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01 2021

A new Checklist that makes it easier than ever to get started using ActiveCampaign

The Gitting Started Checklist has been revamped to include how-to videos and/or guides, and CTAs leading users directly to the action they are being asked to complete. This helps users get started using the ActiveCampaign platform quickly, setting up success from the start.

Tools & Templates

Custom Reports: Additional Recipes to help you build better reports

Users can now leverage pre-built reports to better understand the capabilities of Custom Reports. Further extending the Custom Report capabilities, this introduces the following additional Custom Report recipes:

 Major Update Insights & Analytics

Element Visibility

Users can now hide or remove entire sections of their website. When creating personalized experiences there may be sections of the site that are not as relevant to the goals you have for the personalization. Now you can simply hide or remove the element so you're only showing the most relevant sections that pertain to the personalized experience for your visitors.

Experience Prioritization

Web Personalization users now have the ability to prioritize what experience a visitor should see first, should they qualify for more than one experience on that page. Marketers need the ability to create multiple experiences on a single page so they can target web visitors in various ways, depending on what they know about those visitors. Now you can choose what experience is most important for visitors to see if they qualify for more than one published experience.

Get verified faster with a custom domain update in Pages

When using Pages, you are now prompted to log in to your hosting provider first and add a CNAME record that points to your landing page. This provides you a more intuitive experience when verifying a custom domain.

CXA Channels

New custom fields for better forms on your landing pages

For all Pages customers, Forms that are used on Pages now support the following additional custom field types:

CXA Channels

New triggers and actions using the Zapier integration

We have extended our ability to retrieve fields from the ActiveCampaign Deal object for the following Zapier Triggers/Actions:

Apps & Integrations

Replace Background Images

Web Personalization users can now swap any images, regardless of how the image is wrapped.

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