Managing Custom Fields

Learn techniques to manage those custom fields of yours!

AutomationsContact and Lead Scoring

Getting Started with ActiveCampaign in 6 Minutes

This video will walk you through the essential steps to get your ActiveCampaign account set up. You got this!

Managing Custom Fields

Learn techniques to manage those custom fields of yours!

Skipping Wait Steps When Testing an Automation

In this video, we show how to skip a wait step when testing an automation. Test test y'all!

How to Edit a Segment

Segments are pretty fly, but sometimes you wanna change your style up. Do you know what I am sayin'? In this video, we show you how to edit a segment!

Adding a Default Value to a Field

You know when you are trying to remember someone's name and totally blank out? Don't worry it happens to all of us. BUT - don't let it happen in an automation. In this video, we teach you how to add…

Link Actions

Tracking what links are clicked on in the emails that you send is a fantastic way to focus in on what exactly your contacts are interested in. In this video, we show you how to make it happen!

Sending Automation Emails on Weekdays Only

Take the weekend off emails! In this video, we show how to make sure that emails are only sending on weekdays. So kick back, relax, and see how its done.

Changing the Subject Line in an Automation Email

The subject line of your email is the primary way to get contacts to open your message. So, if you feel like it isn't poppin' like you want - change it up!

Setting User Permissions Within Automations

Wanna give those users of yours the ability to edit particular automations? We gotchu!

How to Create an Advanced Search

Wanna find out which of your contacts have entered an automation AND who are tagged that their favorite animal is a mongoose? THEN make a segment for those automation using mongoose lovers? Check out this video!

How to Share an Automation

What did mama always say?  That's right!  Share your automations! In this video we show you how.

Saving to a Content Library

You did such a good job the first time! Now, we will show you how to save some time in the future by saving your content to a content library. Saving. Time. Content! Check out an article on the subject…

3 Steps To Building Your First Automation

This is a fairly simple but very effective automation that should open your mind to the exciting world of automation. Jump in! We got you!

Intro To Automations

Automations are combinations of triggers, actions, and logic that allow you to created automated marketing & sales processes. In this video we'll cover the basics of automation and how they can help your business.

Create A “Welcome Email” Automation

In this quick video we'll show you how to create an automation that sends a welcome email when a new contact joins your list. Welcome emails are some of the most opened campaign types so setting this up is a real…

Testing Your Automation

You've got your automation built, now how do you make sure it works correctly? In this short video we'll give you some suggestions on how to test and troubleshoot automations so you can feel confident your marketing & sales processes…

Managing Custom Fields

Learn techniques to manage those custom fields of yours!

Intro To Scoring

Scoring your contacts and deals allows you to evaluate and prioritize your leads so that you can invest your resources where they'll have the most impact. Scoring is traditionally thought of as a sales tool but it has many powerful…

Creating a Score

Scores are made up of rules that distribute points as contacts and deals match those conditions. Here we'll set up some example rules with the segment builder to get you started with creating your own custom rules that make sense…

Dynamic Scoring

Dynamic scoring allows you to add or subtract points from scores within automations. You can change a score each time a web page is visited, each time an event occurs, or each time an email campaign is opened or clicked.

Leverage Contact & Lead Scores

Now that you have a contact or lead score set up, you can start using these scores to power your marketing and sales processes. With scores you can begin automations, create paths within automations, and automate your sales process.