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In marketing, a campaign describes a series of marketing tactics designed to achieve an overall goal. A marketing campaign can run through a variety of channels, including television, radio, online advertisements, public relations, public demonstrations (or “”stunts””), or print. A campaign is typically organized around a small number of ideas or a core marketing message.

What is a campaign in digital marketing?

In online marketing, individual email marketing messages are sometimes referred to as campaigns.

What is the point of a marketing campaign? What makes a good marketing campaign?

The point of a marketing camapign is to increase sales of a product or service. The most successful marketing campaigns use a wide variety of tools, but start with extensive research and planning plus a deep understanding of their customer.

What is in a marketing campaign?

Marketing campaigns typically include multiple channels to reach customers. These include: television, print, and radio, as well as online platforms such as email marketing, SEO, and social media.

What is a marketing campaign examples?

An example would be the “Mayhem” campaign from Allstate. Historically, commercials for insurance companies have been quite serious in order to build trust with the customer. Allstate flipped that approach and instead focusing on all of the destruction that can befall a person, underpinning the need for insurance.


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