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Requirements & Suggested Server Specs

These are the requirements for the server-based version of ActiveCampaign (that installs on your own server)  The hosted service (that we manage for you) does not have any of these requirements.

Minimum Requirements

  • A web server
  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 4.1+
  • Ioncube Loader (specific to your server)
  • The ability to setup a cron job or scheduled task.
  • Any control servers such as SUPHP, PHP Safe Mode, etc… must be disabled.

Suggested server specs

  • A Linux server (redhat, centos, ubuntu, etc..)  Microsoft/IIS is NOT suggested and you may not have an optimal experience when running on IIS.
  • A mail server.  It can be on the same server as your software (using Qmail, Exim, etc..) or if you are sending a higher volume it should be a dedicated mail server running a commercial MTA.  Another option would be to use an email relay service (monthly SMTP server)
  • Our software is resource intensive so you should be using a dedicated server to run ActiveCampaign
  • An ample amount of memory/RAM.  We suggest a minimum of 4GB for small lists.  For larger lists we would advise 16GB or more.
  • A quad core processor (at a minimum)
  • An optimized server.  Learn how to optimize.
Please also note that with our server based version we provide support for the software but cannot provide server administration support.  Therefore you will need to work with your web host or a system administrator for all server administration & optimization tasks.