Viewing videos for Deals & CRM

An Introduction to Deals CRM

Make a deal with yourself to get acquainted with the ActiveCampaign Deals CRM! In this video walk-through we cover how to get set up and familiar with creating a new pipeline, creating a new deal, adding tasks and deals, and review and Task View.

Deals CRM iOS App Features

Throw your computer out the window (just kidding just kidding) and get some fresh air! With our Deals CRM iOS App, you can take ActiveCampaign's Deals CRM with ya wherever you go! Learn more @:

Deal Notifications

Information about a Deal is a big deal! In this video, learn how to set up Deal Notifications.

Creating Private Pipelines

Are you itchin' to make pipelines private to ensure that your users are focused on the specific information that matters to them? This video shows you how!


Continue your quest to becoming a marketing sensei by learning how to set up and use Attribution with ActiveCampaign!

Automating Your Sales Processes

One of the advantages of having your CRM integrated so tightly with your marketing automation solution is that you can use the same marketing automation tools to streamline and power your sales processes. You can also seamlessly transition marketing leads to your sales processes as…

Managing Your Workday With Deals

The Deals CRM makes it easy to stay organized as you move your deals through the stages of your pipeline. Tasks and automation allow you to work as efficiently as possible with your team to drive deals forward and shorten your sales cycle.

Connect Your Email Account to Deals

This video walks you through how to connect your IMAP email account to ActiveCampaign so that messages from contacts with open deals will automatically be brought in and attached to the Deal Record. All your communication will be consolidated and organized so you never have…

Setting Up Your First Pipeline

Pipelines are made up of stages. Each stage is a step in a process. Our pipelines can be customized to add as many stages as you need.

Intro To Deals And Sales Automation

The Deals CRM is an elegant tool for managing your opportunities throughout the stages of your sales process. It's a flexible tool that can adapt and organize any internal process such as onboarding new customers, fulfilling orders, and more.