Episode 110: How to Build a Video Sales Funnel

Learn how to create a video sales funnel for your business


Owen Video joins the podcast to explain what a video sales funnel is, breaks down each component,  and explains how to get the most out of it.
Owen is the founder of TheVideoMarketingSchool.com where business owners and marketers learn the art of science of online video. Owen is widely known for his high-energy and insightful workshops and courses and is a sought after event Emcee and Live Stream host with a reputation for creating TV-quality livestream shows for brands.


Chris: (01:26) Owen Video, welcome to the podcast, glad to have you. How are you doing?
Owen Video: 01:31 Hey, I’m so happy to be here. One of my favorite Active Campaign favorite softwares of all time. So this is great, I’m thrilled to be here.
Chris: 01:40 Yes, yes. Great, great. And it was great to meet your partner, Teresa at the study hall in San Diego. So this is gonna be very, very fruitful everybody. Just to put out a little teaser, we’re talking about video sales funnels. So I’m trying not to get too excited on video. I’m trying to calm down. So, before we jump into the content, give our listeners a little bit of information about your background, and how you got started in business?
Owen Video: 02:07 Yeah, I’m Owen Video, I’m the founder of the video marketing school, where business owners and marketers learn the art and science of online video marketing. And I’ve had a video camera in my hand since I was eight years old. My dad came home, with a Nintendo and a video camera. I played Nintendo for about 15 minutes. I played with the camera for 15 years, and I’ve always enjoyed video. It wasn’t until I lost my very last job that I came home to my wife, and I said, “Baby, I have been fired 21 times. And I’ve only had 20 jobs. We’ve got to find another way.” And I asked her, I said, “Can I please try to make a living with video?” And she looked at me with just all of this love and support and she said, “Absolutely.” She’s like, well what choice do we have at this point?
Owen Video: 03:01 But I began knocking on doors, selling video. I had my camera in my hand and I would knock on the business community’s door and I would say, “Hey, I’m here today, I’ll do a video for you right now for $20. If I come back tomorrow it’s $100.” And that began everything. So, I’ve been working in video for a long time.
Chris: 03:19 Wow. So where did you get that courage, that sales courage I’ll say, to knock on those doors and give them a value now, a discount value now, and positioning it as a higher price later? Was there some sales in your previous jobs or where did you pick that up?
Owen Video: 03:38 Yeah, absolutely you nailed it. In fact, sales is my first love, it’s the first thing I ever studied outside of high school. And I didn’t go to college immediately out of high school. In fact, I was expelled from my high school 15 days before graduation. And I left school with zero talents whatsoever. My parents didn’t teach me anything, I never played any equitable type of sport. And so I’m thinking, how am I going to survive in this world, and I began listening to the sales legends like Jeffrey Gitomer and Brian Tracy, books on tape. I literally … in cassette tapes that I would listen to in the car, and I got involved in sales. At first, I was a waiter, I worked in food service, which I very much considered sales. Let’s see if I can sell a steak here, let’s see if I can upgrade the wine here.
Owen Video: 04:29 Moved into bartending, till eventually I walked into home improvement sales, and I was selling windows at your kitchen table. Brand new, retrofit windows, at your kitchen table. And I did so well at that, that I took myself to Europe for a month, and when I came back it’s like, well what’s next? And that’s sort of when I began my journey into the internet and playing with YouTube and email marketing, and having fun. This was in the early days. This is right after the dot com bust. And I was in Irvine at the time.
Owen Video: 04:59 So, a lot of these things came together, and that’s why I teach how to make sales with video. Those are the two things that my life has been about, professionally. Has been sales and video. What we’ve done is we’ve created a system that has worked across multiple industries to generate sales on the internet with online video, and that’s I think what we’re gonna talk about today.
Chris: 05:26 Absolutely. Alright Owen, you teed it up. Owen Video is ready to go, lets start from the basics. What is a video sales funnel?
Owen Video: 05:38 Yeah, great question. Well, a video sales funnel is an online selling system. It’s a collection of digital assets that generate a lead, nurture that lead, and then convert that lead into a sale. And most of this is done in an automated fashion, but not all of it. Okay, because that’s what’s missing is so many business owners have stepped outside of the human to human marketing area, and they want everything to be automated so they never have to look at one of their customers ever again. And that might be something of value to like Tide with bleach, or Procter and Gamble or one of these big corporations, maybe your energy company.
Owen Video: 06:21 But when it comes to most of us who are doing business on the ground, shaking hands with real people, your strength is in your human element. So, let me walk you through sort of like the five different steps of the video sales funnel.
Chris: 06:36 Perfect.
Owen Video: 06:37 It starts- and by the way, you can check this out at thevideomarketingschool.com/vsf. And there’s just a graphic up there, it’s not a sales page, it’s just a graphic that will walk you through what I’m talking about here. But the first step is video. Video is so powerful. In fact, Oracle just released these new numbers that 82% of all trafficked content- So every webpage that’s seen, 82% of those pages will be, or will feature video content. Video will be the star. The web, Facebook, we just got back from social media marketing world, where CEO Michael Stelzner showed the data that Facebook and YouTube are the “right now.” We often talk about the future of marketing. But the right now of marketing is Facebook video and YouTube video.
Owen Video: 07:31 So, video’s a powerful tool to engage your customers in a commercial relationship. And I’m not talking about being a YouTube star. I’m not talking about being a YouTube celebrity. I’m talking about creating a commercial message, that is by its nature brief, and demonstrates a problem. You really focus on a pain point of a problem, and then you present your unique solution before inviting the viewer to click on a link. Okay, now it’s very important. Because your videos need to invite your viewers to click on a link. And this is the big miss with video marketing. If it’s not just about video, it’s about the web pages that follow the video.
Owen Video: 08:20 So we teach this very first process of making videos that lead your customer to a webpage.
Chris: 08:26 Love it, love it. So in that, I know you mentioned brief, or brevity. You like to keep these videos like, two to five minutes?
Owen Video: 08:36 You nailed it. Yeah.
Chris: 08:38 Okay.
Owen Video: 08:39 Right there. And I often say I’m a wordy guy. I often say nobody comes to Owen Video for brevity. But let me tell you something, that’s what the video marketing school’s all about. That’s where you go to get the short, concise trainings on how to do this stuff. So, it starts with these marketing videos, and you should be making one of these a week. And worse case scenario, two a month. Every other week you make a new video. And again, these are not top 10 tips or three reasons why. This is very much, you have a wrinkled shirt, and you hate to iron, therefor you need to drop your clothes off at my dry cleaning outlet. Here’s a coupon for your first shirt free. Click on the link to download it now. That’s what we’re talking about.
Chris: 09:26 Very intentional.
Owen Video: 09:27 Very intentional. Very intentional. And you need to have a physical call to action that says click on this link. And that’s step two of the video sales funnel, is your landing page. And your landing page is your page that your viewers click on after watching your video, and on that page you need to fulfill a promise. You need to offer them something for free, or for sale. Now, here’s the thing. If you offer like a lower priced product, then you want to sell that product on this page. You want to say, “Hey, go to my next page, get this thing for seven bucks.”
Owen Video: 10:00 If you’re a business coach or a marketing coach or even a financial coach, if you’re in a service or consulting type of industry, a service based company, then you’re gonna want to offer a free guide or an e-book. Again, short in nature. Scrollable, right? We write our emails this way, too. You want to provide something that’s like three to ten pages tops, they can scroll through it, walk away, feel like they got some value they wouldn’t have got anywhere else.
Owen Video: 10:32 So they go to this landing page, you make a video that says, “Hey, I’m a business coach and I can help you grow your business. Go download my guide, 10 mistakes you’re probably making today, and I’ll get you that for free.” They go onto this landing page. They exchange their name and email to receive this free guide, which is then mailed to them trough the email nurture campaign, which is step three. So, think about this. We’ve used video to lead them to a landing page, which had a free offer on it, what we call lead magnet. And now we’re activating the email nurture program. So in three steps, we’ve activated three different marketing platforms.
Owen Video: 11:17 And this is, I think, what everybody needs to hear from me right now. Is, this is the message you’ve been waiting for. You go onto Facebook and LinkedIn and it’s YouTube ads, YouTube ads will save the day, right? Facebook ads will save your day. SEO, SEO’s gonna save your day. It is going to be, folks, a combination of platforms used in the right way. You do not need to become a master of any one platform. You need to master the funnel. Knowing what videos to create, what webpages to create, what emails to write, and then how to close the deal. So that’s the big takeaway as we kind of pause here, is to think that we’re using a couple different platforms to achieve these sales.
Chris: 12:03 Yeah, and I love your approach, because it’s just not one dimensional. You’re not just looking at Facebook and saying, let me get the most out of Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. Let me grow my following on Facebook. You understand, that’s just the connector point. I’m connecting there and I’m using video to take them off of there to a point where I can capture.
Owen Video: 12:27 That’s right, and what are you using to capture? So many ads I’ve seen, and even in just general promotions, like on the back of your car window. I’d love to know, in your audience, and just if you’re listening to this or as you’re listening to this, do you have an advertisement on the back window of your car? Maybe on the side door of your car? These are largely the types of business owners that I’m talking to. The chambers of commerce businesses. The local brick and mortars. Those are largely the companies that enroll in our marketing school.
Owen Video: 13:01 And so many times on these advertisements, you’ve got your website. And when you go to your website it’s just like, welcome to my web client where I do these five things. And you’ve kind of left me nowhere. I remember, one time I was buying a car, and as soon as I made the purchase decision, the guy, he hands me a stack of papers and he goes, “Hey, start by filling out these,” and then walked out of the room. And it’s just like, dude, you just left me in a paperwork jungle. You can’t send people to your website. You need to send them to a very specific page, with a specific offer.
Owen Video: 13:40 So, change your door magnets, change your back window sticker to say something like, if you’re a book keeper, “Top 10 book keeping mistakes you’re probably making, mywebsite.com.” And when they get there it’s like boom, here’s my free e-book. And now what you’re doing is you’re generating leads.
Chris: 13:57 Oh, I love it.
Owen Video: 13:57 Right, a name and an email is a lead, and that’s what you should be searching for. Not a website viewer.
Chris: 14:04 Owen Video, you know the thing is, right when you said that, ’cause we see it more and more now than ever, because it’s so easy to get those stickers and everything, you could do it all yourself. And I cannot tell you one time where I have seen a targeted call to action. It’s always a logo and a website or a phone number. But, I mean, that’s genius to put the call to action in the sticker. I mean, that person is behind you, and if it’s a local street they could be behind you for a little while.
Owen Video: 14:34 They might be, yeah. Hey, you want to go one step further, check this out. Put these words on your back window. “Hey Siri, search for thevideomarketingschool.com.” Right? Or, I can’t really say it, ’cause she’ll wake up. But, “Hey Amazon, take me to Owen Video’s YouTube channel.” And now, you’ve actually got these hands free devices searching for stuff and serving it to you while you’re in the car. You know, think about your marketing like fishing. You’re catching fish with bait. You’ve got to put that very specific worm into the water to catch that specific kind of fish.
Owen Video: 15:17 So if you focus on the pains your audience is feeling, your viewers are feeling, they will download your e-book. If for no other reason their curious what you have to say. And then in that e-book, you have a phenomenal opportunity, or that PDF guide, you have this phenomenal opportunity to build a relationship with them and convert them into sale. We use a lot of video in our e-book.l
Owen Video: 15:40 But now that you’ve got them in this email marketing program, this is where we’d create automations in active campaign that would trigger these timely emails. Now the timeliness of them is not what’s important. You send one every day, every other day, it’s kind of like, well I’ll give you a system, but you really just have to play with a little bit and see what works for you. So we would do email number one is, here’s your e-book, and it’s a link to the PDF. And then you’re going to share with them a little bit about your story, and you’re sort of indoctrinating them as we like to say to who you are. You’re making them fall in love with you. “Here’s your e-book, and by the way, did I tell you that we started in a small shop in Cincinnati, and we grew because one day the horse kicked the thing and now we’re this big,” blah blah blah. Hey, P.S., I’m gonna send you, because you sent my PDF guide, I’m gonna send you a couple bonus tips that you might want to hear from me on.
Owen Video: 16:43 So just keep an eye out on your email box, they’re gonna come to you. Sort of prep them for the next couple emails. You know, the next day you send another email, you skip a day, you send another email, you skip two days, you send another email. And in each email, you’re either just sharing with them fresh content with no call to action other than watch this content. But right around email number four and five, you’re gonna start mentioning this 15 minute call. You’re gonna start mentioning that hey, you’d really like to meet with all of your clients one on one, but it’s not always possible. But you’re seeing what you can do to open up your office time so that you can answer questions from people in the crowd. And hey, love to know what your questions are, hit reply to this email if you’ve got anything on your mind, and I’m gonna do everything I can to answer this email.
Owen Video: 17:34 Right, and you’re sort of putting them in the position of, you’re working on some things, you want to talk to them more. You’re gonna wait two days, and you’re gonna say, “I’ve figured it out, we just implemented a 15 minute consulting call, where we can jump on the phone with you, answer your questions.” It’s like a 15 minute miniature consultation call, and we’ve only got 10 available. But if that’s something you want to take advantage of, you can click on this link here.
Chris: 18:00 Nice.
Owen Video: 18:01 So that’s really important, is that you just feed them content, and then invite them to get onto a 15 minute call with you, where now you have the opportunity to move them into a sale.
Chris: 18:14 Yeah and at this point, I’d imagine, since you’re still doing your weekly video publication, at any point if they fall off through the email campaign, they’re reminded by seeing you on other platforms with your consistent video productions.
Owen Video: 18:31 That’s right, that’s absolutely right. And you know, that’s part of the video content strategy is knowing which videos are designed to nurture people who know you, and which videos are designed as worms to bring new people into your system.
Chris: 18:43 Love it, love it. Worm videos.
Owen Video: 18:46 Yeah, yeah I’ve got worms. As they say Dumb and Dumber. So for anybody who got that reference, junior year in high school. That’s what I’m talking about. So, this 15 minute call is huge. Look, this what made the difference for so many of my clients that are in the school right now. We had a micro blading salon, Keith and Angie Radkey. Dear, dear friends of ours now. They came into the program and they just were not setting any appointments for their micro blading, for permanent eyebrow makeup. And these are $300 appointments. And so what Angie was doing was talking to people, and the constant conversations, “Well, come by the salon sometime.” “Oh, you know I do that, Debbie.” And just these really loose kind of conversations with people.
Owen Video: 19:33 We put a video sales funnel together, and with one video, with just one video, they closed $2000 in new business by implementing a 15 minute call. So, this call now, instead of committing to a $300 micro blading appointment, now I can get like a micro blading consultation. And Angie could do these over the phone. And that’s exactly what happened, is that she got these 15 minute calls and then brought them into the salon for the $300 close.
Owen Video: 20:05 So, this 15 minute call is so key. We have another girl, Danielle, out of Boise, Idaho. No, no, she’s in Idaho somewhere. Coeur D’alene. And she makes these signs, and they’re about $50, $99 a sign. They’re all handmade, and I think she should charge so much more. But they’re these beautiful signs, you might find something similar at Hobby Lobby or something like that. Well, she’s thinking it doesn’t really make sense for me, ’cause I have a physical product, for me to have a 15 minute call. I said, “You know what, Danielle, as you’re developing an audience, a customer base, ’cause you have none right now, let’s just offer that personal time and see what happens.” And wouldn’t you know it, the very first video she posted resulted in a 15 minute call that resulted in a sale of a new sign. Why? Because the wife wanted to make sure she could do this thing and that thing with it before she went ahead with this relatively small purchase.
Owen Video: 21:02 And so this 15 minute call gives you a chance to just be human, and sort of step out of the automation. While everyone else is saying, “Buy from me now, buy from me now.” You’re saying, let’s talk. And that matters.
Chris: 21:18 Love it, love it. Alright. So you’ve been very strategic and intentional. So, I want to talk about some of the non-techy parts, because as you’re talking, I’m seeing the tech, but you’re able to really leverage it because you’re doing the preparation. You’re intentional. You’re saying, okay when I create this video, there’s gotta be a call to action. Alright, I need to collect their information so I can get to know them. I need them to be familiar with who I am, and lastly, I need to get them on the phone. So, when I get them on the phone, you’re not trying- Owen Video, what I love about this is you’re not trying to remove yourself from element, you’re staying true to exactly what you said in the beginning. The humanity piece of you is your super strength.
Owen Video: 22:05 Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And we don’t waste time with time wasters. Okay? We are not spending 15 minutes with somebody that you just met at a chamber of commerce meeting, and you’re not spending an hour- This is one of the biggest things that my students have shared with me is that they’ll spend an hour in the coffee shop with somebody, doing the entire get to know you, nurture and try to close sort of right then and there. And you’re sitting down with all these unqualified people. They’re just trying to sell you their thing, or maybe you’re trying to like, accomplish some. I know some mastermind groups, some networking groups require that you meet with the members and whatnot. To me, it’s very much a waste of time.
Owen Video: 22:52 In our sales funnel, by the time you’ve even offered the 15 minute call, let’s review who you’re offering that too. Who that person is. They’ve seen your video, they liked it enough to click on a link, they liked the webpage enough to submit their name and email, and they liked your content enough to continue opening emails, even to the point of clicking on a link to spend 15 minutes with you. This is a high qualified prospect.
Owen Video: 23:24 And now you can plant the seeds. And what we do on our 15 minute calls is we ask five, six, very specific questions, and we end each call at like 20 minutes tops. So there, “Hey, I’d love to spend more time with you, but I’ve got a call right after this.” The moment that you- It’s called over-familiarization. If your prospect on the phone with you feels like your buddies now, then it’s easy to say no to my buddy, right? I can flake on my buddy tomorrow night and we’ll still be buds, right?
Chris: 23:54 Yeah, right, right.
Owen Video: 23:55 Now, I hate that. I hate flaking. But it’s a great example because yeah, I’ve had people flake on me, and I hate it. But guess what? We’re still buds. They have to feel like your time is valuable, and they received a gift from you. If you spill the beans that like, hey I actually had four hours to spend on the phone with you, or 35 minutes to spend on the phone with you, then I’m really not that busy as a company. They’re not gonna feel as special. So you gotta end that call. And you’re gonna ask them five or six questions that are, what is your biggest problem that you’re facing? Why haven’t you solved that problem yet? What’s stopped you from solving that problem? Right, now let’s say we sign up together, what would be the two biggest things you’d want to get out of our relationship?
Owen Video: 24:38 And so now, you’re going into a sales meeting, and you’re gonna start your sales meeting with, “Hey, I’m gonna show you the perfect way to overcome this thing you told me. I’m gonna share with you why you’re bottle necked now, and how to get out of it, and most importantly, I’m gonna show you the seven step process for accomplishing this thing you told me you wanted to accomplish.” Right, and now you’re speaking the customer’s language in the sales meeting with a highly qualified prospect. Which will dramatically increase your sales conversions.
Chris: 25:09 Love it, love it. And one thing I will add- and I am nowhere near as seasoned as you in video and sales. But one of the things, that as an entrepreneur and just helping other people in the space is silence is your friend in sales.
Owen Video: 25:28 Sure.
Chris: 25:29 Right, like when you’re asking those questions, don’t be afraid if there’s a pause, and let them think through it.
Owen Video: 25:36 Right.
Chris: 25:36 Like, hm, what would I do if I didn’t sign up with Owen Video today?
Owen Video: 25:40 That’s right, that’s right. And you know what, you bring up a great point. And here’s something else that I’d go one step further. Actually practice, Chris, actually practice your listening face. Okay so we’re not on video, but I could show you, I have a listening face. And I practiced it many times, and I practiced it because you ask these questions. And sometimes you might ask a question like, what did you like the best about what I just explained to you? That’s a really powerful question, and if you ask it wrong, it sounds very cheesy. So, you’ve got to practice, in the mirror, asking those questions, and then looking at yourself in a way that’s not anxious, that’s professional, that’s open. You don’t want to like glare across the table at this person. You want to be able to ask and have- I do like this, kind of like short smile, this listening smile. And I do a lot of nodding and I go mm-hmm (affirmative), mm-hmm (affirmative). I take notes with my hand.
Owen Video: 26:44 When I’m listening to somebody, they know that I’m actively listening. So I would get good at that, and you’ll find that they’re saying oh it’s just silence, now would be a good time for some silence. But you know, getting good at those moments will make you a stronger professional.
Chris: 27:01 Got it, got it. Alright, so we’re on the final stretch. You’ve connected with them on your consistent publishing on the platform of your preference. Remember right now, Facebook and YouTube are the now of video marketing. And you’ve driven them to a landing page, captured their information which is activated the email campaign, the email campaign has done a great job with helping them understand who you are, getting to know you a bit more, and even show interest by clicking a link and signing up for 15 minutes of your time. You show up to that 15 minutes ready to go, knowing, “Hey look, I’ve only got 15 minutes,” you want them to feel special. Make sure that they honor your time as you’re honoring theirs. You’re asking questions, you’ve got your listening face. Then what?
Owen Video: 27:49 Next step is the sales conversation. So we end the 15 minute call with anticipation. You say, “Look Jim, I would love to spend more time with you, but I’ve got a call right after this. Look, what you’ve told me today, I think that you’re a very well qualified person to look at our video sales package. And what I’d like to do is set a second conversation with you, this one will last a little bit longer, it’s gonna be about 45 to 60 minutes, and in this call, I’m gonna walk you through our process and how we’re going to A, eliminate this problem you’ve told me you had. And B, the steps for accomplishing this thing you want to accomplish. But most importantly Jim, I’m gonna share with you how to avoid, forever and all time, this thing that you said you hated.”
Owen Video: 28:38 And so you’re creating this anticipation for this call. You said, “I wish we could do that today, but I’ve really got to go. Is tomorrow or the next day better for you?” And you’re gonna walk away with an appointment for the 45 minute call, right? You’re gonna add a tag, after they said it, you’re gonna add a tag. And the reason that you don’t want to pitch them now is because you want to nurture them with at least one more email. Right? You want to send them at least one more email that shows I’ve elevated you in the process. I’ve moved you to the next step.
Owen Video: 29:16 Now, better yet, you can send them two emails. And that’s why I like to do it 48 hours out, so not the next day but the day after. That way I can send them an automatic email that says, “Hey, thanks for taking the next step, here’s what you can expect.” And then another email, how to best prepare for your next call. I never call it a sales call. I never call it a sales call. I never call it like a … anything that says, “You’re gonna buy it today.” I would more call it like a presentation. I’m gonna introduce you to the video sales funnel presentation, and I’m gonna walk you through those steps. You’ll walk away from that meeting with XYZ and of course a price so that you would know what it would take to invest with us, does that sound great? Boom. You send them an email that says thanks for your call today, we talked about these things, and we’re talking forward steps. Here’s the confirmation time. An email the next day that says, here’s how you can best prepare.
Owen Video: 30:15 First of all, you’re just reminding them of their pain. We’re focused on [dadadada 00:30:19]. On that sales call, we use what’s called the perfect proposal template. And we use a Microsoft- excuse me, it’s a Google Slide that we share with them via Zoom or Skype or some other video conferencing. So, we do teach video as a sales call, right? If you can do it in person, that’s okay. But it’s harder to close. Remember, I sat at the kitchen table across from somebody after measuring all their windows and said, “It’s gonna cost you $45,000 and you’ve got to give me 10 today.” Or actually, at the time it’d be like, four. You’d have to give me four grand today. So, that’s a high pressure sale. And if you’re not ready to close at that level, at the coffee shop sitting across from somebody, then do these on video. Do these on Zoom.
Owen Video: 31:08 So they log in and you walk them through a perfect proposal which follows, get this, it follows the hero’s journey. Okay? Maybe you guys have heard this, but this story model has been used since the beginning of time to tell stories. Like we have a hero who’s down on his luck and doesn’t know who he is until he meets a guide, and then that guide teaches him. So you’re showing him, hey, you’re a phenomenal business, you’re just a little lost right now, and I’m the guide who’s gonna make you Luke Skywalker.
Owen Video: 31:41 So we follow what’s called the perfect proposal template, and we teach this all in our academy. And then you ask them for the sale. By the time the money comes up, it’s such a great way to present the money, because we do it with an animation. So this is gonna cost this, this is gonna cost this, this is gonna cost this. And your investment today, huge. Talk about what you need today. Or what you’re gonna start with. You’re rarely gonna say, “That’s gonna be 120 grand.” You’re gonna say, “Look, your total investment is this, your cost for this is this,” and then to walk away today. It’s just $99.
Chris: 32:25 Love it.
Owen Video: 32:26 Or whatever the case might be.
Chris: 32:27 Love it. Owen Video, this was, oh man. I hope our listeners were taking note, and I know they’re probably like, “Wait a minute,” and have to rewind.
Owen Video: 32:36 Rewind.
Chris: 32:38 Here’s what I recommend. Definitely listen to this at least two times, right? Two times, do not feel bad if you have to pause or rewind it. And the same breath, if they missed it on video, where can they connect with you to continue to learn and understand how to leverage video in their marketing?
Owen Video: 33:00 You can always go to my website at the Video Marketing School. And at the Video Marketing School, you’ll see the different courses and programs that we’re offering now, and you can always go there. But, if you want to get a direct training of what I just talked about today, the videos, the landing page, the email, that whole sequence, go to thevideosalesmachine.com, and grab my free guide. When you get that guide in your email sequence, you’ll have a link to three backend trainings. They’re about 10, 15 minutes each. Three back end trainings that walk through this entire process from start to finish. And so I would recommend, for those of you that really want to dig in, thevideosalesmachine.com is where you want to go.
Chris: 33:53 Love it, love it. Owen Video, thank you so much for jumping on this podcast and really breaking down not just what a video sales funnel is, but the parts, all of the moving pieces and helping people understand how to leverage it. And hopefully they’re now just starting to think about video differently, in an exciting way.
Owen Video: 34:15 I have seen lives changed. I mean, $2000 extra dollars in revenue from a free- they created a video out of a slideshow. Phenomenal results with the video sales machine. So, hope you guys enjoyed the interview and Chris, thanks so much for having me.
Chris: 34:31 Yes, thanks for coming on, I’ll see online on video.