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Email Blocklist


Often known as an “email blacklist,” an email blocklist is a list of blocked emails, domains, or IP addresses that are suspected of sending spam or malicious content. Blocklists are real-time databases meant to protect users and lower the mass of spam emails sent daily. There are multiple public blocklists, and they can be created by an email provider or an email user.

Why does ActiveCampaign use the term blocklist instead of blacklist?

For two reasons:

  1. “Block” is a far more accurate term to use than “black.”
  2. Assigning negative connotation to a word that is also used to describe a group of people is unhelpful and damaging.

How do I stop my email from being blacklisted?

3 ways to avoid email blacklists:

  • Make sure subscribers double opt-in to your email list
  • Allow users to easily unsubscribe from emails
  • Remove inactive contacts from your email list on a regular basis

How do I know if my email is blocklisted?

Use the MX Toolbox checker by entering your emails server IP or your domain name.


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