Office Hours – December 19, 2017

Recording of Office Hours hosted by Chris Davis on December 19, 2017.

Topics covered in this session:

  • How to create a branded email template
  • How to share email templates with other ActiveCampaign users
  • How to allow contacts to skip steps in an automation 


Chris Davis: An email. All right, now we’re ready to go. Let me just start from the top. All right. Brett has … Brett says “Create a” all right, here we go, let me just copy this in here, Brett. I didn’t want it to be bold. All right.

Create a URL for Paperstac Template. I created an email in HTML and wanted to make that a template. Okay. [00:00:30] Let’s see here. Let’s see what you got, Brett. There’s two ways to make a template. Let’s see what you have. Is this a video? All right, okay, cool. Let me just look over this gif real quick, or gif, I don’t know what do you all say. Gif or gif, I get confused so many times.

Okay, [00:01:00] okay, yeah. If you have … this is what I would recommend. As you’ve shown, you can go in here in the campaigns, and go to manage templates, create a new template, and import the HTML by using this. If you use import HTML, then it’s going to be up to you for … essentially you’re going to be managing this [00:01:30] template in HTML. You won’t be able to use the drag and drop or anything like that, which is fine for some people who have it set up just the way, excuse me, as they need it.

However, I found it difficult at times to add like link click actions, and all of that when it’s strictly HTML. The second way, I know, Brett, you had your one-on-one, is there any reason why you didn’t just build it with blocks? Like [00:02:00] from scratch? Was there something specific about what you were doing that landed … or, better yet, Brett, can you send me a screenshot of this newsletter? If you could send me a screenshot that would be great. Then we can kind of see if there’s a way that we can build it in the builder, so that you can use all of the functionality and features of the builder. All right.

I’m here because we’re making [inaudible 00:02:30] [00:02:30] automated emails for reset password. Yes, yes, yes. I don’t know if you have, we use CloudApp, but there’s probably other platforms out there like Chrome browser has a platform. If you could just take a screenshot and send me the link to the screenshot. If you have an application to do it. Just any way for me to see it, or if emailing me is easier, we could do that too. But I would love to see the template, and figure out how [00:03:00] we can do that.

All right. While you’re doing that, let me grab Oob’s question. What is my caps lock doing? All right. Is there a way to reduce the blank space at the bottom of every block in the AC email/campaign editor? Let me see here. You got it. All right.

Let me just [00:03:30] make sure I know what you’re referring to real quick. Every block of the AC email/campaign editor. Here’s my campaign. I could’ve just went right into there, but … let’s do John’s test.

I would imagine, I think some campaigns have more spacing than others. But it’s for any block, I would imagine you are referring to like [00:04:00] this space, or like this one, it looks like I have adjusted this already, yeah I put the padding there.

Yeah, it looks like you found it, the block padding. If you want everybody as you see, this is global padding, and buddy, if you select this down, and do custom, you can change the padding per side of the element. Just in case you all didn’t know that. All right, great.

Brett has the template. You’re using loom, I will admit, Brett, [00:04:30] loom it’s winning my heart, man, it’s a solid platform, it’s a really good platform. Let’s see here, let’s get to yours … let me see what you got. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think we could build this out.

[Katrina 00:04:54], yeah. You know what was really interesting about loom, just a real quick side note, [00:05:00] is that they started out free, and then they were going to have a paid version of it, then they just decided to keep it free forever. I would love to know the inside of how that business model is working because everybody seems to love it, unlimited recording, easy to do, just like Brett did so, anyways. I’m not trying to promote or get you all to sign up.

But, Brett, I would say, I think we could create this, man. I think we could definitely [00:05:30] create this in ActiveCampaign, I mean, all of this, by the way, by using the regular email builder, and then add points that need specific … yeah, the Chrome extension does, [Katrina 00:05:45]. The points that need specific HTML, we can use the HTML block.

I don’t have the elements, like your logo, and I like this heart, right? The Paperstac team, this is probably an image, but yeah, we [00:06:00] would definitely be able to do this. I’m going to get it started really quick.

Can you share campaigns? I should know this. All right, let me call it Brett Campaign. This will be good practice, because I feel like some, for me, it was always helpful to see how other people were building templates. Because I didn’t always [00:06:30] know which elements to use, and things of that nature. Hopefully this is helpful, Brett.

First things first, I would change … your background is kind of like this nice light-blue. “If you have the URL, but I don’t know how to do that,” yeah, okay, I’ll figure it out.

You’ve got like this nice light-blue background, man, I don’t know what color code it is, but [inaudible 00:06:56]. All right, there we go. [00:07:00] That’s like a light-blue, right?

Then, the next thing I would do. [Katrina 00:07:05] said “You can only share templates, not campaigns.” Okay. All right. I’m building this as a template, so I should be able to share this with you. This will be your logo, right? As long as you have a logo that is a PNG file, transparency, that’s fine. I should be able to do that here, add image, I think I … no, I’m wanting new image.

[00:07:30] I hope I have the ActiveCampaign logo in here. I don’t, oh shoot. Anyways. This will be the image. Here’s how what we can do here, you see this, when I select the block, Brett, I can change the background to white, right? Once I changed the background as Oob has pointed out, already I could change the padding to 20, looks like you had [00:08:00] about, you had nice padding here, this may even be 30.

I’m going to do 25. It looks like your text was a nice size for readability, instead of being small, that’s one thing everybody should take into account, is the size of text for readability. There we go. That looks about right.

Then, I need a border, I see now. [00:08:30] Look at this, I did the whole column, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to do the column. I just wanted to do the block, there we go. Now, I’ve at least got the floating white box. I’ve got the floating white box, we’ve got the button. What I would use here is, where is it? HTML Block for … I put the HTML Block and then highlight the block. I wish I had a URL to [00:09:00] an image. I think I can.

This is really good practice. This is good for you all to witness so that you can see all of the … let’s see if I … oh, I can’t. I can’t. Is it a [inaudible 00:09:20]? Yes. Perfect. No, I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to grab this URL to show you how to pull in an image in the URL.

[00:09:30] Okay, I can’t pull this here. I don’t think this is going to work. I doubt this is going to work, but I’m going to try. It will be fun if it works. It did work, how about that? Okay, I’m going to use this URL [00:10:00] and essentially do image … Oh, oh no, I’m writing code on the fly, this is a no-no.

I think this is how you do it though, I believe. Please, believe with me, everyone. There we go. Now, we’ve got the logo here, and what I could do is type in center, which any coder out there will be like “Oh, don’t use center, it’s deprecated, it’s not going to be there in [00:10:30] new, in HTML5 and beyond, what are you doing? Don’t train them bad.” One, two, three, four, five, six. There.

Look at that small gap. What we can do is go back and remove the margin. This would, where it says active cam- … oh, all right. Brett, thank you, man. You’ve got the code for me, appreciate it. Didn’t see that. [00:11:00] I could just put yours in here. I hope this is the right one. There we go.

All right. I see the heart. That’s just a heart, then you have text, right? Something like this, let me just see what that looks like. Okay. All right. [00:11:30] What I could do is, you’ve got some styling in here, if I just do float, left, maybe that help me out. There we go. Now it’s floating to the left, and I could add some padding, or some margin to the heart to move it over, but honestly, what I would recommend here is, I would make this a image, [00:12:00] just so you have control over it. Because HTML renders differently depending on the browser. I will say, make this a transparent image, image with a transparent background, Brett. The heart and the text.

Because the text may not be available as well, like the font-family that you’re using. I would definitely feel free to add that, I mean, to create an image out of that. You could use something like [inaudible 00:12:27] and everything like that. I’m just always hesitant [00:12:30] in email builders using too much CSS, because a lot of times that stuff is rendered so differently whenever Gmail or whoever else updates their front-end rendering for the user.

I told it to float left, so it can go to the middle, I got you. Anyways. But yeah, that’s what I would use, I would use an image for that one. But [00:13:00] I just want to show you how this could be done. Then, the padding of course. I will go to custom because I want to make sure the bottom is what I’m looking at, let’s give it 30. That’s some nice padding there.

There, now if this were in … I can add some top padding to it too. 15 will be good. I’m just eyeballing it, but that looks like about the same spacing you had here, and of course, [00:13:30] I could, oops, I’m getting lost. Grab the button, insert it, and every time I insert something I need to make sure that the background of the element is the same. Then, of course, remove the margin so that it all looks like one piece.

Now, I’ve got the button, the background, I could change to … you know, of course this is not the nice blue that you have, but we’ll just act like it is. Font color, where’s [00:14:00] the color? I select here. Where’s the text? Here it is.

You may want to make this image too. It’s up to you. You may want to make this an image because it looks like, yeah, you’ve got some nice padding to the left and to the right of it. Can I do that? Can I do? Yeah, won’t let me do padding to the left and the right. [00:14:30] Border, no border. If I do have a border … Did you have yours rounded? Yeah, you did have yours rounded. Yeah, I would an image here, Brett, for that one to make it simple.

I’m going to match the border color, just for now, just so I could show everybody that’s how you add a border radius. See that, you all see that rounding off? It looks like you’ve got like a eight pixel round [00:15:00] off. Build your first template today, something like that, you had something similar, “Build your first workflow.”

Brett, real quick, do you have this logo, the Paperstac logo available? This image is throwing me off, this image is making everything ugly. But yeah, if you have the Paperstac [00:15:30] logo, or the URL to it that you could share, that’d be great, man.

All right, how will we add that top bar? You know what? You know what I would have to do, Brett? What does this line break look like? Let’s see, we’re just having fun here. If I could give it a height, see it’s not flush. You know what I would do here? This is where I would pull out some CSS, but this CSS will [00:16:00] be safe, this will be safe CSS.

[inaudible 00:16:04] HTML div, style equals, I shouldn’t be going … just bear with me, it’s the end of the year, everybody, can we just go all the way, let me make sure I didn’t miss any questions. All right, keep the questions coming, we’ve got time. I want to make sure I give everybody who’s on the call exactly what they need.

All right. I [00:16:30] would say … what did I say I was doing? Okay. Border, top, let’s do seven pixels solid and then just say blue, just so we could see it. Let me see what happens. All right. What I can do here is remove all padding, and let me say, width is 100%, margin-bottom is minus five pixels. [00:17:00] What happens? I’ve got it closer, I need to get it to the edge, though. See? It’s right on top now.

Do you all see that? It’s on top, but I can’t seem to get it to go to the edge, dang it. Do I have padding on here? Maybe I have padding. There it is. There. Right? Brett, this looks, yeah. I mean, you’ve got a thicker one. [00:17:30] I will go here and make it thicker if I can. No, I got to select it. It’s so small. So small I can’t select it. Let me do this. Let me just delete this, to see if I can get in there. There we go. Make it 18.

All right. [00:18:00] Let me just take this really quick. I’m taking Brett’s image. I want to place it … HTML Block. Hopefully [inaudible 00:18:17] this perfect. All right. Center, then center. Save changes. Should put it [00:18:30] in the center.

I don’t know why I’m getting excited about this, but simple things like this often do make me excited. Is that about right? Yeah, I would say that’s fair. Now, let’s take out this, delete it. Brett, I would listen, man. I would say we are pretty close. We are pretty close. I know you’ve got [00:19:00] this shadow there, so like I said, if this was an image, that’s perfectly fine, if these two were images. Then, if you wanted to put your disclaimer down there. That’s one thing I should point out, and we can put the disclaimer.

If I do a Text block. Let me point one more thing out. This text block, I want to give it a little space from the top. Let’s give it like 15, and the padding we want [00:19:30] to match the block above. Then, let me just copy this. Just for the sake of moving fast. Then, perhaps, let me just make sure the line height is the same. We probably want this to be a little smaller. Maybe it’s 14, it’s going to be in the middle, maybe it’s not really black, it’s like and off-gray, the disclaimer, [00:20:00] then the unsubscribe, and all of that.

Now, with a template like this, of course, the only thing that’s throwing me off is that the blue is not your blue, but I think we all get the picture. But this would essentially, yeah. Now, Brett, now what we can do is we can link actions in. You know, tag when they click. We just have more flexibility to build this out.

Let me share this [00:20:30] with you, man, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Share. Yeah, yeah, no problem, Brett. You’re very welcome, man. Thank you for sharing, sharing this with me. Brett template. There you go. You should be able to import that, change the colors … no [00:21:00] disrespect to your brand colors, man, I was just kind of eyeballing them, but I like your blues, and I couldn’t get close to them, but they’re at least there for placeholders.

Yeah, now, whenever you’re sending an automated email, or a campaign email, you could just pull it right from that template. Yeah, you should be good to go. Yeah. [inaudible 00:21:21]. You’re [00:21:30] always making me laugh. All right, great. Katrina said “Santa Chris.”

All right, great. Thank you so much for asking that question. Everybody, if something like this is not like you could have looked at the builder and just figure this out. I want to say that. It’s not like this is “Oh, you should’ve known better.” I mean, look at [00:22:00] this, we used the background, we changed the background color. Then, we changed the color background of every block. This looks like one square, or rectangle, but look, it’s three. It’s three separate rectangles with the matching background and margin removed.

It seems like “Oh yeah, remove the margin, and this,” but unless you’ve built a lot of these, in this specific [00:22:30] builder, which again it’s one reason why I don’t like to change platforms too much because there’s so much to learn in just one platform. But unless you knew that, and now all of you do, you wouldn’t know. “Oh, that’s how I make a floating.” A floating email. Then, this, this is a div, for all of you who are familiar with HTML, you know what it is, but a div is a container essentially.

We’re just saying this is an empty container with a border [00:23:00] of 18 pixels, and the color is blue. If I had Brett’s hex value for this color, I could’ve put it in there and [inaudible 00:23:11]. I put some strange hex value in there, that is so weird that that is actually closer to … Wow. It’s not bad. I feel like that it actually blends with your colors. Anyways, that was a shot in the dark.

[00:23:30] But I can use a hex value right here to determine the color of the border. This is in HTML. I could’ve done an image. I very much could have used this image block. If I was working on the computer where I had Brett’s Paperstac logo on my computer, that may have been easier, but the logo was uploaded to his website, and you already have the URL, so I used the HTML [00:24:00] Block to pull it in. I just copy and paste it and surrounded it with the center tag.

Then, of course, this is a text block, with this text block I just left the background blank so it appears as if it’s part of the floating background. I would say that the level of difficulty per presentation of this one is simple. A beautiful floating email with a button, simple, straightforward. Brett said he’s using this for login, password, reminders. [00:24:30] This is a great template for that.

The level of complexity in building it, probably a seven, seven or eight. This one was a bit more complicated. I could say why, based on the amount of time you had in your 101 … Okay, let’s import it for now so you have something in there and we could, later on, we could figure out how to make it better. Now, here’s later.

All right. Oob [00:25:00] is in the spirit of giving. He said “Try ColorZilla” all right. Thank you, Oob. ColorZilla. It’s a chrome extension, so like me, I didn’t know the colors. What do I do? Here it goes. This should allow me to eye-drop. If I go here … These are all tools that are [00:25:30] extremely … Pick color from page, I think. Extremely valuable. I think it copied the color for me just automatically. Let’s see. Great one, Oob, that definitely matches.

While we’re in it, let me just do this to make myself feel better about everything. [00:26:00] There we go. Look at that. Thank you, Oob. That was quick, right? Now we’ve got … it’s almost a one-to-one. Of course I don’t know the background color here, but it is extremely close. This was team work, everybody, team work definitely made this happen.

Listen, continue to ask your questions, everybody, but if you would let me, I’d like to just try one thing. [00:26:30] Let me just make sure I didn’t miss any questions. It’s open, listen, this is the last office hours of the year, any and every question is fine. The floor is yours, everybody, the floor is yours.

Here’s what I’m interested in, is if we render … this is going to be tricky because I don’t know if the Font Awesome library is loaded by default, but I’m just trying it out. I just want to try it out [00:27:00] because you all will let me. For this one, I should be able to just take this. Let’s see what happens. Let’s just see what happens. I’ve never used Font Awesome in a email before.

Let’s see what happens. Let’s see if it pulls it in. Okay, it doesn’t pull it in. All right, that’s fine. If it did, that’d been so cool. Essentially [00:27:30] what I was going to do is see if I could just have that heart in line with the text and then change the color and everything. That’s fine. I just wanted to test it out, thank you all for letting me test that. Really quick. All right.

Any other questions? Let me know. This looks really good though, Brett. Good job on the design, man, the original design, whatever this existed, good job. I hope this one is going to, [00:28:00] this template will help you out even more. All right.

“Also, check out WhatFont, chrome extension that flags different types of font used on a website for you.” Let’s see, let’s try that one. What font … what was that? WhatFont, here it is. WhatFont. One of the reasons why I love Chrome. All right. [00:28:30] This one has been added. What do I do? So much to learn, so much to learn. All right, anyways.

Let me check for questions. “[inaudible 00:28:55] WhatFont.” Yes. All right. I figure I saw another question on Facebook [00:29:00] Audiences that I just must not had scrolled up far enough. Brett, I see them, all right. I got [inaudible 00:29:09] of the two, I got it. There we go, I missed them. All right. I missed them.

Where did my questions go. There we go. No, that is not it. It was another Office Hours. Here we go. [00:29:30] All right. “Can’t skip in automations, tried following the guide, but not having any luck.” All right. Brett, are you talking about skipping actions? Like you’re going somewhere, you’re going towards particular automation and they’re [inaudible 00:29:49] out the wait step. All right, let’s see here.

I think this is the one I’ve been working one. I’m in campaign instead of automations. [00:30:00] I just want to review if I do Rachel, just going to pour her out because I’m pretty sure she’s got a wait in hers. How about if I just add, oh my goodness, what was I doing here? Let’s delete that. I never use multiple triggers, this had to be for an example I was showing. All right.

Let me just add a wait state here really quick. [00:30:30] All right, so Rachel new welcome. I just want to test it. Brett, I’d imagine … Let me add to the automation [inaudible 00:30:48] has been everywhere. Rachel new welcome. I should be in the automation, and I should be waiting.

What you’re saying is when you go into [00:31:00] the automation here, and you see the person waiting, when you hit skip this wait action, it does not skip this, it doesn’t go. Like if I had skipped, I should go down the no branch, and I’m waiting here. You’re saying you’re not seeing that happen in your account right now?

Oh, you didn’t have this, the skip this wait action link? That is very interesting. [00:31:30] I will create a support ticket for that, because it should be here, this one should most definitely be in your account. Now it’ll only show, of course, that wait steps, but yeah, you should’ve definitely seen that. That’s the issue then, that’s most definitely the issue. Yeah, I’ll let support team know, and they’ll get that fixed on your account.

Then, the other question … Yeah, yeah, it only shows on wait steps. Yeah. [00:32:00] As for right now, if you have a goal configured to wait, or you’re using the wait condition, that’s where that skip this wait action will show. But if you wanted to skip a particular action in an automation … How do I move from my send email to add tag, yeah. If you wanted to move from here to here, of course, without using the go to action, that’s one way to have them move. Another one would be, [00:32:30] you need to add a goal.

Normally, we think of goals as things that we want people to achieve, so we can measure them. Let’s say I wanted to have somebody skip here, I could have this goal and say, I should say “Skip/jump email” all right? [00:33:00] I can set the condition to be like a tag. Jump now. All right, tag, exists, jump now. The key here is if you want somebody to be able to skip or go to any action, like at your request, then you want to do when the goal is achieved anywhere. Selected as continue anyway, so it’s invisible to the contacts, or just flowing through.

Now, at this point, I’ve added this, [00:33:30] it didn’t break anything, but maybe, like you said, Brett, maybe I want them to skip this email, just that contact. Now, I have a condition in a goal that once the tag jump now is added to this contact, they’re going to come right over here and go down this path, and not go and receive this email, all right?

Let’s just test it. Why not? Why not test it? As scary as that [00:34:00] is, testing a lot of automations. If I do jump, yes, I want to do that one. I’ve entered jump now as a tag and for goals, goals are executed through [inaudible 00:34:16], sometimes it could take up to two to three minutes for the goal to achieve. We’ll just wait, we’ll just wait for the goal to be achieved.

It show on the right side. Then, what we’ll see is that … [00:34:30] You’ll see, when the goal is attached, he’ll go over here. It says “Skipped.” “This was added, which is after the contact went through the automation.” No, we’ll see. I think it’s confused, because I’m waiting here for right now. We will just see.

Okay, there it goes. I went over there [00:35:00] and went down. I must’ve … I clicked on it at the same time the goal was executing. That was a just confused platform. Now, look at this. Now, when I go to Phil, you’ll see, see that? He reached the Skip/jump Email goal, and he finished the automation.

If I go into the Rachel new welcome, see that? It’s 100%. He skipped it when [00:35:30] I added the tag. He went here, look at that, that is beautiful, oh man, look at that. He was here, I said “Oh no, I want that contact to skip that email,” I added a goal. This goal being here breaks nothing, everybody, because I have it set up to continue anyway.

If somebody is flowing through here and hits the yes branch, they’re going to go right through that goal. They’re going to go right through it, they’re not going to stop, it’s literally there for [00:36:00] a … it’s like a pod, like a transportation pod, that’s it, that you can drive over. But if you need to use it, it’ll come up from the ground, and you’ll be able to transport to that location. Just like a Sci-Fi movie. But, you see what happened.

He was waiting here. I applied this goal condition, and boom, he jumped over here, and finished out the automation. Yeah, you can definitely use goals in that way. If you want to move somebody really quick, [00:36:30] put the goal there, make the condition a tag that only that contact will be added to, then when you add the tag, they’ll jump to that goal.

All right. Then, lastly. “Facebook Custom Audiences. It says it is working as per the blog. However, mine is still grayed out. Am I not worthy?” I’m glad you brought that up, Brett, because as of Monday, yesterday, all [00:37:00] accounts, plus and above should have 100% access to Facebook Custom Audiences.

When you go to my settings, and you go to integrations, you should let add integration, this should show as available. What Brett is saying is that his is still grayed out, for that, Brett, as long as you’re on plus or above, submit a support ticket and they’ll be able to get your account taken care of. It looks like yours slipped through the cracks. You should be [00:37:30] just fine.

Speaking of Facebook Custom Audiences, everybody just know that that was a hot topic on our last Office Hours. December 15th I walked through how to set up your custom audiences. I don’t even have to hit that. We don’t have the … we’re waiting on [00:38:00] the transcription. Yes. But yeah, right around the six minute mark, seven minute mark, is where I go through … yeah, there it is, right around the seven minute mark is where I go through the Facebook Custom Audiences.

Ironic. “Listen, man, this is the magic of the last Office Hours.” [00:38:30] All right. Yeah, Katrina, let me put this link for you. Here’s Facebook Custom Audiences walkthrough. That link is in there as well.

The biggest thing that I was showing here, one of the things that a lot of people were like “Oh, wow,” is that you can connect multiple Facebook accounts. [00:39:00] If you are an agency, and you are running a few accounts out of your ActiveCampaign, you could do that. If you just personally have multiple accounts, and you can also create custom audiences from within ActiveCampaign.

If the audience doesn’t exist in Facebook, and there’s a certain condition that’s met, you want to use the Facebook Audience feature, you can create a custom audience in ActiveCampaign, and ActiveCampaign will sync it to Facebook. [00:39:30] If it’s not there, it’ll create it for you. It’s a really powerful feature, especially since a lot of the Facebook syncing platforms, or third-party tools integrate at the list level. When someone unsubscribes from a list, you run the risk of that they’ll be removed from your custom audience, which is never what we want to do, we want to have full control when we remove somebody, and when we add them. This allows you to do that.

Then, again, one thing, and [00:40:00] this is not limited to ActiveCampaign, I just want to bring it up so you all are aware of it, so your expectations are set. The match that we found across the industry, not just with ActiveCampaign, is about a 60% match … No, no, no, this one is specific to us, because this is people in our database, I’m sorry.

I don’t know what it would be for other platforms, but I have to imagine it’s in the same ballpark range. But it’s about a 60% match with people who opt in using [00:40:30] their Facebook email address. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people, the email address I use for my Facebook account I do not use for my personal opt in emails, those go somewhere different.

If I opted in to your list, and you have Facebook Custom Audiences set up, I would not be a match. You may add me to the custom audience, but since I log into Facebook with a different email address, I would never get [00:41:00] your retargeting. That’s something to take into account.

Now, with that being said, that’s why we also have the Facebook Pixel. You see how the two go hand-in-hand, the Pixel is the catch all. If somebody is in your automation, and they click a link, and they land on a page, at least then, Facebook Pixel can say “Hey, you are a website visitor,” and add them to the appropriate audience.

Then, if nobody [00:41:30] ever visited the webpage, you know have Facebook Custom Audiences in automations that has a 60% chance, sometimes higher, to being able to add them to the appropriate custom audience as well.

Just remember, when you’re syncing Facebook with any third-party tool and ours, just know that it’s predicated on, or it’s dependent on the user using the same email address they log in the Facebook with.

If you’re running a company that does a lot of social [00:42:00] media marketing, and you’ve got … Are you seeing those Facebook opt ins where just shows you to click here, you don’t have to answer your name or email, it’s just like the Facebook option to click, and it’s showing all your friends who have already subscribed and whatnot? Things like that will be 100% match.

If they’re providing their email on a social media platform like you’re using Facebook leads, where you can grab the email right inside of Facebook, [00:42:30] that will be a one-to-one match.

Just some things to take into account, but please, test this out, Facebook Custom Audiences, test it out, put it into practice, let us know, report back on Office Hours, let me know how everything was going too. All right. Any more questions?

We have collectively given each other a lot of gifts today, which is great. I thank you all. [00:43:00] I wish I had a big feature update that I could drop on you all. All right.

Brett says “What do you want for Christmas from me?” Brett, you know what? That’s a great question. Any time it’s hard to answer a question like that, [inaudible 00:43:17] just let to know that life is good. There’s not anything that I want … you know what I want? Trust me, I really do. Yeah, I do like Tootsie Rolls, especially [00:43:30] the free ones.

What I really want is if every single person that has attended an Office Hours had taken one thing and put it into practice consistently, and seeing results, and to show those results to me, that would be the greatest gift ever. Because I just know, like I’m good in marketing automation, and using technology to [00:44:00] market, but there’s other things that I’m not good at. I am a student as you all are.

When someone shows me to do something and I do it, and I say “Hey, look, remember when you showed me how to file my taxes, or do this?” The feeling that they get, they’re like “Oh, thank you so much for …” because people just don’t follow directions nowadays. It’s so easy to get off track, and off focus.

Whenever you have someone that actually [00:44:30] implements and takes what you’ve … Take in the time to teach and put it into play, it’s one of the most rewarding feelings ever. That’s one gift.

Another gift is if you all have read any books about small business growth, marketing strategy, all of that. I just love … you know, let me be more specific. If you all have read any books on business models like certain types [00:45:00] of business models like loom. I would love to study loom’s business model. How did are they able to keep it free for this long? What are they doing? What does their user base look like? What went into the decision to just go from beta to just free forever? I would love to know that. I’m always looking for books that break down different business models, and things of that nature.

I guess I do have a list. I do a have a list, Brett. All right. [00:45:30] Katrina says “If someone is watching your Office Hours, live or replay, and doesn’t actually take something away from each class, they aren’t actually listening.” Thank you, Katrina, I appreciate that. It speaks to … I really don’t. I don’t know if you all have attended any other platform Office Hours, but I’m 100% sure, because I have.

This Office Hours is totally different because very rarely have you all seen me give you a yes/no answer. Like Brett said, “Hey, [00:46:00] how do import a template?” I could’ve easily said “Oh, Brett, go to manage templated, then you go import, you’re good to go.” I’m not saying people who do that are lazy, I feel like that lacks the amount of value you can truly give. If you can give more value, why not?

Walking through it and actually building it out, and doing all that, that’s a lot more valuable. Does it take more time? Yes. Does it [00:46:30] take more brain power, and thought? For me, yes. Do I run the risk of saying I can do something that I can’t? Absolutely. But, first off, the attempt is appreciated, and if we nail it, which we did today, just look at how well it’s received, not only just for Brett, but everybody watching, and everybody who will watch in the future.

I definitely do not take these Office Hours lightly, and I don’t [00:47:00] take it lightly the time that you all spend with me, especially live, and in replay. I try to make sure it’s valuable. Every time you hear my voice, I want it to trigger in your mind value, value, value, without even thinking about it. Thank you, Katrina.

Yes. Brett says “Hey, Chris, my partners are leaving for lunch, thank you so …” yep, happy holidays to you, Brett. Have a good one. Great to see you, man. Be safe. I’ll see you next year. No worries at all.

Oob [00:47:30] says “[inaudible 00:47:32] here.” I wish I could just hit a button and you can all just transport to the office, and we could have like a end-of-the-year celebration for all of the Office Hours attendees. That would be great.

I guess the closest thing we have to that is … Yeah, right? An Office Hours luncheon. The close thing we have to that are user groups. [00:48:00] I’m excited for the next year’s user group. Everybody, wait a minute, wait a minute. I don’t know if I … I think can pull it up our user conferences next year, everyone.

Look at that, it is. Okay. Bookmark this, everyone, for [00:48:30], that’s for user groups in your area. Where are we going next, you can get notified here, and it looks like … These are the past events. We’ll update it, it looks like we’ll update. Okay. You just go here, and you should be able to register. When is the next one? The next one is [00:49:00] in Chicago, I think this is our next one.

Anyways, make sure you bookmark that page so that you can know when the next meet up is coming, it may be in your city. We’d love to meet you at that. Then, keep your eye out as well for our user conference, 2018 we will be having our first user conference. That, I do anticipate in hope to see everybody [00:49:30] there. That will be amazing.

Katrina said “I asked Santa for a trip to Chicago, so I can …” That will be great. Listen, if you all are in the city, if you are in Chicago, downtown area, please do not hesitate to stop by at the office, seriously. We just had a user come in this week, Don, her name was Don, Don came in.

Do I have a general idea when the conference will be? I think it’s going to be in the summer. [00:50:00] Spring, summer, fall, I think it’s in the late summer. Maybe in the fall. I’ll double-check for you, Katrina. I don’t know for sure. In the Office Hours, or I’ll follow it via email.

Just know that next year, next year we are, we’re going to have our big conference. I’m excited about it, I’m excited to meet all the faces, and just yeah, it’ll be great.

With that being said, all [00:50:30] right, we’ll sign off here and thank you all for attending. I had a few people call in, always excited to see people calling in, at last we know you’re on the move and you still found time in your day to call in and give me a few minutes, thank you for that.

Everybody who participated, everybody who will participate, I hope these Office Hours in the year of 2017 have been amazing for you all, it’s been amazing for me recording them. Look forward to even bigger and better Office Hours [00:51:00] next year, so merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year’s to everyone listening, and for you all here, I’ll see you next year.

Again, thank you for an amazing 2017. Yes, I will, Katrina, I will bring 2018 [inaudible 00:51:19] a safe bank. You enjoy your time as well. Everybody, be safe, be safe over the holidays. I want to see you all virtually, and live, in person, [00:51:30] next year. Let’s all commit to having an ever greater year for our business, for ourselves and for our families.

All right. Thank you. Thank you. I’ll see you all. I’ll see you all next Office Hours, which will be the first Friday of the new year.