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How To Create A Scheduled Campaign (Version 5.3.6)

You may wish to create a campaign, and schedule it to be sent at a later date and time. This is definitely possible, and is quite easy to do with our Email Marketing software.

Time Zone Settings

Before you create a scheduled campaign, make sure that your account has the correct time zone settings. Otherwise, your campaigns may be sent at incorrect times.

To set the time zone for your overall account, click on the Settings tab on the far right, and then scroll down to the “Localization” section.


The time zone that you set here will be the default time zone for your overall account. So, any new user that you create within your account will have this time zone by default, when they are first created. Only the main “admin” user can change this setting.

However, each user in your account can have their own time zone if they wish. Before sending any scheduled campaigns, you should always make sure that your own personal time zone settings for your user account are correct as well. To check this, click the Settings tab, then click the green button that says “Your Settings” on the right.

Make sure that the time zone is set to your proper time zone on your own Your Settings page, to ensure your scheduled campaigns are sent at the proper time.

Create A New Campaign

Now that your time zone settings are correct, you can go to the Campaigns tab, and click Create Campaign.

In order to schedule a campaign, you must choose either a Regular Campaign, Split Testing Campaign, or a Text-Only Campaign. The other types of campaigns are specialized/automatic campaigns, and so they do not have a standard scheduling option.

Now that you’ve entered a name and chosen a campaign type, click Next. Go through the normal process of creating your campaign, as you usually would — selecting a list, creating a message, etc.

When you reach the Summary & Options page, before sending the campaign out, you will see the option to schedule the campaign on the bottom of the screen, on the right side of the green bar:

Click the “Schedule” link, and you will now be presented with the option to choose a date and time at which you would like the campaign to be sent out. You will see the time zone that is being used here as well.

When you have chosen a date/time for the campaign to be sent out, the button on the bottom of the page will change — it will no longer say “Send Now,” it will say “Finish” instead.

Click Finish and your campaign will now be scheduled.

NOTE: To schedule a campaign using our API, you would use the campaign_create method and set the “sdate” parameter to a date in the future (which will take into account the timezone you have configured in settings).

You can click the View Campaigns button if you’d like, which will take you to the main Campaigns page. You should now see your scheduled campaign there, and the status should be “Scheduled.” If you do not see it, try filtering to see only Scheduled campaigns, or only campaigns on your specific List.

If you’d like, you can Edit, Disable, or Delete your scheduled campaign before it is sent out. You also have the option of clicking Send Now to send the scheduled campaign immediately, instead of waiting until the appointed time.

Now that your campaign is created and scheduled, you are free to log out and/or close your browser. Your campaign will automatically send at the appointed time, and afterward, you can return to the Campaigns page to view its report.