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Black Friday Toolkit

Just 1 piece of this Black Friday Toolkit could boost your sales 10%. There are 7.

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Inside the toolkit: 5 trends to keep an eye on for Black Friday 2021

A new competitive marketplace

Customers have even more businesses to choose from as they holiday shop. This means more noise in every channel, more deals, and smaller pieces of the pie to go around.

eCommerce will continue to dominate

Predictions for 2021 eCommerce growth forecast an additional 11.3% increase (on top of staggering 32.5% growth in 2020).

Early shopping is the new norm

No one is waiting for Black Friday like they once did. They are on the lookout, prepped, and ready to take advantage of sales the moment they drop.

Buyers craving authentic and relatable brands

Now, more than ever, buyers are looking to support and purchase from brands that align to their values and showcase their authenticity.

Continuous conversations set you apart

Consumers are continuing to find, search, view and purchase products on various devices and channels.

When do you need to start preparing? Use this Black Friday calendar


October 9
Segment your contact list

Who will you target for your Black Friday campaign? Use purchase history, engagement, and persona data to identify your highest priority segments.


October 19
Target your segments with social media ads

Where do your potential customers hang out? Use filters and targeting tools to get your products in front of your target audience.


October 26
Optimize your ecommerce store for mobile

Is your site optimized for mobile users? More consumers are purchasing via mobile than ever before, test your site’s mobile presentation to ensure you don’t lose out on ~50% of consumers!


October 29
Test and send your announcement email

Does the email look like it’s supposed to? Make sure everything is spelled and formatted correctly before you push that button, don’t let a grammatical error stand in the way of your amazing offer!


November 9
Create abandoned cart automations

How can you reclaim some of that lost revenue? Somewhere between 7 and 8 out of 10 consumers abandon their shopping carts before converting — don’t let them off the hook, send them a reminder.


November 19
Plan for common customer experience interactions

How will you handle an influx of customer service needs? Draft pre-written responses to common inquiries like shipping & billing issues and returns, and create a protocol for everything else!


November 26

You crushed it. Black Friday 2021 is in the books. What did you learn? Gather your data and insights to make your next campaign even better.


December 9
Follow up with engaged contacts

Why not reach out to the contacts who showed interest in your Black Friday campaign one more time? The holidays aren’t over! Send an email to the contacts who purchased, almost purchased, or engaged — remind them of what they want!

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Your Black Friday preparation calendar

Your Black Friday marketing doesn’t start on the actual day – or even just a few days before. Black Friday marketing preparation has a lot of moving parts that take time to coordinate. From social campaigns to email campaigns, you have to make sure everything is ready to go.

This preparation calendar has the most important milestones you have to cover when planning your Black Friday marketing, including: 

  • Optimizing your store for mobile shopping
  • Creating abandoned cart automations
  • Pre-writing every possible customer response you may need

Don’t let these 8 important prep dates pass you by! Use the calendar to keep your marketing plan on schedule and ready to execute.

A 3-step abandoned cart series to improve cart recovery

Did you know that 77% of online shopping carts are abandoned? That’s more than three-quarters. It’s 6 slices of an 8-slice pizza. And it’s even worse when it happens on Black Friday – one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

There’s no doubt – abandoned carts aren’t fun to deal with. You get so close as a customer adds item after item, and then all of a sudden...poof! They left and didn’t take the cart with them?

Why does it happen? The reasons are many:

  • They were just browsing and never intended to buy
  • The total cost was too much
  • Shipping costs felt unreasonable

Yes, there are a lot of reasons why people abandon carts. But it’s actually a lot easier to get people back than you think. And all it takes is an abandoned cart email series. 

This guide shows you a 3-step abandoned cart series that can save even more of your almost-customers than just a single email could.

An abandoned cart series with more than one reminder email gives you more chances to reach people. Learn how to use a series of emails to persuade customers to cross the purchase finish-line.

18 ecommerce automations you can use right now

When you run an ecommerce business, there are a lot of customer interactions you have to manage. Everything from order confirmation emails to reward program updates and answering support questions is your responsibility.

The only problem? You only have 2 hands. And way more than 2 customer interactions to deal with.

This is where automation swoops in like a superhero to take over manual processes and give you the time to run your business. This is especially helpful during Black Friday – if you tried to send every abandoned cart email by hand you’d never do anything else!

In this guide, you get immediate access to 18 ecommerce automations that help make your life (and your customers’ experience) so much better. These automations help you with things like:

  • Recover revenue with abandoned cart emails and automations
  • Win-back campaigns that keep customers coming back
  • Send automated ecommerce upsell and cross-sell campaigns to your customers

Ecommerce marketing automation recipes help you send revenue-boosting emails to help keep your active customers engaged.

10 of the best Black Friday email examples to inspire your holiday marketing

When Black Friday prep season rolls around, your customers are going to get emails from every business with an email address.

How will yours stand out? 

It would be easier if you had 10 ready-made ideas to get you started. And that’s exactly what you get in the Black Friday Toolkit – 10 of the Best Black Friday Email Examples to Inspire Your Holiday Marketing

After you see these strategies used in these examples, you’ll be ready to create a Black Friday email strategy that stands out — and brings in your best Black Friday email revenue ever.

What you need to integrate ecommerce platforms with ActiveCampaign

Your business is yours, and it’s different from every other business. The ways you process payments or handle support requests or operate other parts of your business can be done with a variety of software tools.

Here’s the thing: there are so many different software apps that you can use to operate your business, and you may already have several in place. What do you do when you want to add ActiveCampaign too?

It’s easy – the ActiveCampaign API is used to enable integrations between your ActiveCampaign account and 3rd party services or a custom interface you created.

When it comes to Black Friday, you’re going to need some ecommerce apps to handle your orders and customer needs. Here are a few of the most popular ecommerce apps you can integrate with ActiveCampaign:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Square

These (and other) ecommerce apps can help you connect your customer data with your sales and marketing processes in ActiveCampaign. With their help, running your Black Friday campaigns gets a whole lot easier.

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