How to Enable Double Opt-In Without a Form

Recording of Office Hours hosted by Chris Davis on July 27, 2018.
Topics covered in this session:

  • How to display your profile photo in emails you send from ActiveCampaign
  • Using the updated version of Automation labels
  • A strategy for enabling double opt-in for contacts without using a form


Chris Davis: 00:01 All right, so let’s start with some questions. I’ve got one from Bradley. Oh, wait a minute. I’m going to set up again. [Inaudible 00:00:14]. All right. We move this over. All right. I’m ready. Sorry about that. I normally have my notepad. Notepad ready for those of you who haven’t been on an Office Hours before so it will be smoother going forward, and has anyone figured out how to get a profile picture associated with your ActiveCampaign emails? If someone opens your email in Gmail, there’s your picture accompanying it? That’s a really good question, and Bradley, I’m sorry, to answer that, what you want to do is there’s two things. This is a really good question. All right.

One is if you’re using an email like Gmail or something like that, whatever profile picture you’re using in your client will more than likely be the one displayed. Okay? Secondary, the next level is Gravatar. I say Gravatar really hesitantly because that is what displays on blog posts. Let me just show you what Gravatar. Excuse me, many of you who have  WordPress websites know that the image of the person commenting is pulled from their Gravatar. What this is, is that you see a globally recognized avatar, so all of the sites online recognized Gravatar as avatars. Discuss,  WordPress, GitHub, Hootsuite, which is free by the way, when you create a Gravatar account and upload your profile, this is probably the safest way to control what your image looks like.

I would start here. Second, I would update your image in Gmail, in the actual client because a lot of times whatever photo you have in your email client is what is going to be pulled because remember, ActiveCampaign is sending on behalf of your email address. If it’s, it’s going to look for my If it’s G Suite, if you’re using the G Suite for that, a branded domain, then there’ll be an avatar attached to it based on the profile picture you used in Google or the G Suite settings. If not, you want to make sure you have this Gravatar setup to make sure that it will pull that. It will pull that for you. Those are the two things that I would recommend trying and either one of them should work honestly, either one of them should work.

It’s standard practice. I have a Gravatar as well as a profile in my Gmail. There’s no harm in having all your bases covered, even if it means going out of your way just a little bit. Let me see here. Lazar has one. Let’s answer this real quick. He’s got a picture as well. Lazar says, “Hey everyone. When labeling automations, the labels used to be colorful and easier to distinguish from one another. I don’t know if it’s just my account but mine are all grey and tiny and aren’t of much used before and after pics. Does somebody know when this change happened?” Yeah, that’s a good one. Let me show you what Lazar was talking about. Now when we go to automations, I don’t have a before because I can’t access it, but you see these labels.

Let me see if I can get one that has a label. These labels you see now, they’re grey. That’s what Lazar is always talking about, they’re grey. That when the navigation was at the top, on the left, you could control the color of the labels and it helped you quickly distinguish which automation was which because honestly you got used to logging into your account and looking at your automations and let’s say you had engagement automations as a label and that was always green. You will see it so many times logging into your account that when you saw green, you would know that those were the engagement one. The green was really good. The colors I should say for labels was really good. It got lost and I’d see on Facebook too, there’s a post of [Varga 00:05:03] of his re-reviewing it.

He’s our automations product manager. When we moved the navigation to the left, of course this space here for the secondary navigation, this is the space that would have normally been taken up by the labels. In an effort to save space and be a little more streamline, we added labels here. You’re not crazy Lazar, you are right. There was a difference, there was a difference. Let me see. I’ve got one more here. Let me grab this and if you all have questions, you can feel free to drop them in. Stephanie asks. Let me lower this one, all right. “Is there a way to have double opt in even though the subscribers comes from an external form? For instance, people subscribed to Webinarjam are on a list, but I still want them to double opt in.”

This is a really good question. I showed something similar. I showed something similar on Office Hours before. Did I call her a [inaudible 00:06:31]? I can’t remember. Let’s see if I could find it though understanding how this work. No, it was one where I was going through using like a … Stephanie, this is what I would recommend. Webinarjam is going to add them … I may have the automation here. Webinarjam is going to add them directly to your list, and what you want to do is what the double opt in does is it waits for a link click in an email for permission to add people to your main list, so there’s no reason why you couldn’t emulate that, right?

It’s not native built into the app where you can say turn double opt in on for this list because we used to have double opt in default for lists, and we ran into more issues because people wanted a lot more flexibility when it came to requiring double opt in offering single opt in. We moved it to the forum and since then, it’s actually been a really, really good move. For that sake, if we break down double opt in, it’s essentially a message that goes out to get permission to send more messaging, okay. We don’t have to have a specific feature that says double opt in to be able to do this. You can have a lists setup that’s called Webinarjam, and all of your leads from Webinarjam or added to this list or any integration that adds contacts directly to list, any integration.

I know ClickFunnels integrates with us at a list level. I believe Unbounce does as well, whatever adds people to a list. Now guess what you’re going to do. Let me fill this out for you Stephanie. Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to use a start trigger when someone subscribes to that list, okay. Let’s see. Do I have a webinar list here? What you say … I don’t know. We’ll use this one. All right. Whenever someone subscribes to your integration list, what you’re going to do is send them an email, okay. Watch this double opt in email. Okay. We’re essentially emulating the exact functionality that exist as double opt in, okay. All right. Am I hardwired again? Forgive me, I forgot to plug in my hard lines to my wifi. Didn’t hold us up.

While we’re doing that, one thing I wanted to point out is the native double opt in is going to … What you’re going to go in and see is look at this. We move this up someplace. See the status, active, unconfirmed unsubscribed, bounce. Active is for everybody that’s gone through the double opt in process via a form, that will be marked as active, okay. If you have double opt in on and they don’t click on the link, they’ll be marked as unconfirmed. As you can see, I’ve got a lot of people in my account, right? Only one, two, three, four, five of them are unconfirmed. The rest of them are active. Guess what? All of these people did not fill out forms.

What happens is if they have an opportunity to be active and that’s by filling out a form, the second someone fills out a form, they’re going to show as unconfirmed if you have double opt in on that form, okay. Otherwise, they will show as active if they submit a form that does not require double opt in or they’re import. okay, but here’s the thing, here’s the catch. This status really doesn’t affect you as in terms of like sending emails. The only rate it affects you is if someone goes through a form that has double opt in on and they never opt in. They will be unconfirmed and you cannot mail unconfirmed leads. You cannot send email to unconfirmed leads, so we do not by default mark every contact as unconfirmed.

As you can see, these are a lot of our employees. I’ve imported a lot of these contacts and most of the time, these contacts are me. I just filled out a form that doesn’t have double opt in and you will see that I still show as active if you want to see my status. I got to go back here. I’m in the Clifford. Oh, it’s there active. Okay, Clifford. Still shows as active. Anyways, I was saying that because this has not loaded for me. Here we go. Let me try this again. Let’s see. There we go. All right. They subscribed to my list via Webinar, and something like quick favorite, right? When I get this email, this is me confirming like, “Hey, see you on a webinar soon, but quick favor to ask” and then what it would do is we will go into the email.

This is where we will put all of our texts, like, hey, first name, welcome and thank you for signing up, but you would not use this copy as is. Put the link below to provide a mission for us to continue to send you value by email.” Do not use that copy everybody. Let me delete this just so it doesn’t confuse you all. Then here, you can say confirm now, right” Then when they click this link, it’ll go somewhere on your website, some page. Maybe you want to create a success page for things like this, success. Okay. Click there and they will now be confirmed. What does that mean for you? Finish that. What that means is you’re going to send this email and then the goal for this automation is for them to confirm address and we’ll do this by clicking. All right.

Then they’re going to jump to this goal when actions has clicked on a link, the double opt in link. There it is. You see that? When they’ve clicked on the double opt in link, they will achieve this goal. They’re going to wait until conditions are met. They’ll achieve this goal, and then what you could do look at this is you can subscribe them to your main list. Okay. That’s how you would solve it. If you wanted to, you could even add a wait for a couple of days and then you could even send them a reminder. All right. In this sense, you’re doing better than the default double opt in because the default double opt in is just going to send one email.

Now you can at least have control over sending more than one, and then of course in your goal condition, you want to make sure they’ve clicked on this link and if you have another email it will say or has clicked on a link in the reminder email to. Okay, so you want to make sure you’re monitoring both emails and then right when they click it, what happens is that for those of you that don’t know how goals work, the second is goal condition is true, they’ll skip wherever they’re at and they’ll jump right to this goal condition and continue on. At that point and only at that point are they subscribed to the main list. Now you can filter out … We’ll ask this question. She’ll be able to find this one. Yeah.

Now if they don’t take action after that … If they register for the webinar and don’t give you permission, they’ll never make it to your main list. You’re using this integration list as a filter and to keep the non-engagers at bay. All right? Let me see here. All right, looks like I’ve got them all. All right. Any more questions? The floor is open. Again, I won’t hold you all hostage. I will never do that, that’s my promise to you. If you have questions, let’s get them in. If not, like I said, remember, don’t forget the fundamentals, and you can see it in sports, you can see it everywhere. Anytime you fail in any activity, anything worth winning, it can be traced back to a lack of fundamentals. What are the fundamentals in business? One of the fundamentals is knowing your numbers, right?

Another one is knowing your audience and another one is knowing your market. Your audience and your market, you could say are one and the same, but the market encompasses more than just your audience. Those are the basics really and when it comes to marketing, the basics in marketing are reaching that audience with the right message at the right time. That’s your marketing. I mean if you can pull that off, then you’ll be fine. Now we can start talking about all of these advanced things like, “Hey, when I’m clicking this link, I needed to fire off a stage and then that stage, it needs to that …” That’s fine as well, but most of the time when there’s an issue in your business with your automation is something very basic.

I say that to say if you feel like you’re getting stuck with a lot of basic questions, that’s what Office Hours is for and two, don’t doubt yourself because the basic questions are just as hard as the “complex questions.” All questions are created equal and in the space of marketing automation. I say that just encourage you. I know there’s always people who get a feel for Office Hours and build up some courage, so that’s fine. I don’t judge either way. I just want you all to know that this is a resource for you, but it looks like we’re all good. All minds are cleared, that’s perfectly fine. I want to thank you all for attending Office Hours. This was great. Thank you for the question that you asked.

The posting will be up in the education center shortly with the replay. Again, we do it all over Tuesday, Tuesday at nine, 8:00 a.m. central, so you don’t have to wait until Friday. You can come on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. central. You can attend as many Office Hours as you like, there is no limit. We will be here for you, so make sure you come on, bring your questions and we will answer them as we have done here. I’m signing off, have a great weekend, and automate responsibly.

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