10 pre-built email automations that let you get started with automation fast.

Don’t you wish there were more hours in the day? More hours in an hour even? These 10 email automation templates can’t add more hours to the clock — but they can save you some hours in your day with automation recipes, our term of pre-built automation templates.

This email automation starter pack includes 10 automation recipes that cover a variety of tasks and touchpoints that encompass every step of your customer’s lifecycle.

What you get:


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Start earning your time back with these automations templates

Welcome Series

Are you unsure of how to create a welcome email sequence? Are you even less sure of how to automate it? The answer to both questions is this automation recipe! Onboarding your new list subscribers is a snap with the Welcome Series.

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Opt-in Incentive Delivery Email

When a contact fills out your form to receive gated content, a quick, effective delivery is important! This automation recipe handles the delivery of the gated content and tags the contact as interested in the topic.

Contact Last Engaged Date

Are you looking for an easier way to find your most engaged email contacts? With Contact Last Engaged Date, you can see what contacts have been engaging and win back contacts that have started to fall off.

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automation recs


We’ve put together 10 must have, pre-built automation templates, also know as “automation recipes”. These powerful automations are a great way to get set-up quickly, regardless of your industry. These automations cover a wide variety of focus areas, tasks, and business goals. In other words, we’ve got you covered! With these automations you can:
  • Generate and greet new customers
  • Nurutre existing customers
  • Run events effortlessly
  • Drive sales
  • Winback lost sales
And that’s not even the best part! While all these automations are ready to go once imported, you can further customize them to meet your specific business needs! Need to add more messages? Run a segmented version of the automation? Add in your favorite integrations? You can do all this and more! Start automating your business today!

Welcome Series

You create a form, people fill it out and subscribe to an email list, and now you have to send them emails. What kind of emails? Welcome emails! More specifically, a welcome series. What is a welcome email series? It’s a series of emails that you send to your new list subscribers. A welcome series should begin promptly after someone subscribes to your list. A welcome email series should:
  • Give helpful info to get someone started with your business
  • Be personalized
  • Use automations to help send them
Are you unsure of how to create a welcome email sequence? Are you even less sure of how to automate it? The answer to both questions is right here! Onboarding your new list subscribers is a snap with the Welcome Series Automation Recipe.

7 Day Drip Series

Do you struggle to follow up with every new contact that subscribes to your list? Nurture new leads and increase engagement with this 7-day drip email automation. A drip series is a sequence of emails sent out to new contacts, leads, or prospects at specific dates and times. Once a lead subscribes to your email list, they will receive each email in the series at the intervals you choose. This automation recipe sends out one email per day for 7 days, but you can adjust the wait steps so that the emails send as far apart as you’d like. This drip email automation can help you:
  • Follow up with leads in a timely manner so that nobody slips through the cracks
  • Nurture potential customers or clients
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Offer exclusive content that provides value to your contacts
  • Send leads personalized emails based on which email list they join
You can use a drip email series to:
  • Send sales drip emails to nurture new leads
  • Onboard new customers by sharing helpful setup tips over the course of a week
  • Share a series of