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Accelerated Onboarding is a 3-part webinar that will teach you the introductory strategies & navigation within the platform as a new customer. Each webinar will cover different topics on how you can effectively learn, build and organize your account.

Are you looking to get started with ActiveCampaign? Do you want to learn ActiveCampaign best practices and strategies?

Are you looking to learn more about how to effectively organize your lists, tags and contacts? Do you want to take a deeper dive into setting up your first automations? Are you trying to figure out how to implement your day-to-day processes into the CRM? Through our Accelerated Onboarding, you can learn how to apply conceptual and tactical best practices and set up your account for success in just three live sessions.

During these sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create segmentation strategies for your contacts
  • Utilize personalization to orchestrate unforgettable customer experiences
  • Automate everyday processes to effectively and efficiently manage your day

Upcoming Accelerated Onboarding Series & Webinars

Accelerated Onboarding Session 1 (English)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 2 (English)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 3 (English)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 1 (English|APAC)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 2 (English|APAC)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 3 (English|APAC)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 1 (English)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 2 (English)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 3 (English)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 1 (English|APAC)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 2 (English|APAC)
Accelerated Onboarding Session 3 (English|APAC)
Webinar Primeiros Passos com o ActiveCampaign | Parte 1 (Português)
Webinar Primeiros Passos com o ActiveCampaign | Parte 2 (Português)
Onboarding en Accéléré 1 (Français)
Onboarding en Accéléré 2 (Français)
Onboarding en Accéléré 3 (Français)
Formazione Accelerata Sessione 1 (Italiano)
Formazione Accelerata Sessione 2 (Italiano)
Formazione Accelerata Sessione 3 (Italiano)
Empezando con ActiveCampaign (Español)
La Automatización

Meet your ActiveCampaign Onboarders!

← Bonjour, je m'appelle Léa et je suis la personne qui animera votre Onboarding en Accéléré. A très vite !

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Gilda e vi guiderò durante la Formazione Accelerata. Non vedo l’ora di iniziare! →

← Hola, mi nombre es Lupe y dirigiré su Onboarding Acelerado. ¡Estoy impaciente por empezar!

Hola, mi nombre es Laura y dirigiré su sesión de Onboarding Acelerado. ¡Me da mucho gusto conoceros! →

← Hi there, my name is Tabitha & I will be leading your Accelerated Onboarding. Can't wait to connect!

Hey! I'm Shiv Chibber, one of your hosts for Accelerated Onboarding. I can't wait to meet you →

← Olá! Meu nome é Lui e estarei liderando seu Onboarding em vídeos. Mal posso esperar para começar!

What is the Accelerated Onboarding Webinar Series?

Session 1 — Successful Contact Management through the Customer Experience Map

In this 75-minute session, you’ll start by understanding the importance of effective contact management.  You’ll learn contact organization best practices— including how to create organizational systems with your lists, tags, & custom fields.  This will build the pathways that will help you to create perfect segments for successful message delivery, personalized messaging, and improved customer experiences.  

Contact organization is foundational to successful email marketing processes, beneficial for email deliverability, and critical for understanding your customers. Through Accelerated Onboarding, you’ll set your processes up for continued success.

You’ll learn how to use forms to open the doors to your contact database and turn visitors into contacts  You’ll walk through effective ways for creating and customizing forms, and adding them to your website & social platforms!

Session 2 - Building Messages and Automations

Once you’ve got the foundations squared away, you’ll take a deep dive into Campaign and Automation strategies in this 90-minute session.

How do you start building email campaigns from scratch? How can you nurture and educate contacts through email automation?  In this session, you’ll walk through building your first campaign. You’ll learn how to personalize your email campaigns and templates by creating and using custom fields.

In session 2 you’ll dive into everyone’s favorite: Automations. Before jumping in and building them, You’ll gain an understanding of why you want to build and then focus on the how.  You’ll go through examples of popular automations, giving you ideas and inspiration to create the best automations for your business — saving you time and removing the possibility of human error!

Session 3 - Exploring the ActiveCampaign Deals CRM

In your last session, you’ll take a 60-minute deep dive into the ActiveCampaign CRM.  This will help you take your sales processes to the next level by creating pipelines to organize and understand each contact’s journey to becoming a customer.

You’ll learn how to optimize your customer acquisition process, how to use automation to sell more in less time, and how to create automated tasks so you never let a lead fall through the cracks again.

Using automation with the CRM will:

  • Give you an upper hand in managing your day-to-day
  • Save you time by automating repeatable and manual tasks
  • Prioritize your outreach by knowing exactly where your contacts are in their journey
  • Remove the possibility of human error in data entry or contact updates
  • Let you focus on other, more important aspects of your business

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