Episode 22: Giving Your Marketing Automation a Boost with Edward Haskins

Edward Haskins of ActiveAutomations.com joins Chris Davis in a discussion about how to boost your marketing automation processes in ActiveCampaign to get even better marketing results.


Podcast host Chris Davis interviews Edward Haskins, of ActiveAutomations.com, to learn how he uses ActiveCampaign to give his marketing automation an extra boost. They discuss using automations to implement marketing processes, Edward’s favorite tools to integrate with ActiveCampaign, and the future of marketing automation.
Edward Haskins can be found online at ActiveAutomations.com.
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Chris Davis: Welcome to another edition of the ActiveCampaign podcast. Today we have [00:00:30] what I would call probably the biggest power user. This is a challenge to all of you power users listening. We have a amazing power user advocate, champion of the brand, long-time user Edward Haskins and we’re going to go … We’re going to dive deep today and talk about how to extend, boost if you will, some of the functionality of ActiveCampaign [00:01:00] to get even more out of an application that’s already flexible, dynamic and robust. Edward, how are you doing?

Edward Haskins: I’m doing great, Chris. Thanks for having me.

Chris Davis: Yes, it has been a pleasure, man, because personally we’ve been able to connect just in the automation communities online and Facebook and now to be on the inside of ActiveCampaign. I was a power user brother-in-arms before and we would discuss strategies [00:01:30] and tips and tricks and now being on the inside, it’s a pleasure to have you on the podcast officially. I’m excited to give our users exposure to some of the things that you’re doing, some of the things that you’ve done and the new project that you’re working on.

Edward Haskins: That sounds great.

Chris Davis: So we’ll start from the top. Give a formal introduction for everybody listening. Edward, what’s the name of your company and who do you serve?

Edward Haskins: Okay, so ActiveAutomations is my company [00:02:00] and I serve ActiveCampaign users exclusively and I do that through consulting, coaching, training and very soon software. So anything from helping clients migrate from, say, either like a MailChimp, AWeber or even sometimes Infusionsoft over into ActiveCampaign as well as helping new businesses to implement ActiveCampaign from scratch, or even just coaching clients as they do the implementation [00:02:30] by sharing some best practices that I’ve learned over time.

Chris Davis: Great and it’s so needed, Edward, and just so you know, we truly appreciate your efforts internally. We’re always very appreciative of our consultants and power users that are out there helping these businesses because, as you know, ActiveCampaign is really the hub. It’s one aspect of your entire marketing system and if you implement it just right with the other third party [00:03:00] tools, it can be an amazing just growth benefit for your business but a lot of times, the business owners get stuck on how to do the implementation. Conceptually, they kind of know what they want to do but they get stuck in the execution, so we’re so glad to have people like you out there. In fact, what is your professional background? How do you get in this space?

Edward Haskins: Oh boy, [00:03:30] this is … Let’s see. Oddly enough, I went to school for accounting believe it or not. But my first job after graduation, I worked for a software company that provided accounting systems for local governments and this was back in the 1990s, late 1990s, and this was around the time that the technology boom was occurring and anybody even with a tiny bit of technical ability could get paid crazy [00:04:00] amounts of money in the IT field. So I quickly started teaching myself about server administration and other IT stuff and I moved onto a new company and they were focused on database software development and I built up my skillset on that and then I left for a series of consulting projects with companies like Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Verizon Wireless and then, say, I think it was like [00:04:30] early 2000, I launched my first online business and that was providing online training to help IT professionals prepare for the Oracle Database Administration exams and this is kind of where my marketing background begins.

I needed to learn how to market that business so I can enroll students into the course and that’s when I came across some … I hired an email marketing coach. [00:05:00] So even back in the early 2000s, there was a such thing as coaches providing marketing services believe it or not and … Or marketing coaching, I should say. And from there I started using platforms like 1ShoppingCart, I think it’s still around.

Chris Davis: It is.

Edward Haskins: If you remember, they go all the way back to 2000 and moved [00:05:30] on to AWeber for quite a few years after that and I tried some other platforms as well. But anyway, once the whole tech bubble burst I ended up having to shut down that business and I ended up moving on, taking my online marketing skills that I had learned and leveraged then to help other companies. I learned to write copy, so I offered copywriting services for a while [00:06:00] and then I guess if you fast forward to maybe mid-2014, I had a client who needed help implementing an email package that I had never worked with before and it turned out that it was ActiveCampaign. So even with no experience on the platform, I just jumped in, I helped them get it all set up and that’s when I fell in love with the platform. So from that point forward, I have exclusively offered ActiveCampaign services.

Chris Davis: Nice. [00:06:30] Your path reminds me of something I say often to myself and other people who I try to help in their growth, their professional growth is learning through serving. You were serving an audience and it provided you the means to learn things and certain things stuck, right?

Edward Haskins: Sure.

Chris Davis: And things that stuck, you continue to chop away at and really define and chisel [00:07:00] and here we are, so wow. I would’ve never guessed accounting.

Edward Haskins: Yeah, it was … I still utilized that skillset. Having your own business, you do that and I’ve always been able to do my own taxes, so that’s a pretty cool thing too.

Chris Davis: Yeah, right. Definitely. Well yeah, I know that you were … Ever since you got exposed to ActiveCampaign, it was just like, “Wow, this is the platform,” and I’ll be honest, [00:07:30] I’ve sat and watched some of your posts on Facebook and our community, XYZ, and you do some really neat things with the application and I don’t know if … How detailed you want to go but one of the things that I have seen people frequently request from you is Ryan Deiss’ machine. You have taken the machine that is on … Was birthed on the platform Infusionsoft and you’ve [00:08:00] taken it and really refined it to where you’re now implementing it, right? With ActiveCampaign?

Edward Haskins: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Absolutely. Yeah, so the machine, which was originally based off Ryan’s book, the Invisible Selling Machine, and later the course, The Machine. Yeah, so it was available to Infusionsoft users. There was a set of campaigns that they can import and there was nothing available for ActiveCampaign users and at one point, I had a [00:08:30] client come to me and say, “Hey, I want to implement the machine on ActiveCampaign, can you do it for me?” And I had read the book so I was familiar with the methodology and I said, “Sure, I could do that.” And I jumped in and I started doing it and I realized just how challenging it was if you want to do it right.

If you really want to do it right, it’s challenging because there’s five different phases and you really want to track which phase that contact is in and [00:09:00] which products they’ve … Already been promoted through an engagement sequence and there’s re-engagement sequences as well and just all kinds of real down and dirty, really tough challenges to build that in automations, so over time … The first implementation I did, I would say right now it was terrible but we got [00:09:30] something up and running for the client and over time, I had some more clients request it and I learned a little bit more along the way and finally I said, “You know what? I’m just going to sit down and I am going to figure this out,” and I built my own blueprint for implementing it.

So it’s a whole set of automations that’s got tons of logic built into them and I then took that and I built the course and that course I launched back in [00:10:00] late last winter as a pilot course. I had 30 students go through and they helped punch a couple more holes into my implementation and I was able to seal those up and now I have, I guess no pun intended, a finely oiled machine and I occasionally still get some people who request access to that course. My plans are I’m going to go back and re-record, [00:10:30] start from scratch and re-record it and re-offer it again but I’ve had so much else on my plate that I haven’t gotten around to that yet, so …

Chris Davis: Right. And I would imagine … One of the challenges that I see people frequently face when they’re familiar with the platform and they start … Like another marketing automation platform and they come over to ActiveCampaign, they’re looking to port their process. They’re looking to port what [00:11:00] they were doing and sometimes that can work for a quick win but it’s kind of like what you alluded to, at one point you just had to sit down and say, “Okay, wait a minute. What am I doing?” Right? “Let me without the technology, without looking at Infusionsoft, without reading the book, what am I trying to do?” And then once you do that, you’re off to the races, right?

Edward Haskins: Right.

Chris Davis: Because you have your blueprint and if anything, that’s where I want [00:11:30] to see more small businesses go. No more of this cookie cutter, templated, “Hey, so-and-so guru did this, I just need this done for me.” It’s okay to start like that if you don’t know what you’re doing but at some point, at some point you have to own that knowledge. You have to own that expertise. It’s your business, it’s your responsibility.

Edward Haskins: Yeah because even in Ryan’s course and the book, even [00:12:00] though it’s based around selling multiple products, you have a value ladder of products, they never really talk about how you implement it into an email marketing system or email marketing automation system and how you account for different funnels. In real life, people have different funnels. They’ll have the front end funnel and then they have the back end funnel and it’ll start off with a lead magnet and possibly a tripwire and then your core offer and then you ask … You send them [00:12:30] up the value ladder with additional products but some of them will have multiple funnels with different products for each funnel and the course and the book never talk about how you have all those different funnels and how you implement it. So that’s what really took me a while to figure out and I had to create all kinds of special automation, like controller type automations. So I have a funnel controller, I have a value loop automation and then [00:13:00] segmentation controller and all kinds of controller automations that have zero emails in them, it’s just logic.

Chris Davis: I love it. The nerd in me is jumping for joy and the automator in me is doing back flips, man, because that’s the way. That is the way. Everybody that has seen any of my office hours or any of my webinars that I’ve done, I recently did one where I showed how you have [00:13:30] different types of automations. Some automations have no emails at all like you mentioned, it’s literally just logic, you’re setting … You’re doing the internal setup so that when a email does go out, it’s going A, to the right person and it’s very personalized.

Edward Haskins: Right and I think that is a very big … Maybe I should say misunderstanding that a lot of inexperienced marketers have when they’re trying to set up is they think … When they see [00:14:00] automation, they instantly think autoresponder. It’s got to send emails but … It may have other steps but they don’t realize that an automation may have, like you said, zero emails and it’s just there to implement the process and to automate it.

Chris Davis: And truth be told, Edward … I feel like I’m whispering but truth be told, those are some of the most powerful automations.

Edward Haskins: Yes.

Chris Davis: Those [00:14:30] end up being game changers for a business, so yes, you are preaching to the choir my friend. So tell me this, Edward. I know you’ve got the implementation, you’re so savvy in ActiveCampaign and you’re doing a lot of implementation for clients. If you had to pick … Let me pick a number. Let’s do three, let’s pick a nice safe number. What would you say right now at this moment are some of the … Three of [00:15:00] your favorite tools to integrate with ActiveCampaign right now?

Edward Haskins: Okay. Tops right now is Memberium, Memberium for ActiveCampaign. So that’s David Bullock, he’s done a fantastic job of taking what was arguably the most popular membership script from Infusionsoft users and created a nearly identical experience for ActiveCampaign users now as well. [00:15:30] So what I really love about it is the ability to provide membership level access as well as contact access based upon tags that are associated with the contact record in ActiveCampaign. The integration is so tight. Everything you can do within the membership script, you can add tags and you can have follow up automations, you can do some really neat things such [00:16:00] as accountability follow up for your members or for your course, those taking your courses and just trigger automations each time they finish either a lesson or the entire course, give them a badge if they complete the course or they complete the quiz. If they press the play button, you can record an event. You can do all kinds of things that instantly get pushed back to ActiveCampaign [00:16:30] that can be further automated based upon those triggers.

Chris Davis: Yes and for everybody listening, what Edward is talking about is hands down probably the strongest integration that you can set up is a membership script and you are all familiar with it, you go to a website and have to log in, okay, that’s what we mean by membership script but traditionally it’s … Like if you purchase a product, you have a level. You’re a bronze member. And then it says, [00:17:00] “Hey, all bronze members can see these pages.” And what Memberium does is it allows you to set not only membership level but content access based on tags in ActiveCampaign. This is important because now you can use all of the robust functionality and logic of ActiveCampaign to really customize your members’ experience. [00:17:30] I tell you, when I found out that you could do that, I was like … I had to create a reason to have a membership site because I wanted to use it.

Edward Haskins: Are you familiar with Ellen Martin? You’ve probably seen her in some of the groups.

Chris Davis: Yes.

Edward Haskins: So she and I just finished … We kind of partnered on a project creating a course portal for Russell Brunson for his recent Fill Your Funnel course and again, that was built on Memberium for ActiveCampaign [00:18:00] along with LearnDash and that came out really well and really happy with that but it’s funny to hear Russell Brunson using ActiveCampaign considering that ClickFunnels has their own little membership script but … Yeah, they realized that their membership is kind of limited and they really want to provide an advanced user experience for their students and he [00:18:30] absolutely refused to go the Infusionsoft route, so he’s cool with ActiveCampaign believe it or not.

Chris Davis: You know what? That is a great point that you bring up, Edward, because I can just hear virtually people asking, “What, do I … Should I do that?” And maybe you’re using a platform like Teachable or Kajabi or whatnot and the key word was if you need … If you want more control, okay, if you want more control over your membership site, if you want to be able to have more dynamic [00:19:00] actions take place easily and a lot of membership sites don’t tie directly into your CRM. There’s a disconnect there. They’ll pass some information but not all information.

Edward Haskins: Yeah, maybe an email address if you’re lucky in most of them.

Chris Davis: Right. Exactly, where this one is tightly knit, so that all of the data that is on a contact’s record can essentially give access or remove access as easy as adding or removing [00:19:30] a tag. It is, yes. Yeah, so that is a great point and sometimes … What I tell people all the time is, “If you don’t know if you need the tool right now, like that level of membership, you probably don’t.” The best time to implement something that’s a bit more advanced is when you’re feeling some level of pain unless you’re just a techy that can see beforehand what the landscape is going to be like and [00:20:00] you want to just start out using a platform that you can grow into but that’s why we have people like you.

Edward Haskins: Sure, sure.

Chris Davis: That people can reach out to and really understand their needs of now and the future.

Edward Haskins: And I kind of always do that when I’m in groups and I’m talking to people who are just starting out and they’re considering just getting something like MailChimp or AWeber. I say, “You know what? ActiveCampaign is so affordable to get started with and at some point, you’re going to really want those marketing automation tools available [00:20:30] to you. Just jump in there now. Get started with ActiveCampaign now instead of going with a lesser product that, while they are still great for some entry level people, they’re not going to fill your needs probably a year down the road.” And same thing like you said with membership scripts too, there’s all different levels and whatnot, so …

Chris Davis: Yep, so we got Memberium as number one. What are your other two?

Edward Haskins: Yeah, so I [00:21:00] guess my second one is one that I have not had an opportunity to actually implement for a client or even myself yet but I’ve been playing with it and trying to learn more about it and it seems really cool. It’s ConvertFlow.

Chris Davis: I just heard about this like three days ago from Ian Brodie, another power user.

Edward Haskins: Yes, yes.

Chris Davis: Yeah, I haven’t got my hands on it either.

Edward Haskins: Yeah, so again with tags, you can show different [00:21:30] … I don’t want to say it’s a competitor to ActiveCampaign’s Site Messaging although it could do site messaging but it also does opt-in forms and so, say for example you have an opt-in form on a page for, say, a lead magnet and that contact has already downloaded that lead magnet, you can instead show something different to them.

Chris Davis: Nice.

Edward Haskins: So yeah, so it will integrate with ActiveCampaign and it’ll evaluate the tags that are already existing and [00:22:00] I believe also if you’re already opted-in, you can then bypass having to re-opt-in. You may just have to push a button to obtain it but yeah, so … Really cool thing. Again, like I said, I haven’t had too much opportunity yet but it’s one of my ones at the top of the list to do.

Chris Davis: Yeah. I would say I would be willing to put my bid in for the future of marketing [00:22:30] automation. So many people claim what the future is and I don’t think it’s very complex at all, Edward. I believe the future of marketing automation is personalization. I do.

Edward Haskins: Exactly.

Chris Davis: We don’t have to overcomplicate this. We don’t have to overhype it. We don’t have to make it bigger than what it is. It’s personalization, man.

Edward Haskins: Yeah and I believe ConvertFlow will do that too, it’ll allow you to personalize the page in addition to the messaging and whatnot.

Chris Davis: Yep.

Edward Haskins: And I guess so my third [00:23:00] one real quick is Acuity Scheduling, which, you know, it’s been around for a long time but the reason I mention it is because I have so many clients that are kind of in the coaching, consulting space and they’re all having appointments set for their prospects and so what I do is, it’s not just getting the appointment but if you use Zapier, you’re able to set up zaps to have … Account for all the different [00:23:30] transactions that occur. So if they book the appointment, you can have a tag passed back to ActiveCampaign which could trigger a follow up automation. If they reschedule, you can have a tag passed back, or if they cancel, you can have a tag passed back, or if they’re a no show, you can have a tag passed back. So all those events can be handled with follow up automation. So I like to take the time to set up all those apps and automations when I’m working with coaching and [00:24:00] consulting clients who are using Acuity.

Chris Davis: Oh man, that is amazing. As you’re saying that, I’m just thinking, Edward, if we think of the traditional business owner like, we’ll say, a accountant that has embraced some technology, so instead of somebody calling in to make an appointment, they have an online portal like Acuity Scheduling where their clients can schedule online, their calendar is synched, so the times that they’re busy are automatically blocked off [00:24:30] and you can have padding between meetings and everything. So now as a accountant, all I have to do is check my calendar. And if I have the zaps set up like you said, I have everything in place, if somebody doesn’t show, my system’s automatically going to take care of that. It’s going to tag them, maybe send them an email that says, “Hey, I missed you,” this, this and that, reschedule here, whatever. It can send off the communication specific to the event that’s taken [00:25:00] place and imagine how much more efficient that accountant would be than the next one who’s manually on the phone scheduling all of their appointments and following up, “Hey, don’t forget … ,” where you can have a platform like Acuity that’s tightly integrated with ActiveCampaign and set your reminders and all of that.

Edward Haskins: Yep. And if you want to have ActiveCampaign send you reminders, you could do that as well instead of using the [00:25:30] canned reminders within Acuity.

Chris Davis: Nice. All right. Well great, man. That’s a solid stack. That’s a solid stack right there and I hope you listeners, you can kind of see that … See the full picture of the ActiveCampaign experience. It’s far greater … As great as the tool is, you’re only touching the surface if you’re only using the platform but once you start plugging in these [00:26:00] other tools with it, oh my good, the world just … There’s no limit. There’s no limit at all. Speaking of which, speaking of adding capabilities to the application, Edward, you are working on something. You know what? I’m not going to steal your thunder. I’m going to let you introduce it, explain it, everything. Edward, can you give us a sneak peek at what you’re currently working on?

Edward Haskins: Sure, sure. So anyone who’s familiar with the [00:26:30] Infusionsoft space is probably familiar with a couple of tools, mainly PlusThis or My Fusion Helper by Troy Broussard, who is a great marketer himself. Those tools provide, or I should say they kind of fill holes that Infusionsoft has that … Not every tool or platform is going to do everything that everybody needs. [00:27:00] We were talking about this earlier. But sometimes with custom development, you can fill those holes and there are some holes that some people use far more often than others that are out there. So what PlusThis and MyFusion Helper do is they have a number of different utility apps that do certain things. So some examples can be date formatting, so you could take a date and format it to a [inaudible 00:27:29] date, [00:27:30] so instead of doing like a 6-8-2017, you could possibly do Thursday June 8th 2017 and insert that into a custom field and then use it as a merge code into your email. Same thing with math, if you need to do some math within your custom …

Chris Davis: Custom fields?

Edward Haskins: Custom fields, you can do that too. For example, if you had [00:28:00] a date of … Say, a trial date and you wanted to figure what the date’s going to be 30 days from now, you can add that and that’s more of a date formatting but you can do all kinds of-

Chris Davis: But you could give a reminder and say, “Hey, five days left on your trial.” Or three days left.

Edward Haskins: Right, so essentially I’ve been inspired by these apps and I said, “You know what? Why should Infusionsoft have all the fun and ActiveCampaign doesn’t have a tool like [00:28:30] this?” So I’ve set out to create what’s called Active Booster Pro and it has 20 … We’re going to start off with 20 different boosters or booster categories. Some of them have multiple boosters within them but some of the neat things we can do, like I said, we can do date formatting and we can do math. We can format different custom fields by … Say you wanted to have [00:29:00] an email address and you want to format them to all lower case, you can do that or first letter upper case. A fields booster where you can copy a field from one to another or move it from one to another, or you can merge multiple fields into a single field.

A notes booster if you want to take your custom fields as well as some of your own tags and create a note that gets inserted into ActiveCampaign in the note area. A links booster that will do a [00:29:30] custom redirect based upon a tag, so if you have a thank you page and you want to send people to a thank you page if they have one particular tag versus a different tag, you might send them to a different thank you page, or you may have a fallback URL if they don’t have either of those tags, so that’s pretty neat. One of my favorites is a survey booster, so it’ll allow you to do a one question survey that you can embed right inside your email [00:30:00] and there’s three different types of surveys, a yes/no, a multiple choice and a scale of one to ten and it’ll generate the HTML and you can just drop that into an HTML block.

Chris Davis: Yeah, which by the way, Edward, is so powerful because that is one of the top requests I see online is people trying to figure out, “Hey, how do I put a survey in an email?”

Edward Haskins: Yep. One of the biggest topics in automation now is progressive [00:30:30] segmentation, or progressive profiling and that one question survey is really going to help you. Just one question at a time, you hit … Every now and then you just pop a different question in there and let them select their answer and you can better segment your contacts.

Chris Davis: Yep.

Edward Haskins: Again, I don’t know if we … I don’t know if I could go through all of these but there’s a geo booster, we can get some additional geographic info. Conversion boosters, we have a countdown timer that we’re going to be [00:31:00] able to put into your email and your website. Another big one is the video booster, so if you want to do tagging based on the interaction with your contacts as they watch either your YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia videos, that’s really big. A webinar booster, we’re going to fill in some of the holes where maybe with … Or not maybe with but definitely with … What’s the …

Chris Davis: GoToWebinar, WebinarJam …

Edward Haskins: Yeah, GoToWebinar, [00:31:30] Zoom, where you can auto-register them and pull back the webinar title, the date and the join link and then once the webinar’s over, pull back the attended and non-attended data and tag based upon the length of time that they watched the webinars.

Chris Davis: Beautiful. Edward …

Edward Haskins: As opposed to WebinarJam where …

Chris Davis: I hate to cut you off but this is amazing. I’m hoping that everybody [00:32:00] listening realizes all you need is one booster. One of these boosters can be game changing and the reason why I like it, the reason why I like what you’re doing is because we are, as ActiveCampaign, there is just no way that we’re going to be able to fill all the holes ourselves and some of the stuff that you created is out of the scope of what we would do as a company [00:32:30] anyway, right?

Edward Haskins: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chris Davis: So it’s this beautiful harmony that we can exist in where we have users like yourself that are intimate with the platform and instead of saying, “Hey, why can’t it do this?” and, “Why can’t it do that?” actually have the knowhow to solve in a way that’s scalable. That’s scalable so that is huge, Edward, and I am personally excited about the webinar. Everybody, I [00:33:00] love webinar funnels. I am so excited about the webinar. I believe, somebody prove me wrong in the comments or email me or whatnot when you’re listening to this, as of right now we are in the year of 2017 and it is the month of June, so as of right now, I believe that there is no integration with Zoom and there are a lot of users starting to use Zoom.

The only way to get to Zoom is through Zapier, so your platform would be able to auto-register people in Zoom and [00:33:30] tag attendees and non-attendees without having to set up multiple zaps and everything, so that … I know I’m experienced and I can see the value so quickly as you start labeling and naming all of these boosters, so I’m really excited about it and I appreciate your development effort and I’m excited to see what you do with it, man. I’m excited to see what you do. I think you’re the perfect person to develop something like that given your client [00:34:00] implementation experience, so … With that being said, Edward, man, we’re coming to our maximum here on the podcast. What would you, if you were to give a piece of advice to new users … Let’s just say new users, somebody just getting started in ActiveCampaign. They’ve got a million questions, they’re excited. What single piece of advice would you give them to help them achieve success?

Edward Haskins: Single piece, [00:34:30] wow. Let’s see, okay. I would say tags and take your time to create a proper tag taxonomy.

Chris Davis: Nice.

Edward Haskins: Tags are so important when you’re working with ActiveCampaign. You really want to make sure that you’re using solid naming conventions throughout and when you do that, you’re going to have a real powerful system and for sure that’s one of my top things I always say [00:35:00] when I’m working with anyone new. Sometimes I just say, “Let me create that tag taxonomy for you,” and they don’t understand why but once I do and they see it, they’re like, “Oh wow, now I see what you’re doing.” And don’t be afraid to use a lot of tags. A lot of times I’ll create a system or implement a system for someone and I may have 150 tags by the time I finish and people are like, “Oh my God, 150 tags?” I’m like, “Yeah, don’t worry about it, it’s … You know. That’s not really a lot. It’s [00:35:30] a solid number but there’s a reason behind every single one of those tags.”

Chris Davis: Exactly and that’s the key. Every tag that you create should have a reason. Everybody, just for the record, we’re not talking about generating tags for the sake of generating them. When Edward’s talking about he sits down and comes up with the taxonomy, he’s getting into your business, understanding the specific needs and if you need something [00:36:00] then you have a tag at your disposal to represent that data or that footprint that you need on the contact record. I agree, I love tags and given how third party tools are more and more starting to integrate natively with ActiveCampaign, more than likely it’s going to be via a tag.

Edward Haskins: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Absolutely.

Chris Davis: Yep. All right, great. Well listen, Edward, this has been amazing, man. I am [00:36:30] so happy to finally have you on the podcast and thank you for your work and implementing … You’re a trusted advisor amongst the ActiveCampaign community and the implementation that you’re doing is very much appreciated from our side because you help them beyond where we can. We can help them with ActiveCampaign but when you start integrating Zoom and LearnDash and Memberium, hey, you’re out of our scope of reach. [00:37:00] So thank you for that. Where can people learn more about you, what you’re doing and your application?

Edward Haskins: Okay. Well, so ActiveAutomations.com is my primary site. Feel free to email me at ed@activeautomations, or I’m on Facebook, Edward Haskins. Feel free to send me a friend request. I’m happy to have any ActiveCampaign users friend me and we’ll have a little chat and as far [00:37:30] as Active Booster Pro, what I’m going to do, I’m going to put up a preview video, so if you want to get a little more in depth and see what’s coming, feel free to visit ActiveBoosterPro.com.

Chris Davis: Great, thank you so much for that. Edward, I am really excited about your new endeavor here at ActiveCampaign. Let us know. Let us know how we can continue to support you as a advocate, man. You are an advocate, strong advocate for the brand [00:38:00] and we wish you nothing but success, great success in the future. For everybody listening, I truly, truly hope that you got four or five nuggets today. Four or five nuggets.

Edward Haskins: At least.

Chris Davis: Right? We covered a lot and I really appreciate it, Edward, so thank you again so much and I look forward to connecting with you online.

Edward Haskins: Okay, that sounds great. Thank you very much, [00:38:30] Chris.

Chris Davis: All right. Thank you for listening to another episode of the ActiveCampaign podcast. This was really exciting to know or to learn about other users and how they’re not only enjoying and finding success with the platform but how they’re planning on extending it not just for their own personal gain but to help other users as well. The future is definitely looking brighter for ActiveCampaign internally and as we get more and more [00:39:00] amazing power users and users in general to use the platform, the brightness of the future enhances even quicker. If you’re not subscribed to this podcast, please do me a favor. Please do me a favor. Go to iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Google Play and type in ActiveCampaign podcast and hit the button that says subscribe so that you can be notified immediately when a new podcast is released.

If you are a subscriber, [00:39:30] I need you to do me a separate favor. Can you go in there and give us a five star rating? Give us a five star rating, leave a review, let the people know how beneficial or how much you appreciate this podcast. It will be greatly appreciated on my behalf and continue to spread the word. Spread the word everybody about the podcast. Spread the word about the success that you’re seeing with marketing automation but most importantly please, please, please [00:40:00] take all that you’re hearing and put it into action. Implementation is key for any level of success in your business. So this is the ActiveCampaign podcast, the small business podcast to help you scale and propel your business with marketing automation. I’ll see you on the next episode.