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You can integrate ActiveCampaign with by using the service directly, or through your WordPress site using their available plugin.

From within the interface, you can configure your form settings to deliver submissions to a 3rd party:

Choose ActiveCampaign and then input your API connection details:

Then go to “Form Settings,” “Get Code,” and copy the JavaScript snippet to paste onto your site:

When using the WordPress plugin, the integration will appear as a sidebar/tab that draws viewers to click and enter their email address:

You can configure your ActiveCampaign integration settings directly through the WordPress plugin:

Choose your ActiveCampaign list (to have new subscriptions added to):

If you have a account, log-in to connect it to your WordPress install:

Now you’ll be able to set additional options for how the plugin works:

To control how your form appears and behaves, log-in to your account to manage it all.