Follow these steps to get started with integrations

What’s the fastest way to get started with ActiveCampaign integrations? Integrations let you connect your favorite tools to ActiveCampaign and get a more complete picture of your customers. Follow these steps to learn how to integrate tools with ActiveCampaign.


Connect the integrations you already use

Integrate your tools with ActiveCampaign to build a complete customer experience, connecting your software platforms to provide a seamless journey. Connect your ecommerce store with deep data integrations, build automations including native integrations, or learn to use middleware as a connection tool.

Building your toolbox allows you to feel empowered by your platforms, not interrupted. Whatever configuration suits you best, you can orchestrate it in ActiveCampaign.

Learn what an integration is

Start your integration plan 

Browse hundreds of tools that integrate with ActiveCampaign

Are you operating all of the tools you need successfully? How are you going to allow them to speak with ActiveCampaign? Place your process before software and consider all of the opportunities to build lines of communication between softwares platforms. Set yourself up for success by mapping out the tools you are currently using, determining what you may need, and create vital connections to ActiveCampaign.

Connect the apps you use 


Get started with a premade automation recipe that uses your integrations

If you are not sure on how you can use your newly created integrations with automations, recipes can guide you through recommended steps.

These recipes can show you how to:

  • Easily sync contact data
  • Build automations triggered directly from integrations
  • Effectively manage pipelines and contact lifecycles

The Marketplace has automations that will orchestrate customer experiences based on what works best for your business.

Import automation recipes to take the guesswork out of automating integrations

Explore recipes 

Connect ActiveCampaign to your Zapier account

Middleware tools facilitate data-sharing connections between software platforms. ActiveCampaign’s open API easily connects to middleware softwares, like Zapier, so you can build information highways between your platforms.

Bring more actionable data together inside ActiveCampaign to create a clearer and more complete picture of the different stages in the customer lifecycle.

Use Zapier to connect ActiveCampaign to other tools 


Use integrations as automation steps and triggers in ActiveCampaign

To start linking the information highways that you have built between tools, you can utilize automations. Pulling all of your information into ActiveCampaign can help you to stay organized with your contacts & data.

You can create the exact connections that you want between two platforms and then use automations to enable your contacts to begin your journey, whichever way you’d like them to go.

Use Automation across all your marketing and sales channels

Automate across platforms 

Advanced integration with webhooks and APIs

Thinking about more technical ways to connect your tools? Build your own custom Webhooks APIs to connect a platform to ActiveCampaign & build opportunities for easy transfer of information.

If you are just getting started with APIs and Webhooks, use our resources to get started building your own pathways.

Endless possibilities with the API