If you have an automation sharing link, you can import that automation by going to the Automations overview page by clicking “Automations” in the top menu.

  1. Click the “New automation” button.
  2. In the modal window that appears, click the “Or import an automation” link.
  3. Paste the sharing link into the input field using the keyboard shortcut Command + V (Mac) or Control + V (Windows).
  4. Click “Import”.

Note:You’ll be redirected to the Import Wizard which will ask you a series of questions to update the automation so that it references lists, segments, emails, tags, and events that apply to your account.

Unless the automation came with detailed import instructions, it may not be clear which selections you should make at each step. That’s fine, you can always edit things later so just choose what you think for now and then you can go through and make corrections later when you become familiar with what the automation is doing at each step.