1:1 Email: Multiple Page Visit Follow-up


When’s a good time for your sales team or you to reach out to your deals? That’s the oldest question in sales. A good indicator is when the deal is repeatedly interacting with your materials, especially your website. You can make the follow-up a snap with sales automation!

This automation sends a personal email from your connected email address once a contact has visited your site a specified number of times, allowing you to naturally follow-up after they have shown repeated interest.

Here’s how it works:

1. A deal triggers the automation when they enter the pipeline you specify in the trigger.
2. The deal reaches a wait step that holds the deal until they have visited your site a specified number of times.
3. Once the deal meets the above condition, the deal moves onto another wait step. In our example, this wait step is 12 hours, though feel free to adjust it to what makes sense for your business.
4. The deal then moves to a “Send one to one email” step that sends an email from your connected email address.
5. The automation ends.

Note: Feel free to adjust the condition on the wait step for total visits to whatever makes sense for your business.

Note: You can build a goal at the end of the automation for when the deal is marked won or lost, if you want to ensure the deal does not stay in the automation indefinitely if they never visit one of your specific pages.

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