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I was using GetResponse, how do I get started with ActiveCampaign?

Here is some information you might find helpful as your transition from GetResponse to ActiveCampaign.

Newsletters in GetResponse vs Campaigns in ActiveCampaign

While in GetResponse you can send newsletters to your contacts, in ActiveCampaign you can send campaigns. No matter if it’s a newsletter or if it’s another kind of one-time communication, it will be named Campaign. Once you are setting up your first campaign, you will see several options among the ones you can set what type of campaign it will be.

Autoresponders in GetResponse vs Autoresponders campaigns or automations with emails in ActiveCampaign

One type of campaign in ActiveCampaign will be an autoresponder campaign. Nothing changes regarding it’s behaviour: one email address is added or subscribed to a list and he will receive an email as soon as he is in.

While this is the most practical way of setting up an email automatically when someone is added into a list, there is an additional way of doing it within ActiveCampaign: setting up an automation that triggers an email once a new email.

If it’s the first time you read about ‘automations’ in ActiveCampaign, so far it’s enough if you think in an automation like all the actions that you want to automate for a certain contact that is matching some conditions. An automation can be started in many points, and one of them can be when the contact is added to a list.

You can find more information about them here and here.

RSS-to-email in GetResponse vs RSS campaigns in ActiveCampaign

If you have in mind to setup a RSS-to-email type of email, in ActiveCampaign that’s also a campaign. In the initial screen when setting up one, you just will need to choose RSS type when creating your campaign.

Integrations with 3rd party tools and services

If you have been using GetResponse with some third party tools and services like Shopify, Zoho, Magento, etc. you will find the integrations we offer in the Apps section (top fifth link in the navigation bar in your ActiveCampaign account).