Episode 101: Mindset Shifting and Course Launching

Episode 101: Mindset Shifting and Course Launching

Learn about the power of shifting your mindset and making a profit from your course before you launch it


Your mind is your most powerful asset. On this podcast Reese Evans talks about how she used a shift in her mindset to make a profit off of her certification course before launching it.
Reese Evans is a Master Life and Success Coach, Speaker, and founder of the coaching and empowerment platform YES SUPPLY.
She focuses on helping you find your purpose in life, tap into your inner power to fulfill your potential, create your absolute YES in life, and get paid to be you. She does this through teaching how to harness + tap into the power of your mind and energy, teaching Mind Mechanics, NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Life and Success coaching, energy work and Deep Mindset work.


Chris Davis: Welcome to The ActiveCampaign Podcast. I’m your host, Chris Davis. On this episode I have Reese Evans who is a master life and success coach, and the founder of the Yes Supply Collection. Reese focuses on helping you find your purpose in life, tap into your inner power to fulfill your potential, create your absolute yes in life, and get paid to be you. She talks about the power of your mindset in business. And for many of you, this could be the one limiting factor that once you solve, you see your business soar to the next level. And she also details how she launched her course unintentionally, I’m going to call it unintentionally, and turned a profit in the pre-sale stage before going live. It’s all in this episode of The ActiveCampaign Podcast. Enjoy.
Chris Davis: Reese, welcome to the podcast. How are you doing?
Reese Evans: I’m doing great today, Chris. Thank you so much for having me.
Chris Davis: Yes, thanks for jumping on, and you reached out. It’s always refreshing when someone reaches out to be on the podcast, and you can go to their website, and immediately tell what they do.
Reese Evans: Yeah, absolutely. We try to put a lot of energy into our brand. And I know there’s a lot of distractions happening online, so trying to make it as straightforward as we possibly can.
Chris Davis: Yes, yes, so good job on that front.
Reese Evans: Thanks.
Chris Davis: Reese, tell our listeners about yourself, your background, and your business.
Reese Evans: Yes. My name is Reese Evans, and I’m the founder of a personal development and coaching platform called Yes Supply, which is your reminder to only take yes for an answer in life and business. I started off as a blog just wanting to share inspiration and helping people realize that they already have everything that they need to be successful within. And showing them how to overcome their own mindset blocks.
Reese Evans: Earlier this year, I got inspired to launch my own coaching certification after learning neuro-linguistic programming which is a mind reprogramming tool. Tony Robbins uses it as well. And other coaching modalities like emotional freedom techniques, life and success coaching, of course, time techniques and a few others, hypnotherapy as well. Yeah I just got right into it, and ActiveCampaign was a huge help for me.
Chris Davis: Great, great. We get to go into detail and really digest or dissect for their digestion exactly how you took what you’re doing, and launched it. But I want to, before we get there, neurolistic, what was the term?
Reese Evans: Neuro-linguistic programming.
Chris Davis: Neuro-linguistic programming, wow.
Reese Evans: Yeah. Yeah so when I started coaching people I was coaching … a lot of people were reaching out to me, asking me how did I build my brand? How did I grow my audience? All these types of thing. I realized that even if somebody has all the strategies, and all the techie tools, and all that stuff, if their mindset isn’t in the right place, they’ll self-sabotage, they’ll have fear of showing up, they’ll worry what will people think of me if I send this email, or if I do this livestream. I noticed that even if you’re giving everyone all the tools, sometimes people get in their own way in their mind. Neuro-linguistic programming is a really powerful, mind-reprogramming tool. It’s used by Tony Robbins, and it’s essentially the user’s manual for the mind.
Reese Evans: So, when I learned it to help my clients, I was like, “This stuff is powerful.” I saw major changes in me, even being able to beat my coffee addiction, all these different types of things. And I was like, “I need everyone in the world to know about this, because it’s life changing.”
Chris Davis: I love it. I know I’ve heard a few versions of it. I think Zig Ziglar calls it, “Stinkin’ thinking.” Yeah and then Napoleon-
Reese Evans: That’s negative self-talk.
Chris Davis: Say that again?
Reese Evans: It’s that negative self-talk.
Chris Davis: Yes, yes. And I believe Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich I think he calls it autosuggestion, I believe. But it is. It’s the process of telling your mind what to think, instead of letting it govern your feelings, your emotions, and everything. The mindset is huge. It’s one of those things in business, Reese, I’m glad that I learned early its importance. And I feel like it has served me well.
Chris Davis: Whereas, I talked to a lot of coaches as well, and mentors, and that is their main hurdle. They’ll have a team, right, to help them do all of the execution, because they normally have an agency. They’re like, “Look, we have people who will build out your website, build out your automation, write your email copy.” And they have all of these resources, Reese, and the people, what holds them back is their mind. It’s their mindset.
Reese Evans: Absolutely. Well, at the end of the day, we were so intelligent. As humans, we have so many higher faculties, but our human body is designed for survival. It’s designed for a time that you have to hunt and gather and look out for predators. And the place where we actually filter information that comes into our mind is simply just trained, looking for attackers. Its first response is fear, right?
Chris Davis: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Reese Evans: So, now, in 2018, we don’t have those same predators, but we still have that same fear, the same cortisol, but it’s just over a report that’s not getting done. Or what will people think if I do this livestream? And so it’s understanding that we’re a lot safer, and actually it’s the people who take risks that get a lot further now, and that was very different a thousand years ago.
Chris Davis: Wow, I’d imagine the course, which we’ll get into in a second, this is all of the content that’s in the course?
Reese Evans: Yes. There’s over 100 hours of content. There’s actually 120 hours of content, because it’s accredited certification program. So, yeah, it’s life-changing for the coaches who have gone through it. And then, of course, it’s going to be life-changing for their clients as well.
Chris Davis: All right. I can’t hold back anymore. I tried Reese, I tried to move the foundation, I’m ready to go. You have over 100 hours in this course. Well, I’ll let you describe how you’ve launched it, but I have two questions that I want you to dive into. One, how in the world did you record so many hours, like insight on your productivity tips, and just your system to do that? And then, two, let’s jump into your approach to selling the course.
Reese Evans: Yeah, I know, that’s a great question too, because a lot of people are like, “Oh I can’t launch a course, da da, I don’t have time.” It’s like a typical course that you can sell for $1,000 or $2,000 I’ve helped my clients launch courses and coaching programs as well. You can record a great program in only 10 hours. And I’m here not even … When someone comes to me with an excuse I’m like, “I actually recorded 120 hours, so I’m not listening to any of your excuses.”
Reese Evans: Yeah, so productivity was a huge thing. I actually started at the end of August, Putting everything together, the workbooks, all of that. And then what I would do in terms of my productivity to get things done is I would have my notes in front of me of everything that I was going to say in each module. I already had each module laid out. And then I would just sit here kind of like how I’m sitting here with you right now with my Yeti microphone in front of me, and I would look at my notes. And then use my notes to guide me through the content that I needed to talk about, and then integrate it with my own stories and metaphors, and, obviously, motivational aspects to keep my clients engaged and interested through the content.
Reese Evans: I think it’s important that, yes, they learn and they have the knowledge and tools, but also it’s interesting for them, so it’s a good experience for them to go through all of those hours. And then what I would do, for the most of it, I was recording it, and then I was sending it to my assistant, and she was just helping me cut out any of the um’s and but’s or pauses or anything like that. And there was some that I edited as well, especially as we got closer to the live date. Because part of it was online, and part of it was in person. But yeah, that was kind of our flow. I would record, she would help me edit, and then she would put it up on the website. And then we have a Facebook community that goes along with certification, so we would just let our students know that there is a new piece of content up.
Reese Evans: And then part of the content was actually in person. There was a seven day training, full days, and a lot of that we recorded there. We’re actually just putting the finishing touches and getting that online this week.
Chris Davis: Nice, nice. I hear planning in your description here. So it leads me down one tangential question. You talked about your workbook, and then your notes, and your modules, so how did you … Were you always this organized, Reese?
Reese Evans: No.
Chris Davis: And the reason I ask is because so many people, when they think of a course, they just jump right in it. Maybe they’ll have a presentation, but it’s very much like get it out, get it out, get it out. Where there is some planning here. So, go ahead.
Reese Evans: Yeah. Absolutely, no, it’s funny, I actually grew up the opposite of organized. Organization is not how my brain works. I’m more of a creative brain. But running an online business, you have to be organized. You have to kind of have a home for everything, or else you spend a lot of time looking for things. And for me, time is my most valuable asset. I’m always looking for ways that I can save time. Focus is a big thing, too. So when I’m working on one thing, I focus in on that as much as I possibly can. When new ideas come up, I have a notepad where I put all those ideas.
Reese Evans: The number one thing that I see gets in people’s way is not that they aren’t capable of achieving success, or doing the thing that they want to do, is that they’re so good at everything that they’re trying to do everything at once, and then getting no where. So I try to focus on as few things as possible, and then just do them really, really well. And I create a home for everything. So every time I sign up for something new. When I signed up for ActiveCampaign, the first thing that I do is I have a notepad where I put all of my passwords and details like that, hopefully no one on the podcast finds it, because there’s a lot in there. And it’s just like having a home for everything I think is really valuable.
Reese Evans: And then also setting a deadline. So when I did this launch, when I’ve done other launches in the past, I set a deadline, and I tell people about it. Because once you set it, now you have to do it. You can’t procrastinate, you can’t put it off, you just got to get it done. Especially when people start buying it.
Chris Davis: Yeah. I love it, Reese. You’re talking about … at least that’s how I think of it as systems. Especially when you say everything has a home. You are very systemic in your process. Okay, all of my ideas go here, because I … Okay, guilty hand raised. I have been one, and this is the challenge of being disciplined working on a computer where I’m working on something, and I have a great idea. And this idea is so great it does … It’s valid for me to spend time on this idea, and research it real quick. It’s just not wise for me to break my flow to do that.
Chris Davis: However, if I had a system like you’re saying where I just write that idea down. It’s not lost, and I know now when I have free time I can just go back to my idea pad and pick one up.
Reese Evans: Exactly. Exactly. I think of it like you have 100% of your energy, or 100% of your time, but if you spend 5% here, and 10% there, and 20% there, you’re going to have a whole lot of unfinished projects. But if you just put 100% or even 50/50 into two things, you’re going to do a much better job at that less amount of things. You can complete it, get that satisfaction of the task being done, or the reward of someone purchasing your course, or you’re going to celebrate that launch or whatever it is. And then you can move onto the next thing, and I feel like you feel so much more accomplished.
Reese Evans: And then also, a side note too because we’re talking about systems, I always think about the future of my business, too. I don’t just think about it now. For example, when I train my assistant or my VA, I always put in a process where if there was another VA that got hired after her, or another assistant that got hired after her, it would make that training easier. So whenever I train, I video record it. And I put it into a manual for each person. And then that way, if they forgot what I’ve taught them, they can go back and watch the video, or reread the step by step checklist. And then in future, unfortunately, if we lose that person from the team, or if we get so busy that that job description needs to be split into two job descriptions, now I just cut my time of needing to train someone in half, because they can just watch all the videos, read through, and then just bounce questions off of me. Instead of me having to take my time off the work that I’m doing to re-say the same thing over and over again.
Chris Davis: Yeah. It’s one of the cheapest forms of insurance, I try to tell business owners, is having your SOPs and documentation and manuals in place. You will pay the cost of your time, but it will pay you back time and time again. Because, as you’ve said, the unfortunate event that is going to happen, people move, people leave, people transition. So having that in place really helps you handle those curves and those transitions in business without really being stressed out, honestly.
Reese Evans: Yeah. Absolutely.
Chris Davis: Reese, you know what, I’m trying. I’m trying to get to the launch, but there’s just so much.
Reese Evans: I know, we need a longer podcast.
Chris Davis: So much. Yeah, right? So now, the picture that I have in mind. Just as you’re talking, I’m looking at your website, I’m looking at your face here. So, I’m like Reese is at home. Her desk is organized, she’s got a calendar. She’s working on her workbook. She’s getting all of these things together. She’s got a deadline set. And then I know that you … No matter how organized you are, and how strong you are in mind, you still fall subject to the same emotions of the launch. And that is, “Wait a minute. Let me just add this. And hold on. I know we said this was the day, but can we push that deadline back just two weeks, because I really want to tighten up this module.” How, how, how, how, now we’re in the launch phase, how did you get past the perfectionism? Like the perfectionist in you, we all have one, and just say, “You know what, let me get this done.” What did that look like for you?
Reese Evans: Yeah, absolutely. I’m really excited to actually come on here and share what I did to launch, because I think it’s probably backwards, and what a lot of other people do. And I think as long as you lead with integrity and trust, and your audience trusts you, then it’s going to be really successful.
Reese Evans: When I came up with the idea for the certification, I had a lot of nerves, just like anyone launching a new program. Even though I had already been working this business for a bit, and a few people knew who I was, nobody really knew what neuro-linguistic programming was. And I was obsessed with it. Again, I saw it change my life, I saw it change my client’s life, and I was like, “People need to know this stuff.” If you don’t know this stuff, you’re essentially walking through life not knowing how to manage your own emotions, not knowing how to manage your mindset. But I didn’t know how much education I would need to give in order for people to understand it, to help them see that it is worth the investment, whether you’re a coach or whether you’re not.
Reese Evans: And, so, one thing that I always do, and one thing that I always tell my clients to do, and my students to do as well, is if you’re thinking of selling something, the best person to ask isn’t your husband, it’s not your mom, it’s not your dog, it’s not reading your journal or whatever, the best person to ask is your customer. So what I did was before I even had a sales page, before I had anything, I got on calls, like literally old-school phone with people who had mentioned … Like when I said I’d studied NLP people who had mentioned, “Oh, that’s kind of interesting. Oh, I think I heard of that, what’s that all about?”
Reese Evans: Anyone who had kind of shown a little bit of curiosity, I started getting on the phone with these people, because I wanted to do some market research. I wanted to know, A, if there is a need, and then also gather some of the language that my ideal clients use, because you want to include that in your email marketing, your landing pages, and your sales pages and all that. And just to get a little bit of feedback. As it turns out, when I started getting on these “market research calls”, people were like, “Okay, when’s the start date? How do I join? What do I do?” And so what I did on these calls was I was like, “Okay, this is approximately when the content’s going to go live. And this is approximately when the live date of the first in-person certification program is going to be. And they were like, “Yeah, sign me up.”
Reese Evans: And I remember on my first call I actually had my checkout open. I use ThriveCart for my checkouts, and it’s a great, easy system as well. I was doing the checkout while I was chatting with this person on the call, giving them details in NLP, and emotional freedom techniques, and hypnotherapy, and all these things. After I had talked to a few people, I actually had a few people buy. People were really, really interested in it, and these market research calls just ended up turning almost into sales calls. And so-
Chris Davis: So just pause Reese, all right. I just want to make sure I didn’t miss anything. You’re saying you hadn’t created the workbook and the modules-
Reese Evans: No.
Chris Davis: and all of that. You were just in market research mode.
Reese Evans: Yeah, absolutely. Just getting feedback seeing if there was interest or anything like that.
Chris Davis: Wow.
Reese Evans: And so I got deposits from the first maybe five-ish people on the phone. And then I realized … So, again, I like systems, and I like to think of my business not just now, but in the future. And I realized that with the CEO mindset you can’t be on the phone selling your programs. Because if your business relies on you to make sales, or to get leads alone, then your business essentially crumbles the moment you get sick, the moment you want to take a holiday, whatever that is. And I designed my business so that I’m able to have a lot of freedom.
Reese Evans: After I did a few, I had a lot of notes on what people’s pain points were, what their goals were, what they wanted to achieve, why they were so interested in NLP. It was super easy on the calls for them to be like, “Yes. Sign me up. I can’t wait,” kind of thing. So I realized, okay, I need to take what I’m saying on these calls, and automate it. Right? That’s where ActiveCampaign comes in.
Reese Evans: I designed my funnel. I did a webinar funnel. Webinars are something that I find that I’m really good at, and my clients, too. I show them how I do webinars and they close $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 clients using their webinars. Some people are saying, “Webinars are dead,” but I think everyone says this is dead and that’s dead, and for me webinars are definitely not dead.
Reese Evans: And so I just designed my funnel. In my funnel, if you’re interested, there is five days of free education. So five days of free content where I just walk people through. This is what NLP’s all about, this is what EFT is all about, this is what hypnotherapy is all about, and showing them the power of understanding their subconscious mind. Because most people don’t realize that their conscious mind is only about 0.004% of their daily actions, habits, what they do. And their unconscious mind is the other about 99.996%. If you want to see a change in your life, you want to attract more money into your life, you want to feel more confident talking to people, you want better relationships, whatever it is, you need to make the change on the subconscious level. I did the five days of education so that anyone who came to Yes Supply cold, could at least get an understanding of why it’s so valuable to make this investment in themselves, and in their business, whether they’re a coach or not.
Reese Evans: And then after the free five days of training, I use ActiveCampaign to send a series of emails that invites them to my master class. And on the master class I give more information on how to become a coach. I talk about coaching business systems, and marketing tools, and all this great stuff. And then of course, I talk about NLP and EFT, and all the modalities that I love. And then at the end of the webinar, I talk about my program. And so there was where I presented the offer, and then that’s where people typically purchase it. It’s great too, because for me I just look at my inbox, or look at my ThriveCart account, and people are coming in, and everything is automated.
Reese Evans: When they first sign up, they get their automated email saying, “Are you going to take it online, or are you going to come to one of our in-person trainings?” Because we have one in February, May, October. I used tags with that. And then use Zapier, or Zapier, I don’t know how to pronounce. What do you call it, Zapier? Zapier?
Chris Davis: Zapier, Zap. I only say that because at the bottom of their website it says, “Zapier makes you happier.” So, I figured-
Reese Evans: Okay. So it’s probably Zapier. Maybe I’m saying, “E-A” because I learned French because I’m Canadian. But, anyway, I used Zapier to put the people who are coming in live on a spreadsheet, and then also use Zapier to create another spreadsheet for people to … So that my assistant can look at it, and she can send out people’s manuals, and books. So everything kind of flows without me needing to have a lot of involvement. All I do now, when people sign up, is I just go into the Facebook group and just say, “Welcome to the group. We’re excited to have you. Welcome to our newest coach.”
Reese Evans: And then, so, after the webinar, there’s about five days of emails just reminding them to watch the replay if they haven’t watched it, and then giving them testimonials, FAQs, reasons why this is going to be beneficial for them. And again, I got those reasons why from doing my market research, and from really understanding my ideal clients. Yeah, that’s pretty much the entire funnel.
Chris Davis: I love it. And when I say, it, I mean all of it. I mean the fact that you are building in the present for the future.
Reese Evans: Yes.
Chris Davis: And that was what enabled you to put these smart systems in place. It’s what you use, it’s that approach that determine which technology to use as well. And I want to highlight that because a lot of times that is not the thought process people are going through when it comes to picking a tool or a specific strategy. They’re more so like spoon-fed a strategy online and they just want to implement it. Or they’ve seen something, and they post really quick, “Hey, what do you guys think about this tool?” Every time someone does that, I just cringe. Because it’s just like how can you … You’re putting off that intelligence, that’s your responsibility right onto someone else.
Reese Evans: No, I totally agree. Even when people ask me, “What tools should I use for this? What tool should I use for that?” My first question is, well, what’s your outcome? What’s your goal? Because I could tell you to use this webinar platform, but if you only want a live launch and you don’t want a evergreen funnel, then you don’t need it. Right?
Chris Davis: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Reese Evans: I could tell you to do livestreams but if you’re going to do terrible on them or something, then I won’t. Right?
Chris Davis: Right. Right.
Reese Evans: Or if it doesn’t support your business and your goals then, yeah. So I totally agree. You need to know your ideal outcome first, and then work backwards from there. And that’s kind of how I run my whole business, even when I first started.
Reese Evans: When I first started, of course, as you know, there’s never a guarantee of success. There’s never a guarantee that anyone’s ever going to look at your website, or purchase your programs, or whatever. But if you stay in that stuck mindset, if you stay in that, “What if I fail, or what if things go wrong?” That’s the energy that you’re in, that’s the paradigm that you’re in, and that’s where you’re going to continue to stay. And you can’t create a new model of your world from fighting the old one, you have to get into the new one first. You’re exactly right, I was thinking, well, not what Reese now who’s on the phone wants to do, but what does Reese, as the CEO of her business, how does she want her business to look? And I instantly took that, and put it into action.
Chris Davis: I love it. I love it. And you know, if nobody knew what … I’m going to butcher this, neuro-linguistic … Oh, wait a minute, did I get it? Neuro-linguistic, right?
Reese Evans: Yeah, you got it. Look at you.
Chris Davis: Right.
Reese Evans: You’re a pro.
Chris Davis: All because of you, Reese. If somebody didn’t know, or even understand the impacts of it. I mean, you’re a witness. You’re literally the epitome of the result of maintaining, or I’ll just say, taking back control of your mind. Because everything that you do as a more mature person in business, in online, in everything, I see it just across the board. And I can always tell by someone’s approach to business, their potential for success, and their maturity. Okay you’re just getting started. You’ve got a lot to learn.
Chris Davis: On the flip side, when I’m talking to you, I can tell that you’re not reading from a script here. You didn’t come in here with an agenda. This is your body of work. You know that you have experience, you have results. And it’s just natural for it to flow out of you, and coupling that with marketing and systems that just took it to the next level.
Chris Davis: So, Reese-
Chris Davis: Go ahead, go ahead.
Reese Evans: Yeah. Well, just one thing I want to add, too, because a lot of people ask me, like, “How are you so good at livestreams and da da da da da?” And the funny thing is I … Growing up I was very insecure. I grew up in a household where my mom was in an abusive relationship, so for a lot of years there was a lot of really negative self-talk. Just being awkward around people, or feeling like people wouldn’t like me.
Reese Evans: If you asked me a few years ago if I would ever speak in front of a group of people or do a livestream, there’s no way. I would be shaking. I would be fearful. And it’s because of this mindset work that I can just show up, and do a livestream, and it just become natural, it’s because, A, I put the work in. I consistently got outside of my comfort zone, and did the things that scared me. And then, also, doing this mindset work, and focusing on what I want, rather than what I don’t want. Being at cause, so not saying, “Oh well, my outside world was negative, so I’m just a victim.” I decided, you know what, I can create my life how I wanted, and I focused on what I wanted, and that’s how I got it. I think that’s really powerful for anyone listening.
Chris Davis: I love it. I love it. So, just to recap here. Wow. You started off with an idea, and you validated the idea through market research.
Reese Evans: Yeah.
Chris Davis: The market researched turned, by no intentional power of your own, just the nature of how the calls went, they turned into sales calls. At that point, you didn’t have a program.
Reese Evans: Yeah.
Chris Davis: But you saw the interest was there. Of course, the smart marketer in you said, “Hey, strike while the iron’s hot. Let me get a commitment.” And that starts the development of the program. And then you’re using your systematic approach based on your market research, you’re creating the modules, and the content, and you’re recording days and weeks, and everything.
Chris Davis: You open the cart. Well, I should say, you implement the evergreen funnel and open the cart. Is this all before the course actually launched?
Reese Evans: Yes. The evergreen funnel was up and running before the course was launched, before the content was created. I added some bonuses before the actual certification content was available, and then I would do group coaching calls as well just to give them extra value. I understand from their perspective, they’re making a big investment. The program is a couple thousand dollars, and so I wanted to make them feel happy that they made that investment, and feel good about it, so I gave them a lot of support. And then that was actually very helpful for me.
Reese Evans: I’d encourage anyone who’s launching a course, or a certification, to talk to your students, and your tribe as much as possible, because they’re going to tell you exactly what they want. And then you just have to help them solve their problems, and help them get to that answer.
Chris Davis: Yeah, and it also gives you … It does two more things, too. It gives you energy and momentum to create the program.
Reese Evans: Absolutely.
Chris Davis: And not from a standpoint of, “I have people’s money.” But from a standpoint of, “I now know. Like I thought I knew, but I know for sure now exactly what these people need from me.”
Reese Evans: Yes. Absolutely, 100%. I think, well, A, it is good. Like I think for anyone, especially if you’re starting a new business, definitely if you can accept payment, even if it’s a payment plan before you start creating your program, definitely do that. Put the deadline on your calendar, create a sales page, have a launch data, be really open about it, and maybe offer like an early bird prize, or offer some kind of incentive for people to sign up. Because here’s the thing, if you’re really, really good at what you do, that you’re not accepting income from it, then that means you have to keep working maybe the job you don’t like, your waitressing job, or your retail job or whatever to support your business. And support your passion and purpose, and the value that you’re giving to people.
Reese Evans: But if you can create an income first, then you know your bills are paid, you know that you can pay for your marketing tools that you need, or hiring any help that you need. And that means when you create this course, it’s going to be 100 times better. Your clients are going to be 100 times more happy.
Reese Evans: And I think a big thing that people need to work on overcoming is limiting beliefs around money. Thinking like, “Oh, they won’t want to pay for it, because it’s not complete yet,” or “Well, what if they can’t afford it and da da da da da? One thing that I always talk about when I teach my clients is don’t project your own limiting money beliefs onto someone else because you never someone else’s situation. I’ve worked with clients who are like, “Oh, I’m about to get on a call with this person, but I don’t know if they’re going to have the money because they’re still in school and da da da.” And then the client’s boyfriend pays for it, their mom pays.
Chris Davis: Yeah, yeah.
Reese Evans: One of the girls who’s in my program, she got a trust fund. So, never think that your own maybe limiting money beliefs are the same as everyone else. There is actually millions, probably billions of dollars being printed every day. There’s unlimited amount of money out there. And as a business owner, it’s your job to just create a lot of value, amazing value that helps solve people’s problems. And you can get your share of creating an amazing income while doing what you love.
Chris Davis: I love it. I love it, Reese. I’m not going to add anything to that. You summed it up, so eloquently.
Reese Evans: Thank you.
Chris Davis: Oh, oh, this is the painful part of the podcast. All the listeners know by now, when I’m really enjoying the podcast it’s always hard to stop. But where can people connect with you, Reese, and find out more about your method, and your certification?
Reese Evans: Yeah, absolutely. Everyone can find me at yessupply.co. You can find everything about the certification at yessupply.co/certified. And if you’re interested for your own either funnel research, or if you are interested in NLP, you can sign up for the free five-day training. There’s lots of great mindset tools in there, and it’s definitely life changing at yessupply.co/elevate. And then my webinar is at yessupply.co/coach-masterclass.
Reese Evans: And if you don’t mind, I actually do want to share a couple other things before we wrap up.
Chris Davis: Sure.
Reese Evans: If anyone is part of ActiveCampaign, and you haven’t taken advantage of the client call sessions, I don’t know what it’s called, but the client success sessions that you have.
Chris Davis: Yeah the one on ones.
Reese Evans: Yeah, the one on ones.
Chris Davis: One on ones.
Reese Evans: When I was first getting started with ActiveCampaign those were really, really valuable for me, because there’s a lot of different functions. And if you don’t know where to look, you might actually miss something that can help your campaign.
Reese Evans: A big thing, too, for the five day emails after my master class, after my webinar, I used ActiveCampaign’s integration with Facebook, so that I could have targeted retargeting ads to kind of remind people, “Hey, you watched the webinar. Hey, my program, the doors are closing,” or “You only have five days left or whatever.” So I think that getting on calls, learning all these cool, intricate features, and then using them to your advantage is really valuable. And it gives you some support that you might not already have in your business if you don’t have your own coach.
Chris Davis: Wow. Great. It’s refreshing to hear you using the resources that we provide, Reese, it really is.
Reese Evans: Every tool I sign up for, I’m in YouTube, I’m in all the tutorials, the knowledge base. That’s how you find out. It’s not just going to fall into your lap, you have to look for the answers.
Chris Davis: Yeah, I love it. I don’t know if this is a Chinese proverb, old adage, someone said it. It says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.” And that’s essentially-
Chris Davis: Right?
Reese Evans: Really believe that, yeah.
Chris Davis: When you’re looking, and you’re ready to seek education, understanding, learning, change. You’d be surprised at how many resources you pass up daily, just because your eye isn’t keen to looking for those things.
Reese Evans: Absolutely. And that’s actually something that we talk about in NLP. It’s whatever’s happening in your inside world, that’s all you see in your outside world. Because there’s two million bits of information happening at every moment, but our conscious mind can only process 126 bits, and your subconscious mind will never make you a liar. If you go into your launch, your business, thinking, “This isn’t going to work out. No one’s going to like it, da da da.” Then the 126 bits that you process of information is people not believing it, people not liking it, whatever. But if you say to yourself, “You know what, I see value in this. The world needs to hear my message. The world needs to hear my story.” I’m not going to do it for the haters, or whatever, the people who leave comments on my YouTube channel, I’m going to do it for that one person who I know who’s like, “I’m going to change.” If you focus on that, you’ll go so far, and that was the same belief that got me from being fearful, to running my business where it is right now.
Chris Davis: Love it, love it. Well, again, Reese, thank you so much for giving our listeners and myself … Oh man, it was refreshing to just kind of give you the wheel, and just listen.
Reese Evans: Yeah. I had a lot I wanted to share with you guys.
Chris Davis: Yeah, so I truly appreciate it. I know our listeners do, too. All of the resources and everything will be in the show notes for this one, activecampaign.com/podcast. Reese, I appreciate it more than you’ll ever understand, you coming onto the podcast. I’m truly thankful.
Reese Evans: Thank you so much, Chris. Thank you for having me.
Chris Davis: Yes. Great having you on, and I’ll see you online.
Reese Evans: Okay. Bye.

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