Episode 32: The Next Generation Membership Site with Bob Keen

Episode 32: The Next Generation Membership Site with Bob Keen

The first episode in our membership site series, exploring why we should be thinking differently about membership sites, and highlighting the tools to help you build a more dynamic, powerful community around your content.


Bob Keen, founder of ActiveMember360, joins podcast host Chris Davis for a discussion around the next generation membership site. Topics covered include tips for running a membership site, the primary reason for starting a membership site, and using the ActiveMember360 plugin with ActiveCampaign to more dynamically manage access to content within your membership site.
Find Bob online at ActiveMember360.com.
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Chris Davis: Welcome to another episode of the ActiveCampaign Podcast. I’m your host [00:00:30] Chris Davis, and this is the start of a series of episodes where I wanted to emphasize membership sites. Very often we get users asking us, “Hey, how do I build a membership site with ActiveCampaign? What platforms do you recommend? What tools, X, Y, Z?” And I just sit on the sideline a lot of times and watch what our users and advocates recommend, and in watching I saw [00:01:00] essentially three names come up. So I figured, you know what? Why not reach out to all three of the platforms, let them come onto the podcast, and really help the users understand the membership site landscape using ActiveCampaign?

Before we jump into that, I will tell you now is the time to start thinking different when it comes to membership sites. The old way of doing membership sites is you had some plugin or some feature [00:01:30] or some tool that allowed you to set membership level like silver, gold, bronze, and then based on that level they would get access to particular pages or content on your membership site. Well, the new way is based on more information in the contact record, and by more information I’m talking specifically about tags.

Imagine integrating your membership site with the tags on an [00:02:00] ActiveCampaign contact record. Just as easily as you can apply a tag and give access to content, you can easily remove a tag and revoke access. Now it puts ActiveCampaign in a different position, in a more powerful position, to start dynamically giving access to pages and membership levels. So with that being said, I have today with me on the podcast Bob [00:02:30] Keen, the creator of ActiveMember360 which is a WordPress plugin that does exactly that. Integrates with ActiveCampaign and your website at a tag level, and it does so much more. Bob, how are you doing?

Bob Keen: I’m doing fine and thanks for the invite. I’m happy to meet with you again.

Chris Davis: Yes. Bob, it’s always great to reconnect. I’m going to [00:03:00] give everybody a little bit of history on me personally. Confession. Before I was at … I feel guilty saying this. Before I was at ActiveCampaign I was in another community. I’ll put it like that. I won’t do any namedropping, Bob. I was in another marketing automation community and the name of Bob’s plugin at that time kept coming up, and Bob back then, what you were doing [00:03:30] was revolutionary as far as how you were integrating with this platform giving membership access. Actually, it’ll be kind of hard to refer to it as “this platform.” I’ll just say the name. Infusionsoft. You had built out based on a particular need this plugin to give people more flexible abilities to build out membership sites, so why don’t I let you talk about that experience and give us a little background, Bob, on [00:04:00] your background and how you came to developing membership plugins?

Bob Keen: My background is a combination of many, many years in the army and many, many years programming. Some of those years overlap. I started programming in 1979 and it’s been nonstop. Nothing else I want [00:04:30] to do in life, and still going strong and the more I think I know the more I learn and realize I have to learn, but this is my passion. This is what I do. This is what I want to do. From a programming stance I started working with WordPress in 2005 when I moved to Costa Rica and that’s about 12 years now and it’s been nonstop WordPress. [00:05:00] For me I fell in love with the product. Infusionsoft, you mentioned it. In 2009 I started working on the plugin. Actually in 2007.

I went to high school in North Africa on a US military base and I’ve become the housemaster for the alumni [00:05:30] of that high school, and so way back when when there were no real membership plugins I wrote a membership system for my high school site, to protect the data and so forth. That was in 2007. Late 2006, 2007. Then in 2009 I was approached about writing a membership plugin for WordPress and Infusionsoft, and [00:06:00] back then I have to admit I didn’t even know how to spell Infusionsoft, much less knew what it did and what it didn’t do. I had had some experience implementing Salesforce back in the day when Salesforce was an on facility thing. Set up the server in house. It wasn’t online yet, but that was the extent of it.

So I took that thing and started working on it and working [00:06:30] on it and working on it. In fact we’re still working on the Infusionsoft plugin which is called iMember360. Some may recall it as InfusionWP, then they made me change the name so it’s now iMember360, and the idea was to create a membership system which is easy enough to do, but to connect it almost interactively with a CRM in [00:07:00] the background.

There’s a lot of things you can do with WordPress but what you can’t do are automations. You can’t do real lists. You can’t really tag someone based on cross-site experience. You purchase on site A and you expect to do something on site B, and so the attraction to Infusionsoft back then or to its CRM component was that something [00:07:30] could happen on the CRM or something could be communicated to the CRM and have all that information, all those events reflect onto the membership status of the user. That was a challenge. Back then the challenge was there was no Infusionsoft documentation. It was very difficult to work through the API, all the steps and so forth, but that’s the premise.

[00:08:00] Fast forward not to bore you, and I know you have a background in that field as well. You used it … But I just had a lot of success. A lot of the marketers that are famous today like Ryan Deiss had their start with iMember360 and Infusionsoft. John Assaraf. Someone who still uses it today, and I think he’s a friend of yours. Jermaine Griggs.

Chris Davis: Yes.

Bob Keen: Who is [00:08:30] brilliant. He’s a genius. There’s not enough words to describe this guy.

Chris Davis: Yes, I agree.

Bob Keen: Besides being extremely loyal and kind. He’s a great person. He still uses it, but fast forward. One day a customer of ours in England said that he was really, really attracted [00:09:00] by ActiveCampaign because it did so many things so much better than what he was used to and he really wanted to go that route, and he kept reminding me that he was interested in an ActiveCampaign integration of our plugin, and he kept badgering and badgering and I kept saying, ” [00:09:30] Go away. Leave me alone. We’re happy where we are.”

Long story short, he convinced me to take a look at it. I took a look at it. I signed up for an account. I wrote a mini plugin and I was like, “Wow, this API is really fast. What have they done?” And then I see, “Wait, they have web hooks. Whoa, the web hooks come right [00:10:00] away and they send me information. We’re not used to that.” Web hooks on Infusionsoft only tell you something has happened. Go find out what it was. And then it cost you an API call to do it, so by the time all this is done with Infusionsoft, you’ve lost programmatically speaking five to six seconds. But I see ActiveCampaign sends me that stuff complete every time right [00:10:30] away. Whoa, this is … You just got to love it.

And so we started working a little bit more, a little bit more, and testing things out, and then there’s something that I’ve mentioned online. We were missing the ability to identify tags by their tag ID, and so I sent in a request to Kelly who [00:11:00] was my … I guess in the CIA they would call it my handler.

Chris Davis: Kelly O’Connell, folks. The handler of Bob Keen.

Bob Keen: I sent her an email and said, “Look, this would be really interesting if we could have this because we could do wonders with this.” I asked for that late Thursday afternoon. Comes Friday, I hear nothing. [00:11:30] The weekend, obviously you’re not going to hear much. And I get up Monday morning. I have an email from Kelly telling me, “Sometime today we’re going to release it and you’re going to have your feature.”

Chris Davis: Nice.

Bob Keen: It took three days. It took two working days. So all the other things, whether the automations make more sense than on other platforms, more logical, [00:12:00] if they run faster, if emails go out better or worse, if the API is better or worse. The thing that someone can introduce a new API method within three days and make it available not just to me but to the general public, that’s the day that my heart was won, and here I am.

Chris Davis: And you say, [00:12:30] Bob, there’s a few points that I really want to highlight and then I want to make some parallels to my journey in this membership site space. One is I always like to highlight, the software that people are using in their business, you have to start looking at who the creator of it is. You have to start doing research because if your business is what you’re going to live off of, you want to make sure that [00:13:00] the technology that you’re partnering with is going to live as long as your business.

The worst thing you can do is rely on technology that the owner at some point it’s too hard for them or they just flat out quit, so it’s refreshing to hear one, your passion for coding, but two, just how long you’ve been coding. And it’s like, listen, if somebody is selling you software that relies on code [00:13:30] that has coded and is the webmaster for an academy, a school, these are some really good credentials, and then you add to the pot that’s it’s been over 20 years of coding, and then you look at what you’ve done for Infusionsoft. This was the beginning of the new age of membership sites. I remember Bob at the time, I believe it was [00:14:00] CustomerHub was the main way that you could build a membership site with Infusionsoft.

Bob Keen: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let me correct you. When CustomerHub started, all they did was allow you to update your billing information.

Chris Davis: Right, because it was true to the name. Just manage your customers, all in one.

Bob Keen: And then came iMember360 and offered a membership system, a membership plugin that [00:14:30] also let you update your customer information.

Chris Davis: Nice.

Bob Keen: And that’s when they started having financial problems and they went into the membership arena, and that didn’t work too well and then Infusionsoft thought, “Okay, if we acquire CustomerHub,” and actually I was in the running at some point. Clate Mask and I had discussions whether or not he would [00:15:00] acquire us or bring us into the official fold, but he finally … CustomerHub was a much better or at least a cheaper bargain at that point, and so they just acquired them and basically that petered out and it’s not even advertised anymore. It’s not marketed or anything. [00:15:30] That hasn’t worked very well, but they did membership on the rebound. That’s not what they [crosstalk 00:15:36]

Chris Davis: Right. Right. It was more of a reactive approach, but I remember that being the main thing. Whenever you heard Infusionsoft, you were running CustomerHub and at ICON they would have people up there showing their CustomerHub sites and how profitable they were, and I remember using it myself for a client and it being so restrictive to the point where I was like, you know what? I’m not doing this. I’m not touching this platform. [00:16:00] I’ll go and use another membership plugin like Digital Access Pass or something else because it’s a lot easier for me to comprehend, but I say that to say, going back to Jermaine Griggs who was a personal mentor of mine, he was the person that exposed me to this type of membership functionality.

I remember in his marketing he was using the auto login feature where you can sign up for a lead magnet and get an email that delivers the lead magnet, and when you click [00:16:30] the link in that email it automatically logs you in. And that auto login feature at the time, I was new to the marketing automation space. That was magic to me, because in the footer it was like, “Hello, Chris.” I’m like, “Oh my gosh, how does it know it’s me?” And he was doing some other fancy stuff where he was tracking the amount of time watched on a video and tagging me based on that. It was a deeper level of automation and membership and I was just like, you know what? One day I need to figure out how this is done, [00:17:00] and it was just on the back burner and as time went on and I started to hear iMember360 being mentioned more and more and then like you said Ryan Deiss started using it, and then I actually got to use it for a client and I was like, oh, I get it.

I was forever changed, and I prefer to run membership sites at that level because now you’re not limited by membership levels. Now [00:17:30] you have the creative freedom to whatever your automation can do, so now your automation becomes the controller, the giver and taker away of access and permissions.

Bob Keen: That’s correct.

Chris Davis: So fast forward to I’m an ActiveCampaign user. I leave Infusionsoft. I’m going with ActiveCampaign. It’s just easier. It’s kind of like you. You looked at the API. You were like, “Oh my gosh. This is so much faster.” I went to ActiveCampaign. I was like, “Oh my gosh. This is so much easier. What used to take so long [00:18:00] I can just build so much quicker,” and as I was using it the second thought in my mind was membership. Then I was like, “Oh my goodness. What do you do for a membership site?”

So just like natural, I go to the WordPress plugins that many people have probably heard of like WishList Member, Digital Access Pass, MemberMouse, things of that nature, and out of those, Digital Access Pass was really good. Love that company, and MemberMouse. Those were [00:18:30] the two that came up the most in the clients that I was serving and helping, but then when I started using ActiveCampaign for myself I was like, “If I built a membership site, I want more control. I want Infusionsoft type control.”

It was kind of like a wishlist and it almost feels like the second I put that out in the space, I don’t know how I came across you but … I don’t even know if it was called [00:19:00] ActiveMember360 at the time Bob. I can’t remember, but long story short I found you and you were talking about doing that exact thing and earlier when you were talking about it I was just fantasizing like, “Oh my gosh. Could you imagine the power of ActiveCampaign with a membership site?” My mind was just like, “Oh my gosh. Is this possible? Could this really work?” And now it very much is a true, true story [00:19:30] and alive and well, and of course there’s multiple players at the table now but this way of approaching membership sites.

Bob, I mean, just talking about your past and what you’ve done as far as code and I look at athletes, like LeBron James in basketball and Tom Brady in football. These are people who are masters at their craft. Day in and day out they’re practicing, [00:20:00] sharpening the saw, getting better and better, and I look into the tech space and I see people like that as well, and you’re one of those people where I can say, you’re passion for code is something that’s like if you weren’t passionate about it, you’d stop doing it. You could pass it down to your son. Your son codes, or you could pass it to someone else and be like, “Okay, I’m just going to oversee.” But you’re actively involved in the coding, and to me you’re an All-Star. [00:20:30] That puts you into the Hall of Fame of developers as someone who is passionate about it and even if they could stop doing it they don’t.

Bob Keen: I once promised myself to insult anyone who would call me a guru, and you came very close but I know you mean it well so I’m going to let you slide on this one.

Chris Davis: Yeah, I came very close and I didn’t use the word.

Bob Keen: I’m a student. I’m [00:21:00] constantly … I love it. And when you love what you’re doing it’s not a job anymore.

Chris Davis: Yeah, and it shows. It shows in the product and what I was saying all that to say, I didn’t want to just put the label on you, but I’m curious now. I’m going to ask you this question, but are you the creator of this membership approach? [00:21:30] Was there anybody else doing tag level CRM membership sites at the time that the genesis of InfusionWP or iMember360?

Bob Keen: No, there weren’t.

Chris Davis: Which to me is crazy because I feel like going forward Bob in the next two to three years, it’s going to be the standard. One could argue now if you’re going to run a membership site that you’re going to live off of, you need a plugin that’s going to integrate [00:22:00] deeply with your CRM. So to see you as the genesis of this movement, it’s crazy and just to go back really quick, when it was brought to you did you have any foresight that it could possibly grow to this scale to where it would be the standard of membership sites? Did you have that inkling when it was originally brought to you?

Bob Keen: [00:22:30] No, not really. As I said, I didn’t even know what Infusionsoft was and what they wanted and what they did, so it took a while to even figure out what the capabilities of Infusionsoft were. I think we would probably be much further away today in a lot of the things that we did over the past eight, nine years if we had started perhaps with ActiveCampaign [00:23:00] back then if it had been as it is today. There were a lot of obstacles along the way and back then Infusionsoft didn’t really want you to use the API. It was something they … You had the feeling like the proverbial redheaded stepchild. Yeah, it’s there, but they only had one guy providing support and he got fired, and [00:23:30] then it started to get better. A guy by the name of Justin Gourley, he was a believer so he promoted it within Infusionsoft and things improved, but originally it was like, “Don’t touch the API. Why do you want a form? We give you forms. We give you a shopping cart. Don’t use all that stuff.”

But I think to put [00:24:00] that in perspective, this is eight, nine years later. Things are different across the board both at Infusionsoft and obviously ActiveCampaign, but the platform. I don’t see any limits as to what could be done even today with ActiveMember360. We’re building a WordPress membership plugin that works with ActiveCampaign, very deeply integrated, [00:24:30] but our goal more than anything else is to build a platform upon which others can use that platform to do their own thing. And the combination, ActiveMember and ActiveCampaign, is great because doing your own thing is something you can do with ActiveCampaign as well, so it’s a match made in heaven I would say.

Chris Davis: This is great because [00:25:00] in this, and we’re going to get into membership tips in a second here before we close out, but I want everybody to … I just want to make sure that you’re understanding how this works, so imagine most of the time you’re used to … If you’ve ran a membership site, on the backend as the creator of the membership site, when someone purchases a product they’re essentially purchasing a membership level, and at that point of purchase [00:25:30] they’re now given login credentials that are specific to that website and the membership level and/or product they purchased.

What actually blew my mind when I started to learn about plugins like ActiveMember360 is that the approach is totally different. It’s totally different. You’ll now see once you’ve integrated a plugin like ActiveMember360 to your ActiveCampaign account, when someone opts in or when they just exist as [00:26:00] a contact, you’ll see that they have a password, and now the question becomes, “Oh my gosh? Where is this password and where do they have access to? What’s going on here?” And I like to view it as like a key and lock. If you have the ActiveMember360 plugin installed, it doesn’t matter what site. You could have it installed on five of your sites. You now have a lock installed on your site. Now, the [00:26:30] key to that lock is twofold. The key is the person now has to have a password, and the appropriate tag. With the right keys they can then unlock any of those five websites, so now you don’t have to install a membership plugin on website one, another membership plugin on website two, and have no control over the contacts’ access across all three of them.

Now as long as you have [00:27:00] ActiveMember360 installed, the user has a password and the appropriate tag, and guess what, everybody. It doesn’t matter where the tag comes from. The tag can be applied manually, and when I say tag I’m thinking of an access tag, so maybe we’re saying customer, site one tag. Customer, site two tag. However they get that tag. It could be from purchasing a product. It could be from attending a live event. It doesn’t matter. ActiveMember360 is going to look and say, “Hey, look. Wait a [00:27:30] minute. Do you have a password? Okay, enter it.” They enter in their password, and then it’s going to look and say, “Okay, I see you’ve entered the right password,” and the username is always the email by the way everybody, the unique identifier, and they see that you’ve entered the password. They say, “Okay, I’m ready to unlock this door and let you in, but I need to check and make sure you have the right tag. If you have the right tag you now have access to that membership site.”

So it’s a different way of approaching membership sites, and it takes a little bit because now [00:28:00] it’s just like, “Well wait a minute. Do I need multiple ActiveCampaign accounts?” And it’s like, “No. You just need one.” And for people who use a freemium model where they want to have a free membership site and then have some paid products in there, one of our podcasts, I forget the number of it but it’s Kirk DuPlessis, he has an options trading membership site where he gives you free access and then he upsells you. Well that’s even easier [00:28:30] now with a plugin like ActiveMember360 because somebody can opt in for a lead magnet and essentially have membership access. They can log in, see all of the free stuff, and then click on the paid stuff.

So I just wanted to break down that functionality to everybody, because it is a bit different from what you know traditionally as a membership site if you’ve created membership sites in the past.

Bob Keen: This is one of the things that Jermaine Griggs has done. [00:29:00] Typically he’ll have two websites. One where he does his marketing and the other one where he delivers his consulting products right now. His Automation Clinic teaching/training site. Whenever you opt in on any of Jermaine’s many opt-in pages, you go in there and [00:29:30] you tell him, “Hey, Jermaine. Send me information.” And to this I have to say, Jermaine Griggs is probably one of the leading behavioral marketing specialists.

Chris Davis: I agree. I agree 100%.

Bob Keen: He bases his marketing almost entirely on user behavior, and as you know with great, great success. He wasn’t marketer of the year at some point by [00:30:00] accident. This guy is a genius. Whenever you opt in anywhere, what happens is that unbeknownst to you you’re automatically made a member of his marketing site, and when you click on that link he logs you in. You don’t even know it. You’re automatically logged in, and based on you being logged in he’s now able to track everything [00:30:30] possible that happens.

Every single interaction that you undertake on that site he can track and he can analyze your behavior, your interests, based on where you’ve been because he’s not saying, “Oh, somebody did this. Somebody did that.” It’s live. Before you purchase he knows what pages you’ve visited, he knows what you’ve clicked, he knows what you’ve answered. He’s given you tags along the way and based on that [00:31:00] he’s going to take the appropriate action. He’s going to send you an email that is going to be just right for you. He’s going to remind you that you visited this or that page and he’s going to surprise you all the way down, and I think a lot of people buy from him because they’re surprised at how much he knows about them.

While we’re speaking membership, that’s correct but remember that you can also have a free membership. You mentioned freemium. [00:31:30] You can also have a free membership where people don’t even know that they’re members of a site where your primary goal is actually to market and sell products to customers, so once you get their email address, boom. You log them in. Whenever they show up on the site you track their behavior, and that’s a big deal.

The tracking features of ActiveCampaign are so much greater. We [00:32:00] can automatically track something. We can use ActiveMember to track a person’s visit to a specific page and automatically report that to ActiveCampaign from where you can then trigger an automation. You can then add them to a list. All the possibilities that are there. But all this can take place in stealth mode. They [00:32:30] don’t need to know that visiting this page got them a tag. This is your information, and the possibilities that ActiveCampaign gives are far greater than anything we’ve seen.

Chris Davis: Just by the way everybody, I learned a big portion of what I know as far as behavioral based marketing automation from Jermaine Griggs, so Bob doesn’t use his name lightly. I don’t use it either. He is really the [00:33:00] best of the best out there, and in that, you’ve been in the membership site space for over a decade Bob, and for anybody thinking … Maybe they have an existing membership site and they heard a few things that you said and they’re like, “You know what, I want to try that. I want to be more dynamic with my membership site marketing. I want more control.” Or the person that’s just thinking about starting a membership site. [00:33:30] From a business advantage standpoint, what would you say would be the primary reason you would encourage anybody to start a membership site today?

Bob Keen: Memberships are very closely associated with subscriptions, and subscriptions with recurring income. That little recurring income snowball can really grow [00:34:00] to something that can make anyone’s life very comfortable. That’s just the magic. Membership, recurring income. I think it’s the way to go, so don’t sell a PDF, a one-time download. Sell a course. A course that you keep updating, that you keep improving where people keep coming back, [00:34:30] and charge them every year or every month, whichever model you prefer. That is really the easiest way right now to build a business to something really great, and a membership platform is your gateway to that kind of success. At least financial success.

Chris Davis: Yeah, [00:35:00] and I would agree with that because it’s one of those things where until you witness it and see it and experience it, you just won’t understand how powerful it is but it’s no … Listen everybody. There’s no coincidence that most of the SaaS companies that you see now that are selling marketing software all have a subscription model. That’s not by coincidence and some strange happening. There’s a reason [00:35:30] behind it, and it is very much so as small business owners I think we all can identify with how hard it can be at times generating new leads for our business and even harder closing, so if every month you don’t have to close as many leads as the previous because those leads closed for last month count as leads this month.

Bob Keen: There’s a good reason why ActiveCampaign charges me by the month or by the year and has [00:36:00] never offered me to pay a one-time price. The business model behind the one-time lifetime price is flawed. It’s not sustainable.

Chris Davis: Everybody listening. You are a small business owner whether you have started your business or not. You are one and you should most definitely have in your business plan and marketing strategy a form of continuity program or recurring [00:36:30] revenue. Please don’t listen to this and throw this sage advice to the wayside. Bob, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast. It was great. It was great to just meet the grandfather of the new age membership sites.

It’s a privilege, because honestly Bob, a lot of times we’ll see more and more companies using this type of approach in everything and the [00:37:00] creator doesn’t always get the exposure, and I’m not saying that to put you on some pedestal. I’m saying that to say that when we’re looking at software for our companies, it only benefits us to figure out who the people behind the software is and to learn about your coding background and experience. I’m sure all ActiveMember360 users right now are going to sleep just a bit more peacefully knowing the [00:37:30] mind that’s behind it and just the story of its creation, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here because I think like you said, using Infusionsoft before was a bit limiting where now you have no ceiling. I can’t wait to see what that affords the small business owner, so I appreciate it Bob. I know how coding and developers can get often overlooked, so very appreciative of your time [00:38:00] Bob. Thank you so much. ActiveMember360.com is the preferred site where people can check you out, right?

Bob Keen: That’s correct.

Chris Davis: ActiveMember360.com, everybody. Bob Keen is the creator, and you run the company with your son, right?

Bob Keen: Yeah. [inaudible 00:38:18] There’s five or six of us on any given day, but my son helps me program, plan, manage. [00:38:30] He’s been a great help. Above all it’s given me time to go back deeper into programming. He’s not happy about that because he’s after the same goal [crosstalk 00:38:45]

Chris Davis: It’s good, healthy competition.

Bob Keen: There you go. Yeah. Probably can’t wait for me to kick the bucket so he … But yeah, he’s going to have to wait a little bit.

Chris Davis: [00:39:00] Yeah, yeah. You’ll be around for a while Bob. We need you man, we need you. But this was good, Bob. like I said, thank you again. Listeners, I hope this was very informative and eye-opening to the possibilities that exist to you not only as an ActiveCampaign user, but now some membership. Adding a membership platform or a membership capability to your business. With that, we’ll sign off here. Bob, thank you again so much and I’ll see you around online.

Bob Keen: [00:39:30] Thank you for the invitation and we’ll see you. Take care. Bye bye, everyone.

Chris Davis: Thank you for listening to another episode of the ActiveCampaign Podcast. I hope this one was very informative and exposed you to a new approach to membership sites. As Bob mentioned and I agreed with, membership sites can be a great reliable form of revenue for your business and honestly as [00:40:00] business owners we should all be thinking about it.

If you would like to learn more about ActiveCampaign and the features, how to use it, how to best leverage, just more education, we have created a lot of guided content for you. I’m calling it guided content because it’s very one on one to the space of marketing automation as well as the ActiveCampaign platform. All of that information can be found at ActiveCampaign.com/learn. We [00:40:30] are a platform that is plug and play. We want you to use the best of breed in all technologies and easily tie them into ActiveCampaign. As Bob mentioned, our API is so easy to use and fast that you get the best marketing experience by integrating directly with ActiveCampaign. Hence, you will start seeing more and more deep data integrations pop up.

If you’re new to the podcast, please subscribe. I really have no clue what you’re waiting for, but please subscribe today, [00:41:00] right now. We’re available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. Any of those platforms are suitable. If you’d like to listen online you can do that at ActiveCampaign.com/podcast and binge to your heart’s content. Please spread the word, everybody. I’ve been receiving feedback, constructive criticism, accolades. I love it all. It helps me be better and if I’m better you all are better, so keep it coming. Leave a five star review. Let me know [00:41:30] how I’m doing and let’s keep this boat rolling. This is the ActiveCampaign Podcast, the small business podcast to help you scale and propel your business with marketing automation. I will see you on the next episode.

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