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Activating Facebook Social Media Reporting

Please read our Social Media Reporting Overview before configuring your downloaded software to connect to Facebook.

As mentioned in our Social Media Reporting Overview document, subscribers that click the Facebook icon within an email message will be tracked for segmenting and subscriber actions. It is also possible to share the social link on Facebook without being a subscriber to the list. For example, anyone could obtain the link and post it to Facebook on their own.

In this case, the software obtains the data from Facebook and appends it to the campaign report. In order to have the software do this, you will need to have a Facebook application configured in your software settings.

You would need to go to the External Services page to configure your Facebook application in your software. To go to the External Services page, click on the Settings tab (the cog icon) then click on the External Services link on the right.  (you can also access this page at this location URL: /admin/main.php?action=service).

Click “Edit” in the Facebook row.

Supply your Facebook application ID and secret in the appropriate boxes. (Please refer to the guide below to learn where to get this information) Click on Update to apply the changes.

Once you have updated the Email Marketing software with the Facebook application keys, your campaign reports will show more accurate Facebook totals for social sharing.


Setting Up an Application on Facebook

Go here to set up an application on Facebook

Go through the entire process until your application has been created:


Once your App has been created, copy the necessary application keys from the Facebook site:

NOTE: The URL for your Facebook application must match the same domain where your Email Marketing software is installed.

If they do not match, Facebook users will not be able to approve your application for auto-posting and data retrieval.

For example, if your email marketing software is installed on the domain (or any sub-domain of that), your Facebook application settings should appear like this:

If users are seeing the image below, it typically means the URL for your Facebook application is incorrect:


After setting up your App on Facebook, please follow the steps at the beginning of this guide.

More questions?

For more information about this feature or any feature of our Email Marketing software, please contact our Support Department.  We would be happy to assist you.