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Bulk Verification

List cleaning made simple. Upload your list, verify your data, and view your results.


Automated email verification.

Remove emails that are no longer deliverable: Remove bad data polluting your email marketing tools. Reverify your list at a frequency of your choosing and automatically export a clean list.

Verify emails as they are collected: Verify email addresses added to integration lists as it happens, and automatically unsubscribe undeliverable and risky addresses.

Form Verification

Real-time email verification widget.

Stop bad email addresses in their tracks. Form allows you to validate email addresses on your existing website before they're submitted.

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Email verification solutions made easy.

Whether you clean your list through Bulk Verification, Monitor, or Form Verification, Blaze Verify provides email verification that is astonishingly easy, user-friendly, and low-cost.

Blaze Verify users save money, increase their ROI on email marketing campaigns, and protect their sender reputation.

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