How to Customize Preheader Text in a Campaign

Recording of Office Hours hosted by Chris Davis and Adam Tuttle on August 28, 2018. In this session, we learned about some of ActiveCampaign’s latest product updates, including the new, easy way to customize the preheader text in your campaign emails. We also learned about the FREE Getting Started with ActiveCampaign course, managing custom fields, the new Date Created segment condition, and some membership plugin options for ActiveCampaign.

Chris Davis: 00:01 All right so we’re recording now. All right so what I wanted to show you all before I go too deep into Office Hours is this, Listen this is for you everybody, I’m logged in so maybe if I go in the logged out version, this is for you. Getting started with ActiveCampaign is a brand new course, it is free to get in, to enroll, let me put the link in the chat right now, it’s I highly recommend everybody go through this course, I don’t care what level of expertise you have go through this course and just reaffirm what you know and I guarantee you will enjoy …

In fact I’m gonna give you a sneak peak because I really want you to know this is not your regular course. All right? Let me do this, I think I can do this as logged in. Hold on everybody, this is not your regular course where we’re just talking over slides and everything. Check this out, this is just one lesson, we put a lot. Look we’ve got notes for you to download and the notes are beautifully designed by our design team. I mean come on, if you just want to take the course for the notes. Look at this, they gave me a virtual whiteboard everybody. Do you see this? I get to draw on a whiteboard, this is all in the course, this is all in the course. It’s not just click here, do this, we’re going over theory, how do you approach automation for yourself and your business, definitely make sure you enroll in that one.

With that being said I want to open the floor up to questions. If you have any questions now is the time, Adam and I are here to answer any questions that you have. In the meantime while you all are prepping your questions what I’m going to do is just go through a couple of these features that you saw listed and see if I can’t get you as excited as I am for it all.

All right so let’s log into the app. Now the first thing I want to show off is hide empty custom fields. For some of you who are a bit more CRM heavy you know that there’s a lot of custom fields on contacts that may not apply to all of your contacts so take my fictitious twin brother Phil here and look at all of these custom fields that I have that are not populated. Sometimes when you’re going to find data it’s easier just to hide all of that. Okay? To do that look at this, hide empty fields. Did you see that? Look, it just hides everything that’s empty and now I can see all of the fields that actually have data. That is huge that’s here for your use, it’s in every single account right now, it’s there for … we do have a question.

Adam Tuttle: 03:22 I think that’s just a tremendous use case for that as as marketers maybe if they are starting simple they may not have all these fields right away but we were actually just working with a customer here in our Sydney office and they’re importing 200 custom fields and we went through them with them and they legitimately needed those 200 fields for their use case.

You can imagine then using the CRM to try to sort through that when they’re definitely not gonna all be populated for every single person so right away that was like a use case this week that we were able to like put into practice of just say hey like this is gonna be a feature that will help you just not want to cry every time you have to go try to find that little piece of information.

Chris Davis: 04:09 Wow, wow, that’s cool. Let me answer Armand’s question. Armand says, “Speaking of courses, what would you recommend for a membership plugin that integrates well with ActiveCampaign?” Absolutely Armand so the first thing I would say is check out and this is not for self-promotion I really want you to take a look here, right here. Episode number … where did I start? This, episode number 32, 33, 34, and 35 they are all membership plugins that I highly recommend, Bob Keen Active Member 360, Micah Mitchell is Memberium, Jack Arturo is WP Fusion, and then Nathalie Lussier is Accessally.

Honestly Nathalie is, if you want some additional reading, this one how to automate a course online her plugin is featured here. She talks about that here so if you want my recommendation any of those four work really well, they all function differently though Armand, that’s what’s crazy and important is that they all function differently. I recommend just listening to these four podcasts, episode 32 through 35 and seeing which one you think best fits your business.

I think I have another one in there too, episode 38 Tapping Automation to Boost Engagement Rates with Mike Kelly. Mike Kelly they own Active Vault and that’s another one that integrates directly with ActiveCampaign. Those are definitely my recommendations, let me put the first one, I’m gonna put this in the chat for you Armand so you don’t have to try to find it so there it is.

Adam Tuttle: 06:22 I think Chris actually that kind of goes back to a good point that I think is a little bigger than just membership plugins. I think that with ActiveCampaign integrates with so many different platforms, like there are literally hundreds and hundreds of platforms that we integrate with and a lot of them it’s not so much that one is better than the other I think sometimes it’s just sometimes that the use case is more applicable to the user.

I think that it’s good to do some research and see what all is out there and just my classic example that I go back to is Leadpages and Instapage for landing pages, both high-quality software, really good platforms, and I like have only good things to say about both of them. Leadpages historically has been really focused on like templates and like quick to use so someone can go in, they can find templates for realtors or whatever the industry is they’re in, swap out a couple of pictures and they’re up and running. Instapage on the flip side is much more I would say malleable for like developers there they can go in and really customize like from a coding perspective a lot of it.

There’s like amazing platforms for both of them. Leadpages is easy to use especially for people that maybe don’t have that technical side to them, someone like myself, but if we like a designer at ActiveCampaign well they’re gonna know way more than me and they might want something like Instapages or something like that. I think that’s just another point to kind of raise is when you’re looking for tools whether it be a membership tool or landing pages or whatever it might be there’s almost always more than one integration with ActiveCampaign in that space and they don’t all do the exact same thing so I would take the time to definitely like at least do some research to see if … kind of lay out what your needs are and then assess through with what you’re trying to do and find the best fit for you not so much just a one-off oh I found somebody that does it because like I said there’s usually three or four options for you at least.

Chris Davis: 08:29 Yeah, yep that’s a great point. That’s something that you will always see us stay true to especially on Office Hours when we’re live answering questions, we want to help you find the best solution for your business use case and a lot of times people don’t take that approach, they want to just use what other friends using or what some other person told them to use but yeah you’re right Adam it’s important to understand the business use case and [inaudible 00:08:56] and best use cases for a lot of these platforms that we integrate with.

Back to show and tell, one more thing, I’m won’t go through all of them but I do want to show you this. Well first off … well why not? Let’s just keep going here. The next one I want to show you all is automation labels, look at this, go back to labels, let me do this, they’re now colorful again. These are the original colors that you selected when you created the label when we had our old navigation, yes the team is working on making it to where you can update the colors as is but for now your colors are back just so you know.

The next one I wanted to show you all is this, watch this, this is gonna be cool. What we often get from our customers is people are trying to figure our how can I find who opted in within a specific timeframe or who joined my database within a specific timeframe. Now if we go to the advanced search, let me take Phil out of there, advanced search and I can go now to contact details and look at this, date created.

Let’s say I wanted to say last month, let’s say I wanted to see all the contacts created last month, what I would do is greater than let’s just say the month of August so I go July 31st because I want to include August first. You know what this is gonna return zero I bet because I don’t have people opting into my list like that so let me do this. Let’s go back, how about the first quarter so I’m gonna do the first quarter so greater than December 31st and date created there, here let’s do this this year. Now look, these are all of the contacts that were created this year.

Whoa, oops, sorry I used the wrong condition everybody, I wanted 2008. Date created is greater than, let’s go to, let’s do this one. All right so it should give me everybody in 2008 and as you see date created is all this year. Okay? I could do that for months, if I want to say date was created December first any maybe … so if I do the first quarter I can go to March. Who all was created the first quarter? I’ll go all the way out to March to December. January, February, March, yeah. March so I’ll go to April first and search.

Now these are all the contacts, no contacts the first quarter. All right? If they were I could then say that as a segment and target them separately if I wanted to do, I can go quarter by quarter, I can … the nice thing is I can create these segments in advance. If I want to know, if I know that I’m running a promotion for the last quarter of the month I’ll just create that segment and I’ll always have those customers who were created during that time. Date created is a huge addition that I’m really, really glad to see.

The last one that I’ll showcase with you all is the preheader text. What the preheader text is this, you see this? I can now determine what I want to show in the preview of the email. In the old days you were limited whatever the first couple sentences were this would show as the text, this shows as the text in your email preview. You see the subject line and then you see these first couple sentences or so. Now with the preheader text it allows me to control the entire line of text right here.

Adam Tuttle: 13:47 Hey Chris can I tell you a funny story about this feature?

Chris Davis: 13:50 Yes.

Adam Tuttle: 13:53 This was probably in about 2016-ish and I had two customers in like a week ask for this feature, this very feature that we just released. We just couldn’t do it, we didn’t have a way to do it and I woke up one morning at like five o’clock in the morning and I looked at my phone and like the second customer had asked for this feature. I fell back to sleep and I woke up and I knew how to do it, I knew how to fake the system and I figured out how to put it in with an HTML block that was hidden, we hid all the code.

I had fallen asleep and the solution came to me as I woke up, I knew how to hack the system and make it work and so for years there’s actually inside of our internal documentation there’s like a helper going how to kind of hack it for customers and now this is so beautiful, it made me so happy to see it come out because it’s been a request and now it’s so easy to do without having to get super creative and manipulating code to do something for you. I came to the solution in my sleep which I always laugh about.

Chris Davis: 15:15 There it is, never underestimate the power of rest everybody, from telling himself.

Adam Tuttle: 15:23 Or the power of a salesmen wanting the sale.

Chris Davis: 15:28 Right? All right so those are some of the latest features and listen quite a few … for those of you online now thank you for attending, those of you watching the replay thank you for watching the replay. Listen this is new, this is our seven o’clock central standard time Office Hours in America. What time is it over there in Australia?

Adam Tuttle: 15:50 It is 10:30 in the morning so it starts at 10 o’clock in the morning here.

Chris Davis: 15:54 It’s 10 AM in the morning if you’re in the Australia Central or is it Eastern, Australia Eastern?

Adam Tuttle: 16:02 Yeah Australia Eastern standard time.

Chris Davis: 16:05 We’re here for an hour so there’s 30 more minutes left. Adam and I would love to field and answer any of your questions, I know some of you are probably on for the first time on Office Hours because this may be a time that’s more suited. We are a laid back group of guys, the company in itself we just chill, you know to the point of we want to make sure that we’re as easily approachable because we know, we know how it is asking technical questions online. That’s why we’re here, we’re here for your questions but at the same time we don’t want to hold you hostage, we understand that you have a business to run and many of you have families so if you need to tend to the family, if you just need to head out that’s fine, that is okay, we just want you to know that this time is bookmarked on your calendar word.

We’re here to answer your questions every Tuesday at seven and like I said if you have any other questions everybody who is online live right now feel free to type them in the chat. If not that’s okay you know hopefully you’ll come back the next Office Hours which is Friday at one PM Central and ask your questions. Either way just know you have useful space.

Adam Tuttle: 17:20 Yep.

Chris Davis: 17:24 I’ll give it a few more minutes everybody. While we’re waiting let me see, I just wanted to see because I built out some cool automations this week but nothing really stands out. One thing I do want to make sure all of you, every single one of you are aware of is this little icon right here. Next to the automations, please visit our automations map. Okay this, look at that, come on. Who doesn’t want to see what their automations are connected to and how they’re connected with one another? Okay if I click on engagement trigger it shows me that it’s a whole lot of other automations, a whole lot of action that come here and my engagement monitor.

See I can just get a real easy understanding of how all of my automations are interacting and playing a part in this entire journey. That is the automations map, listen please do not overlook that tiny little icon. If the icon is too hard to find look it’s right here as navigation item but it is exclusive to ActiveCampaign, there’s no other platform that’s going to allow a top-level view as this is showing how all of your automations interact and interconnect I should say with one another and look you can even see what’s in each automation, start triggers, everything. I mean with the product in-depth team did just an amazing job, amazing job with this. I definitely urge you all to know that is available for you.

All right with that being said it looks like all minds are clear, we don’t have anymore questions. I want to thank you all for attending ActiveCampaign Office Hours, seven PM Central standard time in America, 10 AM Australia Eastern standard time. We will be doing this every other week so the Tuesday after next Tuesday we’ll be back and depending on the popular demand that you all did provide to us we will move it to weekly if need be but just know this is a service for you all to benefit from greatly, come with your questions, and come ready to learn. I want to thank you all for attending today, the replay of this will be available on the website in our Office Hours linking the education summit so feel free to go there and get it. Until next time my friends automate responsibly.