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You’re going to learn how to automate that. What’s that? Whatever you hate doing the most. Every week you’ll learn how to automate a different part of your business — and get a pre-built, expert-made automation recipe that lets you get started in just a few clicks.

Every week, you’ll get:

  • A new, pre-built automation recipe curated from 500+ options in ActiveCampaign’s Marketplace
  • An in-depth how-to that shows you how to use your new automation — and customize it for your business
  • An always different, always entertaining show that keeps your energy up and gives you new ideas for automation

Season 1 Premieres January 26, 2021

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In 20 minutes a week, you get a new automation that you can use in just a few clicks

Automation can save you time, but it also takes time to set up. Instead of figuring out automation on your own, join hosts Cody Lindley and Ernie Santeralli in a 20-minute weekly show.

You’ll see new automations, new ActiveCampaign features, new hats — and in just 20 minutes you’ll set up recipes that could save you hours.

In every episode you’ll get:

  • An expert breakdown of a common, time-sucking problem
  • An automation recipe, curated from 500+ options, that solves it
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how the automation works
  • A list of the recipe’s ingredients — so you can learn new automation features
  • Ideas to customize each automation for your business
  • Live Q&A with two ActiveCampaign experts

Upcoming episodes

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Season 1 Premieres January 26, 2021