Episode 40: Transitioning from Services to Digital Products with Mandy McEwen

Episode 40: Transitioning from Services to Digital Products with Mandy McEwen

The CEO and founder of Mod Girl Marketing shares what she learned when she shifted her business model from a service model to digital product offerings, and offers advice business owners in transition can take to see their best results.


Mandy McEwen is an SEO and inbound marketing consultant with nearly a decade of experience in the ever-evolving digital marketing space. As CEO and founder of her own inbound marketing consultancy, Mod Girl Marketing, she’s learned a thing or two about transitioning a business model and finding the right tools to help you transition successfully.
You can find Mandy on Twitter @mandymodgirl and in the Facebook group ModGirl.Social.
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Chris Davis: Welcome to another episode of the ActiveCampaign podcast. I am your host, Chris Davis, [00:00:30] and I have with me today Mandy McEwen of Mod Girl Marketing.com. This podcast is going to be quite a treat, because it covers a transition that many are facing, have faced, or will face in your business with the digital age that is often kind of overlooked, and not really highlighted. So no spoiler alert in [00:01:00] the intro for me. I want to introduce Mandy, Mandy, how are you doing.

Mandy McEwen: I am great Chris, thanks for having me.

Chris Davis: Yes, thank you so much for being on.

Mandy McEwen: Of course.

Chris Davis: Listeners, I had a chance to connect with Mandy briefly via email, and then we jumped on the phone and we were just kind of talking like hey Many tell me a little bit about yourself x, y, z. The more she talked, I was like oh my gosh, I’ve got to have you on the podcast. People need [00:01:30] to hear this story. So Mandy, tell us a little bit about your background.

Mandy McEwen: Yeah, sure, so I’ve been an online marketer for a little bit over a decade now, but I started off in affiliate marketing, making my own websites and such, and kind of as a freelancer too, doing some stuff on the side. Then in 2010 I started my agency Mod Girl Marketing. So when we started it off, I’m kind of a huge SEO girl, so that’s kind of what I started offering clients in the beginning, was just SEO, and now as everyone knows, [00:02:00] now you can’t just do SEO, you kind of have to do it all if you want a solid digital presence. So then I just started building my team and we kind of turned into an inbound marketing agency. So for several years we were just doing services only, working with clients. We kind of specialize in healthcare technology, but the more I started working with other agencies and entrepreneurs, via our white label marketing solutions, I found another passion of mine, which is helping marketing entrepreneurs.

[00:02:30] That’s really what I really enjoy doing. So of course I love helping all types of businesses grow online, obviously, but I really have a special place in my heart for marketing entrepreneurs, probably because I am one, and I’ve been through a lot to get to where I am today. So we started creating digital products, courses, and training programs, and coaching for our marketing entrepreneur and really B to B entrepreneurs too about a year ago, actually less than a year ago. So that’s kind of our new model, [00:03:00] so we’re doing both. So we kind of have two sides of our agency, it’s still the consulting side with businesses, and then we have this other side, which is the digital product side for marketing and B to B entrepreneurs.

Chris Davis: Yeah, and that’s really the sweet spot of this episode. I want to talk about what that transition is like, going from a traditional service based business to digital products, right. Now [00:03:30] you were very successful in selling your services, right?

Mandy McEwen: Correct.

Chris Davis: What was it that made you think, you know what, we’ve got to go digital. What was that moment, what was that client, what was that time that really marked that?

Mandy McEwen: That’s a good question. So ironically enough, our first product that we made wasn’t even for entrepreneurs, it was for CMOs, chief marketing officers, of B to B and healthcare organizations. And we did that really to [00:04:00] kind of boost our credibility in the inbound marketing space, because, you know, we were still going after service based clients but we were like hey, we need to differentiate ourselves, more so than we already do. So let’s create a guide. It was the CMOs guide to effective inbound marketing, and a little membership site. So it was kind of more like let’s see how this goes. I knew I always wanted to create digital product, even back in the day, I was like man I want to do this. I just didn’t know how to go about doing it, really.

So [00:04:30] that was kind of our first test and we used it with our current CRM and it was just kind of a mess, but I loved the fact that I was making money, even if it was $27, wow, waking up in the morning seeing that, not having to deal with a client. I thought wow, this is awesome, and people were loving it too. So it was doing multiple things, and I was like we’ve got to find a way to do this better and start focusing on this, because I really, really enjoy it. So, that’s kind of how it came about. It’s always been something in the back of my head that I wanted to [00:05:00] do and I think the first product was a perfect test of how not to do. How not to do digital products with the tools we were using, which is why you and I are talking today, Chris.

So that was kind of our first getting our feet wet kind of thing, and I know it’s probably really rare for people to create a first digital product and to hit a home run anyway. I wasn’t too bummed about it but let’s just say I spent a lot, a lot, a lot of money [00:05:30] in lessons learned for it to not really do that well. But, you know, I don’t regret anything because I learned a ton and now we’re doing some really cool things with a lot more products.

Chris Davis: Yeah, and what speaks to me in everything that you’re saying is that your product, the first product, came as a result of a service that you were providing consistently. So you were very in tune and intimate with the needs of the CMOs, [00:06:00] right?

Mandy McEwen: For sure, yes, 100%.

Chris Davis: Which is huge, and then the other thing, hats off to you, is the patience. I can’t tell you, Mandy, how many people are … They have business A and business A is bringing in money, and then they start chasing business B and it’s like whoa, wait a minute. Don’t just abandon business A, test it out. Put a toe in the water, don’t just dive all the way in. So [00:06:30] you had that business sense to say, okay, I’ve always wanted to do it, it seems like the timing has aligned with the needs of the CMOs and I think I can pull this off without diverting all the way from what I was initially doing.

Mandy McEwen: Correct, so kind of the shiny object syndrome, which, you know, I am totally guilty of and I do have ADD, but that’s also why I love what I do, because I’m never [00:07:00] bored. There’s always something exciting going on, but you’re right. This business model A is working, let’s continue with it, let’s just add something on, see how it goes, then kind of go from there.

Chris Davis: You mentioned, you know, how you were doing SEO and just kind of the agency model, let me ask you this, just backtracking just a bit. Where do you think your confidence in using technology came from?

Mandy McEwen: [00:07:30] Probably out of necessity, because it was one of those things. I operated without a CRN and project management platform for years, unfortunately. That’s really sad that I’m admitting that right now, but you know. So I started modgirl, I’m young, and I was very young when I started modgirl, like early 20s. You know, I’m just kind of diving in and doing my thing. Okay, what am I doing, why the hell am I wasting all this time in [00:08:00] email and spreadsheets. This is stupid. So honestly Chris, it forced me. I was like there’s no way I can scale unless I learn marketing technology. Lucky for me, I’m kind of a nerd, so even as a child I’ve always been fascinated with computers. I pick it up pretty fast. So it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was just one of those things, where I was just forced to do it. I was like look, if you’re going to actually build a sustainable business here, you need to leverage marketing technology or none of this is going to happen. So, [00:08:30] that’s pretty much how.

Chris Davis: Beautiful. And you know, the CRM shall remain nameless, the names have been removed to protect the innocent, but you bring up a really good point. A really good point that I want to focus the rest of podcast on, and that is, you were using a CRM that was working for you, and it wasn’t until the strategy, the business model, had shifted a bit where it highlighted the limitations. What I like [00:09:00] about that is, there are a lot of people that are using a tool and then they’re looking at someone else’s business and the tools that person is using, they’re like oh I need to be using those tools, but that’s not a guarantee. Just because they’re using those tools that way, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your model. So you’ve lived both of those lives within one business. What was that time where you were like, you know what, as much as I love the [00:09:30] CRM, you’ve been good to me, we’ve made a lot of money together, but we’re just not suitable. It’s not you it’s me. I’m shifting, right, I’m shifting.

Mandy McEwen: It’s just so true, actually, it’s not you it’s me. Definitely, so honestly Chris, it was the first product that we launched that we tried to integrate with our current marketing automation and CRM platform, the service based one. It was a nightmare, trying to connect Zapier to everything [00:10:00] we were doing with click funnels and stripe, and we quickly found out that it was like, oh this is why the CRM doesn’t advertise that it works for eCommerce or digital products. Like hello, common sense here. Because they advertise small business CRM, so it’s strictly supposed to be for service based industries. We try to make it work, you know, we have lots and lots of contacts in there. We have tons of marketing automation campaigns going out.

So [00:10:30] after talking to my operations manager, who is a hub spot freak, by the way, so she has been working with hub spot. She’s been a certified partner for quite a while, and we do have a couple clients on hub spot. So I’m coming in, also, with knowledge on various marketing automation platforms, okay. So infusion soft, hub spot, I mean, pretty much you name it, and we’ve had a client that used it. Now I’m not saying I’m an expert in any of them by any stretch of the imagination but I do [00:11:00] know the core competencies of these platforms. She was of course trying to get me to go the hub spot route. I was like no, I don’t need hub spot, not to mention, hub spot is not even really perfect for what we’re doing on the product front.

So it’s been a while researching platforms and really other consultants that I was hiring in marketing automation that were recommending look, you need to look at ActiveCampaign. I was like, huh, you know, I’ve heard a lot about it but I’ve never really actually worked [00:11:30] with it. And so it was those outside consultants that I really hired because I needed to get this right, because, as you know, starting over with a new marketing automation platform, there’s a lot to do in it. So I knew I needed to get it right the first time, and I don’t even think I told you this Chris, but I actually ended up going with another newer marketing automation platform. It wasn’t a CRM but I tried that too, and it was a disaster. We ended up getting [00:12:00] all six months refunded, and again, not going to name any names here.

So I actually did make the wrong decision to begin with, but it wasn’t a CRM, so it was just one of those things where you just put email campaigns in and they run an op-ed. So it wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s not like we transferred everything over. But we did try out one, and it didn’t work, and I had a few people who were like look, you need to try ActiveCampaign. And that’s kind of how we got into ActiveCampaign, is really figuring out what’s going to be best. And for [00:12:30] me, it’s all about two leg simplicity. I don’t want confusion soft, I don’t need all of that, you know. We’re trying to do simple things, we’re not trying to do crazy stuff. So I needed something that was a, affordable, and b, was easy for my team and myself to understand.

Luckily for me, several of my consultant have worked with ActiveCampaign in the past, because it’s a popular platform, so that’s also important to me, because this one I signed up with was brand new at the time, so no one knew how to use it, which I think was part of the [00:13:00] problem, you know. So, that was kind of a nightmare too. So that’s kind of how the transition came into place, so needless to say, I tested out a bunch of different platforms, unfortunately before landing on a specific campaign. I’m super happy now, it wasn’t just one of those oh you know, this is easy, let’s just hop in here. I did my homework. I talked to several companies. I did the demos. I really dove in because [00:13:30] I wanted to make sure I made the right choice.

Chris Davis: Yep, and again, hats off. What I love about your approach, Mandy, is you knew. You knew exactly what you needed the tool to do.

Mandy McEwen: Yes.

Chris Davis: So I know this is easy listening and just like yeah that makes sense Mandy, yeah I’m going to try that, but sometimes, our mind just connects dots without really defining that line in between them, and I tell people all the time, it’s so hard. It’s like [00:14:00] going to a grocery store on an empty stomach, right, everything looks good.

Mandy McEwen: Yes, totally.

Chris Davis: It’s like, you know what, if you don’t sit back and define the parameters and say okay, I need to get into digital marketing, I want to sell some digital products, that’s a. Okay so since I want to do that, let me assess my technology. Can it do this? The decision tree said no, so it’s now like okay. So let’s research, but then you knew what you wanted to [00:14:30] do in your business. Even though it may seem like, to listeners, like oh my gosh, six months trying a platform and it didn’t work, I can’t afford that. That six months was experience, right?

Mandy McEwen: 100%, yes, for sure.

Chris Davis: And confirmation of exactly … And clarity, right, of exactly what you needed your marketing automation platform to do. So I say that to say, kudos to you for making the decision and diving in. [00:15:00] Listeners, listen, Mandy just said she didn’t make the right decision up front, but that didn’t stop her from making the decision. A lot of times, Mandy, I see so many people window shopping and social media makes it even worse because now they can just join a group and listen to what everybody else is saying wrong about the platform and they’ll be like, I was just about to sign up, good thing I didn’t.

Mandy McEwen: I know, exactly. Something else I want to add too. For those of you that are in transition, [00:15:30] it’s always a good idea to keep the current platform that you’re using, while you’re testing out another one. That way it’s not a big deal if you cancel. So don’t migrate everything over right away. Like those six months, we were testing out that platform that didn’t work out and luckily we got refunded, obviously we didn’t get our time back, but we did get refunded. It’s not like I had canceled my current CRM. So it wasn’t a huge deal, because we still kept the platform. So that’s another point I wanted to make, [00:16:00] is when you’re testing out new platforms, it’s always a good idea to keep what you currently have, so all of that’s going on in the background. Then when you are 100% sure that you found the right platform, then you can start migrating over. So you need to give it some time and keep your current campaigns going with the platform you originally have.

Chris Davis: Yes, Mandy, yes. Preach. In fact, we just published a guide on how to maintain good deliverability when you migrate to ActiveCampaign.

Mandy McEwen: I saw that. I was just reading [00:16:30] that actually, the other day. Good stuff.

Chris Davis: And it outlines that.

Mandy McEwen: Yep, it does.

Chris Davis: Us as a platform … Now look, we want your business like full disclosure. We would like you to give us money for our service, and even with that, we are still recommending don’t shut off your previous tool prematurely. It takes time to migrate that stuff over to build that relationship. Like I said, if the platform is worth its [00:17:00] weight, it will be able to withstand that short time that you have both tools running.

Mandy McEwen: Definitely.

Chris Davis: Right? Then if it can’t, then as you saw, it’s going to be like, hey look. Thank you but no thank you. We’ve got to try something else. I love to hear users and marketers and entrepreneurs say this, because this is not soliciting. I didn’t write this script for Mandy, look at her experience. Sometimes, you just have to dive in [00:17:30] and be willing to face like okay, this wasn’t the best choice upfront. Right.

Mandy McEwen: Yep. That’s the thing. Just take action, just do it. Like you said, there’s so much noise out there that people window shop for way too long. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work. You test out a few campaigns, you don’t like it, and then you cancel. It’s not that big of a deal, you know, but you have to take action.

Chris Davis: Yep. And you eliminate a question mark. Just like, I wonder, and then the question mark is just gone. So it’s just less that you have to wonder … [00:18:00] As marketers, as business owners, do we not already have enough question marks.

Mandy McEwen: Right, no kidding.

Chris Davis: So it’s just like, eliminate them as soon as possible for clarity, right. So now you’re on ActiveCampaign. You made the transition a bit ago. How has that been going, tell us now what Mod Girl Marketing is up to in terms of the digital products that you offer.

Mandy McEwen: Yeah, so it’s been going great. [00:18:30] Really out of the gate it was awesome, and again, I had help from my team, who were familiar with it when I was not. So that made things easier, thank the Lord for that. So honestly it was pretty seamless. We started with a few campaigns, really honestly right now, it’s awesome. So we have some master classes, which are basically just another word for webinars going on that are live. So we sell our mod legion masters program, which is a linked [00:19:00] in B to B generation program, which shows you how to generate multiple dream leads a day without advertising. So we sell this via our master class. So we use Daimio for the webinar and we have everything hooked up through ActiveCampaign, and then we use click funnels for the landing pages and the sales pages. So that alone has been amazing because it’s super easy to integrate all of it.

That’s another thing I love with ActiveCampaign versus the platform before, is it [00:19:30] pretty much integrates with anything, ActiveCampaign does, and that’s another reason why I love it. Because the two platforms that we had before, and the one we tried out that didn’t work out, they were kind of newer, and the problem with that is you have all these other tools. We have a ridiculous amount of tools that are needed, you know, for our business. It makes it difficult when you have to connect Zapier with everything and there isn’t direct integration. So we still use Zapier obviously, but it just makes life a lot easier, plus we [00:20:00] were finding issues with the zaps not going through, or it taking like 30 minutes. So the fact that ActiveCampaign just seamlessly integrates with everything we use has been amazing. So let me give you an example of kind of how we’re doing this with our webinars.

The cool thing that we love with ActiveCampaign too is it can automatically sink and you can pay attention to and tag people who stay throughout the entire webinar automatically. So if those people stay, daimio talks to ActiveCampaign and then [00:20:30] ActiveCampaign automatically sends them an email with their free linked in message templates. So if they don’t stay all the way, they get put on another campaign that emails them and talks to them differently than the people who stayed the whole time. Selling of course is awesome, that helps, but just the fact that those platforms can talk to each other and we have those people tagged. We know who stayed, who attended, who didn’t attend. Who gets the message templates, and all of that is [00:21:00] automated and it’s really beautiful, honestly it’s awesome. Because people write segmented messages all just from one master class.

So that’s not even talking about how we have it hooked up with buyers, they’re automatically tagged if they buy. They get put into another campaign. So all of these platforms are speaking together, and it’s really just an awesome thing for our business, because it saves a ton of time, and not to mention it increases conversions.

Chris Davis: Yes, great, great. And as you’re talking, [00:21:30] all I can think about is you leveraging your experience. So equipped with the right tool, it’s not like all of your time with the other tools and using whatever else in your business. You just erase that. You leverage that, you learned in your previous CRM, how to do relational marketing. How to speak to people as individuals based on what they’ve done and where they’re at in the journey.

Mandy McEwen: Yep.

Chris Davis: So now, when you come [00:22:00] to these tools again, you’re not just the basic user, Mandy, right. You’re not just saying okay they registered and I sent them an email, fingers crossed, right. Now your old experience kicks in and you start leveraging this like muscle memory. You’re like okay, it’s good. Good that they registered, now I need them to attend. Okay, now that they’ve attended, I want to talk to them differently, depending on how long they stayed, right. And then you’re all. And it’s just automatic [00:22:30] for you. You’re just always thinking how can I personalize this more. How can I personalize this more. The reason why I like to highlight that is because in your searching, everybody, you’re going to want a platform that allows personalization easily and at every step of the way. Sometimes you’re limited right.

Mandy McEwen: That’s huge.

Chris Davis: That’s very huge, right.

Mandy McEwen: Definitely. And that’s really what it’s all about, especially like going back to the noise. Us marketers, [00:23:00] there’s a million people who are digital marketers. There’s a million people trying to sell these products and programs, and the more you can personalize your messaging, the better you’re going to convert and seem like a real human being and there’s no reason not to do it when you have a platform that automates it for you. It’s just kind of a no brainer. And to your point too, there’s so many platforms out there that do allow you to automatically personalize, why wouldn’t you go with one of those platforms. It’s just common sense. If you want to succeed in this world, [00:23:30] you have to get personalized and you need to leverage tools that allow you to do that.

Chris Davis: Yep, you have to. I mean, look at the digital space right now. Like you said, that was a newer platform that you tried. Every day I feel like more platforms, more people, I’m seeing ads. Like I did $16,945 in one day. Everybody is just talking and it’s so much. And the only way to stand [00:24:00] out in all of this, because it’s not like it’s going to get more quiet, it’s just going to get louder and louder. The only way to stand out is to be personal. A lot of times this confuses people, Mandy, but if you think about it, you’re in a crowd of people, it’s crowded, everybody is talking, you can’t really hear anybody and somebody screams Mandy. Every person that shares your name is going to turn and look in that direction, regardless of the noise, right?

Mandy McEwen: Yes, exactly.

Chris Davis: It doesn’t [00:24:30] matter how noisy it is, as long as it’s a personalized communication, you have the probability to get their attention, even through the noise.

Mandy McEwen: Yes.

Chris Davis: It’s the same dynamic in our marketing. You know what, Mandy? We should deem it a cardinal sin of all marketers to not be personalized.

Mandy McEwen: We should, definitely, yes.

Chris Davis: Right, like shame on you for not taking an extra five minutes in figuring out how you can segment a little deeper [00:25:00] or personalize that email a little more.

Mandy McEwen: Yes, definitely, especially, I mean, especially if you’re already pumping out content and lead magnets and everything else. It’s just kind of a no brainer, and when you have a platform that makes it easy for you to do, yeah your right, it’s a cardinal sin if you’re not doing that. 100%.

Chris Davis: Yes. So thank you for reaffirming that approach and listeners, look, like I said. This podcast is for [00:25:30] you. We are talking to people who are in the trenches, this is not theoretical. You can go to Mod Girl Marketing right now and see exactly what Mandy is up to. Speaking of which, in looking forward as far as your course ware and the approach and creation of digital products, where do you see yourself in Mod Girl Marketing in the next few years as far as courses and your digital content?

Mandy McEwen: [00:26:00] Yeah, so I really want to just be one of the ultimate resources for marketing entrepreneurs. So we’ve been able to crank out quite a bit of amazing course, just in the past couple months, and some of them haven’t even been released to the public, yet. And of course, we have our Facebook group, the mod agency insiders, where I’m getting feedback and people are telling me what they want help with.

I really love providing my knowledge and my insights and my connections and my experiences to [00:26:30] other marketing entrepreneurs. You know, I’ve been working with Jason Swank, who is also a leading agency growth coach if you will, so we’ve been teaming up on some things. I really just want to be like the ultimate, with him of course, the ultimate research. We’re doing different things, so we have a lot of synergies between us and I’m one of the model, which is kind of why I got into this to begin with. I’ve always been of the mindset that we as digital marketers and agencies are all friends and collaborates. We are not competitors and so [00:27:00] that’s really the message I’m trying to get across to everyone is there is enough business out there to go around, not to mention, there are people who have been there, in your shoes, and they can help you and provide insights. So I really just want to spread that message a little more, that us as marketers, we can work together and make win-win relationships, to where we’re all growing.

I just want to provide more of those resources to people so they can really understand that. So, that’s really kind of where I’m at. So we have a few [00:27:30] products that we’re looking to launch, but right now we’re focusing on helping B to B entrepreneurs really get focused on their dream leads. So dream clients and only working with dream clients, which is another mantra of mine, like life is too short to work with pain in the ass clients. So that’s another thing, I’m trying to spread that message and we have some really cool systems that help people do that. And another one of my main ones that I’ll be focusing on too is how to really grow a sustainable agency by leveraging outsourcing [00:28:00] and other agencies and vendors without having a giant roster of full time employees. So that, again, goes back to my message of alright we can all work together. There are plenty of white label companies and vendors out there that you can team up with and still have a sustainable agency.

So those are kind of the two focuses right now of mine, but I really just want to continue to give people what they want, honestly Chris. That’s pretty much why I started these programs to being with is I started coaching and helping entrepreneurs and they were basically telling me look Mandy, this is what I need help [00:28:30] with. So I would go out there and I would make a program. So that’s kind of what I wish to continue doing, and I really want to make it so it’s just a giant academy of resources and training for marketing entrepreneurs to grow.

Chris Davis: I love it, I love it. Great. It was like, I was sitting back and as you were talking it was like I was watching a movie. I could just see it all unfold. Oh man, that is so exciting and it’s [00:29:00] so good to hear your passion. One thing that I want to ask you about and you hit on it, and I know that there’s a lot of business owners struggling with this, and I’m so glad you brought it up Mandy. I personally, I don’t like the term solo-preneur not only because it’s been overused but it’s not real, right. Because behind every successful business, if you think [00:29:30] that one person is doing everything, you’re crazy. If you try to be that one person that does everything, you’re crazy.

Mandy McEwen: Good luck.

Chris Davis: Right, good luck with that. Let me know how it doesn’t work out for you. So you are somebody who understood that early and as you talk, I can hear it, because you’re like, you know, I’ve got a team, they’re creating courses. Walk me through briefly your approach to getting courses [00:30:00] or content created for your business Mod Girl Marketing.

Mandy McEwen: Yeah, so really it starts with me, the brain behind the content. Well, really it starts with the people who are telling me what they want. So I start documenting on Google Docs, the courses and outlining the video training, then I pass it off to my team to a couple girls on my team to kind of proofread [00:30:30] everything and help me with the script. Then we start making the content and before we even put the content in the membership site, a lot of times, we just start selling it to people via email, Chris. So you know that kind of sell the product before you create it model? That’s what we’ve kind of been doing and it’s been working really well. That’s what I did not do in that first product I was telling you about for CMOs. Yeah, didn’t do that but this time, you know, we’re creating it ahead of time and we’ve [00:31:00] been selling, actually before we even made stuff, we sold it to people and once we had it, we would put it out there.

We really create the content and the training materials ahead of time as a team and we have a few mod superfans if you will, that love our stuff and are willing to invest and get those early bird prices, so they give us feedback on these products. We get the feedback, we tweak them, we put them into the membership site and then we create the funnel and then we go live [00:31:30] with it. We prelaunch everything and then we get feedback ahead of time, but it’s definitely a team effort here, because there is no way I could ever do any of this on my own, at all, especially putting together … I don’t even touch ActiveCampaign, honestly. Going in there and creating all of those funnels for everything, I go in and I look, but I’m not the one actually building that out. I’m not the one building out the membership sites, so it kind of starts with the consumer, then it passes to [00:32:00] me and then the rest kind of is really on my team.

So it kind of the way we’ve been doing things and I really, I got that feedback from the whole, why don’t you sell your products before you make them. I had that feedback from one of my mentors, and I was like oh yeah. Why am I not doing that? And once I started doing that it was like oh gosh, this is too easy, why did I not do that for my first one, but again, we all learn. The first product was an awesome learning experience of what not to do, again, on multiple levels. [00:32:30] So, that’s kind of how we’ve been operating from the product creation front. So we do a ton of pre-selling before we even launch publicly and we have our email list too, and we have our Facebook group. So we get a ton of awesome feedback in pre-sales, before, you know, to make those tweaks and customize improvements before we even go live to the public.

Chris Davis: Great, I love it. I love it. And that was one of the things I was really excited about when you were talking about things that you’re working on and coming [00:33:00] up that resource, when you were telling how to outsource. How to create stuff without hiring like an entire staff and paying to get it done. I’m finding, Mandy, more and more, you know alongside with marketing automation, but there is a lack of understanding how to get things done, and a lot of it comes from the business owner trying to do it all and you are a great [00:33:30] example of someone saying hey listen, I’m the brain. I can engage with my audience, understand what they want and I can instruct what needs to be made, better than I can spend my time making it. And the proof is in the pudding. The proof is in the pudding. So Mandy, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Thank you for your transparency and everything.

Mandy McEwen: Yeah, always. [00:34:00] Always transparent.

Chris Davis: Yes, so how can people find out more about you, your brand, and what you’re doing?

Mandy McEwen: Yeah, the outsource product we’ve been talking about is mod outsource masters, but it’s just modoutsource.com, but anyway you can go to Mod Girl Marketing.com and it’s pretty much all there. We’re revamping some pages but there’s an agency page and it’ll be up soon, the revamped one. It basically has all of our programs and stuff [00:34:30] that we’re working on but I’d say the best way, is just to go to Mod Girl Marketing.com and you should see it all there.

Chris Davis: Great, and for those of you who, you know, maybe you’re driving or you’re not in front of your computer at the time, don’t worry. The links will be added to the podcast in the description so you’ll be able to click there and get all the information. And as usual, I’d imagine, Mandy, you’re on the regular twitter and Facebook and all that. Is there any platform you prefer more than another?

Mandy McEwen: Of course. Well, [00:35:00] our Facebook group is pretty awesome so it’s just modgirl.social is the actual link. But if you just go to Facebook and type in mod agency insiders, you can do that too. But, yeah, of course, I’m pretty active on twitter too. MandyModGirl. I’m pretty much everywhere but if you want awesome free content and insights from agency owners, not just myself, I mean I share a ton of awesome content and we actually share leads too that are a good fit for modgirl, we’ll post them in the Facebook group. It’s a private community [00:35:30] and we do make sure that people who are in there are vetted and actually legit so no weirdos or anyone spamming. So we have a pretty tight process for letting in the most awesome people. So if you fall into that category of awesome marketing entrepreneur, you are going to love that community. I would say that’s probably the best place for people to go. Again it’s modgirl.social and we will share all sorts of awesome tips to help you grow your agency for free.

Chris Davis: Great, great. Thank you so [00:36:00] much for that Mandy, and I hope you get a bunch of people to come over and introduce themselves. Hey, everybody when you do, say hello from the ActiveCampaign podcast.

Mandy McEwen: Yes, please do. Definitely.

Chris Davis: Just so we can know where you’re coming from, again, thank you so much. Best of wishes to continued success and bigger success for you in the future.

Mandy McEwen: Thanks so much, Chris, I appreciate it.

Chris Davis: No problem at all. It was fun Mandy.

Mandy McEwen: Yes, definitely.

Chris Davis: Okay. [00:36:30] Thank you for listening to another episode of the ActiveCampaign podcast. Was that not entertaining to really document, I’d say, that thought process as well as the natural process of going through provided services, to digital products. As I mentioned in the podcast, I know a lot of the listeners, a lot of you listeners are thinking about the same thing. In that, I would say it is time [00:37:00] to truly asses the platform that you’re using and making sure that they’re able to make that transition easy for you. With that, of course, patience everybody. If you’re just getting started on one business venture, you haven’t really doven really deep enough to see the fruit as far as revenue that’s there, don’t be so quick to shift, right. Don’t get the shiny object syndrome as you look at Mandy as our example, she had some patience there, [00:37:30] she leveraged her previous experience, she used the previous tool until it couldn’t be used anymore. She literally used it to its max. So all of those things and so much more in this episode, so thank you for listening.

And this is the ActiveCampaign podcast if you’re not already subscribed, please do so. Please jump into iTunes, stitch, or radio, google play, SoundCloud, I mean, at this point, you really have no excuse, unless this is your first episode. If it’s your first episode, activecampaign.com/ [00:38:00] podcast where you will find all of the podcast episodes. They’re all transcribed. You can search our education center for a specific episode and find it there. Also I mentioned a guide, all of our guides are at activecampaign.com/learn. We have updated the website for your searchability. We want to make it easy for you to find the resources, and at any moment, if you get stuck, and you’re like I can’t, [00:38:30] I need some help, don’t stay stuck for too long. Activecampaign.com/training, you will be able to sign up for a complimentary one on one call with someone from our success or support team. So we have all of the resources you need to keep you move, and make sure that you stay or be successful in your business.

So I want to thank you for listening, this is the ActiveCampaign podcast, [00:39:00] a small business podcast to help you scale and propel your business with automation. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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