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Using Twitter Cards

You can use Twitter Cards with ActiveCampaign. Go to to get started.

First, make sure you have a billing profile set up (otherwise you won't see the Cards option):

Set up payment method for Twitter Cards

After setting up a billing profile you should see the "Creatives" option along the top. Go into the "Cards" section:

Go to the Creatives, Cards section

Click on the "Create Lead Generation card" button:

Click on Create Lead Generation card button

Under "Card content," fill out the information according to your business:

Card content general information

Under the "Data settings," include this information:

Data settings

  1. The "Submit URL" should be:
  2. Make sure the "HTTP method" is POST.
  3. See here on how to obtain your API credentials (URL and key).
  4. The form parameter lets you (optionally) include a form ID, which will use the opt-in settings (if applied).
  5. The list_id parameter is also optional (specify what list you want leads added to).

To get your form ID, go to any form and examine the URL:

Getting your ActiveCampaign form ID

Getting your ActiveCampaign form ID

Same with obtaining your list ID:

Getting your ActiveCampaign list ID

Getting your ActiveCampaign list ID

Any contacts added via Twitter Cards will appear as added from the API, and fall into any automations you have set up (just like a contact added any other way):

Contact added via Twitter Cards