You should be able to bring your whole self to work

Here's where we stand today
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At ActiveCampaign, we seek out diverse perspectives and experiences to build an inclusive, innovative community. We embrace our differences, and celebrate them to cultivate inclusion.


Employees feel like they belong


Employees feel they are treated fairly


Employees feel they can be their authentic selves at work

*Based on our most recent Employee Self-Identification Survey results.

Diversity in leadership

Overall, 47% of our workforce identifies as female.

50% of our managers identify as female.

25% of our senior leaders identify as people of color.

50% of our senior leaders identify as female.

13% of our senior leaders identify as LGBTQ.

What the team says about DEI at ActiveCampaign


Lupe Puga

Account Manager, Customer Success

At ActiveCampaign, I feel that I’m part of a team and seen as an equal. Working in an environment that values DEI has allowed me to grow as a professional while staying authentic to myself.

Joe Baugnet

SEO Marketing Manager

ActiveCampaign has made me rethink the workplace. It’s not just a place where you get work done – it’s also a place where you grow as a person. We value hard work, but value people more.

Chelsea Marion

Senior Account Manager, Customer Success

A company with an overt focus on DEI is new to me, but I am grateful for it. It’s increased visibility of the diverse network of people that work here – and has helped me meet new people in a new city.

How does ActiveCampaign cultivate DEI?

Employee Resource Groups

ERG's are encouraged at AC. Our ERG's serve as idea hubs for employees with shared interests, similar characteristics and life experiences to come together

DEI training

All employees are asked to participate in training to learn about 2-D diversity, unconscious bias, microaggressions, and intersectionality

Lunch and Learns

We host regular lunch and learns (around topics our employees want) to raise awareness and respect of everyone in the workplace


ActiveCampaign hosts and sponsors regular events to cultivate and celebrate DEI – both within the company and in the broader tech community


Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are one way that ActiveCampaign supports community and inclusivity. ERGs create opportunities for mentorship and professional growth, as well as creating a strong community at work.

DEI training

To create a culture of inclusion, everyone needs to have the resources they need to talk about inclusion. All employees participate in training on the meaning of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the first month of joining ActiveCampaign. Training includes video and live discussion, and covers topics that include, but are not limited to:

A few events we’ve hosted

Anthony DEI

DEI Director

Diversity and inclusion can’t grow on their own. That’s why ActiveCampaign has a dedicated resource to find new ways to cultivate DEI.

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Bring your whole self to work