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Migrating contacts from Aweber

1. Log into your Aweber account.

In the top navigation bar, after the login screen, click on Subscribers.

2. Select the contacts you want to export.

By clicking in the checkbox of the first column, you will get all the contacts present in that page. If you prefer or need to get a batch of specific contacts, you can use the options placed above to filter by type of field and the value present in it.

3. Click Export CSV

Once you have selected all the contacts you want to export, click in the ‘Export CSV’ button that you will find under the results table. You will find your CSV file your downloads folder of your computer.

4. Log into your ActiveCampaign account

Go to Contacts, then click ‘Import from file’ green button. Once you have done that, a new screen will appear where you can select the .csv file you exported from Aweber. Give it some seconds until your contacts are uploaded.

5. Map the data from the CSV file

In the next screen where you will be redirected, you need to map the data from your CSV to be part of your Contacts in ActiveCampaign. You will have to do this just once per import. Select in each what’s the field that you’d like to be completed with that sample value.

6. (Optional) Include them right away in a list

Select a list in the one they can be right away included after you finish the import. Remember this can imply further action associated with the list like: auto-responders or automations being activated. If you have not configured any auto-responder or automation yet, you can jump this action.

7. (Optional) Apply them right away in a tag

You can tag all these new contacts with a specific tag. It can be helpful for a future to determine from where they were coming from. In the same way as it can happen when a contact is added to a list, if you have setup an automation that is triggered when a tag is added, take in account that these contacts will be added into that automation right away.

8. Determine the status of your new contacts

In the last step, you can select ‘Import as Contact’ if they are still subscribed to receive your content, or you can Import as Excluded, if they are not subscribed your email list anymore but you want to keep their entries in ActiveCampaign.

9. Complete the migration

If you mark the checkbox ‘Update existing contacts while importing’ will look for if the same entry is already present in the account, and will update any values or fields present in it.