Episode 23: Building Your Business Beyond Websites with Steve Woody

Steve Woody, book author and founder of Online Mastery, talks with our Director of Education and podcast host Chris Davis about the value of prioritizing a CRM system when building your business.


ActiveCampaign Director of Education and podcast host Chris Davis engages Steve Woody, book author and founder of Online Mastery, in a discussion about the importance of using a capable CRM system right from the start when you’re building a business. Learn how Steve uses deals, pipelines, automations and more in ActiveCampaign to achieve a highly effective sales funnel that scales with his business as it grows.
Steve Woody can be found online at OnlineMastery.co.uk.
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Chris Davis: Welcome to another episode of the ActiveCampaign podcast, and today [00:00:30] there are two words that are going to blow you away for today’s podcast. And one of the words is “homeless,” the other one is “one hundred stages.” Keep listening, you’re gonna find out exactly why these two words are really gonna transform your experience in how you look at, use and utilize ActiveCampaign, because I have with me today none other than Steve Woody, and he [00:01:00] is going to break down … He’s gonna give us some history of what life was like … I’m not talking about business, I’m talking about life, real time hardships … Was like, and how he’s used, of course, a will, you know an unrelenting will to win, personal development and connection with technology to build a presence online that has helped so many people. Steve, welcome to the podcast.

Steve Woody: [00:01:30] Hey Chris, thank you so much for having me, it’s a true honor to be here.

Chris Davis: Yes, yes, honor to have you as well. Tell the audience a little bit about yourself. What’s the name of your company? And who do you serve?

Steve Woody: Chris, thank you very much. So I’m the founder of Online Mastery Limited. I’m also the author of the international best selling book, Plan Your Websites. And the reality is I’ve gone through a change recently. I’ve got a real passion in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners [00:02:00] from sort of the start up phase, the initial 18 months where most businesses fail. But I’m transitioning in a [inaudible 00:02:08] now as an online consultant and my focus right now is between taking business owners that are generating 100,000 in profit and getting them to their first million.

Chris Davis: Great, great. And what I love about that is just the growth. I mean, I won’t spoil it, but … Let’s talk about your professional background, and in that let’s talk about some of the personal hardships [00:02:30] that you’ve endured to get to the point where you’re at right now.

Steve Woody: Sure, sure, I’ll give you a 60 second summary, ’cause I don’t want to bore anyone with a story, but, I was in the army, I served six years in communications for the UK army. When I left, I kind of struggled to adapt and to fit back into civilian life, so I was homeless three times, I had a gambling addiction, I went bankrupt, I lived in a car for six months. I then started to get my life back on track, I started up a company, but it didn’t [00:03:00] do too well. I got married, then I got divorced. I started a year about 50 grand in debt.

So I’ve kind of had a bit of a journey leading me to where I am today, but that other side of that, the flip of that is like as you mentioned, I’m like a donkey, you put a [inaudible 00:03:14] on my back and I just keep on walking. I’ve never given up, and so in 2011 I found Tony Robbins and personal development, I got into that whole side of things. I decided I was gonna build websites, and that was gonna be my focus, ’cause I loved it, I had a good passion [00:03:30] for it. And I struggled really to compete with a lot of the Eastern cultures, sort of India and the Philippines and places like [inaudible 00:03:41] as they were taking off. I couldn’t compete with cost of living in the UK to build websites. So it’s kind of when I started to ask different questions, like what can I do differently. How can I be different and offer a service that’s not being offered, and what I found was that my real core, my real passion [00:04:00] was in strategy.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Steve Woody: It was helping people understand the right questions that they needed to ask before they built their website.

Chris Davis: Yeah, I’m a huge proponent of questions, and like you, web development was my gateway into this online business space as well, right?

Steve Woody: Absolutely.

Chris Davis: And anybody who has just a little inkling of savvy in business and marketing, it doesn’t take long before you realize, wait [00:04:30] a minute, I thought the website was it. I thought this was the finished product. This is just the beginning. We’re literally just getting started with the website, right?

Steve Woody: This is it. The majority of people who come to me, they’ll come to me with one of two questions. It’s either, how do I advertise on Facebook or another social media platform. And the other question is, I need a website. And so when people come to me and say, “I need a website,” what they don’t realize is that is a loaded question.

Chris Davis: [00:05:00] Yes it is.

Steve Woody: And what they really mean is, I need a designer, I need a strategist, I need a developer, I need a therapist, I need a marketing agency. There are so many components to a website, and most of those components don’t even talk to each other. Like, you put a designer and a developer in the same room and get them to communicate, it’s challenging.

Chris Davis: Yeah, absolutely.

Steve Woody: And that’s really where I’ve been able to scale, is I see the whole picture, and so I can communicate on every single level, and I can articulate that back to the business owner in plain English.

Chris Davis: [00:05:30] That’s so important, Steve. This is why I was so excited to talk to you in front of everybody, because the fact that you identified, “I need a website” as a loaded question, is one identification that I don’t see many make. But like you said, behind that question, oh my goodness. There is so much … And the main thing, the main important thing that everybody lacks, Steve, is the strategy. It’s the strategy.

Steve Woody: [00:06:00] This is where … I could never even fathom where I am now, like if you looked at me a few years ago and asked me the question, like, “Where would you like to be?” Or “Where are you going to be?” It just wouldn’t have been possible to tell you that I’ll be here right now. When I look back, you’ve only gotta take a couple of months ago, like March, I did an organic Facebook live video, it was about five minutes long, and I pulled in about 30,000 off the back of that, no paid ads, nothing. [inaudible 00:06:29]the message in the story, [00:06:30] and the following I’ve built through my journey. Like, I share everything, the good and the bad, so people see the whole picture-

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Steve Woody: And I can tell you right now, when people say they need a website, if you go to a web press developer, they’ll tell you to build it on Word Press, if you go to a Click [inaudible 00:06:44] expert, they’ll say use Click Funnels, you go to a custom developer, they’ll tell you to build a custom website. What I prefer to do is say, hold on a minute, what do you need? What is your outcome? What results do you need? What is the best system and approach to get you to where you need to be, because [00:07:00] everything’s different. You know, everyone can give you an opinion, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what’s best for you.

Chris Davis: Absolutely.

Steve Woody: And so that’s what really helped me, ’cause when I started, and I wrote my book, and my book is all about helping people understand and ask the right questions, the book I thought was what was really gonna do it for me, but what I realized on the back end of that is the online courses I’ve built and the systems I’ve built, and when people say, “I need a website,” it’s a distraction. A website is not what you [00:07:30] need in an online business to be successful, what you really need, and I tell this all the time to my clients, is a functioning CRM system.

Chris Davis: Right.

Steve Woody: That’s why we’re here, ’cause as you know, Love ActiveCampaign.

Chris Davis: Yes, yes … Essentially what I hear you saying is your strategy, your strategy determines your technology. It’s your strategy that sets your marketing grocery [00:08:00] list. You know, you don’t go to somebody and say, “Hey, should I be using Click Funnels?” I’m gonna get on my soap box for just one minute, Steve, but it drives me crazy when I see questions like this in any group or any platform. ActiveCampaign versus Platform, which is best? And it’s like, on my goodness, could that not …

Steve Woody: And they’re both good for their own-

Chris Davis: Exactly.

Steve Woody: Everything has pros and cons, and you can’t … I see the host all the time, “Where should I host my website?” [00:08:30] Wherever is best served for your needs.

Chris Davis: Yes. The most important part is you’re familiar with your needs, right?

Steve Woody: Yes. Not even your needs, your customer’s needs.

Chris Davis: Yes.

Steve Woody: Like, too many people, when they’re doing a website, they say, “Oh, I like this, I like that,” and I’ve got to the stage now, and I’m still very humble, but also, people don’t hire me because I do what they want, people hire me because I tell them what to do. And so I’ve kind of got out of that, “What do you need?” Into, “This is [00:09:00] what you need.”

Chris Davis: Yes.

Steve Woody: And what I tell people all the time is, I don’t care what you want in terms of what you want in your website, I care about what your clients want and what they need. ‘Cause they’re the focus, ’cause they’re the ones who are gonna be using it.

Chris Davis: They’re the focus. So in that sense, Steve, if Click Funnels allows you to serve your audience in the means that they’re most probable to consume, then who cares if another tool is better? That’s [00:09:30] the best tool for you.

Steve Woody: And there’s always … I mean, you look at the internet marketing space, there will always be innovations. Like, why focus right now for people is, you need to be agile. You need to be able to … And I use this analogy a lot, and I liken it to like, you can look at a T-Rex, you know, it’s really big, it’s really stable, and i look at … So I’m gonna mention it, ’cause I used to be on Infusionsoft, and they’re like a T-Rex. You know, they’re big, they’re established. But you look at ActiveCampaign, it’s like a Velociraptor. It’s agile. [00:10:00] You get a pack of them together, it’s dangerous. And to me it’s like, a small business owner needs to be agile, that’s what gives them the competitive advantage over established agencies and companies. And a small business owner doesn’t necessarily have the bank roll to be able to throw money away testing things.

Chris Davis: Absolutely.

Steve Woody: So you need to be cost effective, and absolutely you need to be frugal, but at the same time you need to make sure that wherever you’re investing … ‘Cause this is another thing, a website isn’t a cost, a website is [00:10:30] an investment. Your CRM system isn’t a cost, it’s an investment. And you need to make sure you’re getting a return on your investment.

Chris Davis: Yeah, it’s a mental shift. It’s a mental shift.

Steve Woody: Absolutely, absolutely.

Chris Davis: And in the vein of mentioning Infusionsoft, which by the way, the latest Jurassic Park, I believe the Raptors win. Just throwing it out there. But with that in mind, you made a shift Steve, you made a shift from focusing on the website. You started understanding the right questions to ask, [00:11:00] which exposed you to the back end, which is where all of the systems rely. And in that, you’ve got quite an interesting propagation of systems experience as far as the tools that you’ve used over the years. What was that like? What was your pre marketing, some of the tools you were using before ActiveCampaign?

Steve Woody: I’ve only gotta look at the first ever website I built, and I’m like, wow, it’s embarrassing, and I don’t ever want to mention it, and hopefully I’ve deleted every trace of it, but the fact is, like I [00:11:30] started in HTML, I started building websites pre systems, pre CMS. And you know, and then if I needed to edit a menu, I had to edit on every page, and then PHD came along, and then I learned I could do things in a better way, and then I was introduced to WordPress, and at first I hated it, and then I got into WordPress and I realized that it … I had a friend of mine, a very good friend who … Very successful. He was making millions and millions of pounds by turning out good websites, 80%. And I was so focused on getting one website perfect, [00:12:00] that I realized that it’s not about … Perfection is it’s own imperfection, and a lot of … It’s like a said about being agile, a lot of times you need to just get out there. And so, there’s two types of paralysis, there’s a type where you’re, “Oh, it’s not quite good enough, it’s not quite good enough,” and there’s the other type which is like, “Oh my God, there’s so many systems, which ones do I use?”

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Steve Woody: And so for me, it was … I started off with Excel, and I’d document everything on Excel, and then I moved from a CRM perspective, I moved into using Sugar CRM, and then I moved into Captio, [00:12:30] but that could integrate in [inaudible 00:12:31]. And this is before [inaudible 00:12:32] come along to [inaudible 00:12:35]systems, and then I moved properly into WordPress, and when I … I then moved into Mail Chimp, and this was again before [inaudible 00:12:42], so there wasn’t the real list segmentation, ’cause the first thing I do is get as many people into my list as possible, and the second thing I do is get them back out again. Because I only want the people in my list who are actually going to take action.

Chris Davis: Now, that’s you, Steve. I have to stop you there, ’cause right when you said that I felt [00:13:00] my listeners cringe. They’re like, “What do you mean kick ’em out?” Right? ‘Cause that’s like the cardinal sin. Why would you … Your list needs to be as big as possible, Steve. What do you say to those people?

Steve Woody: Let me tell you right now, I worked for a gentleman a while back, and I’m not gonna mention any names or anything, but I worked for this gentleman, and he bought a list, and we were walking around like peacocks, we’re going to be … It was a typical bell boy moment, we were going to be millionaires. The list was [00:13:30] 85 million people and we knew that by the time we washed and cleaned it, we were gonna clean up. I can tell you right now, through experience of having a huge database and also having a small but targeted database, I would much rather have 1000 people who are my raving fans, who know they can trust me, who purchase everything I put out, who share and comment and engage with all of my content, than a million people who just know of or have heard about me.

Chris Davis: Yup, yup, [00:14:00] and you’re speaking from experience. What you just said, everybody who’s an experienced marketer and has seen behind the fluff of large lists, they’re like pumping their fists right now, Steve. They’re like, yes, he gets it, small targeted list, it’s the way. You know?

Steve Woody: You can go into Facebook, you can click into sponsored ad that tells you how to make 6,000,000 pounds in six minutes, and you can go through a system, and you can get caught up in the hype and the BS, but you’ll ultimately get to the point that … Let me just tell you, [00:14:30] for everyone who’s listening, this is the best advice that I can possibly give you in terms of my journey. It has taken me a long time to be able to earn money quickly. I’m gonna repeat that, ’cause it’s so important. It’s taken me a long time to be able to earn money quickly. Yes, I can send out an email to my list, and I can generate 5, 10, 15, 20 thousand pound with an offer, great. But it’s not because I’ve just built this list up, I’ve had to nurture it, I’ve had to build relationships. There was relentless [00:15:00] testing and experience and failures and feedback, and all of these things have contributed to the place where I am now where I can do that. And there will always be people who will buy into that hype, of course they will, but the reality is that behind all of the hype, all of the exaggerated numbers, all of that side of it, it takes time, and the only way that you can make that process easier and quicker is with great systems.

Chris Davis: That’s it. That’s it. [00:15:30] Another thing that I really enjoyed about you and your approach when we were talking about, you know, marketing before ActiveCampaign, how using all of these CRMs and WordPress, and how they wouldn’t necessarily play well together, and eventually you landed on ActiveCampaign, and I would like to say there was a big … Not would like to say, but just kind of hint, or lead you into this one, but there was a big different for you as far [00:16:00] as what type of marketer you are, and there was one word that really changed the game for you and that was visualization. Speak to how important it was for you to be able to visualize what was happening in your application, what’s that allowed you to do.

Steve Woody: Well, this is so pivotal, because when I talk to people, one of the biggest mistakes that people make … And going back to the websites very quickly, one of the biggest mistakes people make is they don’t capture analytical data. So there are people who come to me now for [00:16:30] website review and they still don’t even have Google analytics installed. Now, that’s the first problem, is they’re not capturing data. The second problem, and this is related to your statement just then is that there’s a lot of people who do capture data and then don’t understand it. Now, when I was on Infusionsoft I was capturing so much data. I mean, I’m gonna … I’ll tell you the moment about a … I’ve got a [inaudible 00:16:52] pipeline in ActiveCampaign as you mentioned earlier is gonna have 100 stages in it-

Chris Davis: Yes.

Steve Woody: And the process of why and how I created that. For me, [00:17:00] when it was in Infusionsoft I couldn’t … You know I was paying my monthly fee, then I needed to add Graphly into it as well, and I had to try and build that, and it was just so complex, and there were so many different moving parts, and for me I need to ActiveCampaign quickly. If somebody calls me up I need to put up that contact record, I need to see that history, I need to see that relationship, where they are, what they’ve done. I need to be able to visualize the funnel, where they are in that funnel, where they are in the pipeline, the pipelines they’ve been in, are in. And for me the biggest [00:17:30] shift was when I got pushed into a funnel and we all know it, we’ve all been there, you get that first email, and you don’t answer it, and then the next day you get the second email, and then the third, and the forth and the fifth and before you know it you’ve unsubscribed, and you’ve not even read the first email.

Chris Davis: Right.

Steve Woody: That was the biggest shift for me, I was playing with ActiveCampaign on a free trial, and I looked at the if else conditional logic, and it said wait until they’ve opened or wait until they’ve replied, and I was like wow. [00:18:00] Because when I got pushed into a funnel, and when I didn’t open my first email, I was being re targeted on Facebook saying, hi, go back and read your emails. They were using Facebook to re target me, to get me to open the first email, and they never sent a second email until I’ve read the first one, and so that for me was so powerful. And then having that ability to be able to build out pipelines, build out automations, based on the user, what’s right [00:18:30] for them and based on their engagement. That, to me, was a game changer, because I’m a very visual person and I need to be able to see that, and I couldn’t before.

Chris Davis: Yeah, definitely.

Steve Woody: And now I can. And it has, it has revolutionized my business. I can’t explain to you the difference it has made, to be able to see a customer’s record and find out where they’ve been, where they are, from site tracking, all the way from email engagement, the whole picture.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Steve Woody: [00:19:00] It’s all available on one screen, and it’s game changing.

Chris Davis: Yeah, and for everybody who’s listening, the feature that Steve is talking about is our Deals CRM, Our Deals CRM gives you this visual flow where you can see all of your stages in a left to right flow, and it’s kind of like Trello, if anybody has ever used Trello, there are cards within a big list, and you can either move those cards from left to right or right to left manually, or you can use automation and conditions in automation to automatically [00:19:30] move those cards. But when you log in and you’re looking at a pipeline, which a pipeline consists of multiple stages, and you can see the flow, you can see exactly where everybody is at, because it displays their progress on every stage within the application. And Steve, you’ve got a pipeline with 100 stages, I know for some people it’s probably mind blowing, I mean, even when you told me, I kind of [00:20:00] like … Wow. You know.

Steve Woody: You should have built it.

Chris Davis: Right. Like, man, I wish I had a hundred stages … But let’s talk a little bit about your 100 stages.

Steve Woody: This, to me, it’s evolved. It’s an evolutionary process. When I wrote my book, my book is 10 chapters. And the whole purpose of the book is its aha moments. It’s teaching you things that you need to know. But for me, I didn’t want to focus on technology, I didn’t really want to focus on anything that would have been outdated by the time I published the book. Right? [00:20:30] And also I needed lead generation, because when people buy my book, I don’t know who they are. They buy in on Amazon or in an airport. So, all throughout my book it says, in the workbook, in the workbook, in the workbook.

Now, as part of my process of my systems, I offered a free PDF download of a workbook which kind of takes them through the questions they need to ask, and the outcome was that they can take that workbook and give it to a designer, give it to a developer, use it themselves to build their website. Now, as I was [00:21:00] building this … and this has taken years and years and years to do this, but as I was building this workbook, I started to record videos, and it started off really small, and it was just a way to add value, and what happened was that actually had become an online course, and now people have the first upsell of when they purchase my book, they get the free PDF download of the workbook, but they can then upsell into the online workbook.

And I’ve actually got over 100 videos. Every section through the 10 chapters is broken down into a video that takes them through [00:21:30] the process, and they can document it online. Now, what happens, because that’s in WordPress, we built a plug in called WP Fusion, which connects WordPress to ActiveCampaign very, very seamlessly, what happens is people are going through the process, I know when they start a video, I then know when they finish a video, when they click that they’ve completed that module, that topic or lesson. And so what I’ve done is I created ideal process. ’cause a lot of people get confused … Not [00:22:00] confused with deals, but they think oh the deals is just for your sales pipeline, but it’s not.

Chris Davis: Exactly.

Steve Woody: I also use it for nurturing pipeline, so I have my online work with progress pipeline, and what I do there is when they start on chapter one, lesson one, topic one, I know. And so I was manually moving them through each of the steps, and as I said, I’ve [inaudible 00:22:23] there’s a 100 videos, there’s a 100 stages in this pipeline, and what I do is when they visit the web … When they visit the page, [00:22:30] ActiveCampaign uses site tracking, lets me know that they’re on that page, and [inaudible 00:22:35] them it files them off into automation. It then holds them in that pack, in that automation, until they’ve clicked complete. If they don’t click complete, they then get a 14 day email series that just holds them accountable and kicks them up the bum to make sure they finish it, and also then upsells them coaching or anything I can do on top of that to help get them through. And the idea is as [00:23:00] they progress, I can just log into ActiveCampaign, I can log into the pipeline, and I can see exactly where all 1500 of my … ‘Cause I’ve got 1500 people right now in that pipeline who have gone through that process, and I can see exactly where they are, and also if they get stuck for more than, say, three days, I add a task, I can now see how long they’ve been in there for, the follow up process, so I can see anyone who’s flagging behind.

Chris Davis: Yup, that’s beautiful.

Steve Woody: And then I can actually go into that contact record, reach out to them, connect with them, [00:23:30] because ActiveCampaign allows you to pull up social media details, I can follow them on twitter, on Linkedin, on Facebook. I have that ability to connect above and beyond, and that to me is just … It’s priceless.

Chris Davis: I love it. That’s amazing, and there’s a nugget in there everybody, if you didn’t catch it. Steve said he started off small. And not just small though. Small is … Maybe everybody knows that, oh yeah, you gotta start small, but small, valuable content. [00:24:00] Small valuable content.

Steve Woody: I started with my book. I knew I wanted a workbook, but my first ever workbook was just 84 pages. It was a few pages, and then it grew into like a 80 page workbook, and then I actually got it professionally published. So now you’ve got a book and a workbook, and they’d become a bundle. Then there were the videos, then was the online course, then there was … You know, there’s another one. Now I’ve got the audio book, and now I’ve got all these different … And that’s just one set of products. I mean, I’ve got [00:24:30] lots and lots of different products now.

Chris Davis: Yeah, but I know what Steve, this is what I really, really enjoy about this, about listening to you is because you know what I didn’t hear you say? I didn’t hear you say, when I started out Chris, I had a workbook, I had an online course, then I had another product over it, I had these 10 products that I was selling all at once.

Steve Woody: No, no, no.

Chris Davis: And so many people make that mistake, they come out and try to have [00:25:00] five to 10 products just because … Looking at you now, Steve, you do have a product suite, right?

Steve Woody: I do, but-

Chris Davis: That’s the end of the game, right?

Steve Woody: I still only promote one product … I have one sales funnel that I focus on. For me now, I’m specifically focusing on business owners, ’cause I can mentor people, ’cause I’ve done this, I’ve got the results, I know what works. I’ll give you an example, I had an interview, well not me, one of [00:25:30] my staff members had an interview earlier with a lady, she’s doing 400,000 in her first year, she’s got a fantastic niche, she’s scaled and grown so quickly, she doesn’t have systems in place to support her. And I’m at a point now where I’m like, I love going into companies that have got exponential growth in their first year, and then they just don’t have the systems. It’s so easy.

Chris Davis: So easy.

Steve Woody: I can go in and say, just click this, click this, press this, do this, set this up, done.

Chris Davis: And it’s like magic to them.

Steve Woody: And they’re grateful [00:26:00] because they know they need it. I’ve got another client who’s processing … he’s processing 20,000 orders a week, manually. It’s in PDFs, in emails to him. And I’m just like, we can set you up with a form, we could automate this entire process for you.

Chris Davis: Right.

Steve Woody: [inaudible 00:26:19] conditional logic, so I can’t ActiveCampaign for that, but Gravity forms links into ActiveCampaign and you can [inaudible 00:26:25] and it’s like, everything’s there, and it’s just so easy. [00:26:30] Business should be fun, it should be enjoyable, and it should be easy.

Chris Davis: But you know what, congrats to you Steve, because you created that reality. So many people, they become employees in their own business, and enslaved to their own business. They’re slaves to their own revenue. That’s the worst feeling in the world is the same thing you’re going out to create is enslaving you.

Steve Woody: I’m no [00:27:00] different, I’m no different for a long time. For a long time. I was working 15, 18 hours a day, I was hustling, you know, I had my Gary V videos on in the background, and I’m sitting there, and I’m listening to Frank Kern, and I’m looking at what digital market are doing, and I’m watching and looking and learning from everything, and consuming knowledge, and I’ve burned out so many times because I just didn’t … I wasn’t taking my own advice, and the reality is when I stood back and I’m like, why am I doing … [00:27:30] One funnel, one [inaudible 00:27:32], optimize it, make it work, focus, do your market research, get a product that they need, stop looking at like … I don’t focus on the money, I don’t care about the money anymore. Of course it’s important, of course I respect it, but I’m not churning out products for profit. I’m making a different to people’s lives, and I’m helping people so that they don’t have to go through the same things that I did.

Chris Davis: Yup Steve, that is … I can’t thank you enough, I am a [00:28:00] strong advocate, always have always will be of the one funnel approach, because for most businesses that’s the only thing missing, and the only thing you need. Right?

Steve Woody: Yes.

Chris Davis: And I tell people all the time this, too, ’cause you mentioned this, Steve, you brought it up how the analytics piece is often missing from these businesses. They don’t have Google Analytics, they’re not tracking it, and if people understood the level of effort it requires to really fine tune one funnel, right? All the analytics that you have to look at, all [00:28:30] of the adjustments, the behavior based marketing that you need to implement on top of learning the best tools, you have a year’s worth of work, just one funnel, marketing it correctly and optimizing it.

Steve Woody: That’s it. I mean, Russel Bronson says you only have one funnel or way, and it’s so true, because for me, most people who are struggling, that one funnel … Now, it’s not to say only focus on one funnel, but to start on one funnel.

Chris Davis: Exactly.

Steve Woody: When you’ve got that one funnel, when it’s working, when it’s optimized, your self worth increases, your positioning [00:29:00] increases, your revenue will increase. Everything will grow, and as a result … I have a mentor, his name’s Darien, and he’s a fantastic guy, and he said, “You will only ever have two problems in business, you can say whatever you want, whatever your story is right for you, but there are only ever two problems. You either have a cash problem, or you have a talent problem. If you have a cash problem, you can’t afford the right talent, and if you have a talent problem, it’s because … You’re not going to be bringing in enough of the right cash.

Chris Davis: Yeah.

Steve Woody: So it’s cash and talent, and that’s it. And [00:29:30] so, for me, and for so many business owners out there, when they’re starting out, and they don’t have the cash, and they can’t bring in the right talent, you have to rely on systems, and that is why you can use cost effective solutions to automate parts of your business. See, I’m still heavily involved in my business. I’m always talking to customers, to clients, to people who … You know … I often, I love doing this, I jump on my live chat on my website, and people will pop up, and I’ll have it on my phone, [00:30:00] and they’ll send a message thinking they’re talking to a bot on a live chat, and I’ll answer, and they’re like, Steve is this you? Why are you on the live chat? And I’m like, of course it’s me. Because I believe … It’s my belief that I work on my business because I want to, not because I need to.

Chris Davis: There you go. There you go.

Steve Woody: The systems give me the choice.

Chris Davis: Yup, I love it. Steve, wow, thank you so much, man. We’re close to the end here. [00:30:30] Listen, man, I enjoyed recording this probably more than most people listening, and it’s because … This one you may have to rewind … Listeners, you may have to rewind this one a couple of times, ’cause there’s a lot in here, and experience is what is really showing through everything that you’re saying, Steve, so in parting, what’s the best advice the you can give any new users or current users to help them achieve success with ActiveCampaign?

Steve Woody: [00:31:00] That is a great question, and I’m gonna lead with a bit of a curve ball on this one, because for me, it was something that, in hindsight, looking back, I wish I’d done at the start, and it’s caused me a lot of time rectifying this, and for me, it is about mapping out the right strategy and the right approach for you. Spend … Plan twice, build once. For me, it was tagging. It was having a structured and systemized approach to my [00:31:30] tagging, so that I could build a story with those tags.

Chris Davis: There you go.

Steve Woody: And I could put everything to where it needs to be, because as you start out, you just start throwing in tags, you start throwing in lists, you start throwing in automations, ’cause it’s what we do. However, when you scale, you will need some form of strategy. And if you don’t, it will get painful, people will get caught up in automations, you’ll lose track of people, and then people will start to have a bad experience. So map it all out. Get [inaudible 00:31:59]. Map the whole [00:32:00] thing out first, look over it, share it with me, share it with ActiveCampaign, I’m sure you guys will give feedback and things like that. Share it with the online communities and the Facebook groups. How do you think this funnel looks? Do you think this is … Get feedback, and then … Plan it twice, build it once.

Chris Davis: There you go, great. I love it, and I tell people all the time, tags are important, they tell a story. You should be able to look at a contacts record, look at those tags, and have the abbreviated version of their entire customer journey just by looking at the tags.

Steve Woody: That’s it, [00:32:30] and if you’re working on the one funnel, when you’re optimizing it to get it … Like, return on investment. The first thing you should do with ActiveCampaign is set up a pipeline, set up a automation, and you should say, right, my first goal is to ensure that ActiveCampaign is paying for itself. And I did that in two ways, I set up the affiliate account and I started bringing over everyone from Infusionsoft to ActiveCampaign, so that was paying for itself, and then I said, right, I want my ActiveCampaign funnel, the one that’s gonna make sure [00:33:00] ActiveCampaign pays for itself.

Chris Davis: Yup.

Steve Woody: And then, what’s the next build that you’ve got, and then set up a funnel that pays for that, and before you know it, you’ve got residual income.

Chris Davis: There it is, the blueprint. Steve just laid out the blueprint everybody. I won’t put anything else on it, it stands by itself, strong words, Steve, thank you so much. How can people learn more about your business, or keep in contact with you, or get connected?

Steve Woody: Chris, I appreciate it, thank you. Onlinemastery.co.uk, that is my website, you’re more than welcome to reach out and check [00:33:30] out what I’ve got going on over there, or just go onto Amazon, check out my book, plan your website, or hit me up on social media, Steve Woody. I have a business card which just has my name on it, and when I give it to people [inaudible 00:33:40], if I’m not on top of Google, I’m not doing my job. So for me, it’s not about what platform I use, it’s what platform you use. I’m on everything, so just connect with me in whichever way works best for you.

Steve Woody Online Mastery. Search me, you should hopefully find me there.

Chris Davis: There it is. It’s … Business owners listen, remember, if anything that Steve said today, [00:34:00] which was a big shift for me, and I hope was for you all, it now … Say this with me, it’s not about me, it’s all about you, customer, client, prospect. It’s all about you. You are the one. Your needs are going to govern and navigate everything that I do. It’s all about you. Steve, thanks man, thank you so much.

Steve Woody: Thank you so much, it’s been an honor.

Chris Davis: This was great, so, we’ll be in touch, we’ll [00:34:30] be connected online, and keep pressing forward, man, keep pressing.

Wow, what an amazing episode. If you can’t see the power of ActiveCampaign after listening to Steve and how he does the visualization, and all of the stages, I don’t know, I seriously don’t know what else to do. Actually, I do know, if you’re still struggling after listening to a powerful episode like [00:35:00] this, I would advise you, sign up for a one on one with our Success team, and you can do so at ActiveCampaign.com/training101 are available for everybody who has a free trial, and a regular account, as Steve eluded to, once you go beyond the basics of a website, and get into the systems, ActiveCampaign can really be the different maker in taking you to the next level in your business, so [00:35:30] I really hope you enjoyed today’s episode, I hope it made sense.

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