updated to where ActiveCampaign [00:23:30] is now a native add on to anybody who has Gravity Forms. Cool. Alright so with that being said I like Gravity Forms. Like I said, if you’re using WordPress and the thing is in Gravity Form. What you normally have to do let me draw this out. Let me draw this out for everybody because forms are very important for you to understand how they work. They’re the door right? They’re the front [00:24:00] door to your automations. They’re how people get inside of them so taking some time to understand the forms are really important. Let me plug in my … I thought I was plugging in my … Oh I’m on the wrong side of my computer. Plugging in my tablet here.

Alright. Normally what you have to do is this. If you’ve ever used a foRm outside of ActiveCampaign you’ve had to do it [00:24:30] in a way like this or fields. Like let’s say this is ActiveCampaign. I create these fields. Field one, two, three. I create these in ActiveCampaign and then I go over into let’s say then I … I don’t want to use Gravity. Then I have I’ll [00:25:00] say third party. What I want to do is send data over to ActiveCampaign when they fill out this. When they fill out this form. Okay? What I then would have to do is create these same form fields. See this? In my plug in or my third [00:25:30] party form. At this point when someone fills this out it will send the information to ActiveCampaign. I’m duplicating my work. You see this? I created the forms here first in ActiveCampaign. Then I had to create the same forms in the third party. Okay?

What I like about Gravity Forms is this Bill, let’s say [00:26:00] this is Gravity Forms and there may be other platforms that use this too. Let’s say I had instead of … Let’s say I created new fields, B and D. They don’t exist in ActiveCampaign. When someone fills out this form Gravity Forms will then [00:26:30] create the fields for us in ActiveCampaign. It minimizes the necessity of having to create fields in both platforms, and you may also be able to tag based on their input, and you maybe able to add them to a list as well based on the form submission. [00:27:00] Yes that’s Gravity Forms. Now Gravity Forms is WordPress specific everybody. If you’re not using WordPress then I recommend a platform that is really agnostic to any online platform and JotForm is a good one. This one right here, JotForm. That’s a good one if you don’t use WordPress. Okay?

Bill, [00:27:30] I see your hand I’m coming right to you. Alright.

Bill: Chris.

Chris Davis: Bill, howdy.

Bill: Long time no see. I’ve been out busy. I’ve actually spoke at a couple work camps about podcasting.

Chris Davis: Nice.

Bill: I’m starting to collect a pretty good list. My list is starting to grow so what I’m trying to now is I gave them a free podcasting course and I’m trying to send out to them and give them my first level paid podcasting course but I want to collect some more information.

Chris Davis: Okay.

Bill: I’ve got their names, I’ve got at least their [00:28:00] email and in some cases I’ve got their first name and last name.

Chris Davis: Great.

Bill: What is the best process to go ahead and send them an email requesting more information and then having it upload on ActiveCampaign? The second half if you can finish and I’ll get off.

Chris Davis: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bill: Is I’m trying to look for a, I use Beaver Builder and Genesis platforms.

Chris Davis: Great.

Bill: I’m getting a little bit better on CSS and PHP too. Three or four years it comes with the …

Chris Davis: With the territory right?

Bill: Yeah. [00:28:30] You know when I go to these work camps to speak and I get in a speaker’s room I really learn a lot and get to know key people. [inaudible 00:28:36] folks, Thomas.

Chris Davis: Nice.

Bill: I’ve created few podcasts for WordPress folks. Anyway I’m trying to figure out through you what you see as the best exit gate and way to collect that way as well as … I have Beaver Builder. I like Beaver Builder for the basic form and I still haven’t mastered … I used Gravity Forms to collect lots of information but it collects it on the [00:29:00] WordPress site so I’m trying to figure out now how to do that. I just need to get in and work harder I guess.

Chris Davis: Well let me show you something that will make your life tons easier. I’ve got two things for you Bill. One is take a listen to this one.

Bill: I listen to a lot of your podcast by the way, I missed …

Chris Davis: Thank you.

Bill: By the way. Anybody seen the new the Apple play? Unbelievable.

Chris Davis: [00:29:30] I haven’t.

Bill: I rent cars. You know, from time to time I drive from Reno to Las Vegas, which it’s seven hours. I listen to podcasts. Now on the play I put like 30 podcasts and I’m just like a radio boom boom back and forth bits and pieces. It’s so nice.

Chris Davis: Oh wow yeah.

Bill: It’s a radio.

Chris Davis: That’s a necessity for the open road, man.

Bill: I’m just saying it’s going to get as easy as the radio to play your podcasts.

Chris Davis: Beautiful, beautiful. I love it. This is podcast on syncing. I’m [00:30:00] putting it in the chat. This podcast, Jack [inaudible 00:30:03] of WP Fusion. This is what I recommend and here’s why. WP Fusion is going to integrate with ActiveCampaign. Features. It’s going to integrate with ActiveCampaign your WordPress site, right? This is how he does it. Anytime information is collected in WordPress [00:30:30] it syncs it in since it’s ActiveCampaign for you. Okay?

Of course, it has additional features where you can set content based on that level or whatnot. That’s one way, that’s if you’re using like WordPress plug ins beyond Gravity Forms at times. This is like level two option. If you want to go to the next level.

Bill: Yeah I listen to your podcast on that too. I remember that. That was awhile back for you, like last month sometime.

Chris Davis: You’re right, you’re right. [00:31:00] You’re right. I would recommend to keep it easy I would just use this add on.

Bill: Okay that’s what I’ll do then.

Chris Davis: If you’re using Gravity Forms already then you just have to activate this add on and it’s going to ask you … There’s a checkbox that says create field in ActiveCampaign if not existent. You just want to check that box. Then you can just create your fields in Gravity Form and when they fill it out on your website you don’t have to worry about it being populated.

Bill: I’ll digital into that. My theory [00:31:30] is you know keep it as simple as possible. Don’t spend money if you don’t have to.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Bill: If you’re going to try to make money eventually online or with WordPress you’ve got to just go slow and not spend a lot. Got to use your tools the best you can.

Chris Davis: Yeah. Yeah you execute on what you know until you actually need more.

Bill: You know the other thing too, you’re right, the other thing too is trying to take a course or go one direction. Don’t flip flop too much. Just try to stick with something.

Chris Davis: Yeah yeah. I talked [00:32:00] to a business owner yesterday and they were telling me like, you know what Chris, I’m learning the power of being focused. He who chases two rabbits catches none. I was like, yeah. You know you got your hands full chasing one. Yes.

Bill: I can remember how to sign off I should know how to sign off of Zoom just hit the little …

Chris Davis: Yeah, no I can do it for you.

Bill: Okay thanks Chris.

Chris Davis: Yep, nope. Thank you Bill. There you go. Good to see you. Good to hear from you. Alright Paul, I got you. [00:32:30] Paul I see yours. Says hey man [inaudible 00:32:33] yeah. We gotta focus. If anything for small business owners I’ve found that focusing becomes their achilles heel right? They’re either focused on the wrong thing or they’re focused on too many things. Those are the two drawbacks I see from small business owners that prevent them from really growing. [00:33:00] They’re either focused on the wrong thing. Maybe they’re spending too much money on their branding of their website without having a true audience or they’re just focused on too many things. Either they’re doing too much or they have one person on their team doing too much. Either way the focus is spread far too wide and it kills. It really hurts. It really hurts.

Growth. I don’t know why I keep doing this. [00:33:30] My brothers name is Paul. Alright. Paste and match. Alright, if I’m building customer satisfaction surveys with Google Forms can I link the information to ActiveCampaign easily? Yes. Well, easily is subjective. Okay. Easy for one may not be for the other but here’s what I want you to do Paul. In the last office hours … Where do I want to go? [00:34:00] In the previous office hours I went over how to sync ActiveCampaign with a Google Sheet. Let me show you this, 17. This is the one I want you to take a listen to. Go to actions. How to sync your contact database with Google Sheets, yeah. This is the one. Let me see. What was I saying. Come on follow, follow. Okay previous. I’m putting it in the chat here. [00:34:30] Previous office hours.

Alright I’m putting it in the chat there. Here’s what … Why did my computer do that? Here’s what you’ll want to do is you know how you can fill out a Google Form and then you can have that Google Form populate a Google Sheet, like a spreadsheet? You can go into ActiveCampaign and set it up to where … [00:35:00] Forgive me everybody. Zoom just switched computer screens on me and through me off. You can go to contacts and when you select import. It’s all on that office hours, I’m going to go through it fairly quickly just to make my point here. Don’t click this green button. Scroll down to Google Sheets. Where is it? Right here. Google Spreadsheets. Click next, it’s going to ask you to authorize your account and what you want to do when you hit [00:35:30] allow … Watch this, watch this. You want to select the list that you want to add the contacts to. Then here you see this? You want to select your spreadsheet. What spreadsheet are you going to select? You’re going to select the spreadsheet that the Google Form populates. Look at this, import contacts and auto import new contacts in the future.

Now anytime someone fills out that form [00:36:00] the Google Sheet is going to be populated and guess what’s going to happen? That contact is going to be synced with ActiveCampaign. Okay. That’s exactly how I recommend doing it and in there I also gave a resource that walks you through exactly how to do it. Let me pull it up for you and send it to you. I don’t want the login version. I probably have to go [00:36:30] into it incognito. There we go. Alright. I don’t want that version. There we go. Google Drive. Sync. What did I type last time? [inaudible 00:36:52] oh it’s Sheets. It’s Google Sheets. I’ll just Google sync. [inaudible 00:36:58] where is [00:37:00] it? We found it fairly easy last time, didn’t we? Database sync for importing contacts. Alright well I found where it was. Google Sheet. Google Sheet integration. I [00:37:30] think it’s this one.

There we go. Alright. This will show you how to get your Google Sheets set up and everything. I’m putting it in the chat for you. Alright yes. You can do the same with … Hold on, let me go up. I’m losing my spot. I’m sorry. Let me make sure. Okay that’s how I would do it and then here we go. Podcast. [00:38:00] Okay I did. Oh Mark says I did and each one of these if not already done list a separate section in your resources share with [inaudible 00:38:09]. Oh oh for the office hours. I got you. Yep yep yep tool shared. Mark we’re actually working on the transcriptions as we speak. That’s always there for the new site design. Yep thank you. I save all of these recommendations. Let me copy and paste this down. [00:38:30] Thank you for that one Mark. Then [inaudible 00:38:34] says for the most of us it’s focused on too many of the wrong … That’s a good one yep. Too focused on too many of the wrong things.

Then, which one is it? Oh I didn’t see that one Mark. Let me see. What is it? Is it possible … Okay let me copy this. [00:39:00] Let me get your question here. Yeah Paul that’s how they do it. If you were using, you’re saying does it work for customer referrals as well? Anybody who fills out that form will be synced. Yep. Anybody. It doesn’t matter what the nature of it is for. Yes. Tara I see yours too. I will come to you in a minute. Is it possible as a reseller to import a complete account [00:39:30] set up to a new account versus having to manually report automations one at a time add tag, et cetera? Not to my knowledge Mark. I’m not sure. If you’re a reseller you have access to Deanna, Deanna Lowe. She will be the one to ask. I don’t know too much about importing reseller accounts, importing new accounts as a reseller. She would be the one to ask for that one. Diana Lowe. [00:40:00] Let me know if you need her contact information. Yeah, she’s the one over all of the resellers.

Alright. Mark, okay. This is a follow up everybody to … Mark, you should be able to log into your reseller account and hit contact. That’s the fastest way to do it because I’m not sure [00:40:30] how the reseller requests are divided. Oh okay okay okay yeah you definitely have to be a reseller to access that. I’ll ask her for you and I can report back on it next time around. Alright so Mark you had another question. Will all the info on the Google Sheet be added if you have [00:41:00] custom fields in AC? Can you match up? Yeah that’s actually what you have to do. When you walk through that help document it shows you how to put your custom fields in columns. You see this where it says column naming and order? These are all of your custom fields. You can put as many custom fields in your Google Sheet as you want to. Whenever they fill out the form it’s going to map them accordingly here and then it’s going to send it out to [00:41:30] ActiveCampaign. Yep go through this. This help docket walks you through how to do it all.

Alright Tarah. Hi, hey Tarah. I hope I’m saying that right. Is it Tarah or Tara? Let me know, I hate messing up names. Just let me know how to pronounce it and I will forever remember how to pronounce. Oops. I will forever remember how to pronounce your name. Alright so [00:42:00] let’s keep the party … Didn’t want to do that. Alright hi. Hello. How do I connect Eventbrite in order to create an automation for events with different dates? Great question. This is actually a really good question. How I would recommend doing it. We’ve done Eventbrite in the past. I wonder if I still have my Eventbrite account everybody Event … [00:42:30] What is it? How do you spell event? There we go. I wonder if I still have my account. Let’s see. Who knows. Maybe. I don’t think it was that one. I think it was my ActiveCampaign. It doesn’t look like I do. Let me just check

We did an Eventbrite example. I think I do have it. Let [00:43:00] me just check my password manager here. No. Sign in. It’s asking for my email address. I wonder if I used my ActiveCampaign password. Let’s see. Oh look at that, it did work. Alright. Great. In [00:43:30] Eventbrite what you’ll need to do of course … Let’s see. Do I have events in here? Manage events. Which one do I have? I have like an old office. Every event, you’ll have multiple events right? Every event will be listed in Eventbrite. What you’ll want to do is you’re going to have to use a platform called Zapier, or Zapier however you say it, tomato tomato. Doesn’t matter. You’ll need Zapier [00:44:00] for this one, okay? What you’re going to have to do … Let’s see, I think I have one set up actually. Look at that. Eventbrite registrants. Okay. You’re going to set up this Zap that says, whenever a new attendee, it says specify this event status. Who cares, [00:44:30] it’s optional. This is the important part. This is the actual event type. Okay? For now it’s office hours so every event you would have a Zap set up for every event. Look what happens. I tell it to create a contact in ActiveCampaign. Add them to my master list, send over their email, their first name and their last name. If I wanted to I could add a tag and use that tag to start an automation.

[00:45:00] Every event would have it’s own Zap and with that I would also add every event would have it’s own automation. I will find a window at some point that I can use. Okay. Let me close these out, it’s confusing me. Okay so then I would have an automation that started with this tag [00:45:30] right here. Eventbrite registrant or the name of the event, right? Then that way like I said you have an event, a Zap … Let me write that out because I don’t want to confuse it, Tarah, Tara, let me know if this is clear. Alright? What I’m saying is this, let me move that over. What I’m saying is this, what was I saying? [00:46:00] You will need … Okay for Eventbrite, event whoa … That’s pretty bad. Sorry. Event one and let’s say you have event two. Then let’s say let’s use brown for Zapier you have [00:46:30] Zap one and Zap two. Maybe each Zap adds a tag. Then in ActiveCampaign you’ll have automation one and automation two. [00:47:00] Okay?

What will happen is when someone registers for this event it’s going to send the information over to Zapier Zapier is going to collect it, tag the content and this tag is going to start an automation. That’s the flow. That’s how you’re going to integrate Eventbrite to create an automation for events [00:47:30] with different dates. That’s the set up. If you have three events you’re essentially going to have three Zaps and three automations. That’s exactly how you do it. Let me know if that’s helpful. If not, if you have more questions just let me know. Alright.

Let me see. Good old Eventbrite. Let me close this out. Another thing you can do is Eventbrite has an entry manager [00:48:00] where you can use your cell phone to scan the tickets that people print off. You can also use Zapier to send that data over to ActiveCampaign. Okay? Now I have one side of the story here, which is telling me that they did what? They registered, right? This is the registration process. Right? Then I can have another one that says attend [00:48:30] and what that would do is they would show up with their sheet, with their bar code on it. What you would do is like you would scan this code with your smart phone. Right? Then that information, this is all Eventbrite. [00:49:00] That information will be sent to Zapier and then that information would be sent to ActiveCampaign. That way you can see who registered and who attended. You would be able to see the ratio or the effectiveness of your marketing or just keep track so you can effectively follow up with the people who [00:49:30] have registered and attended.

This is really good because we normally see this kind of behavior for a webinar right? But Tarah by asking this question she brings up a good example of how we can get that same information with live events. On a webinar or online training is very common for someone to say, hey I’m going to follow up with my [00:50:00] attendees and non attendees. Well the question would ask, why limit that to the internet? Right? You can also do that for events that don’t take place online. Tarah has few events, now she’s got them all set up to where they start automations and she’s got the Eventbrite data manager I think it’s called. Eventbrite entry manager or something. It’s a mobile app on Android and Iphone. The people aren’t coming because Eventbrite sends off an email with the barcode on it. [00:50:30] Now that’s their admission ticket.

They go in and they show up to the event and say hey here’s my ticket. It’s not Tarah’s, doesn’t have to be you, maybe somebody on your team. They pull out their phone, they scan the barcode and in Eventbrite it marks them as attended. Well guess what? Zapier sees that and says oh, I need to update the contact. It tags them in ActiveCampaign as attended. Now once the event is [00:51:00] over the next day at 8 am bright and early in the morning you can sit down or you can have it pre populated in automation that’s waiting for 8 am looking for the attended tag and then it starts sending off an email to nurture them. This is definitely a way to take what we normally see as an offline marketing strategy … Online marketing strategy offline. A lot of times we’re trying to go the other way right? [00:51:30] Offline to online. Here’s a great example of being online and going offline with the same strategy.

I will tell you this, people who do this for live events are going to see a greater increase and greater response rate, greater conversions than people who don’t who just rely on a sign up sheet when you get there. Find your name and check it off. Right? Thank you for asking that question. This is exactly [00:52:00] how I would do it.

Alright that brings us to 2:00 on the dot. Thank you all for attending today’s office hours. Great questions. I even got to scribble some. Yes, really great office hours and I’d invite you back. Don’t let this be the first time. Please. Don’t like this be the first time. Don’t let this be the last time. I’m sorry everybody. Maybe I’ve had a longer [00:52:30] week than I realize. Don’t let this be the last time. We have office hours every Tuesday at 10 am central and Friday at 1 pm. You can attend as many as you like. The people who get the most out of office hours are the ones that ask, execute and come back. Right? Ask, execute and come back. Not saying you have to attend every office hours but come here, ask, participate, leave, execute. Then come back and participate again. [00:53:00] That’s marketing as we know it. It’s a reiterative process. It’s not a destination, it’s a journey. You’re always learning, you’re always modifying, analyzing, improving, optimizing. Let office hours be part of that and especially when it comes time to a point when you know what you want to do in your business and you’re just not sure how to pull it off in the platform. This is perfect for that.

With that being said, thank you all for attending [00:53:30] today. I hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend, safe weekend. Always safe. Relax. Unplug for a little bit. If the weekend is when you go heads down just unplug … Maybe tonight go to sleep earlier or sit back with your feet up. Do something totally non related to your business so tomorrow if you are heads down that you have that relief. [00:54:00] Anyways, you’re very welcome. Thank you all again. Have a great weekend. See you next week.