Guide to ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS

Guide to ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS

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     With the release of the ActiveCampaign Deals CRM application for iOS, we’ve extended the capability of one of our strongest features directly to your mobile device.

    This mobile version of our Deals CRM makes it possible for you to add new contacts, move contacts through a pipeline, mark deals won or lost, and manage your tasks—all while you’re on the go.

    Read on for a few examples of how can you can use the app to manage CRM-based processes (including adding new contacts, managing your pipeline, and adding/completing tasks) when you’re working remotely or on the move.

    Note: To use this app, you must have an ActiveCampaign plan that includes our Deals CRM feature (all Plus, Professional, and Enterprise accounts), and a mobile device using iOS 10 or higher.

    Add New Contacts

    You can use the app to add new contacts to your database on the fly, allowing you to stay organized and on top of any new leads that come up while you’re at a meeting or event.

    Let’s say you run an online goods store and have been conducting outreach to potential vendors you find at local craft fairs. If you speak with an artist you’d potentially like to include as a vendor in your store, you can add them to your ActiveCampaign database instantly from your phone, then create a new deal for that contact in your sales pipeline.

    Adding a New Contact

    First, download the Deals CRM app from the App Store on your iPhone and log in to your ActiveCampaign account from the app. You’ll need your account URL, username, and password.

    To add a new contact once you’re in the app, tap on the green action button at the bottom right of your screen and select “Add Contact:”

    auo5j79ra karaioscontacts

    Once you’ve input your contact’s information, select “Next.”

    lurchy98 karacreatecontact

    Add any custom fields or tags you’d like to apply, and select the email list you want your contact subscribed to. Tap “Create” to finish adding your contact:

    Your new contact has been added to your database. You can now create a new deal in your pipeline and add this contact as the deal’s primary contact. Read on to learn how.

    Adding a New Deal

    To create a new deal associated with the contact you just added, Select “Deals” from the menu at the bottom of your screen. This will take you to the Deals section of the app. Make sure you have the correct pipeline selected:

    393am1q chicagocraftsvendorsnodeal

    From there, tap on the green action button and select “Add Deal.”

    7j4kn0ath adddeal

    Give your deal a title and value, and make sure the correct pipeline and stage are selected. Then, add the contact you just created as “Primary contact:”

    y8qu715s newdealdetails

    Tap “Create” to finish.

    nzzlk9yc2 newdealcoolcraftsvendor
    1w3eh0aqb chicagocraftsvendorspipeline

    You just added a contact to your database and created a new deal for your contact—all from your mobile device! Now, if you go home later and log in to your ActiveCampaign account from your desktop computer, you’ll see the deal where you left it in your “Interested” stage, and can move it through your pipeline from there if you like, or continue to manage your pipeline from your mobile device.

    Move Deals Through a Pipeline

    Just as you can add a contact and create a new deal on the fly, you can also manage a deal’s progression through your sales funnel from your mobile device.

    For example, if you’re a salesperson conducting in-person demos of your product at a conference, you can manage each lead’s progression through your pipeline right from your station at the event.

    To start, let’s say you have a pipeline for this process that looks something like this:

    lrnc1rhe thisisapipeline

    Your contacts have signed up in advance for a demo appointment; they currently have deals in the “Demo Scheduled” stage. Now, as you conduct your demo with each person, you can use the app on your phone to move their deals to the “Follow-up” stage, so at the end of the day you have an accurate record of the leads you’ll want to prioritize following up with.

    To do this, select the deal you want to move to the next stage of your pipeline:

    wgmgbt1ar productawesomedemopipeline

    Select the pencil icon next to the deal’s current stage:

    wqeqrt1av movingdealfromdemoscheduledstage...

    Select the stage you want to move the deal to, and select “Done”:

    fosygw5w movingdealtofollowupstage

    You’ll see that now your deal has been moved to the “Follow Up” stage:

    wj8jwfyh5 professordavisincdealoverview

    As in the previous example, the app gives you the mobility to easily add any new leads you encounter at the conference to your ActiveCampaign contact database. You can then create new deals associated with those contacts to jumpstart their journey through your pipeline—all while you’re still at the event.

    This way, you’ll have an instant record of the contacts you need to schedule a demo with, and the contacts you need to follow up with post-demo.

    Manage Tasks

    The app also allows you to manage tasks with ease while you’re out and about.

    Perhaps you often arrange meetings with potential clients over lunch. You might represent each meeting as a task in your Task Manager, which you can then mark complete from the app on your phone as you go.

    Completing a Task

    na9ybps6 upcomingtasks
    w0d338nm accessingmeetforlunchtask
    35s6hqdlm markingmeetforlunchtaskcomplete
    e7bztth7r completedtask

    To mark a task complete, select the deal associated with the task from your “Upcoming Tasks:”

    Select the task icon:

    Select the task, and tap the green “Complete” button:

    Your task is now complete!

    Creating a Task

    In this example, we’ll say the next step after your meeting with a potential client is to send a proposal. You can also use the app to create a new task of writing up the proposal and sending it to your client.

    From the same deal, select the green action button and tap “Add Task:”

    61r5fo6r addtaskbutton

    Give your task a title, double check that it’s associated with the right deal, and select “Email” as the task type. Also select when you want it to happen (for example, the next day by 5pm) and set the duration of the task:

    efc655znr creatingsendproposaltask

    Select the “Create” button to finish. Your new task will look like this:

    hjdb4kbo2 finishedsendproposaltask

    You can navigate back to the deal to see all Completed and Upcoming tasks associated with the deal:

    Learn More

    For a detailed “how-to” of everything you can accomplish on the go with the ActiveCampaign Deals CRM app for iOS, check out our Help article library for the application.

    To learn more about using our Deals CRM, one of the most powerful features in ActiveCampaign, read our guide.

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