A delicious, home-cooked, 5-week menu to inspire your holidays and grow your business

Week 1           Scrumptious starters + customer onboarding
Week 2           Scintillating sides + integrations
Week 3           Enticing entrées + making the sale
Week 4           Delicious desserts, retention
Week 5           Curious cocktail, celebrating your customers, and a fireside chat with Ann Handley
Every week, get new holiday-themed recipes from your favorite marketing influencers — and pair them with ActiveCampaign automation recipes that help your holiday season run more smoothly.

Top it all off in a December 9th fireside chat with Ann Handley, and a full digital cookbook for the holidays.

December 9th fireside chat with Ann Handley


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A five course meal, created by the marketing influencers you love...

Kick things off with Suki Fuller’s avocado fries, down a bowl of Doug Kessler’s chicken noodle soup (his mom’s recipe), and wash it all down with Andy Crestodina’s slow-cooked cinnamon apple cider. Every week, check back for another scrumptious holiday recipe from the marketing influencers you know and love.

ann handley avatarAnn Handley - Christmas Cheese in a Puffy Jacket

Download this week's recipes

started 1


suki fuller avatar

Suki Fuller - Avocado Fries

Download this week's recipes

starter 2


Doug Kessler

Doug Kessler - Mom's chicken Soup

Download this week's recipes

starter 3


Tricia Miller

Tricia Miller - Curried Rye Rounds

Download this week's recipes

starter 4


Jason Miller

Jason Miller - Devils on Horseback

Download this week's recipes

starter 5


Mikołaj Podgórski

Mikołaj Podgórski — Cabbage & Mushroom Dumplings

Download this week's recipes

starter 7

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...paired with automation recipes for every stage of the customer lifecycle...

Your “starter” is your welcome automation. “Side dishes are your integrations. “Entrées” are automations that push for the sale.

For each course of your customer’s journey, there’s a free, pre-made automation recipe you can take and use right now.

Lead Magnet Delivery and Deal Creation Automation Recipe

With this automation, you can deliver the lead magnet and create a new deal when a contact submits the email capture form. This is a great way to track a new contact from the beginning of their journey throughout your pipeline.

Calendly: Notify When Contact Makes Appointment

ActiveCampaign’s Calendly integration lets you seamlessly add or update contacts in ActiveCampaign whenever a meeting is booked in Calendly. With automations, you can also send contacts personalized follow-up messages (and close more deals faster).

Pre-Webinar Reminder Drip and Post-Webinar Follow Up

How do you remind registrants to attend your webinar? How do you follow up with them once it’s over? Automate the entire process from pre-event reminder to post-event follow up with this automation recipe.

Gather Feedback After Purchase Automation

This recipe helps you gain valuable insight from customer feedback by sending an automated follow-up email for your customer to review their purchase.

Birthday and Anniversary Coupon Email

This automation helps you celebrate customers on a specific date, like their birthday or the anniversary of them signing up with you.

...shared in a fireside chat with Ann Handley

With five courses down the hatch, it’s time for the main event. On December 9th, 2020 MarketingProfs’ Chief Content Officer Ann Handley joins ActiveCampaign for a fireside chat to reflect on 2020 and help you plan for the new year.


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