Office Hours – June 20, 2017

Recording of Office Hours hosted by Chris Davis on June 20, 2017.


Chris Davis: Alright great. We’re ready to go. Yes you’re very welcome Michelle. Brandon, let me say. Yeah so this is the same. Alright great. This is the question that I received via email. Here let me read this off everybody let me put in so the people who are not here can see when they’re watching the replay. This is why I put the questions [00:00:30] up on the screen and I realize I have to share my entire screen for you all to see this. Desktop share. Okay.

Little rough with using one screen everybody. I realize I’m spoiled with two but we will make it through. Alright [Brendalynn 00:00:52] wants to have a survey. What she’s doing is we have created [00:01:00] a survey where we want our email respondents to answer the questions so we can segment the list. Then we want to take those responses and add tags based on them. Extra credit, anybody who’s been on any of these office hours if you know where I’m going with this. Just to give some context if you are all still trying to wrap your head around it. This is a very effective strategy to use when segmenting your list.

A lot of people think that [00:01:30] you’re only restricted to like link clicks and form submissions. If you have an interactive questionnaire, quiz, survey where you can ask multiple questions and then tag people on the responses to all of those questions it puts you miles ahead of the competition as far as communicating in personal way to your audience because you know more information about them. Plus, data is [00:02:00] showing that people are engaging with quizzes and surveys at a higher rate now than before. Not quite as high as just asking for email. For the amount of information you get in return, whatever trade off I feel is very worth it. How do we do that? Brendalynn, I would like to give you I’m going to post this in the chat.

I did a webinar with Thrive Themes I recommend Thrive quiz builder if you’ve heard of [00:02:30] it. Let me show you. Oh my goodness, all of these windows are in the way now with one screen. Thrive quiz builder. This will be for basic questions right? I have a training in here actually, that’s the link that I put here on how to tag per answer. [00:03:00] I’m trying to think, one of the things to take into account is that it integrates at a list level. Oh here we go. Brendalynn says the problem with quiz builder is that they don’t allow open ended answers. I purchased it without knowing that. Okay so open ended answers meaning like text input? Like they could input an entire text box. Okay. Are you tagging on the text input? [00:03:30] Because that open answer would be pretty tough to tag on. You just want to collect that information but tag on kind of like the yes or no questions, right? Okay alright. You’re tagging on the questions that they’re asking but you also want open ended questions, right? Yeah. Got it. Alright perfect.

I will reverse. Hit reverse, erase. Close that. I [00:04:00] recommend this. Alright so WordPress plug in, assuming you’re running WordPress. This is exactly what I would use for that. Gravity Forms, you get started for 39 however the plan that you want is going to be the business license because it comes with the basic and advanced [00:04:30] add ons. You want the advanced add ons. Oh wait a minute, it looks like they’ve changed their pricing. I haven’t done this in a while. Where is ActiveCampaign? ActiveCampaign is available in business so you’ll want the business. The business version of Gravity Forms. What this will allow you to do, check this out everybody, if you’re looking for more dynamic forms to capture information in ActiveCampaign this [00:05:00] is one of the most highly used plug ins to do so if you’re running WordPress. If you’re not running WordPress let me know and I have a solution for you as well.

With this one you can create all of your questions Brendalynn. You can create all your questions in tag based on their answer. You can also have your open ended form as well, I mean your open ended questions. Okay? All of that data you can choose to sync with a custom [00:05:30] field in ActiveCampaign. If you want to send it over to ActiveCampaign but if you don’t, you don’t have to. I know a lot of people when they use quiz or more advanced intake forms what they’ll do is some of the data they will pass to ActiveCampaign like the actionable data but then some of the other data that they just kinda need to understand or basic information they’ll just keep that in the form builder platform itself.

This is what I would recommend. It would do everything [00:06:00] that you need to do and it’ll take it a step further though, Brendalynn. Check this out. You’ll be ale to conditionally display questions as well. It’s one thing is to be able to ask questions like hey what’s your biggest challenge? This, this, and that. Now based on their answer you can display show a field or hide a field based on their answer as well. Then like I said, you can tag on every response in the open ended one, which really what makes [00:06:30] this but you can. Another benefit is you don’t have to have the custom fields created in ActiveCampaign. A lot of the form builders, in fact Dawn, I’m going to show you, you’re not running WordPress. I’m going to show you the form builder if you’re not running WordPress. A lot of the form builders need the custom fields to be created in ActiveCampaign so that when you sync your mapping them. That’s not the case in Gravity Forms. If the custom field is not created and you want to [00:07:00] send that data over to ActiveCampaign it’ll automatically create the custom field for you. It’s a super easy integration to use and very powerful. This is my recommendation.

Let me know if that answers your questions Brendalynn, if that makes sense to you. Okay so Google forms has that capability, the conditional logic. Yep. Could that work or not? If you’re using Google forms you could [00:07:30] use it. You’ll have to use Zapier. If you use Google forms you’ll need to use Zapier. I tend … Zapier has been plus or minus. It’s hit or miss for me with Google forms. I’ve had some really good success with it and sometimes I want to choke it. I don’t think it’s Google forms, I think it’s more so Zapier than anything. Those are your two options. I’m not tagged based on a response though [00:08:00] with Zapier. I think you can tag based on a submission but I don’t think you can tag based on a response from a Google form in Zapier. If you want to tag per question you’re more than likely going to have to use Gravity Forms. I know it works in Gravity Forms. I have not used Google forms to try it

Another reason why I don’t like … I shouldn’t say don’t like Google forms, why I haven’t used it in the past traditionally is because I can’t control the thank you page either. After they’re done I can’t control [00:08:30] that results page. I’m stuck with the standard Google page. If you’re already going with … Alright I’ll use Gravity Forms they’re trained show me how to tag the results. I don’t have a training. I can probably send you. How about this? I’ll follow up with you via email. I’ll find a nice video for you that walks you through that process so you’re not out [00:09:00] there lost trying to figure it all out by yourself.

I think the major difference for you is Google forms will apply one tag for the whole form whereas Gravity Forms is going to let you apply more tags for each question. Yeah I’ll follow up with you via email. If we have some extra time. Well see I don’t have the Gravity Forms plugin. That’s the thing, I don’t have it installed on [00:09:30] this computer. If I had it I most definitely would. Everybody in office hours, I do that, we’ll jump into the application show you how to configure it and everything but this WordPress plugin we don’t have installed in the ActiveCampaign WordPress sites.

Alright last question on this topic is, is it possible for me to send out this survey without having them re-enter their email? Absolutely. Absolutely. In Gravity Forms you can pre populate fields, remember if you’re sending out an email [00:10:00] the only thing you need to do is make sure you’re adding the personalization tag on the link click. Okay? You send out an email and perhaps like click here, we’ll go here, we’ll say http [inaudible 00:10:23].com/survey. [00:10:30] You’ll want to add email equals percentage email percentage. Okay? I’m going to put that in chat for you. This is an example link, this is not a real link everybody. Please do not click it. You see that question mark? Email equals percent email percent. All caps, make sure it’s all caps. What that will do is when they click a link from an email it will place that [00:11:00] email address in the URL and then Gravity Forms will grab it. Grab it from the URL and populate the field so that you don’t even have to, so that they don’t have to fill in the email address again.

You can do it with Gravity Forms using multiple steps as well, but that’s advanced. Forget I said that. I don’t want to make things more complicated. Yes, you send an email, they click the link. As long as you have emails equals percent email percent. It will put their [00:11:30] email address in the URL, Gravity Forms will be able to grab it from the URL, populate the fields so they don’t have to enter it again. It’s not limited to email, you can send anything. Even if you want to send the first name you can do that as well. To find all of those merge fields or personalization tags you go to forms, magnae fields and then here they are. You see email. If you want to use first name you can do that [00:12:00] as well. Use first name so then the first name and the email be populated and they can just start answering questions. Yes. You’re very welcome.

For you Dawn. Dawn by the way, I did get your emails. I’m swamped in emails right now so I’m not ignoring you. I will respond. I’ve got a couple speaking engagements coming up in June so I’ve been getting all of that together. A couple presentations but for you Dawn you say you’re not running WordPress [00:12:30] so I would recommend … Oh what is this? I would recommend JotForm. See this? Easy to use online form builder. It has the same functionality of … Thank you Dawn. It has the same functionality of Gravity Forms for WordPress. It’s not specific to WordPress. [00:13:00] When you get a form it’ll be just like ActiveCampaign in fact where it gives you the sample embed code and you can place it on any site, any page on your site. When they submit you can have conditional fields, display, hide, xyz. The thing is like Gravity Forms has a native integration with ActiveCampaign to send the data from JotForm over … Here let me put this in the chat. To send the data from JotForm over to ActiveCampaign you’ll need to use Zapier. [00:13:30] That is a requirement you have to use Zapier. This is another online form builder if you’re not using WordPress that I can vouch for. I’ve used with great success.

Alright. Bill. Hey Bill. I believe you emailed me too. I did see yours so I’m glad you asked here so I don’t have to into my email because we found last week I don’t want to put that up, people’s information. [00:14:00] Here let me put this here we go. Alright here. Alright. Bill this is a great question partly because you’re using some of the technology I like to use. Will you be going into landing pages today? I have Gravity Forms but used Beaver Builder to build this form but I cannot change the field from name to first name. Let’s check you out Bill. We’re at Alright. [00:14:30] Now this … What is this? Is this an ActiveCampaign form or what is this? I don’t know what this. Oh this is Beaver Builder’s built in … You’re very welcome Dawn. This Beaver Builder’s built in module right where it’s the subscription. It’s a template from Beaver, yeah.

Here’s what I would do. If you want to change … Because right now [00:15:00] you’re using that module that subscription form module in Beaver Builder. I recognize this because I use Beaver Builder as well. Here’s what I would do, here’s what will make your life 10 times easier right now Bill. Check this out, go to your forms and what I would recommend. Good, hey. Good combo. Beaver Builder with Genesis, that is a very [00:15:30] powerful combo in today’s internet here. I’m just going to create a new form. I’m going to call it Bill’s watch this, Bill’s Conrad oh just for giggles. Alright. Here we go. Here’s what I would do. I would get rid of this. It’s all going to make sense in a second Bill. Then go to [00:16:00] first name. What do you ask? Name, email address. Okay my bad. Oh nice pop up there.

Alright so I will go here and I will delete that, we don’t need it. Go in here and say first name. Okay. Go to the email and delete the header because we don’t need that. What do you have in your email? It just says email address, okay. That’s perfect. We’ll say [00:16:30] email address. Alright. Style of course take this off. Let me look, you’ve got this is a hollow like a transparent with a green border. You can do that here I think button background. Text is what yours text? It’s white so it’d be tough to see because you know we’re not on a white [00:17:00] background. Alright border. Look at that. We’ll give it a border and give it a … I’m free styling the color here Bill just for the sake of getting this finished for you. Let me change the text just because I’m not on a black background to that.  Then when you go to style I’d hit this layout. See that?

Now you have the form essentially displaying just like yours here right? [00:17:30] Instead of using the subscription module in Beaver Builder here’s what I recommend you do. Now you have the form displaying how you like. Make sure you go here and set up your redirect or your thank you message and click this gear and turn opt in confirmation on or off depending on how you’re doing it. Hit integrate. Grab this Bill. Grab this simple embed and when you go into Beaver Builder use the html [00:18:00] block instead of this one. Instead of this subscription form block. This will now be replaced with an html so this entire module. You see the subscription form it’ll then say module html or whatnot. Then you’ll place this code inside of that and it will look pretty much identical except now it’ll be the ActiveCampaign form and you can change [00:18:30] as you saw where it says name and email I can now go into ActiveCampaign and if you want to change it I can change it here. Your full name. Right?

You’ll have more control this way than using the built in Beaver module. I thought I took the pop off, it is drip. Yeah you know some of these plug ins take over. [00:19:00] They take over some of these marketing tools. You gotta keep them honest and it’s probably a script, maybe a plug in or a script in your header or footer of your website that’s still triggering that pop up. Check there, double check there and you should be fine. Alright. Yeah so actually … Thanks I’m not using drip, just testing it. Yep sometimes that’s all it takes unfortunately. Bill, [00:19:30] oh Bill thank you for asking this question because this method that I showed you all is the easiest way to get an ActiveCampaign form on a website if you’re using a page builder. Whether it’s a landing page builder or a page builder like Beaver Builder. By the way Bill good job on this, really clean, really simple straightforward. Depending on how you’re driving traffic to here this will be a very highly effective and performing page for you. [00:20:00] Way to keep it simple. It’s easy to over complicate so way to keep it simple.

Grabbing this embed code and then placing it in an html module in your page builder is one of the most effective ways. Here’s why everybody, listen to this. I want you to all know that often third party tools, even though they integrate with ActiveCampaign what happens when you submit your information the site tracking cookie [00:20:30] or the site tracking feature is not activated because the third party does not submit all everything that we need to activate site tracking. In order to get site tracking and site tracking is when someone is visiting your web pages it shows on their contact record. You may want to say if they visit my pricing page five times send them to this automation or if they visited my about me page and abandoned the cart send them this email. You can combine their behavior [00:21:00] on your site with automations and that is active immediately when they submit an ActiveCampaign form. A lot of people don’t know that if you’re using a third party tool and submitting the information via third party that site tracking very well is not going to be active until they click a link in an email. Whereas if you used a method that I just gave you that I showed Bill when they submit an ActiveCampaign form because you use the simple embedding, using html [00:21:30] box they’ll get the site tracking immediately.

I just wanted to make sure you all know that. It’s a free course and you can podcast it … Oh nice. It’s a free podcasting course. Great. That’s great Bill. Bill you know what, keep me updated with how this is performing for you. Yeah. I’m very interested in that. Alright so Michelle. Let me [00:22:00] Michelle I’m just copying and pasting. You’re very welcome Bill. Your question here if you all could see my desktop, my screen right now is ridiculous. Note to self, never use zoom without dual monitors. Alright how will embedding the AC form into the HTML module make it sill look display the [00:22:30] way Beaver Builder subscription does? Michelle, so you do that like you see this? How we have the white box in the green outline box? You do all that in ActiveCampaign. Right? I can if I wanted to really fine tune this and okay let’s do it. We’re making good time, it’s 10:28 plus I think this will be effective for a lot of you to see how to customize our forms to save you an extra step [00:23:00] with having to use outside software.

I’m going to actually take your color Bill. This is your border color and I’m going to use it. Don’t be alarmed, I’m not adjusting your website in any way. I’m just using this feature to grab your … Alright so now I have Bill’s color for green. He’s got this it’s kind of like I don’t know [00:23:30] maybe a light gray, very transparent background. I could do this. I could just take this background color and what you’ll do is you’ll use the CSS inspector and then right there see that? I can target that and go background, color and then do that. Just to make sure it grabs the value I’m going to say import it. [00:24:00] Look at that. See? See that? Now I can change this text to the white that we had it. If it was a black background, in fact let’s try it. Let me just see what happens. See look at that? In a black background it does look very much like his site. Right?

Oh okay. Michelle says, I know how to format the form with AC, I just [00:24:30] misunderstood what you were saying about embedding it instead. Yeah well by embedding it, it’s literally just saying use that ActiveCampaign form instead of the Beaver Builder module form. That’s if you want more control. If this is fine, if you’re fine with name and email address by all means use the Beaver Builder but just make sure you understand that when someone fills out the form they probably will not have site tracking active. Since we’re here let me just padding is [00:25:00] 10 by 20, which is let me just do this last thing. Padding. You see this? Padding, I can only do all around padding so I’ll just come back in here add to the requires a little knowledge of CSS to fix those 20 pixels. Important. There we go. That still doesn’t look as big. I think you have a width on yours actually. [00:25:30] Is there a width? How is your button so wide?

Anyways, I don’t want to get too deep into it but you’ll see that’s how you do it. I am going to take the background away and now when Bill goes to integrate and clicks on this, copy and paste it into his website it is going to be identical to this. You wouldn’t be able to tell a difference, honestly. It would look the exact same except Bill will be able to do what he wanted to do [00:26:00] and that’s change the name field. Alright? Alright. Let me … If I missed your question just ping me but I’m going through here. We just had site tracking installed. Where do I see results?

Okay Ron. Hey Ron. Welcome, Ron you’re on the webinar. Glad to see you engaging in taking me at my word and jumping on office hours. Hope all is well Ron. [00:26:30] Alright so we just had site tracking installed. Where do I see the results of user activities? There’s two places when you have site tracking activated there’s two places where you will see the activity. Well there’s yeah there’s two places. How do I want to explain? Let me show you the basics. If I go into my account and save and exit [00:27:00] and I go to contacts one of the places will be … What is my fake fail? This is my fake twin brother here. Phil and I believe this is it. You’ll be able to … Hopefully it shows. I don’t have site tracking. Anyways, if you had site tracking it would show right here on the contact record. You can go here and do site and event tracking [00:27:30] and it will show you all of the pages that they visited on the contact record.

Now that’s on an individual basis. If you wanted to see the activity of all your contacts specific to a page on your site you would then go to contacts and then right under the gear where it says search contacts you’ll click advanced search. From here you’ll go to site and event data. See that? Has visited. [00:28:00] Then URL, I always like to use contains. Very rarely have I seen where someone needs to use URL exact match. You have to be spot on with that so I like to use URL contains. Then you can do something like this. Your Okay? Now then if you hit search it will show you all of the contacts in your [00:28:30] database that have visited that web page ever. You can change ever and even have one time, two to five times, fifteen times and segment even further out. That’s how you would do it. That’s how you would do it in the two ways that you would do it in ActiveCampaign.

The reason why I paused is because this is our segment builder but our segment builder is not limited to just the [00:29:00] contact option. I say that because most the time if you’re using another platform you go one place to build out your segments or your custom lists. Then you use that throughout the application. Where in ActiveCampaign you can access the segment builder like in eight different places and build your segments on the fly and being very targeted on the fly. It’s one of our differentiated features and in fact, let me give you all this. This is hot off the press. [00:29:30] Kara just finished this using the segment builder. This details every place in ActiveCampaign that you can build your segments on the fly. Really powerful stuff and I recommend you giving that a browse through.

Okay Ryan says, do each of … Yeah Katrina is was well needed, right? We never outlined specifically where you can access the segment builder and now we have. [00:30:00] Ron says, do each of the people have to be registered on our website in order for a site tracking to work. Oh let me put that on. Let me put that up. That’s a great question. The answer is yes. How site tracking works, everybody, if you are not familiar … So many screens, oh my goodness. If you’re not familiar, site tracking what it will do is if the user is not in your database [00:30:30] we will track them anonymously. We hold all of that data, it’s in ActiveCampaign but you can’t see it because it’s an anonymous user. The minute they submit their email address using an ActiveCampaign form and or click a link in an email. Both of those event’s means that they exist in your database. The minute that happens we’re now going to tie all of that anonymous [00:31:00] data to the user. All’s not lost. We didn’t know who they were before but we didn’t throw it away. Now we know who they are, we’ll show you what they did in the past and track them going forward.

Yes that is how site tracking works and it does require that the contact is in your database. I may be able to find … Where is my site tracking? We had a site [00:31:30] tracking guide that will walk through it. We’re revamping, finally everybody here it is. Guide to site tracking. We’re revamping our learn site so it’s search friendly. I’m very excited about that and perhaps I wasn’t supposed to tell you all. I’m excited, you’re on office hours and I told anyway. It will be much easier, promise me, to find what you’re looking for and … Well since I’m letting the water flow here. We’re also [00:32:00] working on some video series for you all. We found that video is one of the top requested resources from you all and I am working … Oh I can’t say it. Dang it. Anyways, we’re working on video. How about that?

Yes the site will be a lot more search friendly and the videos will be very informative. How about that? Yeah. Listen everybody, I’m committed to helping you all as much as possible. You know get [00:32:30] your bearings. I’ve found that if you listen to my podcast. Here’s a podcast that I recommend you all listen to because his name is Curt Duplexis and he is making well over six figures. He’s making well over six figures. He does options trading and he has a membership site that teaches options trading. The reason why I want you all to listen to it is when you listen how he’s [00:33:00] using ActiveCampaign it’s going to free you. Here’s what I mean. How Curt is using, he’s using site tracking, tagging and like two other features. That’s it. Now as you know ActiveCampaign has a lot more features than that.

Let me tell you what the inexperienced user would say or the inexperienced teacher would say. Oh, Curt you need to use more features. We’ve got way more features than that. Right?  That’s what I would say [00:33:30] maybe in my earlier years. The experience in me understands that there is no way that you can nor should you hold yourself responsible for trying to use every feature in ActiveCampaign. That’s just a freedom statement. Maybe there’s some weight that you were carrying on your back that you had to figure out every aspect of ActiveCampaign through and through and until you knew it you can’t really market. That’s not true. You just need to know the features that best benefit you. That’s it.

Listen everybody, [00:34:00] keep marketing simple as possible. There is a lot that goes into marketing and if you start trying to use all features and all tools I’m telling you, you will be the master of zero dollars in your bank account and nobody wants that degree. Alright? If you do it this way and the only way to do it that way is to know without a shadow of a doubt what you’re trying to do. Once you know what you’re trying to execute you get [00:34:30] more value out of office hours because you can ask a pointed question and get my advice is different than support or our one on one’s. That’s intentionality. Our support and one on one’s they’re specific to guide you, to show you how to do a particular thing in ActiveCampaign. Well I should say our support tickets. You have something that you want to know how to do in ActiveCampaign here’s how you do it, click here, click here. Right?

Our one on ones are going to allow you to prove a bit [00:35:00] more strategy like okay, here’s my business, here’s what I’m trying to do. That’s why we want everybody to go to a one on one. Alright? Now office hours, I have free rein because I can give you some marketing advice and listen to your questions on how to do specific things in ActiveCampaign. There’s three layers. There’s multiple layers in ActiveCampaign so that you can learn at whatever pace that you like to. When you’re very clear at what you’re trying to do and [00:35:30] you know hey, I just need this. Like Brendalynn I feel like you were very clear with how you wanted to tag the answers, the long form submissions and all of the functionality that you needed. That now puts somebody like myself in a better position to help you all. I have a wider breadth of knowledge of all of the tools out here because I will admit my hand is raised. I once a tool hoarder so I paid thousands of dollars on all of these tools. All of these [00:36:00] tools and then I’m a geek so I like to just kind of play with them and figure them out.

That’s the value of office hours. That’s where I like to really really, I really enjoy helping you all in this magnitude. Anyway, that was a long winded answer. I’m sorry, for saying, you don’t need to master every aspect of ActiveCampaign. Get in here, get familiar with the features that best benefit your business and use those to the max. [00:36:30] Use them to the max. Like I said, Curt is using like three features and he’s got a six figure business. Plus I’m not telling his business, he admits it on or he explains it all on this podcast. Did I get the podcast in there? Yeah I put the podcast in there. Alright.

The hashtag amen. Thank you. Alright. Come on my podcast. Bill, I’m going to check you out and I would love to. As you continue to use ActiveCampaign [00:37:00] I would like you to come on my podcast as well. In fact, any of you on this call right now at this very minute if you would like to appear on the ActiveCampaign podcast please, please fill out that form and get scheduled. I’d like to give your business some highlight. If there’s a particular question that you want me to ask because you want to expose a specific part of your business I would love … Yes, I would love [00:37:30] to have you on. How about that? It’s really good for just giving people exposure to not only your business but how people are using the platform. How other users are using the platform.

Bill, I’m going to send you the link directly to. Sent the link to you Bill. Ron says, [inaudible 00:37:54] what? Dawn asked, Dawn hey I’m going to email [00:38:00] you. I did get your email. I will be emailing you. Alright, I don’t think I missed any questions but keep them coming. Also, everybody listening there is no smart or dumb question. I know we hear that all the time. In school the teacher is like hey raise your hand and then the second you raise your hand and ask a question you feel your peers judging you. They’re like oh my gosh why didn’t she just turn to page five? Right? This is not that, I promise you. There [00:38:30] is no judgment on office hours. In fact, sometimes the most basic question ends up exposing like the biggest ah has. I can’t tell you how many times somebody has asked something as simple as hey, how do I delete a contact? Then from that simple question we’ve gone to like other strategies and other areas of the application. I say that not as a cliché, I say that literally that there is no dumb or smart [00:39:00] question.

Then sometimes people will come on and think they have a PHD-esque question. Say, I have been using ActiveCampaign for 10 years and in my automation I want this this and that to happen but then it’s this this and that. They explain it and that answer is simple like oh, just use [inaudible 00:39:14]. Right? It’s a wide spectrum and no judgment throughout the entire spectrum. Alright. Bill I’m going to put this … He said I had a problem with delivering my email yesterday. The text worked but the html did not unless I put a five [00:39:30] minute delay. I’m not sure, I’m not sure on that one Bill. With emails going out I would definitely submit a ticket for it because you always want to make sure that there’s not something wrong with your specific account because this is software so sometimes we do have errors. I would be if you had a problem with an email going out and the text worked [00:40:00] but the html did not unless I put a five minute delay. Yeah that sounds like a bug. I hate to say the word bug because it’s so broad, right? Some stuff is intended behavior but that definitely sounds like it’s unintended behavior Bill. I would definitely recommend putting the support ticket. Will do once you start. Okay yeah place a support ticket and let me know. Keep me in the loop.

Sometimes it could be how your automation is configured but the first line is just to ensure that there’s nothing [00:40:30] error prone that we see on our side and support can help you identify that. Alright Dawn, just to clarify … Okay here we go. Let me … People need to see this one too. Let me put it up here. Let me see here. Sorry just give me a second to make it big for you all. The plan [00:41:00] you’ve kind of gone through is using a landing page and a form building in AC. Benefits to using just an AC form. Yeah yeah oh great question. Great question.

The reason why … Now you could. Okay here’s why. Here’s why you use a landing page. One word conversion. If you want your conversions to be as high as possible I always recommend [00:41:30] using a landing page platform or a page builder. By page builder it could be Wix, it could be Square Space, it could be Beaver Builder as we saw.  [inaudible 00:41:42] is another WordPress. It could be anything that allows you to build a page. The key is this, a landing page is going to increase your conversion rate bearing that you understand or that you’re using a template that’s optimized for it. The whole purpose of a landing page [00:42:00] is to provide more clear communication and messaging to your audience specific to a single offer. In ActiveCampaign and I won’t say ActiveCampaign, pretty much in any platform that you use, even if they have a built in landing page builder it’s always going to be limited in some sense of the type of layout you can create.

Like right here what if I wanted to add a picture to the left [00:42:30] of subscribe for email in the description? I can’t do that. In ActiveCampaign everything is one vertical form. It’s just one row so if I go to standard and add image … You see that? It’s not like I can add an image to the side next to anything. It can just be on top of. Yeah I can put my logo up here. For many people honestly that’s all they need and that’s why we provide this means. In fact, Mail Chip users are notorious for using [00:43:00] one column pages like this with the Mail Chip logo on the bottom. Drives me crazy at times but hey it works for some people. Me personally, just having the amount of experience online and converting I would always recommend somebody to use a landing page because it’s just going to convert higher given that you’re using a template that is conducive to that.

Hey Barbara. Let me know if that helps. [00:43:30] I just want to make sure I’m answering your question to the fullest. Barbara, I’m going to read this one because Barbra asked it in the Q & A. I can’t for whatever reason, Zoom doesn’t let me … It does help, thanks Dawn. Zoom doesn’t let me copy and paste from there so I’m going to read it out loud here. I’m new to ActiveCampaign, haven’t used a tech company to create initial sales funnel from lead page. Yep. I want to learn more about using the software program and understanding it’s benefit. Can you [00:44:00] please outline the referred steps for familiarizing myself with the software? Absolutely. Barbara I am going to send you two links. One is what did I just say I was going to do everybody? Okay yes, sorry. Lost my train of thought. One is training. To get started I always recommend going to the training [00:44:30] site and here’s why, one you can schedule a one on one. I would wait though. I would wait to schedule your one on one until you’ve done this. Okay? Getting started with ActiveCampaign every Tuesday and Thursday. That’s going to give you an overview of the entire platform like where everything is at. Here’s your settings.

It will give you your bearings so you at least feel comfortable with accessing your contacts and where knowing where to go build forms and custom fields [00:45:00] and all that. Then so let me put that in so I sent that to you in the chat Barbra. Here’s another one I would personally love you to go. After you’ve done that come here to the webinar I’m running. It’s June 29th, three steps and I go over how to get your first automation up and running. That’s another one to register for and [00:45:30] between all of those resources and continuing coming to ActiveCampaign, I mean office hours, you’ll be far ahead of most users who don’t participate in all of these resources. As you continue to get more and more familiar don’t forget the learn site. This is a … I’m sending them all to you in text in the Q & A Barbara.

The learn site is where at [00:46:00] your leisure, maybe you’ve got some time waiting between an appointment or what not. You can learn all of the features and how to learn them at a very 101 level. We don’t go over your head with advanced strategies and topics. You will not get lost in the education center. Those are some resources for you. Alright oh we’ve got some more questions. Alright. Get us a good one. Ron I’m going to put this up on the screen. [00:46:30] Oh okay. Hey Barbra, you’re in the chat. Yes I can see you’re [inaudible 00:46:35] good to attend these sessions for specific. Yeah and if there’s a specific thing that you’re lost about Barbra, feel free to ask. Even if it’s just how do I import a contact, right? This is it. This is for you so use the time for that. Let me post this question.

I’m feeling really good about today’s session everybody. [00:47:00] With your permission I may go like five minutes over if that’s okay with you all. I want to respect your time. I said we’ll be done at 11. You all are business owners, I understand so I don’t want to disrespect your time but we may go a little bit over if you like. Chris, I’m trying to decide when to import most of my contacts into AC as I don’t have all the campaigns and stuff set up like. Right I don’t want to run up my contact count. Is there a way to import but not include on count if not ready to begin marketing? [00:47:30] Yes.

Ron this is a great question. This is what I would recommend. When you’re importing leads into ActiveCampaign I would only import active leads. Now I know that’s big ask depending on which platform you’re coming from. Some platforms do not do a good job with letting you know who’s engaged and who’s not. Therefore, you may have to create segments in [00:48:00] your platform and look back and say in the last 90 days who has opened and clicked an email? That would be the contact database I would start with. In fact, 90 days is a bit generous depending on how often you’re sending. If you’re sending weekly communication I would say 30 days. Definitely no longer than 60. I’m saying this is my first batch of contacts I would import into ActiveCampaign.  Now that’s depending on your list size. If we’re talking about [00:48:30] a list under 2,500 contacts I wouldn’t worry about it. I would import that list I mean the difference in what you will pay between like 2,500 contacts, 1,000 contacts and 500 contacts maybe 10 bucks. Right?

To me $10 is not worth … I’m not saying you’re obsessing over it Ron. I’m just speaking in general. It’s not worth obsessing over more than getting started. Getting these [00:49:00] contacts in. Then you know last week we went through our engagement frequency email automation. You can also when you import these leads I recommended last week remember, last week [inaudible 00:49:14] I just had to make a few edits. To run this engagement automation because it will tag the people who are active and who are not and then you can make a decision whether you want to delete them from your database or not.

I give you a quick number. I run this frequently [00:49:30] and I check the people who have not engaged and I delete every month at least 50 people. Now granted, I don’t care about deleting people. I’m not one of those people that are like hey don’t ever delete them, they may come back. If they come back, they’ll opt in again. Right? I’m always marketing something so they’ll opt in again and so are you. You always have an offer so they’ll opt in again. Who wants to spend money on dead leads? You can identify those dead leads. I think I have [00:50:00] it … I can’t remember what I called it. I don’t remember what I called it. Yeah Michelle knows. Oh wait a minute [inaudible 00:50:12] okay I’m sorry Michelle that’s a different question.

Yeah so I would import all of your leads if it’s under 2,500 don’t worry about it. If not if you’re still like Chris no that’s crazy I watch every single dollar I want to make sure that I maximize it. I figure look at your existing platform, export [00:50:30] the most engaged date segment. Import them into ActiveCampaign. The reason why you want your most engaged segment up front is because sending to them is going to increase their chances of opening and clicking emails and remember this is not specific to ActiveCampaign, whenever you migrate to another tool this is why I don’t propose migrations from one tool to the next.

Don’t get caught up with this online space with people saying, hey I’m leaving so and so to go to so and so. It’s harder [00:51:00] than you think because every time you start with a new platform whether it’s Mail Chimp, ActiveCampaign, whatever it may be. You start from zero. Your sending score starts from zero and you have to build that up by showing your provider I am sending emails that people open and click and that only takes time. Now don’t be persuaded by people who just say I just transition from Mail Chimp to ActiveCampaign and my open rate dropped. Well why do you think your open rate dropped? Because we don’t know who you are. We don’t know your database [00:51:30] that you imported. We don’t know your relationship with them so it’s going to take some time for you to build that relationship up. The good thing is in ActiveCampaign we reward you for responsible sending. If you import your most engaged contacts and send to them that’s going to be a quick note to ActiveCampaign that says hey look, look at this. People open my emails and they click.

Now when you import the rest of your list you have a higher probability of them getting the email from a deliverability [00:52:00] standpoint. Alright. Michelle. Michelle’s going to open a can of worms everybody. She’s asked, I believe you’re asking one of my favorite questions. We’ll see. We’ll see what this question is. I just briefly looked at it but it has the potential to be one of my favorite. What’s your opinion of double opt in versus single? Yes that is my favorite question. For opt ins at least I definitely want to use double opt in. However, one of my clients who [00:52:30] app I manage there’s a lot of speaking and offers a gift when people give their business card. Then they get an email with a gift and they’re entered into a follow up sequence and subscribed to his newsletter. I am a big proponent of engagement tagging. When I say engagement tagging I’m not against double opt in and I’m not for single. The reason why traditionally I’ve been against double opt in is because I hate [00:53:00] that first email that goes out, you can’t customize it. Right? Well that’s not the case in ActiveCampaign. I don’t know if you all knew but you can customize every aspect of the double opt in email sent in ActiveCampaign, which leads me closer to using double opt in, what I recommend people do starting out.  

However it is limited to forms. Right? If I go here, you see this opt in email? If I go to edit watch this. [00:53:30] You see this? I’ve edited this email. This looks nothing like the standard email because I’ve added all of my terminology and this link is the only important thing with the link click is it’s gotta have this personalization tag, percent confirm link percentage. What happens is when someone clicks that link they’re confirmed and they’re taken to a URL of your choice. Look at this, I’ve combined [00:54:00] the double opt in with my lead magnet delivery. I combined two steps in one so not only when they click here do they get the resource but they’re also confirming their email address. That’s the only way that I would ever use a platform standard double opt in. Hence, why I would use ActiveCampaign.

Now that’s my safe answer. The reason why I don’t recommend single opt in for a lot of people is because they don’t monitor the engagement of their leads, Michelle. They’ll use [00:54:30] single opt in but when you use single opt in now you’re opening yourself up to spam, emails, people misspelling their email address, using the wrong email address. You see what I’m saying? You expose yourself to that. That is very deceiving because your list size will go up quickly and you can hey I’ve got 1,000 people on my list. Really maybe only 150 of them are real or engaging with your emails. I’m not afraid of that number, that small number so I would [00:55:00] rather track engagement up front so I have a strategy. I call it the single double. I have a strategy that uses ActiveCampaign to tag people who have engaged.

Now that way I can tag them no matter what source they come into. I’m not limited to just forms. If they came in through the API or text or some other landing page platform I have a strategy where until they open an email or click a link I don’t send them any follow up messaging [00:55:30] because I don’t know if you’re real, A and two I don’t know if you’re serious because the psychology is like this, if someone opts in the moment they opt in and provide their information that is your highest probability that they’re going to take the next action. Think of it as contact decay. The moment they opt in they’re at the top of the decay curve. As time goes on their probability to take action drops. For some people it’s linear, some people it’s exponential.  [00:56:00] Day one, they may have a 86% chance of taking action on the next step. My day five it may drop all the way down to 10%. Okay.

I need to engage as early as possible. Now if someone opts in, downloads my thing that means they’re engaged. I’ve got a better chance with them, I’d rather focus on them than someone who opted in and didn’t do anything. You have to have a way to identify. I use automations in ActiveCampaign to do that. The answer to double opt in versus single [00:56:30] opt in I use a strategy that’s right in the middle. It leverages the power of the flexibility of single opt in but gives you the power of double top in by manually taking control of that whole engagement process using automations. For beginners, for people who are beginner to intermediate I absolutely recommend doing exactly what you see on my screen. Setting up double opt in and customizing the email to deliver the lead magnet and opt them in at the same time.

As you see here [00:57:00] I have the text. I’m very clear. I’m not trying to trick anybody. It says you know when you do you will be providing me permission to send you updates and ongoing communication. That’s important because remember I’m not trying to trick you. I just want to be very clear like hey this is what I’m giving. Do you really want it? That’s what marketing is. Don’t … Remember everybody, if you’re still on. I know I’m going a little long but I feel like you all are responsive to this remember, it’s not about the quantity. [00:57:30] I know we hear this all the time. Quality over quantity. You know but seriously, in marketing every savvy marketer that I know, and by savvy I mean the millionaire marketers of the world that are running a reputable business would rather have 1,000 engaged leads than a million leads. Like that stuff looks good, you can make a Facebook ad about it, throw it on your landing page, it looks good. But the reality is most of the time if you’ve got [00:58:00] a huge database … I mean, I’ve seen databases for retail stores that’s got like 25 million contacts. Guess what their engagement rate is? The stores will remain nameless, the retail stores, 3%. Do you know what 3% of 25 million is? 10% is 2.5 million. Right? 1% is 250,000.

Out of … Times that by three. That’s 750,000. Out of 25 million people 750, [00:58:30] 000 are engaging. They’re paying like for 20 million contacts, over 20 million contacts that aren’t doing anything. I just wouldn’t pay that much. That’s crazy. That’s like flushing money down the toilet. I would never do it. I want to send … I want the only people who has a seat in my contact database to be an engaged lead. If we’re talking about email. Now we do have a CRM [00:59:00] so that changes things. Somebody can exist in your database and just be a phone number that you call. At that point we’re not really tracking engagement because our sales cycle is a little different. Generally speaking I don’t care about numbers, I care about engagement. Engagement over numbers. I feel like that could be a t-shirt that I would wear and only you all would get it.

Anyway. I’m going to keep going. You guys got me going til 11:15 we’ll see. Let me see. [00:59:30] Oh Brandon says sorry I had to tune off for a second. How do we turn off the double opt in? That is done here. If you want to turn off the double opt in this is you go to your form, the double opt in exists on the form level, a lot of people look for it at the list level, it’s at the form level. You click on options and when you have a form actually subscribed to lists click this gear box. You see the opt in confirmation. Just select off and that’ll turn it off. Hit off and [01:00:00] hit save. Alright.

Michelle, you mentioned your webinar on 619. How do we hear about upcoming live webinars so we don’t miss them? Wow great question Michelle. Great question. Michelle has stumped me for the day. Michelle, I am taking this and I will have an answer for you within couple days honestly because [01:00:30] there is no reason why we should not have a means of you being able to be updated with all the events. Ball has been dropped. Thank you for identifying it and pointing it out. I will pick it up. Thank you Michelle. For now just check the training site, until I get something else in place for the webinars. Alright.

Dawn, I tried the engagement pipe line you suggested last week. I’m getting duplicate notification [01:01:00] and deals for each person that opens an email and sometimes for a notification as they also visit the website. Yep. I know exactly what’s going on already but I would need to look and see your automations Dawn. What’s happening is whatever start trigger that you have for entering the reengage … I’m not saying I didn’t create it. I could have created it too. It could be the version that I showed you how to set up. I didn’t test it. This is why I like to test everything. I should put an asterisk by anything I build on office hours. [01:01:30] It means that the send notification is happening every time someone enters the automation. We only want it to happen one time. Whether you send the notification or create the deal that needs to be a separate automation that happens one time and then the engagement automation that happens multiple times. I’ve seen that before. I need to see your exact automation to give you real pointed advice but I’m pretty sure that’s it.

If I create … You know what? I’m just going to read these all since we’re in overtime. [01:02:00] Brandon said that’s so good, I need to fix this. My list is growing too fast. Brandon let me tell you, last week’s office hours, I’ll send it to you I’ve got your email. Last weeks office hours goes over I recommend setting this engagement frequency automation up immediately. Like right after you setup your account. In fact, Ron, we’re talking about importing. I would set that engagement frequency automation up before importing. I really would, because once [01:02:30] that’s up and running you’ll have a zero start point from every lead that enters your contact database. Whether they’ve engaged for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. You can track it automatically. In fact, Dawn I did try this out. I did this. I was so convinced on my own office hours I did it in my account. It’s working, it’s working really well so yeah. It’s something in the automations that are set to run multiple times that should be set to run once.

Back to [01:03:00] my statement, I’m kind of bouncing around here. I forgot what I was saying. Anyways, Ron if I create a simple text email but decide I want some html features how do I get the edit bar to appear at the top of email? Simple text. I would get … I think I understand what you’re saying but I would always start out with our html email. I wouldn’t try to do both, like edit both. [01:03:30] This one, you’re either going to have a text email or a html email. The minute you put html features in a text email it becomes an html email. If that’s the case you might as well start with the html email so that it’s easier to use the drag and drop builder. Most people who use text email … Everybody, if you didn’t know, text emails happen to get higher deliverability here’s why because for instance when I used to work at Lockheed Martin they used to filter out all emails, [01:04:00] their server, it was a government company. Their server filtered out any email that had an image because images can have malicious code attached to them, pixels. They filtered out any email with images or html.

Instead what you would do is in order to get to those type of emails you have to create a plain text version. The plain text version will come through. That’s the reason why plain text you may see higher deliverability [01:04:30] with plain text version emails. It’s depending on who you’re sending to. If you’re doing a lot of B to B marketing that’s something that you may want to venture down and test that. It’s not … If you ever hear somebody say plain text emails outperform html, that’s a lie, that’s a lie. The only reason that they would ever outperform is based on the email client that your users are using to read. Most of us are not marketing to people behind a firewall like that and if you are like I said send a [01:05:00] plain text email and see, see the open rates. It’s not because your ESPs are treating one different than the other, it’s because of the client.

Ron would you share the URL to office hours archived recordings? Absolutely Ron. It is … What is that? Let me get it to you. I’m going to post this right in the chat everybody. There we go. [01:05:30] It’s right in the chat for you all. Alright and is it by default double opt in? Brendalynn, yes all forms by default have that on. If you don’t want it to be on, turn it off in one form and just remind yourself now that you know where it’s at to turn it off for the other forms. Yep. I need to watch this webinar again, good stuff. Thank you Bill and Bill I’ll be looking out for you man, I’m very interested. A, I’m going to check out your podcast and B, I would love [01:06:00] to hear how your landing page is performing.

Chris, what mic are you using? You sound great. Let me see. It is called … By the way, thank you Bill. Blue Yeti. Blue Yeti I believe. I’ve got it’s the Blue Yeti and here’s what I have on it. I’ll tell you a secret, well it’s a secret but not really. It’s all about the room. If you have a room with [01:06:30] great insulation and everything your mic you get a whole lot … This is exactly it right here. Look at that. I’ve got this blue pop filter on mic. I don’t know what you call this. I don’t know. The blue sound filter. Whatever. This is exactly it. It’s platinum and I have this little blue thing on it so you can get a black one, they’ve got a red one. This is my setup. This is the microphone right here. Amazon remembered what I ordered. [01:07:00] Look at this person just poking it. It is soft. Yes, that’s what I’m using. Sorry. Okay.

Alright. Everybody. Thank you. Oh man. I tell you what I could keep going but I know my limitations and like I said I want to respect your time. This replay will be up later today since I don’t have to do any editing to it. Use that link to access it. Thank you all so much for your attentiveness [01:07:30] and hanging in there with me today. We covered a lot, we covered a lot. I enjoyed every minute of it. Yes thank you. Thank you Ron. Thank you Dawn. I will continue to put my best foot forward for all of you to make sure that you get everything that you need. Yes Brendalynn I will email you as well.

We do it all over again on Friday if you’re available Friday at 1 pm central is [01:08:00] the next scheduled office hours. Remember this happens twice a week, believe it or not twice a week, Tuesday at 10 am and Friday at 1 pm. It’s me 95% of the time. Every now and then I have someone sit in but I will be here Friday. Yes. I’ll see you all then hopefully and until then have an amazing week. I hope this is helping you build some momentum to really knock down some barriers and up level your marketing [01:08:30] with ActiveCampaign. Yes I’ll talk to you all then and thanks for looking forward to the replay. I will have more questions. Great, great Bill. I would register on just to be sure. I think the idea is the same but just make sure you register to insure it is. Thank you again Ron as well. Alright everybody signing off. Thank you. Have a great day … Oh [01:09:00] Barbra. Okay. Alright. Barbra, I got all your questions. Yes so thank you and I’ll see you all hopefully Friday. Have a great one.