Office Hours – May 2, 2017

Recording of Office Hours hosted by Chris Davis on May 2, 2017.


Chris Davis: … this computer. It was something that as we’ve been talking was like a question in the back of my mind where Lorraine mostly when we are talking about check fields or custom fields with checkboxes clearing that data using it as field of data, it just made me think of something and I’ll get to it and show you the example that I’ve been walking through. I’ll get to it right after I get to your questions all right, but I think it’s going to be extremely helpful [00:00:30] and useful for everybody.

All right create a blank automation to use as a placeholder when you are building or sorting animation this allows you to build a, oops I’m not sharing my screen I’m sorry. Let me share my screen I just went on in it, all right there we go and you should all be able to see my screen sorry about that. Let [00:01:00] me get my modules up again where is my check window check, all right there we go. This is a tip, here we go so everybody our very own Lorraine is dropping knowledge here. All right create a blank automation and name it so you don’t forget what it is you are saying replace me to use as a placeholder when building out sorting automations. This allows you to build [00:01:30] an automation logic top down and add automations at a later time. If you don’t have a place order automation you need to build your automations bottom up because you have to select an automation from the drop down when adding one.

This is a great tip and primarily because, and here is what Lorraine is talking about where she is right on the money with this one. Just for you all who don’t know Lorraine is kind of I don’t want to say kind of, but she is a great example of [00:02:00] planning before building just from her entire business flow to thinking about the automations before you start to build them and that’s why she is able to provide this tip. This tip you are already knowing that you are going to have to use multiple automations okay. This is what I mean; like right here these automations I can’t build this automation [00:02:30] without these being in existence in my ActiveCampaign application.

When I go to start an automation it’s a drop down, they have to exist and that’s what Lorraine means by top down. This is the top of my automation and these are further down. Otherwise if I didn’t have this foresight I will need to build the rat then the cat then the master and that’s the bottom; from the bottom to the top approach. [00:03:00] Yes you could most definitely go in here and if you are thinking like, “Okay I’m going to have three options,” you are going to need three automations.

There is, I would just the new automation you know new automation and you’ve got three tabs. You build them out, you know build them out as you see fit, close your tabs and then go here [00:03:30] and here refresh. Go to your top most automation and start building and then you can complete the entire automation because other two placeholders are there. Great tip Lorraine, great tip.

All right another one she learned is drop down windows okay. A field for a condition all right only show a maximum of 20 custom fields all right, I thought some of my custom fields were disappearing instead you can type the name of the field in [00:04:00] this will display the field when it’s not in the drop down. You know what I will say I think I’ve seen that throughout the application too. If you want to, like if I go to forms and here is what Lorraine is talking about often times I’ll show it two ways. Like here if I go through here and I keep doing show more there is a chance I can select show more and look all of my custom [00:04:30] fields may not show. If I start typing the name of the field it will show like cat sizes, was cat sizes available maybe it was, I saw dogs yeah cat size was there.

As your list grows there is only a certain amount of fields that will show here, so it may appear that they are disappeared, that they are gone, that they are invisible or they have been deleted. If you used a search [00:05:00] anyways, if you use a search and you will see and it will show up. Another place you all will see this is in the segment builder, the exact same dynamic. I honestly don’t know if this was intentional or not, but if I go to custom fields and right here if my field isn’t displaying I can start typing the name of the field [00:05:30] you see that and it will pull them up.

Look at this vehicle new or used indicator I’ve never seen that one is it here let’s see look at that, all right so that’s a prime example. Vehicle new or used indicator that custom field is not showing here. Now at this point you are like, “Wait a minute where did my field go? Is ActiveCampaign deleting my data you know what not?” If I type vehicle [00:06:00] look at that, both of these that didn’t show they now show. Use the search box as much as possible especially as your application grows out because this is just going to get harder to scroll through everything it’s easier just to type things in the search.

All right so got some questions here Lorraine I affirming her let me see here, she is [00:06:30] affirming her tip and sometimes you don’t know how many automations you are going to have. This is true, this is very true. If you can guesstimate or maybe you just have I don’t, I think when it comes to sorting the amount of automations you’ll have are the amount of options I think that the safe parameter. If you got four options then you are going to need to create four automations. Let’s [00:07:00] see Katrina oops I always do that, I always hit enter definitely don’t get stuck on only what you see in [inaudible 00:07:10] yes suggested drop.

You know what I think that’s the best way to really look at this is call this be suggested almost like Google Suggest, when you type in Google and it has a list of suggestions. Like no don’t just go off what they are suggesting, because you know what honestly a lot of times these fields are your, [00:07:30] the … You know what I don’t know because they are not my most yeah they actually are, well I don’t know. I wanted to say these are the most used custom fields but I honestly think these appear in the order that they were created. I think that’s just what it is. The order that they are created up until maybe 20 like you said Lorraine, other than that you are going to have to search.

Yes, so that’s a great [00:08:00] point and this is applicable to everything. If I were doing this and add to an automation and my automation didn’t show I mean I know I have more automations than these live then I will go and type it in look at that. Now we’ve got the master resubscribe sorting. Was that available, see that one wasn’t available either so master [00:08:30] and then there it goes. It works anywhere where there is a drop down and there is essentially more than 20 I think is the safe.

All right so let me see here got a question; all right because the field says select a condition I assumed it was select from the dropdown yes. The order on my dropdown and the custom field wasn’t order of creation. All right so [00:09:00] it’s not order of creation either, I will say at this point it’s random because I don’t see a method to the madness and this is something … The good part is there is a lot of little updates that we’re working on internally and this one is one of them; how we are displaying data across the application and making it more easily accessible. Long road and long strides but we are moving in the right direction.

You are right when it says select a condition [00:09:30] you assumed it wasn’t selected from yeah I know here where it says here I select a condition, it’ll lead you to believe you have to select. You don’t know that you can just start typing you are right Lorraine, so good thing you are on this call and whoever is watching this in the replay.

With that being said I wanted to show you all something and this is about clearing check [00:10:00] box values. It is not limited to clearing check box values, but check boxes are probably the case where we see this the most applicable all right. Here is what I mean; let me go here let me hit refresh and make sure my twin is most updated. I’m going to, this custom field dog sizes is a check box I’m going to check every option and [00:10:30] save it so now you see that I have every option saved. If I wanted to clear these options my question was if I created a automation, if I created an automation I should say and what it does is it doesn’t select any of these boxes.

In my mind I was thinking that it would only register checked boxes and it would leave everything else [00:11:00] alone. Since this action is really update the field is going to update the field to whatever state is on the screen all right. Now if I want to say large and leave these blank look what happens. When I send now look at I’ve got; small, medium, large when I go through this automation saying here use the search [00:11:30] clear check boxes and this really is an advanced user issue because only advanced users will have more and more lists and automations, so just starting out you won’t see this. I went into that automation and it cleared the boxes.

Now let’s see when I refresh did it clear small and medium and just leave large and you see it did. It’s updating the empty field by essentially unchecking them. [00:12:00] When you have a check box if you want to clear the check box you can do so by having the update field in just deselect the options and whenever this action is triggered on a contact it’s going to update whatever data it sees here. I’m just going to say small uncheck, medium uncheck, large check. It’s almost as if it’s creating, recreating the custom field for you with the data that’s on [00:12:30] the screen all right.

That’s step one let’s take it a step further; does the same operation or functionality happen on forms. I am going to go back and select all of them save all right and I have a form here, I have a fancy schmancy form here and it doesn’t, I shouldn’t even, it shouldn’t ask [00:13:00] for my first and last name. In fact I don’t even think I could put my first and last name in there look at that, well that’s the error. Everybody I was trying to edit our form fields and put the first and last name horizontally because I’m creating a story internal to the company creating a, we need this. We need to be able to be more dynamic with our form layout but this doesn’t seem [00:13:30] to be working how I did it so let me just I don’t know I spent so much, I’ve got the CSS here so what I’ll do I’ll just delete it there we go.

That is not the point of this exercise; the point is this I do fill daviscdavis@activecampaign and remember all of these are checked what if I just do small all right. Now when I submit this form [00:14:00] let me just make sure I’m clear; I’ve got all of these selected I submit this form with only one selected what will happen is the question? In my mind I’ll tell you all before I hit this button, in my mind what I thought would happen is it would ignore these two and just update. It would essentially update and say, “Okay check small but don’t do anything to medium large since it wasn’t [00:14:30] checked.”

To my I don’t want investigation when you do that look what happens; it removes medium and large because they were not checked. As you see I have tested this thoroughly, I have proven this and you can use this to your benefit or watch out for gotchas with [00:15:00] it right? The reason being is because I believe other forms online depending on what forms you’ve used they will very much use the update functionality on a check box, so we’ll just update this value instead of let me go back. It will just oops, it will just update this value instead of essentially [00:15:30] recreating. Now I don’t want to say recreating but updating all fields in the custom field so all right.

We’ve got some new people coming in Jamila welcome don’t want to make it seem weird that I’m calling you out, but I just want to welcome you. I have not seen your name in the Office Hours so I welcome you so I’m glad to have you on board. If you have any questions do not hesitate to use the [00:16:00] chat or raise your hand at the bottom of the chat screen you see where it says raise hand. Yes you are very welcome Jamila.

Question is for and if else processing on that check box field you need to check eight pattern conditions to identity what was checked, yes. Essentially every time, so for this one we’ll submit this well [00:16:30] it depends. You will want to check if the pattern is with the sorting condition if you want to add tags as along with the custom field right. Depending on how you are running your marketing you may just be using this custom field to determine the size of your dog or you could be using this custom field and adding it to an automation that checks if small is checked at the [00:17:00] tag small or add to this automation or send this email.

In that case when you want to look for every value you could it two ways; you could have a separate automaton which this now, this is where we may get a little overboard with like being modular because we don’t essentially need an automation for but we could. If let me see [00:17:30] dog size ever, every time this is going to add it or update it so yeah. You could really get granular with this, changes to I’m sorry, changes to small every time or the first time we can set that. [00:18:00] Then right here we are going to have a condition that adds a tag, do I have a tag in here? Yeah how about that I just drew a tag like that all right.

We could do it where each option can have its own automation essentially and this may be better for you because then from here we can go and send them to another automation, we could [00:18:30] do some follow up specific to when they submit that form and it’s this size or and it’s this option. Yeah let me see if I got that let me see. All right Lorraine has got another comment; it gets out of control when you get four or five, six items my testing shows you can’t just test for [00:19:00] a small being checked.

For here what you would have to do, I think this is the only way to check if small is checked. If this custom field changes to small every time it’s added or updated, so let’s walk through this. If I had it selected to the first time then it’s only going to go once, but if I select it to every time every single time this field is updated to small [00:19:30] this box is checked or updated then this is going to work. Now let’s talk about add it or update it; add it means it goes from unchecked to checked all right that’s add it everybody unchecked to checked okay. Update it means it could have been checked and then it got updated to be checked again or it went from unchecked to checked. You see the difference?

In fact I misspoke I’m sorry, updated [00:20:00] is the value itself has been changed so the value is changed from checked to unchecked, unchecked to checked but it had an existing value and it changed that’s what updated is. Added is it had no value and it now has a value, okay that’s the difference. I just prefer to do add it or update it every time to eliminate any confusion [00:20:30] so yes that is …

Now so let me just finish this demo, so like now if I have this form and every time someone submits it I get their dog size I will have three automations; one that nurtures for small, one that nurtures then for medium, one that nurtures then for large. If that’s my marketing type [Aslan 00:21:00] [00:21:00] I think that’s how you say your name. Aslan welcome just welcoming everybody as they come in. We are talking about custom fields and how to start off segmenting your contacts right at the point of entry which is your strongest point.

In fact I think it’s good to mention here that amongst the internet ‘experts’ there has been talk where they say, “You know ask the least amount of information [00:21:30] upfront and it will increase your conversion rate,” and I like that I do and I agree that to an extent. As your business matures, okay great I got it right Aslan thank you and you are very welcome Aslan got it. The thing is as your business grows segments become more important to you, so maybe when you are starting out all you need is an email [00:22:00] but now that your business is a little more mature you’ll realize like you know what I really need to identity upfront if this person owns a dog or a cat. That’s very important to you because now you have messaging paths and you found that someone who goes down a message path specific for dogs and a message path specific for cats they tend to be more engaged and buy more of your products.

If that’s the case then you do, [00:22:30] you want to make that identification upfront. Now there is two options to do it; you could do it on the form right like how I’m showing you. Maybe we just do email and address so to kind of be in the middle I’ll just ask for email and then the dog size. You could say perhaps have email on one form and then after they opt in on that tank [00:23:00] you page then ask for the dog size and then maybe send them an email that says, “Hey what’s your dog size.”

There is many ways that you can collect the information upfront but I just wanted you all not to be scared or afraid to use like checkboxes or radio buttons at the point of opt in. In fact all those studies or experts have shown that your conversation rate may drop because you are asking more information, what I found is that your quality of lead [00:23:30] will increase. So you have to be ready for that dynamic and say, “Okay if I just ask for email maybe I’ll get a thousand leads,” but out of those a thousand leads maybe only 500 or 413 are qualified. What if you had a form that only got 413 submissions but all 413 were qualified. I mean I would take the latter because the former means that I’ve got [00:24:00] about 577 contacts that I’m paying for that probably won’t take action.

Listen if this becomes not necessarily a numbers game, but it’s just where do you want to spend your time and money. Do you want to grow a list of 20,000 so that you can tell people, “I’ve got 20,000 people on my list,” or would you rather [00:24:30] have a list of 1,500 that are highly qualified and highly engaged? The way that you do that is to not be afraid to ask for information upfront. People who submit more information are going to be more serious and more committed, that is just what it is. I’m not creating this stuff and I’m not trying to persuade you to go one way or the other, I just want to equip you with this knowledge.

I’ve got a couple of few responses here [00:25:00] all right. Lorraine has one from the check box talk; remember you can drop a question in chat anytime. The field looks for the exact pattern; you need to check for any combination of checks and unchecks with those three that condition small being checked yes. Lorraine is talking about here where is my automation I’ve got to let go now, [00:25:30] there it is. This is only going to look for small right, it will you are right. It’s only going to look for this so I will need three other automatons that look for the other two that’s the best way to do it. It’s okay for the exact pattern on the check box because [00:26:00] we’ve got that predetermined as well.

Katrina, hey Katrina everybody Katrina’s podcast is going live this Friday we are waiting on the artwork where we’ve got the transcription and everything already done. It could be so much harder to get the data after the fact, it’s important to be forward thinking when it comes to the info captured in the opt in process. Great [00:26:30] comment and feedback Katrina, always quality over quantity. I agree wholeheartedly I really do.

In fact I’ll tell you this when I was at my time at leadpages one of the things that we would do to strengthen commitment upfront was require people to register for a webinar. Even if you wanted to attend the replay you had to register, there was never a link where you could just click and watch [00:27:00] a replay or anything like that. We wanted you to register and the times that we did provide a link there is this technology called a lead link where you just click the link and it automatically registers people on the back end guess what? We had the lowest performing attendance rate show registration, not registration rate but attendance rate and purchase rate on those webinars where the registration process was made easier. There was stronger [00:27:30] attendance when people filled out the form.

You can tell somebody’s intent by what they, by the action they take upfront. Now I’m assuming of course that your messaging and everything is aligned with your audience and you have something enticing and they want something from you. If somebody really wants something from you one field is not going to stop them. One field is too small to prevent somebody from getting the information from you that they desire and if [00:28:00] that’s the case if one field is going to stop them best believe it’s going to be like pulling teeth trying to get a dollar out of their wallet.

Lorraine has a great podcast on the quality of leads, Lorraine I’m going to listen to this because you posted it. She says it’s a real good podcast on the quality of leads, the person tries to get as small as list as possible. Oh my God listen I really have to listen to this [00:28:30] because I’ve never heard of people confidently talking about keeping their list small and targeted you just don’t hear it. I subscribe to it personally you know I’ve always been really successful with really small lists, because when I manage bigger lists it’s always a small subset of that big list that’s really attributes for most of the buying. It’s the Pareto principle 80% of the people on those big lists don’t do anything but add your numbers so that you can do some fancy Facebook ad [00:29:00] marketing with how many people you get on your list so yes all right great.

Jamila I’m going to post your question here and we are going to work through it, thank you for asking. Here is what Jamila says this is more a basic question which is welcome; I was working on creating a newsletter using the digest template okay I was having trouble creating or duplicating the two column area with the left image and the right side text. All right can you show [00:29:30] how to do it?

Absolutely let’s jump into it and what I’ll do is I’ll create it. Hey I’m going to give you let’s see, do we have one that has that it doesn’t matter this one is close right. Oops I clicked the wrong thing my bad I’m going to name this Jamila; in honor of all [00:30:00] of the attendees when you ask a question you do get things named in my application just so you know. All right let me just go through this let’s use this one. All right so what Jamila wants to do is duplicate a block that has the image in the text to the right. [00:30:30] For instance I was hoping this would have one but that’s all right, so you are saying like if we had an image here and then a text block I didn’t want to do it to the side that’s delete yes.

If we had a image and then a text block right there so these two sections are what you are trying to [00:31:00] copyright let me make sure. Two column area left is image right side is text yeah and you are trying to duplicate this. I see the complexity here, all right here is the right side text for the box that you see to the left all right [00:31:30] and do that hold it make it a little bigger add some padding here 15 there we go. We have that and I don’t want to do an image. In fact I’ll do this image everybody let me just duplicate this and put this right here and then delete this [00:32:00] all right and make it bigger all right cool.

It didn’t delete I wanted it, it didn’t duplicate I want you to be a picture there. Essentially you have something like this right. You have the image to the left I pick one of the busiest themes [00:32:30] or templates it should have picked this simple one let me get out of this out of here so it’s a little more clear what Jamila is asking. Maybe even seeing me modify this email is helping you all right. Now what if I just put the buy now that makes sense there we go. I have this and I’m telling well maybe I want to put the buy now there all right that looks decent.

[00:33:00] I’ve got this and the buy now and essentially just put the [inaudible 00:33:04] okay and essentially what you want to do is duplicate this content. Here is how I would do it, here is how I recommend doing it so your alignment is not off. Put a spacer right under it and the spacer you can make it you see that you can drag and drop the spacer all right. Make it as small as possible and then go and duplicate the content. [00:33:30] I’ve duplicated this and I want to put it under the spacer, there is the spacer is still here then I’ll go here and I’ll duplicate the content and I’ll put it under the spacer. I’ll go here and duplicate this content block and move it under.

What the spacer does as you see it keeps things nice [00:34:00] and aligned because sometimes you may get, if this spacer wasn’t here it will start like looking jagged a bit and that’s probably what you were seeing when you were saying your alignment was off. If you use spacers here and you have to clone them individually that should help you a lot. I hope that that helps. I hope that that answers the question if not just let me know on the chat. All right okay great, great it did help all right great. [00:34:30] Then she was saying when she tries to do it the text is not aligned yeah with the photo.

If you want it you know again the spacer is big, it’s a small thing that helps keep things aligned and what I would do is since this divider is acting as a spacer you are fine here. I will put a spacer between my columned elements just to keep them at equal height that’s what I would do. If you ever want to like move this, like let’s say this text was too high and you wanted to move it down [00:35:00] I do not recommend doing this. I don’t recommend doing that because your client, your email client may translate this into an empty space and just delete it. Yeah Lorraine you see, Lorraine beat me to the punch so instead I would add a spacer right to the top of just that content. You see how it pushes down for us and then we’ve got a little more control you see that? You’ve got a little more [00:35:30] control over exactly how we want it to align.

Spacers are your friend in the builder and if you are concerned like well when this goes mobile and this is on top I don’t want a big space in between it. You can always go here, go to the check and do hide on mobile devices so that when it does stack vertically there is not an extra space in between there. Because if this space was big all of this space [00:36:00] would go right below this, in fact I can show you I believe I forget how to do my preview actually. I can show you watch this wow that’s populated let me make this bigger. You see that big space you know this one doesn’t have big space [00:36:30] that’s the spacer, but if I were to select hide on mobile devices it will stay here now watch what happens.

It would stay here and now it should to have that big space below it, this space should be hidden and you can see as I hover it says this content will be hidden on mobile devices and I’ll let that load. Let it load here we go and now look see it doesn’t have that space [00:37:00] now it’s got the same space as the other one. That is how you do it. Great question Jamila I’m so glad you asked that because those are some of the small things that I realize I don’t know how to do that it may not be as easily known. You see as I do that the whole bottom part stays aligned with itself, the whole secondary column on the bottom stays aligned so it’s really nice and it works really well as far as [00:37:30] mobile.

All right I’m going to be importing several lists into ActiveCampaign today and tomorrow any tips on putting them and tagging etcetera that would start me off with good segmentation? Right now they are separated by opt in form. Great question and our very own Jamie Madison has created a guide that I would recommend just looking at before you do [00:38:00] it. Essentially what you are going to do, we are working on making this easier to find everybody but I can I find it if I do this I do my creation migrating tag. Here we go this one and let me just make sure this is the one that I wanted to show you segment your contacts, build your forms yeah this is the guy okay.

These are the steps I would [00:38:30] follow Jamila putting them in the check. These are the steps I will follow and then we’ve got one more and that will actually show you there it is, it’s not this oh this is a good podcast to listen to as well I’m going to put that in there. Then there was one I’ll find it, but it was one that pretty much told you like if you are migrating from MailChimp or something I recommend [00:39:00] every list becomes a tag and that’s how I would segment those leads coming in.

Here is what I mean if you go to manage tags from contacts if you click on contacts you may have to hit this drop down to hit manage tags and then here let me see if I have one. Okay I don’t I will recommend [00:39:30] doing this list and then the name of the list maybe free e-book. Then if you wanted to you could also do something like this source MailChimp. Now every contact that is on your e-book list in MailChimp to will have, will get this tag and everybody that’s from MailChimp to will get this tag that way you don’t lose any data. [00:40:00] You don’t lose any data when migrating from one platform I’m assuming, MailChimp but it could be any chimp I said any chimp. Not any chimp everybody it could be any platform that you are migrating from to ActiveCampaign and you can tag them accordingly because you don’t want to forget where they came from.

You may start marketing and making [00:40:30] money and you may see like, “Oh wow all of my MailChimp or my GetResponse or AWeber leads are buying now that I’ve moved to ActiveCampaign,” you just want to track it. When you import one, so I will do the import a list at a time Jamila and when you import that list I don’t know let me just show contacts and you are going to import and you are going to import from a file [00:41:00] of course I’m going to say you have a whole CSV here. What we’ll do is processing oops I did that wrong. Anyways we are going to map them to the current fields like all of the custom field you had in your previous platform we’ll map them here. We’ll assign them to like a master list [00:41:30] and look at this, this is where you can click the tags and then what did I say list for e-book.

Everybody on my e-book list in MailChimp will have these tags and when I select import, but they are all going to be on a master list just to start out. Later on we can start divvying up whether we need multiple lists and sending them elsewhere, but this is the safest approach getting started on how to do that. Then of course that [00:42:00] great it makes sense to Jamila she said great love it thank you are very welcome Jamila and don’t hesitate to look at that guide that I posted and listen to the podcast it will help too. Yeah you followed these steps and you will be golden and come back please come back.

Lorraine she is here to she just recently migrated from MailChimp and Katrina who is in here she handles a lot of MailChimp migrations. Not saying you are migrating from MailChimp, [00:42:30] but they have migrated themselves and others so that AWeber and ConvertKit okay great yeah they are both list based. ConvertKit maybe a little bit easier since they have tags in there. You essentially just duplicate those tags that you have in ConvertKit, AWeber is list based so yeah you’ll do this type approach. Instead of having MailChimp you’ll have source AWeber [00:43:00] there we go that’s what yours will look like so great.

All right Katrina has got a good comment here I hope I didn’t miss anything, let me know if I missed anybody’s chat. When in doubt always reverse engineer; think about how you will be using your contacts and take time to tag segment and segment them at the time of migration, yes. If I could piggyback off what [00:43:30] Katrina is saying; when you do it this way remember everybody is your master list and you have all of the information from their previous platform. Now that they are in ActiveCampaign you can really start thinking like, “Okay do I really want to put them on multiple list.”

I do have a series in the podcast that talks about multiple lists or tags or custom fields it’s my segmentation series, highly recommend you listen to it by getting them all in without losing data that’s the important part. Use the tags to retain [00:44:00] your data and then once they are in here then you can start figuring out how to divvy them up and where to send them.

Aslan has a question I will answer your question my friend. All right hi Chris quick question about unsubscribes and automation; I understand that when someone unsubscribes from an email in an automation they are unsubscribed from all lists but only if the trigger for that automation is subscribed to lists. Is that correct or Am I missing something?

[00:44:30] Technically yes that is correct. If you are only start trigger, if their only entry into an automation is subscribe to list and they unsubscribe within that automaton they’ll only be taken off that list. The problem is that is like practically impossible to do, because when someone subscribes to a list you are going to have multiple automation that they will go in. The second they leave that automation or add it to another [00:45:00] automation and they unsubscribe from the automation they’ve been added to, then they’ll be removed from all lists.

I say yes this is true but the reason I don’t like to really mention that or bring it up is because the people who would truly benefit from that functionality are far and few. Because I don’t know of anybody personally that has subscribed to, that has used subscribe to list as a start trigger for an automation and never entered another automation that didn’t have subscribe to list [00:45:30] as a start trigger. It may help for up front if somebody opts in, I honestly don’t even, I don’t even build for that case because it’s such an edge case and it’s so easily broken that I just disregard it honestly. There may be specific case that somebody can present to me that can convince me otherwise but I mean and here is what I’m talking about everybody.

I covered this in one of [00:46:00] the podcasts I can’t remember it was with [inaudible 00:46:02], but if someone is let’s say this automation okay if someone is in this automation well there is no email in this automation. In the automation it had emails and they unsubscribe they will be removed from all lists that they are on, because automations are not attached to a excuse me a specific list number three podcast okay great thank [00:46:30] you Jamila she says podcast number three, but they are not tied to a list. When you unsubscribe within an automation list we do the safe thing and just remove you from all lists. What Aslan is saying is this but Chris what if what she is right I just assumed you were a he I’m sorry could be a she my bad, subscribes [00:47:00] to a list another list let’s do that.

Then I’ve got some communion and going; if they unsubscribe while they are in this automaton since the start trigger was subscribe to list we now know what list they are referring to essentially so they will only be removed from this list. The problem is like I said I don’t know a one ActiveCampaign account [00:47:30] that this is true to where a contact only enters this automation and never enters another automation. That’s the hard part because I also I’m against building out very big automations and in order to do that you would have to have all of your stuff in this one automation like all of your nurture paths in this automaton which I just don’t think it’s realistic. You could do it, it will be more painful to update and upkeep this [00:48:00] large automation than it would be somebody who unsubscribes from another automation.

With that being said this should be taken into account when you are sending transactional emails via ActiveCampaign. That’s really the biggest issue with this type of approach, because if you are not clean with your marketing maybe you are sending your customers marketing material still and they opt out of that marketing material and when they opt out they are going to also opt [00:48:30] out the list for receiving customer communication. Which is a reason why we went through this strategy unsubscribe.

This strategy a couple Office Hours ago which is in the archives I’ll get that link for you all in fact so you know where the archives are, these are [00:49:00] where all of the replays reside, we put it in the check office hours replays okay. In there I showed everybody how and why to use this as the unsubscribe page. If they do accidentally unsubscribe or not accidentally, if they unsubscribe within an automaton you at least have a way to say, “Hey I would like to continue to receive customer only communication.” In that [00:49:30] Office Hours I’ll also show you how to pre-populate these fields so that they don’t to fill them out again. All they have to do is check a box and then they are back in your account with their updated preferences.

Like they will come to this page and it will look like this and they you know unsubscribe and you say, “But wait what kind would you like to still receive?” They say, “Oh I do want customer only communication I just didn’t want these two.” Then they hit update then they are back [00:50:00] on your list with this box checked and it’s on you of course to only send them customer communication. Yeah let me know if that answers your question Aslan, but yeah really good questions today everybody. Really good questions.

I’m going to close some of these tabs here all right great [00:50:30] looks like I got everybody’s new one all right thanks for your clip we’ll make sure to watch, okay perfect. Aslan you know what just let me see if I can make it a little easier for you. I should use the link that I just posted yeah there we go. It was around March how to handle unsubscribes it starts here, yeah starts [00:51:00] with this one. That’s the one I will start with this is when we were using forms and then the one after this is the one where I show you how to do the custom fields. They are really good and yeah like I said you’ll get a lot out of that. Essentially what I told you is like the summary of what I go over in there, so we’ve got some great content and it’s only because of you all. You are all ask the great question.

Is there a [00:51:30] video [inaudible 00:51:30] by topic for ActiveCampaign aside from the Office Hours? Jamila you will be happy to know let me see if it’s been updated I will be angry if it’s not. Damn it’s not updated yet, this is one which will be updated this link I am any day now this will be updated. I remade all of these videos so that, and it’s a walkthrough of the entire [00:52:00] application and they are categorized like you said. We just started our video production team internal to ActiveCampaign everybody so you will be seeing a video from me soon as well as more video content and more that’s easily searchable and findable Jamila.

Soon and very soon it is coming but keep an eye out on this page I’ll let you all know when this is live because the videos I did are very clear, [00:52:30] I walk through every asset and it’s all categorized. Like when you go to tags they are all like these two, so you can skip to wherever you want to, you can start back to wherever you want to. I’m showing the application and I’m making it very easy to follow and understand.

Yes all right I have an eleven o’clock meeting today everybody so I’m going to end a little earlier than [00:53:00] we normally do. For everybody okay great thank you Lorraine send me that email we’ll continue via email. If you all have a question for me personally that you didn’t get to ask don’t hesitate to do this. this is my email address everybody, so for the time being I answer all of my emails. [00:53:30] We are growing very rapidly and so is the team, so I will let you know when that changes. For right now please utilize me as a resource I am here to help you in your journey. You are very welcome Jamila, you are welcome Katrina you are welcome everybody. I want you all to have a great week I hope this session help kind of kick start your Tuesday and I do this twice a week so I’m back on Friday at 1 p.m. Central. [00:54:00] If you all want to come back and join me Jamila I love to keep up to date with your process in migrating and Aslan I’d love to hear more about what you are doing as well. Everybody else come back you are all know.

Anyways thank you again so much you are welcome Aslan as well and I hope to you see you all on Friday if not hopefully via email and if not I’ll just assume all is well and you are off running your business which is the exact [00:54:30] thing that we anticipate. See you all later take care and I will catch you on Friday.