Import Contacts From a .csv File

This is a walkthrough of bulk importing contacts from a .csv file you’ve exported from another provider.


Introduction to Segmentation in ActiveCampaign

In this walkthrough we will cover how to set up different types of segmentation in ActiveCampaign. Using lists, tags, and custom fields allows you to divide your contacts into increasingly customized groups to maximize your ability to send them targeted…

How to Create an Advanced Search

Wanna find out which of your contacts have entered an automation AND who are tagged that their favorite animal is a mongoose? THEN make a segment for those automation using mongoose lovers? Check out this video!

Importing Contacts

He's an importer/exporter. What does he import? Contacts. What does he export? Business changing automations! In this video we show you a couple of ways to import your contacts.

Enabling a Single Opt-In Form

In this video we show you how to tell the opt-in confirmation step to hit the bricks: how to enable a single opt-in form.

Intro to Contacts

The Contacts portion of the app is how you search for individual contacts and groups of contacts, bulk edit your contacts, and manage your contacts.

Import Contacts From a .csv File

This is a walkthrough of bulk importing contacts from a .csv file you've exported from another provider.

Creating A Form

Placing a form on your site allows you to add opt-in contacts into your account. We offer a variety of high-converting form types.

Tagging and Fields Intro

Tags allow you to organize and group your contacts and custom fields allow you to add additional contact information onto the contact record. This video explains the differences between the two and show you how to add them to contacts.

Tagging: How to Group Contacts in ActiveCampaign

Tags are a way to group contacts. You can use tags to indicate the status of a contact, important actions they've taken, and then easily create segments or personalize your email campaigns and marketing automation.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to customize your ActiveCampaign account so that you are collecting all the information that is relevant to your business. Our custom field functionality offers a variety of custom fields types so you can gather the data…

Integrating with Google Contacts

This video walks you through setting up an integration. The example integration is how to connect your Google Contacts to your ActiveCampaign account so that old contacts are imported and new Google Contacts are added to ActiveCampaign automatically.

ActiveCampaign WordPress Plugin

The ActiveCampaign Wordpress plugin makes it easy to place forms on your site and it can automatically insert the Site Tracking code into your website.