Episode 91: How to Personalize the Messaging on Your Website

What are the benefits of personalized marketing, and how do you do it when you have 1,000+ visitors to your website every month? Learn how to create a more personalized experience for contacts interested in your biz.


These days, if you’re not trying to deliver a personalized marketing experience for customers, you’re doing it wrong. Targeting the right contact with the right message at the right moment increases the chance that a lead will convert every time. Brennan Dunn joins the podcast to discuss the benefits of personalized marketing, and how to use personalized messaging on your website to make the sale.
Brennan Dunn is the co-founder of RightMessage, a website personalization platform that integrates with the tools and platforms you already use—including ActiveCampaign—to help you personalize the experience for individual prospects, leads, and customers. Connect with him on Twitter @BrennanD.