How can marketing automation help you grow your online store?

Ecommerce automation is like hiring someone to manage the sales for your online store. From abandoned carts to order fulfillment, you can get more customers and save time doing it.

Abandoned cart emails and automations

75% of ecommerce shopping carts get abandoned. Abandoned cart reminders help you bring customers back to your site—automatically.

Win-back campaigns that keep customers

When customers haven’t bought from you in a while, you’re in danger of losing them forever. Automated win-back campaigns help you keep customers coming back for more.

Show your products in emails or automations

The product block lets you share your product details with the right people. Upload products from your ecommerce store directly into campaigns and automations – so you can show people what they’re most likely to buy.
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Reward your best customers with discounts

Your best customers are the people most likely to buy from you again and again. Use repeat purchases, order value, and total dollars spent to create a segment with special offers.

Send your buyers helpful tips

What if your customers don’t know how to use your product? Use an automated welcome series to educate customers on how to use their new items.
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Track order fulfillment automatically

Manage your order fulfillment behind the scenes. Use the CRM to create deal records, move shipments between stages, and create tasks.

See how it works for your store

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The segmentation you need to get more sales

When you target the right people, you get better conversion rates, retain more customers, and higher revenue.


Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Square...and all your other integrations

ActiveCampaign syncs with the top ecommerce and retail platforms. It also integrates with 870+ other apps, so that you can use any marketing tool you need.


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It’s like hiring someone to manage your marketing
(without needing an extra desk)

ActiveCampaign gives you the tools you need to grow your ecommerce store.

Marketing automation

Automatically target the right people and manage the marketing no one else has time for.

Email marketing

Use targeted, triggered emails to send offers and announce deals.


Track your leads, manage order fulfillment, and make sure your sales team is on the same page.

Site tracking

See exactly what people do on your website, then follow up with targeted offers.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Automatically target people with Facebook ads based on how they interact with your business.


Group your contacts by purchase history, order value, and almost any other behavior.

Advanced reporting

See which offers and campaigns get the best results. Use reports to find new ways to grow.

Custom forms

Trigger a welcome series—capture leads and email addresses with custom forms.


See exactly where your best customers come from.

See how it works for your store

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