Viewing videos for Site & Event Tracking

Leveraging Site Tracking Data

Now that you have Site Tracking set up, it's time to leverage that data to power marketing & sales automation. You can send perfectly timed messages, shorten your sales cycle by reacting to contact behavior, and identify your best leads so you focus your resources…

Set Up Site Tracking

Site Tracking is quick and easy to set up. It's one of the features we recommend every user set up right away. If you can install Google Analytics on your site, you already know how to install Site Tracking. If you're using a Wordpress site,…

Site Tracking Intro

Site Tracking connects your website activity to your marketing & sales automation. It allows ActiveCampaign to "see" and immediately react to what your contacts are doing on your website. You can begin automations that send perfectly timed emails, increase a contact or lead score on…