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Importing GetResponse contacts into ActiveCampaign

Steps to bring all the contacts & email addresses from your GetResponse account into ActiveCampaign

Log into your GetResponse account

In the top navigation bar look for Contacts and click ‘Search contacts’ in the drop-down list.

Search for specific contacts or click in ‘View all contacts’

In the new screen, you can get all of them at once if you click directly in ‘View all contacts’.

Select your contacts manually or use the left bar to filter them

Once you clicked there, you will be in a new screen. In the left side bar , click in Actions > Drop dow menu > Export > And give it a name to the export you are about to do.

Click in ‘Actions’ once you have selected the Contacts you want to export

In the case you want to export a batch of contacts that match a certain criteria – let’s say for instance that you want to start just importing the contacts just those that are present in a certain group or lists. You can do it either in the initial screen using the Advanced search in the initial screen or using the left sidebar option to filter by Campaign, Autoresponder sequence or Subscription date.

Give a name to your export and download the file

Once you have entered a name for the export, just click in Export and the click the link that has been generated. If you plan to do several exportations, or simply you don’t want to export all your lists at once, make sure to name the export with a name that allows you to remind what’s included in that file.