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Joomla Integration

You can integrate subscriptions to your ActiveCampaign mailing lists in Joomla, which get displayed on the Joomla Registration page, and Your Details (profile update) public pages.

Screenshot of Joomla registration page

Download the Joomla component Zip file and upload it to your Joomla installation on the Extension Manager page:

Screenshot of Joomla Extension Manager page

Once installed, a new menu option will appear under “Components.” Navigate to the “Installation Instructions” page:

Screenshot of Joomla admin section

Follow the instructions on which files to add or modify:

Screenshot of Joomla admin section

You can find your default template on the Extensions, Template Manager page:

Screenshot of Joomla admin section

Then visit the Settings page to supply your ActiveCampaign software information:

Screenshot of Joomla admin section

Screenshot of Joomla admin section

Next, visit the “Select Lists” page to choose what lists will appear on your registration and profile forms:

Screenshot of Joomla admin section

Screenshot of Joomla admin section

Common questions

“How does this work?”

By adding a subscription checkbox to the Joomla registration and profile forms, your Joomla users can opt to receive mailings from certain lists that you have set up in ActiveCampaign. The Joomla user simply edits their profile and chooses the lists they want to subscribe to. Information is synced to ActiveCampaign, so if the Joomla user later UNchecks a subscription option, they are then unsubscribed in ActiveCampaign.

“What information is synced to ActiveCampaign?”

Name, email address, and the status for the lists (subscribed or unsubscribed). There is currently no way to map other fields from Joomla to custom fields in ActiveCampaign. We are exploring a way to support this for a new version.

“What about existing subscribers – will Joomla know to update them instead of creating new records?”

Yes, the plugin will check to see if the email already exists in ActiveCampaign, and if so, it will modify that existing subscriber record, rather than creating a new record. Also, any other lists the subscriber is part of (outside of the lists designated in Joomla) will not be affected.

“If the Joomla user unsubscribes after receiving a campaign (through the Unsubscribe link in the email), does that information get synced to Joomla, so they show as unsubscribed there also?”

Currently, no. They would immediately be unsubscribed in ActiveCampaign (and won’t receive future mailings), but Joomla still thinks they are subscribed to that list, meaning if they update their Joomla profile, it will re-add them to the same list (if they leave the checkbox checked). When they edit their profile page in Joomla, they have to explicitly uncheck the lists they want to be unsubscribed from. So it requires two steps. It might be wise to include some text in your mailings that explains how to remove themselves from the list if they are a Joomla user (you may be able to use conditional content for this), so they know that they have to also update their Joomla profile to unsubscribe.

“Does this work with the latest version of Joomla?”

We have verified our plugin works with Joomla versions 1.7 and 2.5. Older versions of Joomla may not work with this plugin.

“What do I need to be familiar with, in order to set this up?”

You will need to be familiar with creating output overrides in Joomla, as well as editing PHP files.

“Can you help me set this up?”

Sure, just contact our support department and we can connect to your Joomla install and configure this. We will likely need the URL and admin password to your Joomla installation, the URL and admin password to your ActiveCampaign installation, as well as FTP access to your Joomla installation for editing the files.

“How do I uninstall this plugin from Joomla?”

First, navigate to Extensions > Extension Manager:

Click the “Manage” link along the top:

Find the “Subscriber” component:

Click the checkbox next to it, then click the “Uninstall” button in the upper-right corner:

Next, remove the output overrides that were created in templates/[TEMPLATE]/html/com_users/ (delete the “profile” and “registration” folders entirely):