Viewing videos for Contact and Lead Scoring

Leverage Contact & Lead Scores

Now that you have a contact or lead score set up, you can start using these scores to power your marketing and sales processes. With scores you can begin automations, create paths within automations, and automate your sales process.

Dynamic Scoring

Dynamic scoring allows you to add or subtract points from scores within automations. You can change a score each time a web page is visited, each time an event occurs, or each time an email campaign is opened or clicked.

Creating a Score

Scores are made up of rules that distribute points as contacts and deals match those conditions. Here we'll set up some example rules with the segment builder to get you started with creating your own custom rules that make sense for your business.

Intro To Scoring

Scoring your contacts and deals allows you to evaluate and prioritize your leads so that you can invest your resources where they'll have the most impact. Scoring is traditionally thought of as a sales tool but it has many powerful applications in marketing processes as…