Enterprise level marketing

An integrated, scalable platform built to power your marketing, automation, and sales.
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Dedicated account rep

Your company will have a single point of contact who is familiar, not only with our platform, but also your account and business. This experienced, "expert level" team member will be on hand to consult with as needed.


Priority support

We give our highest priority to Enterprise accounts so your requests will be addressed quickly. Whether it’s a phone call, email, or chat, our responsive, distributed team of support experts will handle your concern so you can get back to productive work.

Oliver (@olikars)

The support of @ActiveCampaign is just brilliant, their reaction time is phenomenal. Good job, guys! #serviceisking


Sara (@Sara11D)

Just watched an awesome webinar about @ActiveCampaign. Itching to start using it for onboarding and sales automation... #shinyobjects

Extensive customization options

Do more than just add your logo — use your own email headers and mail server domain, choose the phone number texts are sent from, login from your domain, and even change the CSS to match the look and feel of your website. The Enterprise plan gives you the flexibility and control you need to create a custom tailored service.

Unlimited apps and integrations

We have pre-built integrations for over 850+ of the most popular and powerful apps — including project management and CRM to accounting and payment processing solutions. Additionally, our extensively documented API ensures ActiveCampaign will fully integrate with your existing ecosystem of tools.

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Unlimited users with custom permissions

Our platform will scale effortlessly along with your company. Add unlimited users as needed (at no additional cost) and change their access and capabilities at any time from our easy-to-use admin panel.

Social data for individual contacts

We’ll automatically gather social and demographic data on each of your contacts. More than just insightful, this data can be used to segment, target, and personalize your marketing on the basis of a contact’s age, gender, and social network profiles… that means you could send a text to all female LinkedIn users under 30.


Every Enterprise account also includes

Custom Marketing Strategy

Work together with our experienced team to brainstorm, plan, and strategize how you can improve your marketing.

Automation Design Consultation

Together we’ll create automation workflows that solve problems unique to your business & save you time.

Unlimited Email Testing

Know exactly how your email will look in your customer’s inbox and address design concerns before sending.

Custom Design Services

Our experienced, talented designers will create a unique, high-quality template to impress your contacts.

Personalized Deliverability

We will proactively monitor your deliverability. If issues arise, we’ll quickly react and make adjustments for you.

In-depth Onboarding

We’ll take you (and your staff) every step of the way as you transition to our marketing platform.