A Guide To Our Reseller Program

Our reseller program can increase the value of your product offerings. Learn all about it in this guide.


We want to let you in on a little secret: you can buy ActiveCampaign accounts at a discount and resell them for profit.

Ok, perhaps “secret” is not the most accurate term. Many ActiveCampaign users might already be aware of our reseller program. However, we get the sense that this program flies a bit too far under the radar. This guide aims to correct that by making you aware of the nuts and bolts of our reseller program.

What It Is: Building On What Already Exists

If you visit the ActiveCampaign homepage and scroll to the bottom banner, you’ll see a “Partner Programs” link under the “ABOUT” category. That link takes you to our three partner programs: reseller, referral, and consultant.

As a reseller, you’re able to purchase ActiveCampaign accounts, make them your own, and resell them as part of a package of services to your own clients. You can white label as much or as little of the platform as you want, and you can charge as much or as little as you want for each account.

You can even setup a custom domain name. Indeed, you have 100% control of the branding. Some resellers mix their brand with the ActiveCampaign brand to show clients that what they’re selling is powered by our industry-leading platform. In addition to marketing consultants, business owners who are responsible for multiple franchises might find our reseller program useful, as they could sell an account to each location. Doing so would be cost-effective and would also result in organized, manageable accounts at each franchise.

To resell accounts for more than the list price, resellers provide things of additional value, such as fully-built automations, email templates, web hosting, consultation on design and marketing, and more. Also, successful resellers often zero in on a specific niche market and offer a specialized package of services.

In short, you can add your personal touch to our powerful marketing automation software and sell it along with your other offerings. As a reseller, your job is to sell accounts and nurture your clients. The development of the platform remains in our hands.

Why You Should Do It

As we state here, our reseller program can generate “hassle-free” revenue. If you have access to an interested client base, and if you can include valuable add-ons, then making a profit should, in fact, come quite easily.

That is largely due to two things:

1. You can buy accounts from us at discounted prices
2. You have the ability to charge more for add-ons

The available discounts are 25%, 35%, 45%, and 55% off the list price. The discount you’re eligible for depends on two things:

1. The number of accounts you purchase
2. The number of contacts each account can carry

The more contacts you allow per account and the more accounts you buy, the greater the discount.

Here is a breakdown of the pricing for our three plans.


Above is the reseller pricing for Lite. As the image shows, if you buy 2-24 Lite plans and each account holds 500-999 contacts, the minimum profit you can make on each sale is $2.25 (i.e., you purchase from us at the discount of $6.75 and charge your clients the list price of $9.00/month).


The reseller pricing for Small Business is above.


And the above image shows the reseller pricing for Enterprise.

Things To Know

Before diving in as a reseller, you should know some important facts:

  • Signing up is easy. Simply visit the reseller program page and click “Get Started”. You’ll then be asked to submit information, including billing data. You won’t be charged until you buy an account. You can add accounts via the page shown below:


And eventually, your main reseller portal will look like this:


  • If you want to convert an existing ActiveCampaign account to be a reseller account, you need to reach out to our customer success team and have them do it for you.
  • The only bills that ActiveCampaign handles are the bills you pay us for each account. You need to use another source to oversee the billing for the accounts that you resell to your clients.
  • If you turn off any of the branding on any account you resell, users will no longer be able to see the links to our support teams. Indeed, if you do white label, we strongly encourage you to handle support for your clients. Remember, your professional support could be a valuable add-on.
  • Resellers have access to their own Slack channel to chat with fellow resellers and a few ActiveCampaign reps. They are automatically added to the channel after they sign up to be resellers.

Closing Remarks

Our reseller program is intended for marketing and sales consultants who want to bolster the services they offer. It can be an easy means of increasing your income. For more information, check out our frequently asked reseller questions.

Drop us a comment and share this guide with someone you think would make a great reseller!