Office Hours – June 13, 2017

Recording of Office Hours hosted by Chris Davis on June 13, 2017.


Chris Davis: Okay and we are ready to go. I want to, let me just start from the top; Paula I would love if you want to either type what your, what you’ve been experiencing or if you would like to raise your hand and have audio access however you would like to. All right Paula is ready, let me see here Paula I’m going to [00:00:30] promote you to panelist here and in a minute you should get a notification that and you are unmuted.

Paula: Hi.

Chris Davis: Hey Paula are you there?

Paula: Yes I am.

Chris Davis: Hey nice to meet you.

Paula: Nice to meet you too. Yeah I think I’ve got everybody cranked up now because I’ve had an issue for a couple of months and worked with a variety of support team members and been kind of yanked around in different directions with answers that [00:01:00] didn’t work and then [inaudible 00:01:02].

Chris Davis: Okay.

Paula: So you know it’s a several month problem and it should be something very simple. My confidence in automations and the tool and recommending this to my client is like in the basement right now. I’ll get specific, I mean I have a specific automation that just why all this is not working and –

Chris Davis: Sure do you want to share with me or how do you want to go about it?

Paula: Yeah I can do that and keep [00:01:30] it inactive. I actually have the main question which is that then because of that scenario I have an additional question, follow up question or so where people are stuck in various –

Chris Davis: Right.

Paula: Right.

Chris Davis: We are going to get you taken care of Paula.

Paula: Okay so let’s see how can I share a screen, I’m just trying to get out of the full screen mode with the down slide of my Zoom and then kind [00:02:00] of –

Chris Davis: Let me access your screen I’ll look at your screen.

Paula: Well let me get it up.

Chris Davis: Paula I didn’t know you are on video, hey wait a minute. Well I’m not in the normal office area so I can’t turn mine on because I’m using my regular, but hey nice to see you. Normally I like to do video too but all right.

Paula: That’s okay I took a shower this morning so we are all good. It’s too hot to work out in the afternoon. Okay so I have, I’ll explain what I’m trying to do.

Chris Davis: All right are you sharing your screen [00:02:30] or?

Paula: No I didn’t share screen so it works better that way huh.

Chris Davis: Katrina welcome as well as Paula gets ready, good to see you back Katrina.

Paula: Okay so do you see a screen right now?

Chris Davis: All right let’s see here, I can see the screen. I hope you all can as well, I think everybody should be able to see the screen too all right.

Paula: Okay so what I was attempting to do at the beginning and you know sales and tech were like yeah you can do and I know you can do it because you’ve got an automation. I started with your webinar [00:03:00] sign up and reminder sequence automation.

Chris Davis: Great.

Paula: Which is supposed to be based off of a custom field, which is a date of which I have one set up on the contact record.

Chris Davis: Great.

Paula: No matter what I was doing it was never firing off, so basically I’ve spent the last two months doing everything manually. If it’s a day before a webinar I run in here on a Sunday and not how we want to do it. This test [00:03:30] one may have been the one started, then I started with something clean trying to follow the screenshots that the different people gave me then somebody suggested different fields which also didn’t work so my [inaudible 00:03:42] wasn’t working.

Chris Davis: All right.

Paula: What I would really like to do because I don’t just want to get this working, because frankly right now this was yesterday’s webinar and I’m doing things manually. I want to be able to do it going forward for myself and for multiple clients because this is like what I do for a living. I don’t [00:04:00] know if the best bet is to start with a new one or to go into this one and then what we can –

Chris Davis: Well yeah let me see what have. Let’s go in that one.

Paula: What we can do also is you can offer me advice as to since my confidence now is like minus 10 when I create a new one for myself or a new scenario how I can best test the thing all the way through in a short amount of time. Because obviously you don’t want to wait one week, two weeks, three weeks to do testing …

Chris Davis: Sure.

Paula: … to make sure that that happens. [00:04:30] This was supposed to run when this tag was added and this tag is added and that was successfully getting added via a form on their website.

Chris Davis: Sure.

Paula: Then it would update, this is where this and the goals are where all bad things happen.

Chris Davis: It could be a little tricky so click on that for me your next webinar date. This is the date of your upcoming webinar which is the date field that’s great that was yesterday.

Paula: Which I realize is now [00:05:00] wrong but I had it to this next webinar date where you say you know to a condition where you do …

Chris Davis: No this is right that’s the next step, you got it. This is, because this was yesterday’s webinar.

Paula: Okay so I update the field okay this is yesterday okay.

Chris Davis: Yeah so that’s fine.

Paula: Yes I mean I have so twisted around the thing right now. All right so then we updated the date …

Chris Davis: Then this is the email.

Paula: … and this is the email that we want to go out immediately when they sign up [crosstalk 00:05:27] or whatever yes.

Chris Davis: That’s like the confirmation yes.

Paula: That [00:05:30] was going out fine and as you can see that dropped everyone into the queue for what was supposed to be the one week reminder and never happened.

Chris Davis: Okay click that one week reminder; let’s see how that’s configured.

Paula: So …

Chris Davis: All right so there here is our first issue but go ahead. Click on that next one reminder.

Paula: It was current date plus seven or something …

Chris Davis: Plus seven.

Paula: … but then it never worked, so then every time I got a different text they had a different answer that didn’t work which is why you can understand why [00:06:00] I believe the answers that are told to me and then now I don’t know which is the right answer is. Like is there Santa Clause or not I am not sure.

Chris Davis: Right so here is how we could test it right, let’s select cancel for now. I don’t want these leads, I don’t want these contacts. How about this can we, you don’t need this anymore right?

Paula: No.

Chris Davis: All right so let’s delete.

Paula: Okay this automation.

Chris Davis: [00:06:30] Let’s delete the send email one week reminder everything below that, because I’m actually going to show you how to test this yeah. Let’s delete that and yeah.

Paula: Delete.

Chris Davis: Yeah delete that and once you configure these goals once correctly you just literally, you know like you change the plus seven to one to whatever you want it to do.

Paula: Right which will also lead me to my two follow up questions [inaudible 00:06:56].

Chris Davis: Okay and delete the tag, [00:07:00] no keep that one.

Paula: Okay sorry.

Chris Davis: Here add a wait under it because I want to show that they executed the goal, so we’ll add a wait for like eight days or something like that. Just long enough.

Paula: Right here?

Chris Davis: Yeah right there. These contacts won’t get anything, they’ll just wait. Everybody this is a really good question …

Paula: Wait for how long does it take.

Chris Davis: Yeah do a day or so. This is a really good question that Paula is bringing up because this is how you want to, using date conditions with goals allows [00:07:30] you to make sure that no matter when someone subscribes or registers for your event that they get the correct registration notification okay. Here is how we do it let’s go, let’s select your next webinar date let’s update that field. Well actually we don’t have to because all of these people are already in there and they already have it set so that’s okay. Go to the goal let’s configure the goal.

Paula: [00:08:00] No we don’t actually want these people to ever get anything now.

Chris Davis: Yeah they are not going to get anything. Well, you know what let’s here …

Paula: I mean it’s inactive right now so [crosstalk 00:08:12].

Chris Davis: Yeah let’s cancel, let’s clear them up.

Paula: How do I do that?

Chris Davis: Click on the 44 and then they’ll pull up and go to edit all and we remove from [00:08:30] automation and then select that automation. It’s inactive so it probably is not showing.

Paula: Yeah.

Chris Davis: Okay that’s fine let’s, we’ll just delete it. Well just delete that block. We’ll delete the goal and it will be fine. Yeah so just go ahead and delete it.

Paula: Just delete that.

Chris Davis: Yeah and then we’re going to add another one.

Paula: I’ll just vanish out of here.

Chris Davis: Yeah especially since it’s inactive they’ll just yeah they are gone now. [00:09:00] Now let’s hit the plus button above the wait for two days and let’s create configure our goal. Go to goal and what we’re going to say is one day, we’ll just say one day before. One day before click to add goal and now we’re going to go to select your custom fields and your next webinar date yeah. Then is change the date to current date [00:09:30] that’s fine go to the next one yeah. It’s current date and then plus one all right and hit save.

Paula: That next webinar date is just so that, that’s the one that we changed here.

Chris Davis: Yeah so we’re going to change that next.

Paula: Right but plus one means older.

Chris Davis: Yeah that’s where it gets a little tricky.

Paula: Right.

Chris Davis: Plus one means before, minus, plus means before minus means after.

Paula: Okay [00:10:00] so wait I’m writing that down [inaudible 00:10:04].

Chris Davis: Here let me give you all a, this is the graphic that I created that I live by because even myself …

Paula: Have you put that in the chat or something.

Chris Davis: Yeah I’m going to put it in the chat here as soon as I find it. It’s because I, it’s one of those … Just so you know we are working on it so that it will read before and after instead of plus-minus. [00:10:30] So that is one of the things that I’m personally passionate about because I am the one that does most of our event marketing and if I get confused I’d know you all get confused. Where is it I’m just testing yeah here it is all right. Let me grab this all right I wonder how I can send this, [00:11:00] oh I know how I can do it let me take a picture of it. First let me get an enlarged image there we go. I’m going to take a picture of it for you all to have for your record. All right and copy the link, it is now in the chat.

Paula: Okay I’ll grab it after I’m done with being the one with the screen share.

Chris Davis: Yeah and okay [00:11:30] below contact position and then select continue anyway to wait until, yeah wait until conditions are met and hit save. Now what we want to do is let’s go back up to the next webinar date and change that to June 14th all right and let’s put one wait state right above that update contact field and do a [00:12:00] day. Yeah wait for one day all right perfect and now let’s, let me just scroll down let me make sure there is nothing below the goal that we’ve got to wait all right and now let’s make this active.

Paula: Okay and then can I change the start so that then we can like [crosstalk 00:12:18].

Chris Davis: Yeah you can actually remove the start for now because we are going to manually add somebody to this.

Paula: Okay.

Chris Davis: Yeah there we go and then do it yeah at the bottom where it says or don’t have a start trigger at the [00:12:30] very bottom yeah there you go perfect. Yeah now let’s activate it and do you have a iteration of you in your okay.

Paula: I have an iteration of me and yeah.

Chris Davis: Okay great so now let’s go to the context tab in a new window yeah there we go we’re flying right along. Now and everybody this is a good way to test your automations and [00:13:00] when you see how I do this you know I like to use wait stays before and after, actions that are questionable so that I could catch the contacts before and after. Yeah go down to you and …

Paula: That’s me.

Chris Davis: … scroll down to automations yeah and then which one was it? Was it this one the …

Paula: It was this one.

Chris Davis: That one okay so click on that and click on view, I wonder why it says 57% let’s see.

Paula: Well see this was the [00:13:30] thing, what I was attempting to do with this reminder sequence was to reuse the automation every time they have a webinar, so then it always thought I went through it in April. This is the problem I’m having with another automation with the follow up series because like I said as at the reminder this morning and I just changed some conditions within the automation but only 45 of my 61 contacts that I put that tag on entered it because [00:14:00] I think that the other 16 or whatever that is had gone through it before. In other words they attended this webinar a second time so …

Chris Davis: So they could, they didn’t satisfy the start trigger condition.

Paula: Well they satisfied the start trigger but I think they already had the start trigger on previously and maybe had gone through that …

Chris Davis: They couldn’t get back to it.

Paula: … so it didn’t get back in. I do need to rescue those 16 people today also.

Chris Davis: Yeah and it looks like they just, we’ve just resuscitated [00:14:30] those people. I thought when we deleted the goal we removed them, so let’s do this …

Paula: No, but that’ a different automation so …

Chris Davis: This isn’t –

Paula: … we could talk about that after this, but that’s a –

Chris Davis: No I mean this automation right here, see that goal one day before we shouldn’t have people there so but that’s fine let’s go to automations we’ll clone it and we’ll be fine. Let’s make this one inactive again just in case I don’t want [00:15:00] to, here we go and now let’s duplicate it yeah there we go.

Paula: Sometimes it says copy and sometimes it says duplicate I’m like okay.

Chris Davis: Yeah and let’s for this one go into edit and let’s name it just test webinar, that’s what we’ll name it when it’s done.

Paula: Ultimately overtime should you keep all your old previously used inactive automations.

Chris Davis: It depends sometimes they hold data, if there is goals in there I like to keep mine [00:15:30] just to kind of remember the performance of it but some of them, some automations you’ll realize I never need again. Like they are truly one off so yeah it’s really up to you as long as you are using your labels to keep it nice and organized. All right great now let’s activate this one; this is the one I want to see in your test. Now go back, excuse me go back to your contact view and let’s send them through this automation.

Paula: Wait a minute I [00:16:00] thought I, you know what I went on the same screen sorry I’ll go back to me.

Chris Davis: For all of you that are new to Office Hours, this is what Office Hours is for. This is not kind of like where I sit and teach and you all just kind of listen, we are in Office Hours to really work through issues with your application and your, with the application in your business to really make sure that you can get forward, move forward as quickly as possible with ActiveCampaign. [00:16:30] Is it, which one is it?

Paula: This one testing.

Chris Davis: Okay yeah so now you should be in there. Now let’s yeah refresh it should be waiting for a day great. All right so now go back to your contact view and where it says test webinar click that and let’s view your progress yeah hit view. What we’re going to do now that we know that you are there hit [00:17:00] skip this wait action. All right skip that now your contact should be updated you see that it’s one day before you achieve that goal and you went down okay.

Paula: Okay.

Chris Davis: Because we are truly one day before now we’re going to update this again and choose two days before and you’ll see that you’ll be queued at that goal because it’s not one day before.

Paula: If we add a goal here which we have [00:17:30] to do on the other screen.

Chris Davis: Well let’s do this, let’s just let’s go ahead and skip that wait action so you finish the automation because we are going to send you back through.

Paula: Okay.

Chris Davis: There we go so now you are done with the automation, so now let’s go back to the automation. What we’re going to do now is instead of saying one day before let’s just change the next webinar date from the 14th to the 15th you see what I’m saying? One day before will actually [00:18:00] be tomorrow.

Paula: Will be tomorrow.

Chris Davis: Right there you go. Now this same contact we’re going to see go through and they are not going to achieve that goal, they are now going to be waiting and at 12 a.m. tonight or tomorrow they are going to go right through okay but we need to test it. Let’s keep ourselves honest, hit refresh on this one because it, we’ve got the old version it still has your queued let me just make sure it’s not in here. Great perfect all right.

Paula: Yeah okay.

Chris Davis: Now [00:18:30] in there yeah exactly.

Paula: Do I need to remove me here?

Chris Davis: Yeah. I thought we hit skip this wait state is that you let’s see.

Paula: Yeah that’s me.

Chris Davis: It is all right well that’s okay; well yeah let’s remove you just to make sure. You know what will be nice this is what; here is another thing that I’m working on. You see how you just clicked at you wouldn’t it be nice to be able to switch to your path in this automation from here right, because right now you got to [00:19:00] click on your name and then go to the automation and then click view so it’s in that …

Paula: Yeah if you are coming from the automation it would be nice [inaudible 00:19:06].

Chris Davis: Exactly, so I think it’s in your other tab though.

Paula: Yeah and heck I’m not even worried about enhancements, I just want it to work the way [crosstalk 00:19:13].

Chris Davis: Yeah right and I will tell you this Paula your, I don’t want you to feel like there was like you were doing something wrong. You know there is running events in this there are, ActiveCampaign is the most powerful platform to [00:19:30] run events in. I’ve run them in other platforms that don’t allow you to have these dynamic goals but they come with a level of complexity. Once you get it, like after I walk you through it this time you’ll own it Paula. You’ll be the owner of this information and you know how to test it now too.

Paula: Yeah and I may go back and watch the recording again too on the testing because that was part of my problem and then because I had dealt with multiple support people overtime not understanding [00:20:00] the full goal. Although I will say some of the people I spoke with I don’t think they understand the goals as well as they could because they were trying to figure it out too, whereas you have an answer for me. Sometimes we are on the right you are like we forgot, but it was sort of like well I –

Chris Davis: Yeah I know.

Paula: What was difficult for me was I really wanted to learn it and then everything I tried didn’t work and I didn’t know how to test it in this way so this is good.

Chris Davis: Yes so this is going to be gold for you. Yeah click on that yeah so you are still in there, let’s get you out here.

Paula: I just end it [00:20:30] right.

Chris Davis: Yeah there you go, see Paula you are –

Paula: Now will I be able to re-add myself?

Chris Davis: Yeah we are going to add you back in there, yeah go to add yes. First we got to go, we updated it right? We updated the next webinar date?

Paula: Yeah.

Chris Davis: All right yeah go to add.

Paula: My question to you …

Chris Davis: Go ahead.

Paula: … here is and this may be not so much with testing, so feel free to tell me we’ll address it after we get through this step. In this test stage we can just manually add [00:21:00] me in where my problem was that is sometimes my automations were starting with a tag being added because they signed up for something, but hey had been through the automation because of the redo of a live webinar.

Chris Davis: Exactly.

Paula: Then they were, they are not hitting the automate.

Chris Davis: The are not hitting so here is what you do in that one, if anytime you start an automation with a tag there is two things that you have to do. If you want them to enter it multiple times on that start trigger you have to have it to where you know where it says once or multiple times [00:21:30] for enter. You have to have it to multiple times and then within the automation the first thing you need to do is remove the tag. Right because the start trigger is tag apply and if the tag is already on their record even though you are giving them the tag again it doesn’t satisfy the criteria as tag apply.

Paula: Almost like at the end of the automation I need to remove the tag.

Chris Davis: There you go you have to remove it in that automation is the point yes. Remove [00:22:00] the tag at the point where you want to enable them to re-enter again. If that’s at the beginning, some people do it at the beginning, some people do it at the end but yes that’s exactly it.

Paula: Okay so that helps answer my question going forward and then maybe you could help me figure out what to do with my stranded 16. In the meanwhile here I would add myself manually to test [inaudible 00:22:21].

Chris Davis: Yes and remember when you do this you bypass all start triggers, so it doesn’t matter which start triggers are if you manually ask somebody to automation [00:22:30] they go in regardless. In fact here is another good point for you all, if you use the start in automation action from within an automation it will bypass the start triggers too. A lot of people don’t know that.

Paula: [crosstalk 00:22:47] do you use the start.

Chris Davis: Yeah hit okay and I’ll show you what I mean. Then go into your automation and just for kicks let’s hit that plus button at the very bottom.

Paula: All right so here theoretically [00:23:00] I should have come in and automate in the queue because it’s not two days because it’s one day.

Chris Davis: No it actually you should have be at the wait for one day but let me just show you something real quick. At the very, right before in this automation hit that plus and I go to contacts. I mean I’m sorry conditions in work flow and you see that where it says start in automation. If I use that action I can send the contact to another automation, when I do that [00:23:30] it bypasses all start triggers.

Paula: Okay.

Chris Davis: Okay. If hold on let me read a couple of questions here; if AC, if it does not already have a how to test your automation release yet. I actually do have a how to test your automation. I’m going to let me add this here for you Mark in here. I’m putting it in the chat now and then Jack perfect timing for this it’s [00:24:00] my next task for my business automated webinar reminders yeah great Jack this is a, okay I got you Mark.

Paula: Why Am I not in the right place.

Chris Davis: All right so now let’s see, so now we get to do some testing. Go back to your contact view and click on that test webinar reminder. It says 29 now hit view let’s see where it’s saying you are at.

Paula: Add it [00:24:30] manually.

Chris Davis: It’s still, the goal is still firing that’s why you skipped everything. Let me think here that shouldn’t be the case.

Paula: That’s where my panic has set in before.

Chris Davis: That yeah, that’s not accurate actually. One day before this should have triggered tomorrow so 6:15 it should be triggered on 14 [00:25:00] and earlier you were waiting, you were actually at the wait state which is exactly what we wanted to do. All right let me take control for a second here; I’m going to share my screen all right.

Paula: All right.

Chris Davis: I think it may be something with the application actually.

Paula: Do you want to come on my screen.

Chris Davis: No I’m going to do it in my application so that I can see if this is specific [00:25:30] to …

Paula: So I’ll quick stop share for a moment.

Chris Davis: I can do it.

Paula: All right.

Chris Davis: I can do it so all right.

Paula: We will resolve.

Chris Davis: You all can see my screen now right?

Paula: Yeah.

Chris Davis: Let’s do the same thing; if this is an issue I’m glad we have found it.

Paula: I was going to say that I should get free drinks or something.

Chris Davis: Absolutely Paula I will put in a bid for that, Paula [00:26:00] webinar.

Paula: It is one of those things where you start to think that maybe it’s just me and I’ve gone nuts so I’ll be curious to watch it here.

Chris Davis: Yes Nick I have your question as well I’ll get to that too. You all are a great bunch today. All right so what I want to do is let me set my contact, so as I walk through this I’m going to explain it to everybody. I recommend setting your custom [00:26:30] field having a date field for your event and setting it within the automation, because going forward everything is going to revolve around this date. All of our communication so I want to do the 16th, today is the 13th all right the 16th. Well Paula what day did you do, you did the 15th right? I want to do it exactly like you did.

Paula: Yes I did.

Chris Davis: You did the 15th so let me do that. I’m going to, I know what happened Paula.

Paula: What happened?

Chris Davis: [00:27:00] All right go ahead share your screen my mistake, this was my mistake. Share your screen you know what we forgot to do, we forgot to clear your date field. Right it still, the date field is still showing as the one day before that’s why.

Paula: [crosstalk 00:27:21].

Chris Davis: Because we have the wait for one day before it updates the date field, so we have to clear it because it just has the first time [00:27:30] you went through this webinar, this automation it set the date to 14 and now when we put you back in here the goal is still triggering off 14th because we haven’t updated your contact field. We’ve updated in the automation but not on your contact record.

Paula: This update content field is just an automation not on the contact.

Chris Davis: It never got executed, you know why it never got executed because you wait, you hit this wait state first but the second you hit this wait state [00:28:00] this was still true. It was like it still thinks it’s one day before so you skipped it. It will make sense click on your contact record.

Paula: Okay I believe you.

Chris Davis: This is what happened and click on easy okay you can go ahead with that.

Paula: Sorry there we go.

Chris Davis: Look at, you see your webinar date, your next webinar date is still set to 14 that’s why the goal still thinks it’s one day before because we haven’t updated it so let’s change that date to 15th.

Paula: Okay I’m [00:28:30] happy to do that but why when you, then like when we forced myself into the automation for the second time why does it not hit … Like when we viewed my progress why does it not show me either waiting for that first date or have me hit that update the next webinar date.

Chris Davis: Sure because how goals work is when they are satisfied you automatically skip any steps prior and jump right down to the goal. You skip the wait state, you skip [00:29:00] the update field state and you jump right to the goal because it was satisfied as one day before.

Paula: How would you force it to make sure that people always have this date correct on their contact record?

Chris Davis: Well the thing is if they are coming in for the first time they will have no date.

Paula: Well they might have a date.

Chris Davis: If they do have a date which you will want to do is make sure, so that’s why in my example I have a separate automation that sets the date and then [00:29:30] another one for all of the reminders that’s why the two are split up like that. Because I have one automation that sends the email and sets the date, I want that to run every single time and then after it does that I send them to the other automation.

Paula: Maybe you could show me how you do that. Because I’m just thinking I would like to use this field every time my client runs webinar.

Chris Davis: Absolutely. Think of it this way let me show you.

Paula: Okay.

Chris Davis: Think of it this way.

Paula: Do [00:30:00] you want me to stop screen.

Chris Davis: No you are fine I’m going to, all right actually I am. I’m going to take control here, this is a really good question and I’m glad we’re going through this because like I said once you understand it it’s so powerful but it does take a little bit. Can you all see my screen?

Paula: Yes.

Chris Davis: All right so now like this is my registration, the registration automation. Whenever the event, [00:30:30] the registration event takes place I always send the confirmation email and right here it’s not showing in this automation, right here is where I would update the date field. Right that’s this automation’s only goal is to update the date field and send the confirmation email because I want that to run every time. I don’t want any goals in here because the goals have the ability to jump and they may miss it like we just saw. Right they may miss the wait stay or they may miss the update field. [00:31:00] That’s in its own automation that says registration.

Then you see this I have enter automation pre-event follow up. Now they’ll go to this automation that does have all of the goals for one week before, three days before, one day before and then some other conditions. It’s essentially two separate automations that you want to run specifically because of the goal’s jumping ability and you don’t want to skip [00:31:30] the necessary steps.

Paula: Then how would you do that, like in other words for my forms I’ve been adding specific tags so I want to track a particular topical webinar.

Chris Davis: Yeah that’s fine. Using a tag is fine.

Paula: Then in this, that pre that registration automation just would deal with that custom field, that [00:32:00] event date custom field.

Chris Davis: Exactly so your tag, so in your situation you see how I have contacts in this form you would have a tag here and then you would have send the registration.

Paula: Let’s say your contact submits the form that I have as a registration for that event?

Chris Davis: Yeah the form is a lot easier than the tag because now every time they submit the form they’ll just come in whereas a tag you –

Paula: Right and that would get me through the problem of what if they …

Chris Davis: There you go.

Paula: … went through it before.

Chris Davis: Yes.

Paula: Because we actually want [00:32:30] people to attend multiple webinars because we want to build relationships with them.

Chris Davis: Yes there you go Paula you are like becoming a master right before my very eyes here.

Paula: Well that’s a good thing I do it for a living I just can’t get it to work [inaudible 00:32:42].

Chris Davis: Yes so that is what I would recommend all right. That’s version two so now I’ll let you share your screen and we’ll go through this one last time here and I’ll show you exactly.

Paula: Okay exactly.

Chris Davis: Go ahead and share your screen. Mark you said could advantages to let me see, could advantages to adding tags [00:33:00] per webinar so that you can segment a number of webinars someone attended or which ones they attended. Yes Mark, so you would need separate custom date fields or different webinar types makes sense. Yeah so Mark if you are running multiple webinars absolutely and by multiple webinars I mean if you have webinars running sequentially.

Paula: Concurrently.

Chris Davis: Not even sequentially just …

Paula: Concurrently.

Chris Davis: … yeah concurrent like all over the place, then yeah you will want a specific webinar [00:33:30] field date. For most people what I found is that like they are going to run a webinar on Saturday and then the next webinar is going to be Tuesday or you know something like that or they are running them weekly. In that sense they just need one custom field, one date field because that is the date field that’s always going to be updated. A good thing that was brought up in this exercise Paula gets all the credit everybody is that we want to make sure when the webinar is done we clear [00:34:00] the date. That’s what got us messed up here right? Make sure you clear the webinar date field afterwards just to be safe.

Paula: We would actually want to do that here right because we add me, change my date and add me back and you would want this day before and this wait [crosstalk 00:34:20].

Chris Davis: Yeah right when the automation ends yeah. Go to contacts you know what I’ve never cleared a date let me see, do update contact …

Paula: Update contact.

Chris Davis: … in this [00:34:30] lecture field webinar yeah.

Paula: The next webinar date I think is the one we are using, because everybody talks.

Chris Davis: I guess we can’t clear it because it wants a value; it wants a current time or a specific time. The only way to clear it is to set it when they register again yeah so that’s it. Here is what we have clarified here everybody. You have to have a registration automation that is separate [00:35:00] from your reminder automations. There is two reasons; one reason is because your reminder automations have goals that allow people to jump. The second reason is what we found and what Mark mentioned is that you get for right now you can clear other fields but this is new to me I didn’t realize you couldn’t clear a date field.

We need to clear that date field before they get into the pre-event reminder sequence. [00:35:30] How we do that is in the separate registration sequence is when we set the date. As long as we’re setting the date before they enter in our pre-webinar reminder sequence we’re fine. This the idea, I’m going to submit this one actually to be able to clear date fields because you can clear all other custom fields.

Paula: That would be really great yeah.

Chris Davis: That’s what we what we would want to do, that’s exactly what we want to do so yeah. [00:36:00] I’ve got some goodies I can’t announce them just yet, I’ve got to be tight lipped a little bit but it will make this easier as well. All right so now …

Paula: Back to my contact record [crosstalk 00:36:13].

Chris Davis: Yeah let’s change it there. We are just going to, so now you know what we just did we emulated that Paula just went through a separate registration automation that updated her webinar date okay not let’s see what happens when she goes through the same automation.

Paula: Do I have to add, add myself again [00:36:30] right?

Chris Davis: Yeah so let’s add yourself again yeah and all right you are there.

Paula: I would refresh it formally.

Chris Davis: Let’s see if we are waiting.

Paula: That’s why I love Zoom except the darn thing those extra screens always seem to be over the button I’m working.

Chris Davis: Right there it is.

Paula: There yeah.

Chris Davis: You see now you are waiting because it thinks this goal has not executed because it’s not one day before. Now if we could fast forward to tomorrow you’ll see right at midnight [00:37:00] tonight you are going to jump down to the goal.

Paula: Okay.

Chris Davis: Right here where it says wait for two days two will be queued instead of one.

Paula: So yeah okay. Well for kicks I’m going to leave this in here and I’m going to see what it does tomorrow. I need to prove it to myself.

Chris Davis: Yes and you know what, yes do me a favor Paula and when it goes just take a screenshot and send it to me. It will just be me and I’s victory lap that we’ll run together when [00:37:30] it executes. Now, so now let’s think about this. Now if you have multiple goals stacked all right, so let’s say instead of one day you have one week and then you have a one day reminder let’s just keep it with two simple goals all right.

What you would essentially do is you see how after your one day before you have wait for two days you had it right before, instead of wait for two days it would be your [00:38:00] email. Your one week reminder email. What’s going to happen is when they achieve that goal they are going to get the email and then you are going to see them queued at the next goal right. They are just going to stay a step down.

Now the power to this everybody is when someone let’s say Paula has a week before a reminder and a three day before a reminder and someone opts in after a week. [00:38:30] Like at day six or five, when they opt in the lower goal since it’s three days it’s going to skip the week reminder. Now it doesn’t matter when they enter this automation, the goal is going to automatically progress them to the correct reminder and now we don’t have to –

Paula: Which is what we ultimately wanted right?

Chris Davis: That’s exactly what you wanted.

Paula: [crosstalk 00:38:53] it was also skipping those administrative steps that were making the whole thing run.

Chris Davis: Yes that’s exactly what you wanted. Because you, because I’m just assuming [00:39:00] you Paula you are like listen people are going to be registering all the way up until like the day before and maybe even minutes before the webinar. I don’t want to send them a week reminder right? Like next week the webinar, you want it to be applicable to the time in which they register.

Paula: Okay.

Chris Davis: You had it, it was close but now you know how to test it and make sure you use that, use the screenshot I have just kind of as your guiding principle [00:39:30] when plus and minus gets confusing.

Paula: Yeah I’ll pull that.

Chris Davis: But you are right on your path.

Paula: Then in this instance if I separate at a registration automation then at the start of that automation you have it when they submit a form, so it will always happen. Then it will always send them to the other one, it not going to be driven off of the action of adding a tag.

Chris Davis: Exactly.

Paula: Then what do I do with these 16 stranded people in this really active registration automation [00:40:00] right now?

Chris Davis: Okay show me that automation and Mark you say; what’s the best way to populate the date when a form is completed? Mark I use the, I do that. If you are, there is two ways; there is the technical way depending on your landing page platform. If you are not using ActiveCampaign native forms sometimes the landing page platform can hide fields and you can update the field right on the registration page. Which is really nice right, that helps in all of this situation. [00:40:30] Now when we build our landing page we just set the date in a hidden field and it passes through to ActiveCampaign. For the most part I do in an automation, I do it in an registration automation just like I’ve mentioned to Paula in one of the first steps.

Paula: Yeah I had trouble with the hidden form, hidden fields.

Chris Davis: Yeah the hidden fields they are solely dependent on the landing page platform or your level of coding expertise. I just don’t like the full form code, I really don’t.

Paula: I have been coding since ’95 [00:41:00] so that wasn’t a problem, but certainly with mismatching but I like the idea of simplifying and let’s not bring complexity where it’s not necessary.

Chris Davis: Sure.

Paula: I have the other thing this isn’t active right now because what happened was the webinar was yesterday as we discussed. I changed the tag that would trigger it and I manually because this other automation wasn’t working. I went in to everybody who had the webinar [00:41:30] 6/12/17 tag that I had and I updated them to this tag because I wanted them to get after I had updated the email text with recording etcetera. There were 61 people who had that tag but only 45 got that this morning and without going step by step and verifying my guess is that the other 16 were people who have been through this automation before when the tag was follow up webinar CCM1.

Chris Davis: [00:42:00] Yeah.

Paula: What do I in the …

Chris Davis: You want to add those 16 here?

Paula: Yes I would like to have them.

Chris Davis: Here is what I would do as if you want to ensure that everybody goes into an automation. There are times where it’s just like, sometimes you want to use a tag to start an automation and just like tag all your contacts and then have them filter in. There are other times like this where it may be a little you know like some people may have the tag, some people may not. I would manually, [00:42:30] I would do like we did like the bulk editor. The contacts where we said edit it all and then add to automation. Do you know how to reach these 16 people?

Paula: I can do it I don’t think I –

Chris Davis: Because they have the previous tag right excuse me?

Paula: Yes but there is other people who also have the previous tag. I think what I can is I can, is there a way in the contact field to have it filter on more than one tag?

Chris Davis: Yes you want to do it?

Paula: Show me how to do that then I could do it without like slowing up the whole world [00:43:00] here yeah.

Chris Davis: Paula thank you so much. Yeah click on search contacts and then you’ll have advanced search. Now select condition contact details and then tag and now you can do whichever tag you want.

Paula: I can choose this one and …

Chris Davis: Then and another there you go.

Paula: Then the custom field.

Chris Davis: You’ll probably want to do all just so you can capture everybody.

Paula: I want for everybody who has this one and [00:43:30] …

Chris Davis: You want okay.

Paula: … if they had both, if they then if I did that there should be, so there would be 16 yes.

Chris Davis: Look at that right on the money.

Paula: That’s how I solve it then.

Chris Davis: Then hit edit all and then you can …

Paula: Edit it all and add them in.

Chris Davis: There you go, there you go Paula great. I love what you are doing Paula. I mean trust me I’m internally I’m working on doing some training [00:44:00] so that everybody is up to speed because I understand all of this stuff you know. It will get better I promise you that but I’m glad you just hang in there and attended Office Hours so we can get this cleared up.

Paula: Yeah my other problem was people were encouraging me to do it but I’m not in the office on Friday so I was like in another two days I had like a client meeting and I’m like okay. Then I was thinking well Office Hours are you going to really solve my problem you know because I’ve experienced other Office Hours that aren’t as useful as this.

That answers all my questions [00:44:30] and yeah. It would be good if you could and maybe it’s hidden in the training but you know how we get started with the business need we need to solve and we don’t sit back and read this seven volumes that came first. It’s you know like understanding some of these key principles because I was choosing the template of the webinar reminder sequence without the background knowledge of the things that you uncovered for me today.

Chris Davis: Yeah sure well great I’m glad I could help Paula I’m excited.

Paula: [00:45:00] Thank you Chris.

Chris Davis: I’m excited for you going forward.

Paula: Let me know how I send you that screenshot tomorrow.

Chris Davis: Yeah you can email it to me

Paula: Okay got it.

Chris Davis: Yeah absolutely.

Paula: Okay thanks.

Chris Davis: Yes great, thank you so much Paula.

Paula: Thanks.

Chris Davis: Man that was really good. That was really, really good everybody let me answer a couple of questions [00:45:30] here. Mark do me a favor you’ve got an automation that you want some review can you, do you have screen capturing capabilities? Like we use CloudApp I know some people use Jing or I don’t know what they are called. If you could just do a quick screen cap of your automation just talking over like what it does and email it to me I can review it for you man. I can get you, I can get that review for you and get you taken care of.

There [00:46:00] where is your blog article that you are, yes that’s the one Jack. Jack that is the one and oh yeah I’ve got another question Jack I think you asked one, where is my here it is who was this one Nick. Nick are you still on? I hope you are still okay here we go.

A few weeks ago you did a webinar with Hanna from Thrive when you explained to personalize our automation. You talked about how the process flow looks for a tag then updates a custom [00:46:30] field yeah. In your example does contact have e-commerce if they do have the tag, yes they move and get their custom field updated. Yeah then you talk later in the presentation about if someone changes their business and you want to send them through the personalizer again you can. If they still have the e-commerce tag when they get stuck in the automation at this step and never progress do the automation where AC will recognize the appropriate tag and update.

Yeah that is a really good point and you are [00:47:00] right Nick, here is what Nick is talking about. Here I have this here it is it’s called the personalizer okay great Mark thanks. What happens is I don’t want this one yet, I want the controller. This is a good example of how to, all right so here I have this someone completes a quiz and they get added to this automation. [00:47:30] What I’m doing is I’m entering this automation called the personalizer and then I’m looking at some criteria did they say because I got all of this data from the quiz. Did they make over 100k or not, if they did make over 100k I’m adding them to my high end consultation automation where I offer a high end consultation. Then if not I need to know if they are running Facebook ads or not so I know where to follow up.

That’s why I called this like a sort or I could call this a controller, sort [00:48:00] or a controller because it’s controlling where I send all of my contacts right. What Nick is asking is in here in the personalizer what I’m doing is you see I have no start trigger because I’m always adding them from the other automation, that’s the only way you can get in this automation. He is saying if they have gone through this thing once and let’s say they have the e-commerce tag, if they fill out the form again and they say they are a local business owner they will never [00:48:30] get down to here because this will always be satisfied.

The answer to that would be I need to clear my tags. At some point I need to clear my tags, maybe it’s right here because they can only get in one of these automation they can’t get in all three. Maybe in this automation I clear their tag because that tag was essentially used to sort them or maybe [00:49:00] I do it right at this level and say remove, I can do remove tag here oh my goodness. Remove tag e-commerce right because they’ve already entered this automation unless I’m using this tag data within this automation which I don’t think I was. I think this was just like an email or something. Yeah so you know [00:49:30] I could you know so the goal, the point is this oh I’m sorry Mark thank you I’m not even sharing my screen oh my gosh. Mark is keeping me honest here jeez let me go back.

All right let me remove this. What Nick was talking about let me keep an eye on my check because you all are helping me out here. [00:50:00] Okay yeah Paula you said it too I’m sorry, I am sorry you all. All right but you all can see it now just let me make sure somebody tag yes for me, I’m pretty sure I got my screen I’m not okay great. What happened is when someone completes the quiz you see I have this contact submit the Thrive Quiz and they enter in this automation and this automation [00:50:30] sends them down two paths. This path is guaranteed for everybody they enter in this personalizer and the personalizer is really tagging them based on the information they input so I can customize, personalize their journey.

The next automation they enter is going to be optional. If they are making over 100k they enter my high end consultation, if not I need to see if they are running Facebook ads or not and if they are they do they enter this online course follow [00:51:00] up or if they are not they enter the e-book follow up. This automation all it’s doing is sending think of this as the traffic controller, like a stop light essentially. A stop light saying hey you go this way, you go that way it’s just controlling the traffic. That’s what this master controller is doing. Is doing, “Hey when you finish this quiz go into the personalizer,” and then based on the contact information that you submitted you are going to end up in one of these three all right.

[00:51:30] What Nick was saying is inside of the personalizer, if I go inside of it here you’ll see that I’m adding a tag based on you know the value. I mean based on the value that they entered the tag, because the tag is being submitted by the quiz builder I am updating their custom field and by updating this custom field I can now use it in my email follow up and say hey since you are an e-commerce owner or say hey since you are a business owner or [00:52:00] hey if you are professional service provider. My default is if they are not any of these I update it to business owner so I can say hey since you are a business owner.

I’m using the tag to populate a custom field so that I can personalize the communication going forward. Now Nick says well what if they enter the quiz again and this time they chose local business. Well what will happen is if they still have the e-commerce tag they are just going to satisfy this yes [00:52:30] and be done and now I’m going to be telling them about e-commerce stuff when they really said they are a local business. In order to do that I need to make sure when their journey is over I need to identify when is everybody’s journey over.

Essentially what I could do is I could have these are all custom fields on the contact record. Yes the custom fields on the contact record they don’t get updated [00:53:00] from the quiz Paula, what happens is the quiz applies tags and I use those tags in this personalizer that you will see. You see this where it says contact has tag e-commerce. The quiz applied that e-commerce tag, so if they have the e-commerce tag I want to update this field your business type to e-commerce. The business type field is either going to be updated to e-commerce, local business owner, professional service provider or just regular business owner. [00:53:30] I’m using tags to populate custom fields. Quiz applies tags based on how they answer yes exactly Paula you got it.

Now if they enter again I want to be able to wipe, I need to erase all of their previous information and allow them to come through this sequence clean. What I recommend is that you have a separate automation that’s like a clear [00:54:00] automation and you can literally call that. You can call it quiz data clear and at the end of each automation what will we do? Right here we would have a start in automation and it will be the quiz clear data and we will do that for every in, I would it for this one too. I will go in this online course follow up and I would add up at the very end of this [00:54:30] one clear quiz data.

What that’s going to do is I will do something like this I just want to show you all, you know I will go to update contact and I think it was called like business type or something like that, business type and I will leave this blank and hit save. Now the business type is going to be erased when they are done propagating through the entire quiz follow up. Now when they come back in their journey will be personalized to what they selected [00:55:00] on the quiz you know just in case they did it multiple times.

The reason why I don’t do this in every single automation because that would be crazy to maintain, if I just add the action start an automation you know just say I’ll start this. Now all I have to do is go into this automation. Now all I have to do is maintain that one automation as far as the data I want to clear off of their record instead of having to update three separate automations. [00:55:30] Nick that’s how I would do it.

That’s only, that’s if you know like this example everybody that I gave there is a webinar on it and it was in Thrive Themes was the company that we did a joint webinar with. This was a more advanced, this was a very much advanced implementation of how you can take quiz data and follow up with very targeted messaging. By no means do you have to do it at this level, [00:56:00] but it does raise a question.

When you are doing slow down Chris let me say, when you are building out your automations it’s really important to understand if you want people to come back through. If you want people to come into the automation multiple times and if they can come through multiple times do you want them to have the same [00:56:30] experience every time? Okay this is, there is no right or wrong answer to this. This is solely up to you in your business and how you want to market it.

Let’s Paula I’m going to use you for an example, let’s say that you want to when you want to clear the tags not clear the custom field. Nick let me just answer this real quick, Nick I would o both honestly because the tags can [00:57:00] trigger the custom field but you definitely don’t want that custom field data to still be lingering on the contact record. You only want it there as long as they are going through the automation but you don’t want it there afterwards. I would most definitely in that clear or update clear data automation I would remove all tags and clear all custom fields just to be safe. I will always air on the side of safety for anything for [00:57:30] everything I should say. Yeah great you are very welcome Nick. You are very welcome thank you for hanging in there with me.

What I was saying is Paula so for instance you have a decision and this is the power of not just ActiveCampaign, but this is the power of marketing you get to determine. Let’s say you are running a webinar and you want people to be able to register multiple times for the same webinar, for the same event. Now you have the question and say you know what [00:58:00] it’s fine every time they register they know they’ve already seen it before so I’ll take the lean approach and just make you know just enable them to go down the same process every time right.

Whereas somebody else may say you know what I want to take this as an opportunity to let them know that I know they’ve attended a webinar. Maybe if they register and they already have a specific tag that shows they attended the webinar before you can say, “Hey thanks for registering for the [00:58:30] webinar again. I hope you are, I hope since you’ve already seen it this time through it’s going to really help make some of the principles concrete in your mind. Can’t wait to see you on the webinar and feel free to ask questions.”

If I want to customize the follow up for anybody who has attended more than once I can do that. These are all questions, it’s almost like there are when we’re building out our automation I shouldn’t say it’s almost [00:59:00] like because it is there is a lot of questions that go, there is a lot of answered questions required to build out an automation. All of these decisions at times they could be overwhelming and I’m not saying you are always going to know your, all the questions up front. I’m a big proponent of starting small and simple and then run it once more small and simple make your notes you know what I could have did this better. I should have added another reminder. I should do this right.

Once you [00:59:30] run an automation or an event or a marketing campaign more than once. Like right around three to five times is where you start getting really intimate with the process and that’s where you start seeing the opportunities. You are like oh I should do this here and I should put a goal here and that’s, you just can’t build that up front. As good as I am in ActiveCampaign I can’t build that up front because I don’t know. You know marketing is okay you guys got me on so much okay, well [01:00:00] marketing is so dynamic to where you have to take feedback from your audience and adjust accordingly.
We all start with an idea but our audience informs us on how good that idea is and how they are consuming it. Then us as marketers we have to shift so that’s why you can never build a master automation your first time without any contacts running through. You build a baby version of your automation; run some contacts through so that [01:00:30] when you grow it you are growing it in the right direction. That when it is big and complete you know that’s what a lot of these gurus do they show you the big complete automation, let me show you how I’m generating six figures and this is automation that they have been tweaking over years. Then somebody tries to implement that one time and like all kind of stuff goes wrong I see it all the time.

Let me see I’ve got one more question and I’ve got take off everybody let me see Jack. Someone enter multiple automations [01:01:00] from another automation, for instance someone has seen the webinar and received the follow ups they finish the follow ups without responding further and scheduling a call. I want them to go to a long term larger automation and a dated clear automation. I just, that the enter automation triggers in the webinar follow up.

Yes Jack that’s exactly what you’ll do and they’ll interim you could have five and they’ll just go into one, into two, into three. That’s one of the things I love about ActiveCampaign, is yeah you can [01:01:30] enter them into multiple automations there is no limit to that. I really like how you are thinking about that too because that’s a very strong use case yeah.

Now we get into I’m out of time, you guys see I love this stuff. What we’re back on Friday but now you get into what I call like utility automations. These are utility automations by the way are some favorite automations they just perform a function. They just do something. Think of them as literally like a little minion that you send a contact [01:02:00] to and they perform whatever action and then they are done. Every automation doesn’t have to be built out in big with emails going all over the place. It could just be a simple utility like we’re talking about erase fields, that’s a utility automation. Once you have a utility automation you can reference it anytime, anyplace within another automation. That’s what it just the possibilities just are endless.

Thank you all for attending [01:02:30] today. I hope this was helpful Paula, Nick, Mark everybody Katrina. Everybody that chimed in. If I didn’t get to your question I apologize but make sure, you can always email me beforehand too if you have questions. This was so much fun, yes you are welcome Paula.

These are – Listen everybody this is it, this is marketing right here. Solving the nitty-gritty problems [01:03:00] because once we solve these problems we are off to the races. You are all smart intelligent business owners it’s just everybody needs helps sometimes. Everybody just needs a little clarity right a little tweak, a little adjustment, a little affirmation confirmation and then you all off to the races. Hunker says thank you Paula.

Paula is the MVP of the day her questions were amazing and I’m glad that we recorded this, Paula I’m glad you attended because somebody else is going to have those exact [01:03:30] questions that you had and now that we have it as a recording they will be able to find this. It’s the gift that keeps on giving so thanks for hanging in there with us Paula. Thank you all.

Remember the next Office Hours is Friday at 1 p.m. central. If you would like to attend please be there it will be me again just as much energy and excitement to help you all find success in your business with ActiveCampaign because it is possible for everybody. Again thank you all for [01:04:00] attending and I will see you hopefully on Friday. Have a great week until then.