Integrate Dasheroo with ActiveCampaign


Come l’app può essere utile

Data Overload! It's a growing challenge.

Most businesses use between 15–20 different applications to run their biz. Each one generating a wealth of valuable data. Social media, marketing, web monitoring, online payments, CRM, you name it...the list is long. On top of that, it’s time-consuming, and often a real pain in the access to parse all that data, let alone understand it and use it to grow. We think that’s a shame.

So that’s why Dasheroo was built — it's a collaborative business dashboard that makes your data easier to understand and act on so you can grow your business.

With this integration you can combine data from your ActiveCampaign account with other metrics to gain valuable insight into the performance of your business and keep an eye on important health indicators.

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